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Version 12.6.1 Update – Super Awakenings


Version 12.6.1 comes with the highly anticipated Super Awakenings mechanic. These awakenings are a new way to add additional power onto some of your favourite monsters. However, you must first Limit Break your card, sacrifice a +297, and these special Awakenings only works in solo mode.

This article will explain the process, when to use it, and which awakenings tend to be more favourable.

As a forewarning, not every card can be Limit Broken and not every Limit Broken card can receive a Super Awakening.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–


Super Awakenings will only be available to certain cards and those particular monsters must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be Limit Broken (does not need to be level 110)
    • Not all cards can be Limit Broken
      • Not all Limit Broken cards can receive a Super Awakening
  • Already be +297
  • Sacrifice a +297 for a random Super Awakening
    • Can be any combination of pluses as long as it adds up to 297
  • Works only in solo mode

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