Farmable Sacred and Cursed Key Guide


The Sin Dragon and Key Heroes event is one of the largest to date as it features a strong REM component along with many farmable cards that come in the form of Sacred and Cursed Keys.

These Keys function somewhat like the Monster Hunter Hunters in the sense that players have to play through the event dungeon to acquire evolution materials to evolve the Keys into various Weapon Assists .

As a whole, these Weapon Assists are worth pursuing as they are Farmable with many of them sharing the same active skill as their Sin Dragon counterpart. While these Weapon Assists will not always be as strong as their REM alternatives, they only cost time and stamina to acquire.

As such, this article will outline each of the 10 different Keys to help give players a better understanding of what to expect from each of them along with advice on which ones to prioritize.

If you are searching for the REM review, please check out my other post HERE.

Video commentary

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Sacred and Cursed Keys

All players will receive one Sacred Key when they log in and one Cursed Key for clearing the Sin Dragon Rush dungeon along with another copy of each from the second part of this event. Additional Keys can and should be purchased for 100,000 Monster Points.

Sacred Keys all feature unique active skills whereas the Cursed Keys share the same actives as their REM Sin Dragon counterparts. To compensate for this, the Cursed Keys will have Reduced Stat awakenings (  ) but this does not mean they cannot be utilized.

Sacred Keys

Jewel Key of the Warrior

  • 300x AoE Button on 20 turn cooldown
    • Adds +400 ATK to owning card
  • Resets HP to 1
  • Cannot use if already at 1 HP

The Fire Sacred Key is able to provide a 300x ATK Button to all enemies which is quite exceptional as it only has a 20 turn cooldown.

The main idea with this Weapon is to inherit it on top of a high ATK card and utilize the active to execute all opposing spawns. The rationale for Buttoning as opposed to comboing is that it requires less brain power along with being faster overall which becomes meaningful when repeatedly playing a dungeon over and over again.

Due to the unique and short Button featured here, I highly recommend acquiring one of them.

Jewel Key of the Sage

  • 20% Jammer Jammer Resist, Poison Poison resist, and Blind Blind Resist Resist
  • 2 turn Delay and DEF Break on 10 turn cooldown
  • Nothing exceptional
  • Does not fulfill any specific niche

The Water Sacred Key is able to provide 20% Resist to Jammer Jammer Resist, Poison Poison resist, and Blind Blind Resist attacks while also providing a 2 turn Delay and 100% DEF Break.

This Delay can be used to stall for actives or for Transforming and the 10 turn cooldown is short enough to be inherited and ready in time. On the other hand, the 100% DEF Break has merits in Training Arena 2 where the DEF values are outrageously high.

With that being said, this Weapon Assist does not fulfill any particular niche well as there are stronger options for Delays/adding in Effective Skill Boosts along with the 20% Resists being potentially covered by Trojan Horses .

Jewel Key of the Tempest

  • 1 turn Damage Absorb Void
    • 13 turn cooldown
    • 50% Damage Reduction
  • Modest Passive Damage for Wood and Light
  • Have to farm for it

The Wood Sacred Key is able to provide a 1 turn Damage Absorb Void on a 13 turn cooldown. This is exceptionally quick, especially for a Farmable card and is well worth pursuing as it does not have to go through any Transforming hurdles and can be ready early on in the dungeon.

One of the best Farmable cards to date.

Jewel Key of the Blessed

  • Can greatly increase Healing potential of a card
  • 5 turn cooldown
    • Easy to accidentally charge up
    • Lower impact active
  • Better Keys to make

The Light Sacred Key has the potential to bolster the healing output of a single card through an Enhanced Heart Orb +heart along with Team RCV . Together, these can greatly enhance the Healing potential but comes with a low base cooldown which can accidentally charge up. 

As such, I would prefer to pursue Dorothy’s Shoes as it is also Farmable and has a much longer cooldown along with 20% Jammer Jammer Resist and Blind Blind Resist Resist.

Jewel Key of the Angel

  • 2 turn Colour Absorb Void
    • Bicolour board of Light and Dark
  • Passive Damage for Dark and Light
  • Colour Absorb is more niche
    • But invaluable when needed

The final Sacred Key is able to provide 2 turns of Colour Absorb Void along with a bicolour board changer of Light and Dark. As a general rule, it is never a bad thing to have a board/orb changer as the secondary effect since it will never go to waste.

On the other hand, Colour Absorb tends to be a more niche/situational active required as it tends to only have merits in newer dungeons. This is because most of them are stallable and only tend to become more punishing in AA4 and Shura Realm.

As such, the value of this Weapon will hinge on your current level of progression but that should not be an excuse to skip this Weapon Assist as it will have value when you need it.

 Cursed Keys

All of the Cursed Keys feature the same active skill as their counterpart Sin Dragon. While this does alleviate some pressures of rolling every single card, each Cursed Key will be cursed in the sense that they will feature a negative stat awakening (  ).

Generally speaking, the -ATK is the easiest to work around as it can simply be inherited on a supportive card who has no personal damage any way such as Polowne .

On the other hand, the -RCV is the most punishing to use as the -2,000 is outrageously high.

Wicked Key of Lust

  • Best negative stat awakening
  • 1 Skill Boost Skill Boost
    • 2 turns Haste
    • 3 Effective SB
    • 12 turn CD
  • 4 Fire Rows Fire Row
  • 4x ATK burst
  • Ideally used on low CD card
  • -ATK is still a penalty

The Fire Cursed Key features the gentlest penalty of only -ATK which can be circumvented by inheriting on top of a card with no personal damage where the damage will not be missed.

As such, this can be essentially viewed as a single Skill Boost Skill Boost that also provide 4 Fire Rows Fire Row. This combination is not particularly common and has historically been locked behind higher rarity cards. 

While this is meaningful, this Cursed Key takes it a step further by providing 2 turns of Haste on a 12 turn cooldown. Thus, if inherited on top of a low cooldown card, it can be used to provide 2 more Effective Skill Boosts.

This is a boon for Transforming teams but even if not utilized at the beginning, the 4x ATK helps ensure a single floor can be swept with ease.

Just be mindful of who you inherit this Weapon on as the -ATK is still a hefty penalty.

Wicked Key of Envy

  • L
  • SFUA
  • Style Points for Ranking Dungeons
  • Long base CD
  • -HP
  • Weird mishmash of awakenings
  • Primarily a Ranking Dungeon solution for Style Points

The Water Cursed key features a weird mishmash of awakenings as it provides TPA TPA, L , and SFUA . Together, they have no real synergy but each of these awakenings award Style Points in Ranking Dungeons.

This can be meaningful when trying to achieve a higher score as you can secure three different Style points with a single inherit which in turn opens up additional sub/inherit flexibility. Furthermore, the base cooldown is 25 turns which almost guarantees it will not charge up without your consent.

Wicked Key of Sloth

  • Guard Break
    • Unique for a Weapon Assist
  • Powerful active
    • Rainbow board
    • Fully clears Awoken Binds
    • Fully clears Unable to Match Orb effects
  • -HP & -RCV
    • Sizable penalties

The Wood Cursed Key retains the powerful active from the original Sin Dragon as it provides a Rainbow board along with fully clearing  Awoken Binds and Unable to Match Orb effects. This will solve many problems and there is no true downside to this active, especially for Rainbow teams.

Furthermore, the inclusion of Guard Break is unique and can be used in Ranking Dungeons for Style Points or on Rainbow teams should this awakening be absent. With that being said, the two penalties of -HP and -RCV can be quite difficult to overcome if used in Arena-style content. As such, make sure these penalties do not cripple your ability to restore health or tank preemptives.

Wicked Key of Pride

  • Super Poison Resist
  • Active generates 15-15 Light/Heart board
    • Always 10 combos
  • -RCV
    • -2,000 is so steep
  • -ATK
  • Unlocking orbs adds animation time

The Wicked Key of Pride is the only Weapon Assist that can provide 100% protection against Poison abilities due to the Super Poison Resist .

This alone is worth 5 awakenings and is an efficient way to cover this mechanic. Sadly, this card also features the horrible -RCV awakening which will drastically lower your ability to heal as the -2,000 penalty is a bit outrageous. For perspective, -2,000 is more than all of your RCV pluses on an entire team (2 leads + 4 subs) so care must be used when trying to use this Weapon in longer content.

On the other hand, this is a farmable 15-15 board changer which has become a popular Ranking Dungeon solution when used in conjunction with 4 elemental Skyfall actives. This is because the 15-15 board can be easily solved for 10 combos and then the forced 4 elemental Skyfall can result in numerous additional combos. Together, these two actives tend to be the best way to inflate your Ranking Dungeon score for those that favour combos.

Wicked Key of Gluttony

  • 4 Team HP
  • Potential for Safi’jiiva abuse
  • -RCV & -ATK
    • Steep sacrifice for more HP
  • Little uses without Kuroyuri Loop

The final Cursed Key is able to grant 4 Team HP awakenings which translates into a sizable amount of bulk for a given team. Sadly, this comes at the cost of -2,000 RCV and -1,000 ATK for the owning card which feels far too costly overall.

With that being said, it may have some applications on teams that abuse the Kuroyuri Loop. This is because these teams only care about their Health stat which means the -RCV penalty can be ignored and the -ATK has little impact on Kuroyuri herself.

With this in mind, Safi’jiiva can greatly abuse this as he is the current premier leader to use Kuroyuri. Furthermore, any future team that relies on this Loop may be able to also take advantage of this unique Weapon Assist.

Which Keys to pursue

Due to the fact that there are 10 different forms to evolve your Sacred and Cursed Keys along with finite sanity for farming, it is often best to try and prioritize the Keys that will provide the most value. While these recommendations are merely suggestions, these are the Keys I find most helpful but your own individual Monster Box will determine which are the best to pursue.

With unlimited time/resources you should ideally have one of each.

Sacred Keys

I feel that the best Sacred Keys to make are the Fire , Wood,  , and Dark Key with the most emphasis on the Wood Key due to the 13 turn Damage Absorb Void active.

This Fujin style active has become mandatory to use in the vast majority of dungeons and I feel all players can benefit from this.

On the other hand, the Fire Key provides a 300x Button that his all enemies whereas the Dark Key provides a 2 turn Colour Absorb Void.

Cursed Keys

Of all the Cursed Keys, the Fire/Lust one has the least number of drawbacks while also providing a Skill Boost Skill Boost, 4 Fire Rows Fire Row, along with 2 turns of Haste on a 12 turn cooldown which can be used on turn 1 to help you Transform.

After that, the Wood/Sloth Cursed Key is able to provide a tremendously powerful active along with a Guard Break . While the penalties are quite steep, the active skill does solve many problems at once.

Alternatively, the Pride Key’s ability to provide a perfect 15-15 board of Light and Heart orbs can be used in Ranking Dungeons and is worth pursuing if lacking other options that provide this type of  board changer.


The Sin Dragons and Key Heroes event is an exciting time for North American players as the Farmable Keys are worth pursuing. This is a refreshing change of pace as it will give a meaningful place to grind/spend stamina but it will be a time consuming affair.

With that in mind, which of the Sacred and Cursed Keys do you feel will benefit your Monster Box the most and which do you plan on farming for.

Happy Puzzling!

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31 thoughts on “Farmable Sacred and Cursed Key Guide”

  1. Correct me if mistaken please but don’t we have to build a minimum of 4/5 cursed keys to get Golchaos to spawn? The 4/5 being that friend leader counts too.

    Might be worth noting otherwise excellent review.

    Fuji key and I have Safi so yes cheese please 😉

    The rest Red Cursed is excellent and will make plus the other cursed as I am pretty sure I will want at least one Golchaos. Speaking of, tons of farming.


      1. I also took a look and the only thing that you could argue is the order in which the Keys are presented….but that makes sense because that is the monster book order which is the logical way to present information in PAD

        Either way, accusing someone of plagiarism with no evidence to back it up is pretty shameful


    1. Yeah… I read a lot of Mantastic and he never copies. I can tell because he has this quirk of saying something “can be meaningful” or “this is meaningful”, which isn’t really present on other sites. You good mate?


    1. I thought the keys come without awakenings active, so a Closed Tamadra shouldn’t be necessary?

      At any rate, I saw someone suggest the cursed key of sloth seems good without awakenings.


  2. You can avoid the penalties with Wicked Key of Sloth trivially. Only activate the first awakening. Without the huge RCV and HP penalties, this is a fantastic (or is that mantastic?).

    Virtually no one is using this equip for guard break. It’s all about that super-charged active. Short cooldown w/o the penalties that make it so short? Yes please!


      1. Yeah, I’d forgotten about that. I’m so used to just activating all the awakenings on equips that I forgot that was one of the requirements.

        Technically you can still get there by activating them all, equipping the assist, then using a closed tama on it, but that’s pretty expensive. Would only be a viable option if you didn’t roll any Egg of Sloths or have other options with equivalent actives.


  3. Does the recovery penalty on the cursed keys affect the entire team, or just that single card?

    In particular, if I put it on a card with almost no recovery anyway (like Duval) does it go below zero?


    1. Beyond pure convenience, I feel the Fire Sacred Key with the Button has merits in dupes as there is a possibility you will be able to use it multiple times in a dungeon

      With that being said, I feel getting one of each of the better ones is more important overall


      1. I spent all month on the new content and only managed a few keys. Is this event coming back so I can still get my easter eggs and all the assists at that point?


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