June Bride REM Review and Analysis


The June Bride returns to North America and despite the pretty dresses and coming during the correct month, it is a lackluster event.

This is because it is a tremendously old Seasonal REM which means many of these cards are several years old. Furthermore, the bottom rarities seldom receive meaningful buffs and it is hard to keep up with years of Powercreep.

With this in mind, I would be hesitant in spending Stones in this event as you are incredibly likely to roll something disappointing from a value/usability point of view.

Regardless, this article will outline the pros and cons for each card within the June Bride event to give players a better understanding of what each monster can do.

Video commentary

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June Bride Pros & Cons – June 26, 2020
  • Pretty outfits for your favourite cards
  • Comes in June
  • One of the worst machines overall
  • Little value throughout
  • 4-6* are uninspiring and comprise 78.8% of the rolling pool
  • Only 9* have Weapon Assists
June Bride REM
9 Star base
(2% total)
8 Star base
(6% total)
7 Star base
(13.2% total)
W Satsilo 
6 Star base
(18% total)
W Ra W Bastet
5 Star base
(36.48% total)
W Akechi W Ruka W Kano F
4 Star base
(24.32% total)
W Sopdet W Iza
June Bride REM Rankings – June 26, 2020
B    W Satsilo W Ra
C W Bastet W Akechi
D W Ruka W Kano F W Sopdet W Iza

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking

Icons show Base form

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them

Bottom rarity quick summary

The bottom rarity should be the main motivation to roll in an event and here is a brief summary showcasing their awakenings and/or Weapon Assists if applicable. Awakenings in (brackets) are Super Awakenings.

These comprise almost 25% of your rolls

  • W Sopdet TPA Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist +light orb +light orb Light reduction Light reduction Light reduction – D
  • W Iza +light orb +light orb +light orb +light orb +light orb Dark Reduction Dark Reduction Dark Reduction Skill Boost – D

Limit Breaking

Limit Breaking is the process of leveling a card beyond level 99. This will unlock more weighted stats along with the potential to receive Super Awakenings. These additional awakenings can add significant power, but only function in solo mode or in 3-player coop.

Any card that can qualify for Limit Breaking will have their level displayed in blue and feeding a Super Snow Globe will push them beyond the level 99 cap.

You can read more about Super Awakenings HERE.

Monster Exchange

The Monster Exchange System has mostly eliminated the need to roll in most events as players can simply trade in for a card of their choice. This is often done during lackluster events to avoid spending Stones on poor bottom rarity cards or to snipe a specific card if luck is not on your side.

Weapon Assists

Weapon Assists are a special evolution for select cards that will be used exclusively as inherits. This form retains the same base stats as the original form, but will also transfer over all awakenings on the Weapon Assist card and this occurs if the Awoken Assist  is present.

My approach to Collab/Seasonal rolling

Rolling any Rare Egg Machine is a gamble and it becomes a matter of maximizing your rate of returns in an event.

This translates into rolling when the bottom rarity has high value as those will be the most common cards. Furthermore, I may utilize the Monster Exchange system to acquire the higher rarity cards if they will significantly advance my progress. As such, I tend to look most closely at the bottom rarity pool to determine if it is worth rolling in.

This is just my own personal approach and everyone has different goals/motivations so take this section with a grain of salt.

9 Star base

Bride Roche (New) – A

  • Big TPA TPA damage
    • Exceptionally high base ATK
  • Powerful active
    • 4 turn cooldown
    • ATK buff
    • Spawns 4 Wood orbs
  • 2 SBR Skill Lock Resist
  • Valuable/flexible SA
  • 4 Roches provide a System
  • LS disables Poison damage
    • Easy to use
  • Uncomfortable icon art
  • Difficulty in dealing with Voids

Bride Roche is the first new 9-star card to be added into the June Bride Egg Machine and comes with huge TPA TPA potential that is augmented by her massive base ATK. This will help ensure she is able to deal large amounts of damage with a single 4-match.

For the most part, numerous cards within the June Bride are TPA-focused which can be powerful assuming their various hurdles can be overcome.

Firstly, TPA is a relatively inefficient awakening as it only provides 1.5x ATK which in turn means an owning card must have many of them to be effective. This is problematic as 5 TPA will result in 7.6x personal damage with a 4-match whereas 3 7 Combos 45 provides 8x. Furthermore, the 7 Combo has wonderful interaction with other matching patterns as their only goal is to hit 7 or more combos. By comparison, TPA cards often struggle against Void spawns as one has to match both the 3×3 Box AND a 4-match to deal meaningful damage.

On the other hand, Bride Roche’s Leader Skill is incredibly easy to use as it only requires 4 or more connected Wood orbs to fully activate along with providing a flat 2x HP for all Wood cards. Furthermore, she will disable all Poison Damage which in turn can help alleviate some stresses of team building.

Weapon Assist

  • Powerful active
    • Clears all unable to match orb effects
    • Full Awoken Bind clear
    • Gemstone-style ATK buff
  • Cloud Resist
  • Long cooldown for active
    • Problematic if you want to use
  • ATK buff will be small unless team is TPA-oriented

Wedding Roche’s Weapon Assist is able to provide both Cloud Resist along with a single TPA TPA along with a powerful active skill. This active will clear all Unable to Match Orb effects along with all Awoken Binds plus an ATK buff that scales off TPA awakenings.

These effects solve numerous issues found within end game content but the largest problem is the lengthy 20 turn cooldown. Normally, I prefer my Weapon Assists to have longer cooldowns to avoid accidentally charging up but in this case, I would prefer it if it was a shorter cooldown. This is because the three components provided are meaningful and are often required multiple times within a dungeon. Sadly, this is not the case and it will be challenging to use this active more than once per dungeon unless your team is often forced to stall or playing through longer content.

With that being said, this is still a strong Weapon Assist, especially if you are running a TPA-oriented team to capitalize upon the ATK buff component.

Bride Zela – S

  • Triple 7 Combo 45
  • SFUA
    • 2x ATK & kills Resolve
    • 99,999 True Damage in future update
  • VDP
  • Powerful active
    • Creates board of Hearts and Light
    • +2 combos
    • Synergy with own awakenings
  • 1 SB Skill Boost
  • Primarily a damage solution
    • Provides little utility
  • LS requires 2 Light combos
    • More orb hungry when facing Voids

Bride Zela has received a significant upgrade to her awakenings as she now naturally comes with a SFUA alongside her Triple 7 Combo 45 and VDP . SFUA will be buffed in the future to provide 99,999 True Damage along with the already present 2x personal damage when forming a 3×3 box of Hearts.

This ability to execute Resolve spawns while also providing additional personal damage is meaningful when playing through challenging content as Bride Zela will be a tremendous source of damage when using her active.

This is because her active will create a board of only Light and Heart orbs which can be easily rearranged into a Light and Heart 3×3 Box along with other combos. Assuming the distribution is 17-13 (in either direction), Bride Zela will be able to tap into her full personal damage potential of 40x which can be further boosted by both Latents or inheriting another SFUA card.

While terrifying amounts of damage is always enjoyed, that is the main extent of Bride Zela’s value as she provides no Resists, one Skill Boost Skill Boost, along with little other utility. This is perfectly fine as cards tend to function best when they are on the extreme ends of any spectrum.

Weapon Assist

  • Skill Boost Skill Boost
  • SFUA
    • 2x ATK & kills Resolve
    • 99,999 True Damage in future update
  • Powerful active for mono Light
  • SFUA requires specific set ups
    • Lower value if not abused

Bride Zela’s Weapon Assist is able to provide both a single Skill Boost Skill Boost along with a SFUA . While Skill Boosts are always in demand for Transforming cards, the SFUA component is a wonderful way to layer in additional personal damage, Resolve killing, or abusing the future 99,999 True Damage.

As mentioned above, forming the 3×3 Box of Hearts will result in 2x personal damage for the owning card but the 99,999 True Damage has a few specific applications.

Presently speaking, AA4 is the hardest dungeon to clear at this point in time with Aten and the new Latents featuring 2 Billion DEF along with relatively low HP. While high value Auto Follow Up Attacks can execute these with ease, stacking several SFUA can be another work around as the 99,999 is True Damage which bypasses any DEF value.

With this in mind, this Weapon Assist can be used by teams who already feature numerous of these awakenings. In that same breathe, unless you are using a Zela-style board changer (one colour plus Hearts) or a team who wants to stack these awakenings, this Weapon Assist will have less value as it may simply result as an expensive Skill Boost card.

8 Star base

Wedding Eschamali – A

  • 7 Orb Enhances +light orb
    • Huge amounts of Passive Damage
  • Powerful Light generating active
  • Offers little else other than Passive Damage
  • Pixel form is stronger overall

Wedding Eschamali is able to bring a walloping 7 Light Orb Enhances which ensures every Light orb that falls down comes Enhanced along with providing massive amounts of Passive Damage for your team.

While this is appealing, the main issue I feel is that we generally have enough damage already for most content and being able to counter mechanics and survive is more meaningful.

This is because most spawns are able to be swept in a single turn due to huge personal damage potential of several cards and in order to do this, mechanics have to be Resisted.

Using this train of thought, Wedding Eschamali may be difficult to fully utilize as she offers no protection from any mechanics along with only providing Passive, not personal damage. Furthermore, her Pixel form is much stronger overall.

Pixel Wedding Eschamali (New)

  • 5 Orb Enhances +light orb
  • 3 VDP
  • Upgraded active
    • Same orb changer
    • Adds 1 turn Damage Absorb Void
    • 15 turn cooldown
  • Downgrade in art
  • Only has personal damage with 3×3 Box
  • Primarily only for mono Light

Pixel Eschamali is a huge upgrade to the Eschamali-archetype as she still retains sizable Passive Damage but also has other valuable awakenings along with a significantly upgraded active.

With 5 Enhanced Light Orbs +light orb, every orb will fall down Enhanced and will provide a significant bonus to all attacking cards. Furthermore, Pixel Eschamali comes with three VDP awakenings which in turn grants her sizable personal damage against Void spawns. This alone is already a sizable step up compared to her other form as she is now able to fulfill additional roles on her given team but the fun does not stop there.

In addition to this, Pixel Eschamali is able to provide a single turn of Damage Absorb Void (Fujin-style ) on a blisteringly fast 15 turn cooldown (Fujin is 19 turns) that also has a double orb changer.

This two-in-one effect will help alleviate active slots as you now have a heavy Light orb generator that also doubles as a solution to Damage Absorbs which ensures at least one aspect will be valuable.

While this is wonderful, Pixel Eschamali is only able to truly function on mono Light teams as her active will most likely remove too many or key colours for other teams along with her awakenings going to waste.

Bride Scheat – B

  • Big TPA TPA damage
    • Damage comes from 1 combo
  • Powerful active
    • Creates column of Hearts and Light
    • 4 turn Light Skyfall
  • Only viable if TPA matching is desirable
  • Cannot counter Voids
  • Brings little else other than TPA

Bride Scheat is valued for her 11.4x personal damage when matching 4 connected orbs due to her six TPA TPA awakening. This is a blisteringly high amount of personal damage that is not tied to a higher combo count or health threshold which in turn can make it easy to use.

Sadly, the main problem with TPA as a whole is that it is an inefficient awakening. This is because it only provides 1.5x ATK (7c 45 and <50% provide 2x) which means the owning card must have significantly more to achieve a similar level of damage output. To make matters worse, this bonus damage is only tied to the match-4, it will not trigger from other matches which in turn often makes VDP less effective as players now require 13 orbs for both patterns.

On the other hand, TPA can be used when Farming content as it only requires a single combo for high damage output which can be meaningful Scheat can sweep numerous floors with the right set up.

Reincarnated Scheat (New)

  • Bigger TPA damage TPA
    • Has higher base ATK
  • Direct upgrade to other form
  • LS provides Auto Follow Up and reasonable multipliers
  • Reincarnated Evolution
    • Can use 8 Latent slots
      • 4 Killers
  • Reincarnated Evolution
    • Cannot be reversed
    • Removes ability to be used as Trade Fodder
  • LS’s Auto Follow Up tied to 3 Light combos
    • ATK multiplier tied to 2 Light combos

Bride Scheat’s new Reincarnated form is able to provide everything that her other form does but better due to more favourable awakenings, higher ATK, and an upgraded Leader Skill.

While it is true that this form is an upgrade in every aspect, I would caution pursuing this form as it is a Reincarnated Evolution which means it is irreversible and you will be stuck with this form. This means you cannot reverse to pursue a new evolution path (if one does occur) along with being unable to use her as Trade Fodder in the future.

As a whole, I strongly dislike this irreversibly as it can limit the card in question as usually these Reincarnated forms are stronger, especially upon their release.

With that being said, Reincarnated Bride Scheat is able to wield 4 Killer Latents along with boasting more personal damage due to 357 more ATK. In addition to this, Bride Scheat’s Leader Skill has strong multipliers along with Auto Follow Up Attack but this is tied to 3 Light combos. As such, FUA may be required for some floors along with the 2 Light combo clause for ATK being orb hungry and a hindrance with VDP .

Wedding Rushana – B

  • High VDP potential
    • Has 7 Combo 45
    • Attacker Killer 37
  • High Weighted Stats
  • Active generates a row of Wood
    • 7 turn cooldown
  • LS has become impractical
  • Provides little utility

Wedding Rushana is a potent damage solution for mono Wood teams due to her high VDP potential which is accompanied by 7 Combos 45 and an Attacker Killer 37. In addition to this, she also possesses a 7 turn cooldown that can generate a row of Wood along with a 50% heal. This can help ensure a steady flow of Wood orbs while also being a reasonably short cooldown to inherit something more meaningful over top.

This helps make Wedding Rushana a valuable mono Wood sub and can be easily subbed in for most teams. While this is valuable, I feel that she lacks something that makes her exceptionally special. Don’t get me wrong, she is a strong card but she offers nothing game breaking/changing. She is simply a reliable offensive mono Wood card.

Bride Raijin – B

  • Guard Break
    • Modest personal damage
    • Solves Aten/AA4 Latents
  • 6 turn cooldown
    • Provides a full Rainbow board
  • LS lacks Effective Health
  • Lacks anything that makes her special

Wedding Raijin is able to function as a reliable, albeit uninspiring Rainbow sub. This is because she offers either double 7 Combo 45 and Guard Break or triple 7 Combo while also possessing a 6 turn full Rainbow board changer.

The choice to pursue the Guard Break will come down to what options you have at your disposal as Rainbow teams should have one one their team in order to deal with Aten or the Latents in A6/AA4. If Guard Break can already be found on another card, pursuing the third 7 Combo will greatly improve Raijin’s damage output on her already high base ATK.

While this is nice, Wedding Raijin is nothing special as she offers no Resists along with no counter to mechanics outside of cancelling No Skyfalls. While she can act as an inheritance base, I feel that she is mostly a reliable, generic Rainbow sub

7 Star base

Wedding Izanagi (New) – B

  • Orb Skin
  • Three <50%
    • 8x personal damage
  • Devil Killer Devil killer
  • Valuable active
    • 4 turn cooldown
    • -50% HP cut
    • Column of Light orbs
  • LS is easy to activate
    • Valuable for Farming
  • 3 SB Skill Boost
  • Restricted to God types
    • Few Light Gods have <50%

Husbando Izanagi is a brand new Orb Skin card to be added into the June Bride REM and comes with a wonderful self sufficient kit for his Farming-oriented Leader Skill.

Groom Izanagi is able to provide 324x ATK for God types when below 50% Health which has beautiful synergy with his own three <50% awakenings, Devil Killer Devil killer, Together, these give him a possible place as a Training Arena 2 leader but the biggest problem is a small pool of viable subs. This is because his sub pool is quite shallow which will make it challenging to build a competent team outside dupes of himself.

This is not to say it is impossible to build a team, it is just going to be harder for the average person but this may change in the future if more cards are released that fit on his team. While you can pursue 7 45 Combo cards for damage as well, it will be slower compared to most TA2 teams who can make 1-2 combos and clear a floor.

Orb Skin

Wedding Kulia – A

  • A Kulia that is not terrible
  • 3 turn CD Burst active
    • Easy to inherit over
  • Triple Dragon Killer Dragon Killer
  • VDP
  • Easy to activate LS
    • One set of Light and Dark
    • 500,000 Auto Follow Up
  • LS only grants HP for Dark cards
    • Strong chance you will have low Effective HP
  • LS grants ATK for Light cards

Wedding Kulia is the best form of Kulia to date which is not saying much as the bar has been set incredibly low. Jokes aside, this Kulia is able to bring triple Dragon Killers Dragon Killer which translates into 27x personal damage along with naturally owning a VDP and potentially gaining a 7 Combo 45 via Super Awakenings.

All of these grant her an impressive amount of personal damage against a common end game spawn and she boasts a valuable active and reasonable Leader Skill.

Wedding Kulia’s active is able to provide 1 + 0.15x per Dragon Killer awakening which will probably result in a small number, but it is on a 3 turn cooldown along with being able to overwrite any existing debuff. Furthermore, it can be easily inherited over should you require an additional active.

As a leader, Wedding Kuvia is easy to use as she is able to tap into Auto Follow Up Attack with only a single Light and Dark combo along with having reasonable ATK multipliers. Sadly, her biggest crutch will be low Effective Health as she only boosts HP for Dark cards but requires Light cards for ATK. As such, you will be ideally using Light and Dark cards which may be difficult to do. With that being said, she will be an easy leader to use for a large chunk of content.

Wedding Satsuki (New evolution) – B

  • Modest TPA TPA potential
  • Easy to activate 324x ATK
    • Just need to be above 50% HP
  • LS must remain above 50% HP
    • Easy to do in predictable dungeons

Wedding Satsuki has a brand new evolution which grants them an upgraded Leader Skill that allows for 324x ATK for Dragon and Attacker cards when above 50% Health. This requires no combo count nor specific patterns and can be a boon for Farming as you can quickly sweep content with little effort.

Furthermore, Wedding Satsuki has reasonably high personal damage when forming a TPA TPA which in turn can help hasten clears as they are easy to form.

While this can be meaningful, one must be aware that their Leader Skill functions best in predictable dungeons where you can precisely plan out active skill usage to ensure you remain above 50% health.

Wedding Persephone – C
  • 2 turn Attribute Absorb Void
  • Low value as a sub or leader

Wedding Persephone feels like a forgotten card as her kit feels grossly outdated as her awakenings are all over the place and her only shining aspect is her 2 turn Attribute Absorb Void.

Generally speaking, there are not too many instances where 2 turns are required outside of Yomi Dragon in AA4 which is currently the hardest dungeon available in North America. While Persephone’s active can function here, it also means players must either use her as a sub or inherit and neither are ideal. This is because her sub potential is poor at best and as an inherit, you lose out on any awakenings.

Wedding Panera – B

  • 2 turn Damage Absorb Void
    • 22 turn CD helped by Skill Charge
  • High personal damage against Gods God Killer
    • Gains 10c with SA
    • Can use God Killer Latents
  • Active has a weak secondary effect
  • Numerous 2 turn Damage Absorb Voids now exist

Wedding Panera features a 2 turn Damage Absorb Void along with high personal damage against God types. Furthermore, her 22 turn cooldown is hastened via Skill Charge which in turn helps have it available at a much faster pace.

While all of this is meaningful, we now have numerous other 2 turn Damage Absorb Voids along with Panera’s featuring a weak secondary effect.

As a whole, I dislike the concept of Damage Absorb and reliance on an active to counter but it is now a way of life/PAD and we now thankfully have numerous cards to choose from. As such, we often want to have desirable secondary effects in case the Absorption spawns do not appear and sadly, Panera’s is a simply +1 second orb movement time for 2 turns.

With this in mind, players will be left with a “dead” active should Absorption spawns now appear. This is why I prefer to inherit my Damage Absorption counters on top of cards with meaningful base skills. This allows me to dump the active should the spawn not appear and I am then left with a desirable base skill that will be ready much more often.

I feel that this approach can be employed by more players simply because we now have many more options for countering Absorbs compared to before. This is not to say that Wedding Panera is bad card, it is just she has lost her niche due to many other 2 turn counters.

Wedding Parvati – C

  • 3 turn cooldown
    • Cancels No Skyfall debuffs
  • 60% Poison Resist Poison resist
  • Super Poison Resist exists
    • More effective, takes less space

Wedding Parvati would have been a significantly more desirable card if Super Resists ( ) did not exist. This is because these awakenings provide 100% protection while only taking up a single slot. They are 5x more efficient compared to the original Resists which in turn makes using these cards highly desirable.

With that being said, Wedding Parvati is still able to provide 60% protection against Poison attacks while also having modest offensive potential along with a 3 turn cooldown.

6 Star base

W Ra Wedding Ra – B

  • 5 SB Skill Boost
  • SBR Skill Lock Resist
    • Unlike Whaledor
  • 77,777 Button Damage
  • Many other SB alternatives exist
    • Eg. farmable Raziel

Wedding Ra is now able to provide 5 Skill Boosts Skill Boost along with his 77,777 True Damage Button which will hit all enemies. This has merits when Button Farming along with the Skill Boosts helping to ensure other actives are ready in time. Furthermore Wedding Ra comes with a SBR Skill Lock Resist which can aid in solo mode if relying too heavily on cards such as Whaledor .

While this can be helpful, the main drawback is that there are numerous farmable Skill Boost solutions such as Raziel . This makes Wedding Ra less special/unique as his base cooldown is also longer compared to Whaledor and Raziel which may make it harder to inherit something over top.

On the other hand, for players who enjoy running solo mode for farming Tickets to Monster Exchange with Veroah , Wedding Ra can make for a wonderful sub as his Button will often be strong enough for at least one of the floors.

W Bastet Wedding Bastet – C

  • 60% Poison Resist Poison resist
  • Cloud Resist
  • 3 turn base cooldown
  • Low Weighted Stats
  • Hard to justify using as a sub

Wedding Bastet is able to provide a Cloud Resist along with 60% protection against Poison Poison resist abilities. Together, these are reasonably valuable metrics but that is essentially the extent of her value.

This is because she comes with poor Weighted Stats along with not offering that much beyond these Resists. While resisting mechanics is valuable, most high end cards can do this along with having meaningful Weighted Stats, better awakenings, and a stronger active.

5 Star base

W Akechi Wedding Akechi – C

  • Deeply in Love Newlywed
    • What a title for a Husbando
  • Strong orb changing active
  • Passive Damage Light Row
  • Low Weighted Stats
  • Old low rarity card
    • Has not received much love

Wedding Akechi was once a top tier sub when Myr reigned supreme many years ago as his active is able to generate Light and Heart orbs while also enhancing Light. This two-in-one orb generation and burst proved invaluable when pushing through end game content as it helped solve two problems with a single active.

While this can still hold true today, we are demanding our subs bring significantly more to the table than a reasonably useful active. This is because in end game content, you have to counter so many different mechanics and Akechi does not actually address any mechanics, he just converts orbs which worked fine years ago but will not hold up in this day and age.

W Ruka Wedding Ruka – D

  • Prettier compared to Wedding Kano
  • 4,000 Autoheal Auto heal?
  • Has always been bad
    • Keeps the bar low

Wedding Ruka has not changed too much over the years and has always been bad to varying degrees. This seems to be the fate of many lower rarity Seasonal cards who sadly comprise a large chunk of the rolling pool.

Perhaps some cheese teams may find merits from the 4,000 Autoheal Auto heal but at the same time, Resisting damage is probably more important for them. On the bright side, I personally find her more attractive compared to the equally lackluster Wedding Kano.

W Kano F Wedding Kano – D

  • Not sure
  • Least pretty of the 5-stars
  • Does not do much of anything

Wedding Kano is essentially a Wood clone of Ruka which also means she does not accomplish much of anything. This means she will be frustrating to roll as she will essentially have no value for your Monster Box

4 Star base

W Sopdet Wedding Sopdet – D

  • Four Light Damage Reductions Light reduction
    • 28% Reduction vs Light
  • Only 1 card can change enemy’s attribute to Light
    • Christmas Grida

Pure and Innocent Bride Sopdet is able to reduce damage taken by 28% if the opposing spawn is Light due to their four Light Damage Reductions Light reduction. These awakenings are renown for their ability to cheese difficult content when used in conjunction with an active that changes the opposing spawn into their specific colour.

Sadly, Light has only Christmas Grida which is difficult to acquire which in turn probably makes this approach undesirable considering we have Monster Point solutions for Fire, Water, and Wood.

As such, I feel Bride Sopdet will not be utilized in this fashion which in turn makes her a lackluster card.

W Iza Wedding Izanami – D

  • 21% Dark Damage Reduction Dark Reduction
  • 5 Enhanced Light Orbs +light orb
  • Terrible Weighted stats
  • Low impact card overall

Wedding Izanami is the final card within the June Bride event and was at one point one of the most desirable cards available. This occurred when Myr was at the height of her power as Izanami was able to provide a sizable amount of Passive Damage along with an emergency shield.

Sadly, the meta has greatly shifted towards cards being able to provide significantly more overall through personal damage or Resists along with higher impact actives.

It is always sad to see a powerful card succumb to powercreep but it was to be expected from a bottom rarity Seasonal card.

Do I plan to roll? & Dream rolls

I do not plan on rolling within the June Bride REM as it has absolutely terrible value across most of the event but most notably at the 4-6* range. For any modestly developed account, these cards will have little merit and comprise 78.8% of the rolling pool. Furthermore, of the remaining 7-9* cards, several of them are okay at best. As such, there is terribly little value in actually rolling in this event.

Regardless, it would be pretty magical to roll Bride Zela for my dream 9-star card as her offensive potential is hard to match and trying to actually roll her may cost more than a real wedding.

Moving to the 8-star cards, Eschamali’s new albeit less visually appealing Pixel form will grant a tremendously offensive Damage Absorb Void card who can also provide Passive Damage and high VDP damage.

For the 7-stars, Kulia feels the most unique and will be able to fill more holes in my Monster Box compared to the other options. Wedding Ra W Ra is a 5 Skill Boost Skill Boost card with a 77,777 True Damage Button and is much more appealing compared to Bastet.

For the 5-star cards, Akechi W Akechi is essentially a default winner as Ruka and Kanno are complete garbage. Finally, Wedding Izanami W Iza  is prettier and I guess more useful compared to Sopdet.

My Dream Rolls
W Ra
W Akechi
W Iza

The above chart are the cards I would love to acquire from each rarity if I could choose one for my Mantastic account. This is my own personal opinion based on my Monster Box, goals and whether or not I have dupes.


The June Bride Rare Egg Machine offers little value overall as many of the cards can be replaced along with the bottom rarity offering little overall.

With this in mind, I would try to stay away from rolling here as the vast majority of pulls will result in sadness.

Let me know what you think about the June Bride Rare Egg Machine and how much you plan on rolling in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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25 thoughts on “June Bride REM Review and Analysis”

  1. Roche i really lackluster for a 9-card, thank god, I got Valeria during the academy event and didn‘t wait for the 9-Card during this event…


  2. You should change the Pixel Wedding Eschamali description bc by evolving her to Pixel Evo, her active skill loses her 4 turn light orb skyfall, personally i don’t think that’s a good sacrifice by changing it to a 1 turn damage absorb void, also this makes her cooldown longer, I would keep her in her previous evo if i wanted her orb skyfall


    1. Thanks for the catch on Escha

      As for her active, I feel it is a significant upgrade as all teams must have a Damage Absorb Void and hers comes with a powerful orb changer which ensures at least one aspect will be valuable even if the absorb spawn does not appear


  3. Is it worth trading for a second zela? Rainbow teams seem to be the meta these days because of the new arenas. So I wonder if this is the limit of her future proof.


    1. No it is not worth it. Even trading for 1 is highly questionable as it is an expensive trade overall

      Her main crutch is a lack of SB which will harm her from future transforming teams and if you want a big damage dealer with low SB, Aten is often chosen


  4. got Zela a while back in one of the seasonal godfests glad I found a spot for her in my Fasca team, I wish Pixel Wedding Eschamali had attacker type cause I lack dmg absorption on that team


  5. So got Parvati from the free roll and she opened a new orb skin!? You didn’t mentioned it.
    On the other side I rolled in the god fest and got Menoa. Can’ t help myself, but I have Aljae. Is this a hint what to play? 😀

    So I have Greg and I play him myself (because I have a 2nd Greg and I have Ludsev). Now Aljae/Menoa I (could) play myself.
    I play Phenom and Ina by myself.
    I play Dyer since I got Akine (from the 100 pulls) by myself
    2x Deena by myself.
    I think I am a lucky bastard (and this with non IAP).

    What did you got from your 100 pulls?


    1. I feel GH is hinting you should try Rainbow L’s =P

      For my 100 rolls, the only gfe my main got was a single Reeche which was sad to say the least but I got my first Thor so that is something right


      1. Ok. Sad to hear. I had 20 new cards, and 4 of them are Ina, Akine, Rodin and (jckpot) Kanna. Really happy about it.
        And got a lot new pantheons like ANtares and friends, my 1st Ruel, 1st Famiel, 1st Nut (just 3 years to late 😀 ) and 1st Lu Bu (got him twice), 1st Aren and my realy 1st Loki (what I missed him till now?) and Hino!

        RNG is with me.


  6. What is the best way/place to find players with specific leads? I just rolled Norza, have Tsuk, and looking to find friends with Norza leads. Thanks!


    1. I would try either Discord servers, Reddit, or the various FB groups and you should be able to find many players with Norza as she is somewhat flavour of the month


  7. Small remark that Bride Rushana is better than her review, and probably as good as any of the A graded cards, because she is balanced type and you can legitimately run her as a sub on Non-mono-wood teams like V.Ideal. High stats, 40% heal, and the way the active makes a wood row you can pick your spot, to still have a four color rainbow board plus a wood VDP. Kind of v.ideal specific, but she put in work and was staple sub for me for a few months, even with a fairly deep box / luxury sub options, solving VDP on that rainbow team prior to aa4 and void latent. To be fair, now we have that latent, but she was fine. You often at the time needed more than one VDP effect, saving a base sub Hao/Akine slot for the full team vdp floor, but using cd7 fast bride rushana for any lesser/secondary vdp floor.

    I’d rank Zela higher, just because Zela is a good inherit for Fasca/Alice. I’m quite unimpressed with Roche, and would probably actually rank Bride Rushana the second best card in the REM. TPA is kinda bad in the current meta, each tpa awakening is too underpowered for taking up an awakening space, crowding out other awakenings, and Roche doesn’t even seem to slot as a damage / fast cd sub on something like dual Chakeol team, as damage is not a concern and there is such wood sub competition already that details like painfully low rcv on Roche start to actually hurt her competing for a sub slot. YMMV.

    Good review like always.

    Fireworks super fest seems like any other regular super fest.
    Decent rate, but not too exciting, fine to roll for new people or if inclined, questionable for deeper boxes. Mostly because of the usual pseudo-trollish split on the day1/2 lineups instead of enough good cards cards being in one lineup. Yolo rolled once, and waiting on better above average super fests or unique collab machines. Seasonal fest looks like a pass, but DMC collab has a couple reasonable equips / niche role players.


  8. Light resist cheese teams. Grisar isn’t the only option. There is an upcoming DMC collab card, Lucia’s inheritable equipment form, that will be a shift enemies to light ability, so bride sophdet’s light resists may be a cheese thing. And we are getting zeus equips from a pal points machine, (rng luck permitting).

    We got Eva collab last time, so I assume it’s coming back to NA again, vs the JP announce.

    See https://pad.protic.site/dmc-collab-details/
    Card 6211 Cutlaseer (Assist Evo of Lucia)
    Active Skill: (15 ➧ 15) Inheritable
    Remove all binds and awoken skill binds; Change all enemies to Light Att.

    Color resist cheese teams are always…the juice isn’t worth the squeeze, but with enough (4) zeus inherits you can sweep two floors at a time. You gravity injure but don’t kill a floor, let all four gravity inherits reset, use 1 to kill the floor, then 3 to sweep the next color-changing problematic floor, the color shift to light the one after and reset yourself.


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