Sin Dragon and Key Heroes Review and Analysis – October 2020


The highly anticipated Sin Dragons and Key Heroes is finally coming to North America! This special month-long event features 12 new cards who will be added into the Rare Egg Machine. Of these 12 cards, many of them are impossible to replicate elsewhere along with the top rarity featuring some of the strongest leaders to date.

These new cards will constitute 50% of the rolling pool while the other 50% will feature a rotating list of Pantheons and ex-Godfest Exclusives. Furthermore, there is no Monster Exchange available for this event which means that players will have to roll in in order to actually acquire any of the cards featured in this article.

While this can be frustrating, we will be blessed with numerous free rolls and 150 Magic Stones during the event.

With this in mind, I would love to outline the pros and cons for each card to give players a better understanding of what to expect in the Sin Dragon & Key Heroes event.

On a different note, this event does feature many valuable Farmable cards which will be covered in a separate post.

Video commentary

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Sin Dragon and Key Heroes REM Pros & Cons
– October 2020
  • Powerful Transforming cards at 7*
    • 30 turn cooldown but have
      respectable Base forms
  • Weapon Assists for all 5 and 6* cards
    • Comes out as Weapon Assist
      • Less investment to develop
  • No bad cards from Sin Dragons/Key Heroes
  • Not a separate machine
    • Pantheons will appear 50% of the time
  • No Monster Exchange
    • Have to roll
  • Rolling rates are poor
    • 5% total for any 7-star card
      • 1% each
Sin Dragon and Key Heroes REM
7 Star base
(5% total)
6 Star base
(18% total)
5 Star base
(27% total)
*Note that the rolling rates add up to 50%, the other 50% will be a rotating list of Pantheons*
Sin Dragon and Key Heroes – October 2020

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking

Icons show Weapon Assist or Transformed state if possible

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them
Bottom rarity quick summary

The bottom rarity should be the main motivation to roll in an event and here is a brief summary showcasing their awakenings and/or Weapon Assists if applicable. Awakenings in (brackets) are Super Awakenings.

The Sin Dragons feature Pantheons as the “bottom rarity” as they are included in the Rare Egg Machine. As such, it is best to examine each rotation to try and line up Pantheons that are more desirable for your Monster Box.

Limit Breaking

Limit Breaking is the process of leveling a card beyond level 99. This will unlock more weighted stats along with the potential to receive Super Awakenings. These additional awakenings can add significant power, but only function in solo mode or in 3-player coop.

Any card that can qualify for Limit Breaking will have their level displayed in blue and feeding a Super Snow Globe will push them beyond the level 99 cap.

You can read more about Super Awakenings HERE.

Monster Exchange

The Monster Exchange System has mostly eliminated the need to roll in most events as players can simply trade in for a card of their choice. This is often done during lackluster events to avoid spending Stones on poor bottom rarity cards or to snipe a specific card if luck is not on your side.

Due to the rate of new cards being released, care should be taken when considering a trade as you want to ensure you gain long term value.

Sin Dragons and Key Heroes have no Monster Exchange option

Weapon Assists

Weapon Assists are a special evolution for select cards that will be used exclusively as inherits. This form retains the same base stats as the original form, but will also transfer over all awakenings on the Weapon Assist card and this occurs if the Awoken Assist  is present.

My approach to Collab/Seasonal rolling

Rolling any Rare Egg Machine is a gamble and it becomes a matter of maximizing your rate of returns in an event.

This translates into rolling when the bottom rarity has high value as those will be the most common cards. Furthermore, I may utilize the Monster Exchange system to acquire the higher rarity cards if they will significantly advance my progress. As such, I tend to look most closely at the bottom rarity pool to determine if it is worth rolling in.

This is just my own personal approach and everyone has different goals/motivations so take this section with a grain of salt. If you wish to read about this more in greater detail, check out my other article HERE.

Reincarnated Evolution

A Reincarnated Evolution (Revo) grants  up to 8 Latent slots and is often times a stronger overall card. Sadly, pursuing these forms will lock the monster in this state as they cannot be reversed. As such, only commit to a Revo if you 100% know you will get significant value from them right away.

7 Star base

All of the 7-star cards within the Sin Dragon & Key Heroes event feature a 30 turn Transformation requirement. To offset this, they are all given respectable Base forms that include Skill Boosts Skill Boost along with a modest Leader Skill in the interim.

As such, these cards can be successfully used within longer dungeons as they are not as big of a liability pre-Transform compared to other cards.

Successor of the Key of Flame, Gileon (Base) – S

Hero of the Blazing Magic Key, Gileon (Transformed)

  • 3 SB Skill Boost & SBR Skill Lock Resist in Base form
    • High Effective HP in Base form
  • Powerful after Transform
    • 3 turn CD
      • Tricolour board
      • 1.5x RCV & TE
    • Four 7c 45
      • 16x personal damage vs all spawns
  • Tremendous LS
    • High Effective HP
    • High ATK multiplier
    • Relatively easy to use
  • Requires a Healing solution
  • Damage Reduction only occurs when above 50%
    • Offset by high HP
    • ATK is not impacted
  • No Auto Follow Up or Bonus Combo

Gileon is the first card within the Sin Dragon & Key Heroes event and helps set the tone for future Transforming cards with longer cooldowns.

This is because Gileon has a viable Leader Skill that features the same Effective Health as Transformed state along with 3 Skill Boosts Skill Boost and Skill Bind Resist Skill Lock Resist in their Base form. These aspects help offset their weaker form which in turn means players do not have to scramble to find 30 turns of stalling/Skill Boosts.

Once Transformed, Gileon is a monstrously potent combo leader as they feature 4x HP and 57.75% Damage Reduction with dual leaders. This impressive bulk helps protect them against large Gravities and the condition of being above half health should be doable when using a Healing solution such as Amaterasu . Note that you can be below half health before matching orbs, heal up above and then enjoy the Damage Reduction on the next hit.

Furthermore, the ATK multiplier does not care about your current HP level and the full multiplier can be achieved via combos. This is a significant difference compared to the ancient Edward who features a similar Damage Reduction requirement but his ATK was also tied to being above half health.

In regards to sub choices, they are reasonably open ended as Gileon only requires Fire attribute cards which also includes sub attributes. Furthermore, since you are not forced to Transform right away, more flexibility can be enjoyed.

Just be mindful that Gileon does not feature any bonus combos or Auto Follow Up Attack.

Successor of the Key of Ice, Menuit (Base) – B

Hero of the Azure Ice Key, Menuit (Transformed)

  • 3 SB Skill Boost & SBR Skill Lock Resist in Base form
    • 84% Damage Reduction in Base form
  • Transformed LS has high Damage Reduction and ATK multiplier
  • Can use any sub
    • No requirements
  • Auto Follow Up and Bonus Combos
  • Active generates a column of Hearts
  • Penguin
  • Reliant on Heart cross for Damage Reduction
    • Offset by her active
    • Vulnerable pre-Transform

Menuit features the same 3 Skill Boosts Skill Boost & Skill Bind Resist Skill Lock Resist in their Base form while also retaining their Effective Health multipliers in their Base form.

This is important for helping teams stall enough to successfully Transform but the main crutch is their Damage Reduction is conditional on matching a Cross of Hearts.

Heart Crosses were once the most dominating play style as it offered exceptionally high Effective HP along with damage along with spawns featuring less mechanics. Fast forward to today and Heart Crosses have lost most of their luster due to their inconsistency and feast or famine nature of either surviving or dying due to 4 or fewer Hearts.

This logic still applies to Menuit and while she can solve her Heart Hungriness via Transformed active, they will be vulnerable until then.

While any sub can be used, players will need to have a steady flow of Heart orbs as you will either enjoy 84% Damage Reduction or nothing and most likely die. As such, running Heart producing subs such as 2 Norzas or pairing with another leader can help alleviate some pressures.

As a whole, I feel Menuit is weaker compared to the other 7-star cards due to her vulnerability with no Hearts.

Successor of the Key of Forest, Amlinea (Base) – A

Heroes of the Blessed Wind Key, Amli & Linea (Transformed)

  • 3 SB Skill Boost & SBR Skill Lock Resist in Base form
    • Potentially high Effective HP in Base form
    • 75% Damage Reduction with 5 colours
  • Transformed LS features big numbers
    • 2.25x HP / 625x ATK / 2.25x RCV / 75% Damage Reduction
    • Adds combos with 5 colours
  • Active counters Spinners
  • Can favourably pair with Fasca
  • High personal damage with 10 combos
  • Requires all 5 colours for Damage Reduction
    • Inconsistent
  • Requires Attacker and Healer types

As a whole, Rainbow teams who can activate from any 4 colours have a distinct advantage over those who require 5. While that is a logical conclusion, I want to stress how matching all 5 colours can be wildly inconsistent and this will be the main issue Amli & Linea will face.

This is because their impressive Damage Reduction is tied to 5 or more colours along with their bonus combo count. Now, this is not to say that all boards will be lacking 5 colours, but on those that do, their survivability is greatly jeopardized along with being unable to deal meaningful damage.

As such, this innate weakness can be offset by pairing with Fasca as both leaders require Attacker types. The resulting 7×6 board will greatly ease the burden of finding all 5 colours and the resulting Leader Skill is an impressive 2.25/400/6/62.5% which is outrageously strong.

With that being said, 7×6 is currently less ideal for AA4/A6 as Nohime will punish players. This encounter will not end your run, but it will result in additional stalling.

Finally, Amuri & Linea’s new active skill can be used to either cheese colours out of 2 new Spinners while also being able to overwrite existing Spinners. This can be abused to find all 5 colours but you cannot control where the Spinners appear.

As a whole, Amuri & Linea are a strong leader assuming players can overcome the 5 colour requirement.

Successor of the Key of Stars, Ferule (Base) – S

Hero of the Shining Star Key, Ferule (Transformed) 

  • 3 SB Skill Boost & SBR Skill Lock Resist in Base form
    • 4x HP 4x RCV in Base form
  • All forms Immune to Poison
  • Transformed features 4/400/4 LS
    • Adds 2 combos with 6 or more connected Light orbs
  • Amazing 3 turn active
    • Generates row of Light
    • 3x ATK
    • 3 turn CD
    • Can System with Ferule sub
  • Using a Ferule active each turn results in outrageous damage
  • High personal VDP damage
  • Ideal team requires Ferule sub
    • Have to roll 2
    • 1% each
  • Vulnerable to Gravities
    • No Damage Reduction
  • Less active skill diversity with System

Ferule is a tremendously powerful leader, especially if you are fortunate enough to roll a second one. This is because their actives Post Transform are on a 3 turn cooldown that produces a Row of Light orbs along with 3x ATK for a single turn. This means one can be used every single turn which results in an adjusted Leader Skill of 4/1200/4 that can be activated due to the 6 Light orbs being generated.

While Ferule’s full ATK multiplier can be triggered by 6 connected Lights, it is best to try and find 9 to match a VDP which will essentially ensure everything dies as Damage Cap every turn for each Ferule is possible.

In addition to these outstanding multipliers, Ferule also grants +2 combos per leader when matching 6 or more Light orbs which will greatly aid in overcoming Combo shields. Furthermore, Ferule leaders are immune to Poison damage.

As a whole, Ferule is a tremendously powerful leader who is well suited for smashing through longer and difficult content such as Shura Realm. Just be mindful of bringing appropriate actives to counter various mechanics found within a dungeon as 2-3 actives are dedicated to Ferule’s Transformed ability.

Successor of the Key of Moon, Euchs (Base)  – S

Hero of the Dark Moon Key, Euchs (Transformed)

  • 3 SB Skill Boost & SBR Skill Lock Resist in Base form
    • 4x HP in Base form
    • Gains Damage Reduction when <50% HP
  • High Effective Health under right conditions
  • Outstanding personal damage
    • Four <50%
    • Two VDP
  • Transformed active generates 6 Dark Orbs
    • Also provides 35% Damage Reduction
    • Can System with Euchs sub
  • LS provides high Effective HP, 625x ATK,  and Auto Follow Up
  • Must be below 50% to trigger meaningful damage
    • Have to juggle health
  • Damage Reduction only occurs when under 50% HP
  • Requires 2 Dark combos
    • More orb hungry for VDP

Euchs is the final 7-star card within the Sin Dragons & Key Heroes event and like the other cards at this rarity, comes with 3 Skill Boosts Skill Boost and Skill Bind Resist Skill Lock Resist in their Base form. Furthermore, Euchs features 4x HP and 57.75% Damage Reduction when below half Health. These two aspects will help ensure your team lives long enough to successfully Transform.

Once Transformed, Euchs will be able to provide a massive 4x HP, 625x ATK, and 57.75% Damage Reduction when below half Health. This is important to be aware of as the ATK multiplier and Damage Reduction will not trigger if above half health. As such, having a way to cut your own HP such as Zaerog Core will be quite helpful to have along with a Healing solution to restore your HP as needed.

This continuous juggling of HP will be the key to successfully running Euchs and players can even abuse them as a System by running one Euchs as a sub to continuously generate Dark orbs and provide Damage Reduction. This also means that players can make fewer combos as the personal damage from Euchs is amazingly high as it is only tied to being below 50% health.

As a whole, Euchs is more than capable of clearing the hardest dungeons in the game and the challenging part will be managing your HP.

6 Star base

All 6-star cards will be rolled in their Weapon Assist form which can then be evolved and then evolved again into a Reincarnated form. Generally speaking, the first evolution is an inferior version of the Reincarnated one so it is often best to pursue the final form.

Just be aware that Reincarnated forms are permeant but will also grant an additional 2 Latent slots.

Tamago of Envy – B

  • 4 Enhanced Water Orbs blue + orb
  • Full Bind Immunity
  • 3 Colour + 1 Heart board can be inconsistent
    • Not enough for Rainbow
    • May not have enough Water for mono Water teams
  • Void Damage Void is often not needed
    • VDP and VDP Latent

The Tamago of Envy is the first 6-star card to be featured within the Sin Dragons & Key Heroes event who features 4 Enhanced Water Orbs blue + orb, Full Bind Immunity , and a 2 turn Void Damage Void active.

In the past, Void Damage Void was vital for Rainbow teams who had no efficient manner of dealing with these mechanic. Thankfully, the VDP Latent and access to shorter cooldowns (eg. Aljae ) have helped even the playing field and now Rainbow teams enjoy a much easier time in overcoming Voids.

As such, I feel that this 2 turn Void Damage Void is not truly needed along with the board changer only producing 3 colours and Hearts being insufficient for Rainbow teams. Furthermore, the Enhanced Water Orbs blue + orb favour a mono Water team who should have no difficulty handling Voids.

As such, this Weapon may simply result in being a way to layer in Passive Damage along with Full Bind Immunity while retaining a long cooldown active to prevent accidental charging up.

Sin Dragon of Envy, Givi

King Sin Dragon of Envy, Givi (Reincarnated)

  • 5 Skill Boosts Skill Boost
  • Super Blind Resist
  • High personal damage
    • Triple 7 Combo 45
    • Attacker Killer 37
  • Underwhelming active
    • Void Damage Void should not be needed
    • 25 turn cooldown
    • Difficult to inherit over

The King Sin Dragon of Envy features the same underwhelming active as their Weapon Assist form which will be their greatest downfall as a sub. This is because it will be difficult to work around a 25 turn cooldown that does not provide much value overall as Void Damage Void is seldom needed nowadays.

With that being said, they still provide 5 Skill Boosts Skill Boost and a Super Blind Resist along with reasonable personal damage. As such, I feel they can function as a reasonable sub but just be aware that their active skill is problematic.

On the other hand, their Leader Skill is interesting as it provides a fixed 9 seconds of orb movement time which means they ignore any Time Debuff. Sadly, the multipliers are not particularly high.

Tamago of Sloth – A

  • Full Bind Immunity
  • 40% Blind Blind Resist & Poison Poison resist Resist
  • Valuable active
    • Fully clears Awoken Binds
    • Fully clears all Unable to Match Orb effects
    • Rainbow board changer
  • 20% Resists are less efficient
    • Super Resists
    • Offset by pairing with Samurai 3 Weapon

The Tamago of Sloth is able to provide Full Bind Immunity along with 40% Blind Blind Resist and Poison Poison resist Resist. These are meaningful awakenings but the main issue will be finding ways to fully take advantage of the 40% Resists provided.

This is because Super Resists have become more popular but one meaningful way this can be used is in conjunction with Samurai 3 Weapons as they provide 80% (thus wasting one Resist) along with a single Skill Boost Skill Boost.

As such, the Tamago of Sloth can be used to protect a Bind Vulnerable card while also providing the last 20% Resist needed.

In addition to this, the active skill tied to this Weapon Assist will provide a full Rainbow board along with the ability to fully remove all Awoken Binds and Unable to Match Orb Effects.

These are three helpful components which ensures at least one will be providing value and will be a boon for many teams.

Sin Dragon of Sloth, Fegoran

King Sin Dragon of Sloth, Fegoran (Reincarnated)

  • High personal damage with 10 combos
    • Offset by low ATK
  • Exceptionally high RCV
  • 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost
  • Valuable active
    • Rainbow board
    • Fully clears Awoken Binds
    • Fully clears Unable to Match orbs
    • Aided by Skill Charge
  • Low ATK stat
    • Hinders personal damage potential
  • LS is too fragile

Fegoran’s Reincarnated form is able to provide the same desirable active but can hasten it along via Skill Charge . This has wonderful applications for Rainbow teams as Fegoran can function as a strong utility card while also having an impressive base RCV.

Furthermore, they also provide 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost which is a boon for Transforming teams and can choose either 7 Combo 45 or Super Jammer Resist for their Super Awakenings. While 7 Combo paired with 10 Combo provides 10x personal attack, this is offset by Fegoran’s lower ATK which in turn may not enable them to deal as much damage as hoped for.

With that being said, they are still a strong utility-oriented card who will be valuable on Rainbow teams.

Tamago of Greed – B

  • 60% Poison Resist Poison resist
  • Full Bind Immunity
  • Valuable active
    • 1 turn Void Damage & Colour Absorb
    • 1 turn Haste
  • May be challenging to take advantage of 60% Resist
    • Wasted otherwise
  • Damage Absorb actives are highly competitive
    • Outclassed by things like Persona TV

The Evil Egg of Greed features 60% Poison Resist Poison resist along with Full Bind Immunity and an active skill that counters Damage and Colour Absorb for a single turn.

This will naturally fit best on cards who are vulnerable to Binds and the 60% Poison Resist can be meaningful if you have other 20% Resists on your team. This will be the key to fully utilizing this Weapon Assist but at the same time, may have some of them go to waste. As a whole, I feel 20% Resists have declined in value outside of the Samurai 3 Weapons (provides 80%) as it can become difficult to try and hit 100% while not wasting awakenings along with Super Resists just being easier.

With that being said, the active skill tied to this Weapon is meaningful as it will provide a single turn of Damage and Colour Absorb Void on a respectable 14 turn cooldown. While it is not the fastest option available, it is much more manageable compared to those with 20+ turns in dungeons where multiple spawns can appear.

Sin Dragon of Greed, Lamamoa

King Sin Dragon of Greed, Lamamoa (Reincarnated)

  • Three Dungeon Bonus
    • +6% EXP, Coins, Egg drop rate, Monster EXP
    • Wonderful for Farming
  • 1 turn Damage and Colour Absorb Void
  • Relegated to a solo Farming role
    • No value in coop

Ramamoa has the title of King of Greed which is appropriate due to the inclusion of 3 Dungeon Bonus awakenings. Each of these awakenings provide a 2% increase in EXP, Coins, Egg drop rate, and Monster EXP when used in solo mode. These stack additively and are abused when Farming for Event Medals or when clearing Gift Dungeons that provide sizable EXP or Coins.

Farming for Event Medals is valuable as you can quickly acquire the materials needed to Monster Exchange and by using Dungeon Bonus combined with Bonus Egg Drop leaders such as Veroah , lower difficulties can be cleared with high drop rates.

What this means is that players can save stamina and potentially Button through the bottom difficulties which will hasten clear times.

As a whole, Ramamoa will be valuable for solo players who wish to easily farm lower difficulty dungeons for easier drops.

Tamago of Wrath – A

  • 1 Skill Boost Skill Boost
  • 3 Dark Rows Dark row
  • Useful active
    • Fully removes Bind & Awoken Binds
    • 3x ATK for Fire and Dark
  • Provides no Resists
  • Competes with Reincarnated form

The Egg of Wrath is the final 6-star card within the Sin Dragons event as features a single Skill Boost Skill Boost, 3 Dark Rows Dark row, and a useful active skill.

This active skill will allow players to fully clear all Bind and Awoken Binds along with providing a 3x ATK buff for 3 turns. This is meaningful towards the end of a dungeon, especially in AA4 or harder content where ATK debuffs and high Effective HP is seen.

As such, this Weapon will be quite valuable as it provides both Passive Damage and will help Transforming teams hit their Skill Boost requirements.

Just be aware that this Weapon does not provide any Resists.

Sin Dragon of Wrath, Varditan

King Sin Dragon of Wrath, Varditan (Reincarnated)

  • 3-5 Skill Boosts Skill Boost
    • Super Blind SA
  • High personal damage
    • High ATK
    • 4 Killer Latent slots
    • Offensive awakenings
  • L
  • Easy to use LS for shorter dungeons
    • Full ATK multiplier with 5-match when below 80%
  • Competes with Weapon Assist
  • Difficult choice for SA
  • Terrible RCV
  • Competes with other offesnive mono Dark cards
    • Does not excel in any one area

Balditurn’s Reincarnated form enables them to provide either 5 Skill Boosts Skill Boost or three plus Super Blind Resist depending on the Super Awakening chosen. This leaders to a challenging decision and which one chosen will depend on the team they are being used on.

In addition to these awakenings, Balditurn features strong personal damage due to a high ATK stat, 4 Killer Latent slots, and double 7 Combo 45 and VDP . This is compensated by their terrible RCV which may be problematic as healing may be strained.

With that being said, I feel that Balditurn is currently sitting in an awkward place for players who have exceptionally deep Monster Boxes as they do not excel in any one particular area. For example, Allatu provides more Skill Boosts, Euchs has better damage output, and sub Yugi will be a better Awoken Bind clearing solution. The point is, if you have a tremendously deep Monster Box, their value does decline.

If that is the case, pursuing their Weapon Assist may be the best course of action.

5 Star base

Tamago of Lust – B

  • Tape Resist
  • 2 turns Haste
    • 12 turn CD
    • Potentially 2 Effective SB
  • 4x ATK & Orb Movement
  • Requires card with low base cooldown to truly shine
    • Awakenings provided are okay

The Tamago of Lust is the first 5-star card to be featured within the Sin Dragons event and comes with a Tape Resist along with the potential to provide 2 Effective Skill Boosts via Haste.

This Haste component will be appreciated by Transforming cards but the key to success is inheriting on a low base cooldown card to have it ready in time.

Thankfully, the 12 turn cooldown is workable and the key to using this inherit successfully will be finding a low enough cooldown cards to inherit this over. Otherwise, this Weapon Assist becomes an average Tape Resist solution.

Sin Dragon of Lust, Barias

King Sin Dragon of Lust, Barias (Reincarnated)

  • 5 Skill Boosts Skill Boost
    • 7 Effective SB with Haste
  • If used in Farming, base cooldown is long
    • Whaledor and Raziel are Farmable
  • If used in Arena-style content, Only provides SB and little else
    • Competes with Duval

Barias is capable of providing 7 Effective Skill Boosts due to their 5 awakenings and 2 turns of Haste. This means they can be used for two different purposes: as a traditional Skill Boost stick for Farming or as a Skill Boost solution for Transforming teams.

If used in a Farming scenario, I feel that they will be surpassed by the Farmable Whaledor and Raziel as all three of these cards have 5 Skill Boosts but Barias has a significantly longer cooldown. This becomes problematic when trying to inherit other skills and I feel you probably do not need the extra 2 turns of Haste.

On the other hand, if using for Arena-style content, Barias will most likely act as a transitional sub in the sense that they will be replaced as a soon as a stronger option comes along as they are mostly just providing Effective Skill Boosts and not Transforming themselves to remove them.

As such, Barias will most likely be an interim card until stronger/more specialized cards come out.

Tamago of Pride – B

  • Creates perfect 15-15 board
    • Always 10 combos on 6×5
    • Hearts are created which has less animation time
  • Cloud Resist
  • Unlocks Orbs
    • Adds animation time

The Evil Egg of Pride is able to provide a perfect 15-15 board of Light and Heart orbs which in turn can be easily solved into 10 combos. This approach is popular within Ranking Dungeons as it is often the most efficient manner in boosting your score due to the high combos and faster solve times.

Furthermore, the generation of Hearts cuts down some of the animation time as there is no “ping” or attack animation from any card. Sadly, this is offset by the Unlock all Orbs component.

With that being said, these types of actives are still quite rare and acquiring more is never a bad thing.

Sin Dragon of Pride, Fadel

King Sin Dragon of Pride, Fadel (Reincarnated)

  • 4 SB Skill Boost
  • Same active as Base form
  • Limited uses overall outside situational Ranking/Farming

Fadel shares the same active skill as their Weapon Assist form which means they can be used to quickly create 15-15 boards of Light and Heart orbs. Furthermore, they come with 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost which ensures this active will be ready in time.

With that being said, this is a niche active skill that is not always pursued which in turn limits how often Fadel will be utilized. As such, I feel it would be best to leave them in their Weapon Assist form as it will provide a Cloud Resist and more flexibility on how it can be used.

Tamago of Gluttony – B

  • <50%
  • Two Enhanced Dark Orbs Dark Orb Enhance
  • Active skill cuts HP by 50% & generates bicolour board
  • Strong Farming solution
    • Bonus damage and HP Reset
  • Provides no Resists
  • Only shines under certain circumstances

The Evil Egg of Gluttony is the final card within the Sin Dragon & Key Heroes event and will be a wonderful way to layer in additional damage to your mono Dark teams who wish to remain below 50% health.

This is a relatively narrow usage but at the same time, a popular choice for Farming and clearing content if you are Euchs . What helps set this Weapon Assist apart from other <50% options is the ability to cut your own HP by 50% along with generating a board without Heart orbs.

This helps prevent accidental healing along with just being easier to deal with along with the potential to save some Dark orbs for the next floor.

With that being said, this Weapon Assist will mostly be utilized for Farming as it provides no Resists nor true utility but it is efficient at layering additional damage for both the owning card and entire team.

Sin Dragon of Gluttony, Maje

King Sin Dragon of Gluttony, Maje (Reincarnated)

  • Four SB Skill Boost
  • Three <50%
  • Active cuts HP by 50% & bicolour board with no Hearts
  • Low ATK
    • Offsets personal damage
  • More value as Weapon Assist

Majeh retains the same active skill as their Weapon Assist form which means they can function well on <50% teams as you can easily cut your health on floor 1 and then solve Heart-less board.

While Majeh does have 8x personal damage due to three <50% awakenings, their base ATK is quite low which does dampen their offensive potential.

Furthermore, their Weapon Assist will provide much more overall value for your teams that wish to remain below 50% HP as it provides personal and Passive Damage.

Do I plan to roll? & Dream rolls

I do plan on rolling within the Sin Dragons and Key Heroes event and will probably do more beyond the free rolls/Stones given out. This is because all of these cards have merits/value and will be difficult to replicate elsewhere.

On that note, my dream 7-star card is Gileon as he will grant me a powerful Fire leader and while I do lack Duval , I feel I can make it work as the team building requirements are less strict as Gileon has value in his Base form.

For my 6-star card, I would love to roll the Tamago of Sloth as it provides a highly desirable active for my Monster Box. This active will create a full Rainbow board along with fully removing all Awoken Binds and Unable to Match Orb effects. For myself, this is one weaker point within my Monster Box as I have few strong options for removing Unable to Match Orb effects. I have not decided whether to use them as a sub or keep them as a Weapon Assist.

Finally, for my dream 5-star card, I would love to pull the Tamago of Gluttony as it can be used to provide more flexibility for my Shivnia team. This is because I am less reliant on Hera Luna’s Weapon Assist due to Shivnia recently receiving a buff that grants one additional Skill Boost her pre-Transformed state.

My Dream Rolls

The above chart are the cards I would love to acquire from each rarity if I could choose one for my Mantastic account. This is my own personal opinion based on my Monster Box, goals and whether or not I have dupes.


The Sin Dragons and Key Heroes event is an exciting time for North American players as it is home to some of the strongest leaders to date along with valuable Weapon Assists at the lower rarities. Sadly, this event will be diluted by 50% of the rolls being Pantheon cards along with no Monster Exchange system being available.

This means players will have to roll in this event to acquire the featured cards with the top rarity only having a total rolling pool of 5%. As such, if you are GungHo about owning these cards, be prepared to spend lots of Magic Stones.

Either way, let me know what you think about the Sin Dragon & Key Heroes Rare Egg Machine and how much you plan on rolling in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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60 thoughts on “Sin Dragon and Key Heroes Review and Analysis – October 2020”

  1. Best of luck to all of your rolls! I also would like to roll Gileon the most out of the 7 stars, mostly because I adore the artwork.


  2. Thanks for the analysis! Do you plan to do a review of the farmable options in this event (sacred/cursed keys, golface/chaos)?


  3. Thanks for the review!

    I was hoping for a Menuit, as the 2 turn CD after transformation seems pretty good if it subs on a Yomi/Norza team. Or Ferule x2 would have been fun.

    I got my first blue Sherias in the 10 roll, who is going to become pixelated for my Aten/Dyer team. Then I spent all my rolls with my kids and wife, as they enjoy pulling with me, and I got Amlinea and Euchs, and 3 Eggs of Greed.

    Needless to say I evolved the Eggs of Greed into so shiny Tamatoas and put them on my event/bonus farming team. So that works for now!


  4. Thanks for the deep review. I rolled quite a bit and got the blue, green, and light key heroes. Now I’ll wait until Diaochan is in the REM for a second round. Hopefully get Diao, a second Feruru, and Greyon


      1. Thanks! Even though Menuit gets a lot of crap I think she might be fun, especially if paired with Eva’s ReiMyr. I am, at least, going to give her a run.

        Good luck! If you do a rolling video I’ll watch!


  5. Thank you as always, Mantastic!

    I blew all 150 stones (after I told myself I wouldn’t LOL) and got:
    – egg of greed (x2)
    – egg of envy (x2)
    – egg of gluttony (x5)
    – egg of pride (x4)
    – egg of wrath (x4)
    – egg of lust (x4)
    – egg of sloth
    – Menuit
    – Amlynea

    Really sad bc I wanted Ferule but oh well 😦

    Good luck to everyone!


  6. Used up the 150 stones to get Gileon on my last 3 rolls, Ferule, & Menuit as my only 7stars. There was a reason why we were offered a free 10 rolls & 150 stones today. Very hard to roll a 7*.


  7. Matching all 5 colors is much, much more reliable on a 7×6 board. As such, I think Amlynea is a really great pairing for Fasca


      1. Yep! 🙂
        Now I have to figure out what kind of team I can put together with the attackers in my box; but that’s part of the fun


    1. If you make a coop run of that let me know how it goes.

      I did bundle, free 10, then 15 rolls each since the pantheon schedule is just off from JP; Ferule and Euchs one side and Menuit on the other.

      I will be rolling more each week to try to get a more diverse sub pool unless we get that TK3/Mesopotamian pairing that JP did… that, well, yeah, but there is a non-zero chance I wind up with your Euchs split now and I can at least make a credible team with him.


    1. Not really, for random funny comment sure as even I find that little wolf absolutely adorable… but missing key utility when it comes to the end game which is why no template build uses more than the one dupe as a sub for three total.


  8. Rolled my free stones and was lucky enough to roll 2 7 stars…. Both Ferule. As a best friend of yours I wish you all the best in rolling one too. Most of the other eggs and lots of Pantheon now to figure out some sub options.


    1. Between the 10 free rolls, and 35 stones prior to the 150 we got for free, i got atleast 1 of each sin dragon and obtained menuit and a ferule. should be able to obtain a dupe, hopefully with the 150? but waiting to roll atm.


  9. rolled 5 times in addition to the free rolls, got Gileon and Amlynea. Not going to press my luck and keep the rest of the stones for another event.


    1. Wow your luck is pretty magical! Are you satisfied with the Sin Dragons you rolled? I only ask because you are probably missing several which is still justification to roll more


  10. It took me at least 13-16 rolls but damn was I able to get Ferule with over 40 ms to spare. Now I just need to figure out whenever I should replace Sao Alice as leader with Ferule. Any advice?


  11. Here to help others feel better about their rolls. 30 rolls with the 150 stones GH gave, over HALF were sin dragons. Yeah, 16 rolls…11 of those got me Egg of Lust, 4 purple and 1 yellow. No key leads and yesterday was my birthday. Pretty sure you had better rolling. Keep ya head up, have fuand stay lite.


  12. I happened to roll an Euchs and already have a Shivnia in my monster box. Do you think they are a viable leader pairing? Any suggestions on specific subs for this team? Thanks!


    1. Euchs should pair with themselves and be used for longer content where the 30 turn Transform can be worked around

      On the other hand, Shivnia I mostly use for Farming content quickly such as Training Arena 2


  13. Hi, thanks for the review! I was lucky enough to get 2 Ferule’s but I am not sure how to make the team work. Do I push for a lot of SB to have a fast change or I can play it normally and have the change about 8 turns in?


    1. Depends on the dungeon at hand but you rarely Transform right away in solo mode. Generally speaking, they are best in longer content with Shura Realm offering a sizable amount of stalling at the beginning


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