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June Bride REM Review and Analysis


The June Bride returns to North America and despite the pretty dresses and coming during the correct month, it is a lackluster event.

This is because it is a tremendously old Seasonal REM which means many of these cards are several years old. Furthermore, the bottom rarities seldom receive meaningful buffs and it is hard to keep up with years of Powercreep.

With this in mind, I would be hesitant in spending Stones in this event as you are incredibly likely to roll something disappointing from a value/usability point of view.

Regardless, this article will outline the pros and cons for each card within the June Bride event to give players a better understanding of what each monster can do.

Video commentary

—video coming Monday—


June Bride Pros & Cons – June 26, 2020
  • Pretty outfits for your favourite cards
  • Comes in June
  • One of the worst machines overall
  • Little value throughout
  • 4-6* are uninspiring and comprise 78.8% of the rolling pool
  • Only 9* have Weapon Assists
June Bride REM
9 Star base
(2% total)
8 Star base
(6% total)
7 Star base
(13.2% total)
W Satsilo 
6 Star base
(18% total)
W Ra W Bastet
5 Star base
(36.48% total)
W Akechi W Ruka W Kano F
4 Star base
(24.32% total)
W Sopdet W Iza
June Bride REM Rankings – June 26, 2020
B    W Satsilo W Ra
C W Bastet W Akechi
D W Ruka W Kano F W Sopdet W Iza

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking

Icons show Base form

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them

Bottom rarity quick summary

The bottom rarity should be the main motivation to roll in an event and here is a brief summary showcasing their awakenings and/or Weapon Assists if applicable. Awakenings in (brackets) are Super Awakenings.

These comprise almost 25% of your rolls

  • W Sopdet TPA Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist +light orb +light orb Light reduction Light reduction Light reduction – D
  • W Iza +light orb +light orb +light orb +light orb +light orb Dark Reduction Dark Reduction Dark Reduction Skill Boost – D

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10-Stone GFE Machine: Thoughts and Stats


As part of the 4 year Puzzle and Dragons Anniversary event, GungHo is giving their North American and European servers the magical 10-stone Godfest Exclusive Rare Egg Machine. This machine was released to great fanfare in Japan some time ago as it guarantees a GFE on every single roll for double the magic stones. This means you will be acquiring 15,000 Monster Points from the troll Light Metatrons Metatron instead of 3,000 from sad Silvers. Naturally, this presents the question: to roll or not to roll?

Video commentary

A sample video of an IAP-Friendly JP player:

Rare Egg Machine background

The Rare Egg Machine (REM) is one of the more frustrating and exhilarating aspects of Puzzle and Dragons as it is essentially a form of gambling. To use the REM, you have to pay 5 Magic Stones and then you will be allowed to shake the golden dragon’s hand. After doing a little foreplay of either tummy rubbing or head patting, you will be awarded a special monster that can range in value/rarity from pointless to awe-inspiring. Sadly, what you get is completely random with the stronger rolls being far more elusive than the mundane.

How the 10-stone GFE REM varies

By comparison, the 10-stone GFE REM has double the price tag, but will never produce a silver or pantheon gold egg and will instead only awarded with a Godfest Exclusive monster. Godfest Exclusive monsters are only available during Godfests and are harder to acquire than the regular REM cards. Continue reading 10-Stone GFE Machine: Thoughts and Stats

Player’s Choice Godfest Results 11/29-12/01

*This was my post from the previous Player’s Choice Godfest and is mostly for your entertainment to see what was voted for and their roll rates based on 1,000+ pulls.*

PCGF record 2

Do note that I include the 5-star evolved forms of 4-star monsters in the 4-star / MP trash section. Everything else that has 5-stars as it’s lowest evolution form is placed into non-featured gods. This did lighten the work load on my end and I was more so curious as to the rates of the silver eggs that come out during a PCGF. I was unable to create a table via WordPress, so I had to take a screenshot of a table I made separately, so apologies for no clickable links to the characters above. *My subsequent post will be much more user friendly so stay tuned* Continue reading Player’s Choice Godfest Results 11/29-12/01

PAX East Godfest Analysis and Pantheon Breakdown

My breakdown and analysis of all the featured pantheons for the PAX East godfest. For a more detailed team building help, please refer to my full list HERE.

Light Heaven’s Gala Light
Day 1
Greco-Roman 2 Three Kingdoms
Ares Hermes Awoken Artemis Apollo (blue) Persephone Cao Cao Sun Quan Liu Bei DQXQ LL Lu Bu
Day 2
Greco-Roman 1 Hero
Minerva Neptune Awoken Ceres Venus Awoken Hades Bankai Yamato Bankai Andro Bankai Perseus Wukong bankai Awoken Pandora

Day 1:

Day 1 features some of the most powerful subs in Puzzle and Dragons who bring a mixture of utility and sheer power in their actives and awakenings. The Greco-Roman 2 all have amazing double orb changer that convert 2 other orbs into their primary colour. Furthermore, their entire pantheon is in the process of receiving Awoken Evolutions which push their base stats and actives into new territory by granting them an enhanced skyfall mechanic for 2 turns. Furthermore, all of the Greco-Roman 2 monsters have 2+ viable evolution paths so their flexibility is unsurpassed. The Three Kingdoms have more diversified actives that fulfil many roles and with the new awakenings buff, some have 2 viable evolutions. In addition, DQ DQXQ LL will be reunited with her sister to form a newly announced Awoken evolution that caps at 100x damage. Overall a great day to roll if you are looking to bolster your mono colour teams.

Greco-Roman 2
jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
God / Physical
TPA Skill Boost Blind Resist
Fire Row Skill Lock Resist Fire Row
Fire Row

Heart Water Arrow Fire
8 turn CD
Ares is one hot fire team sub and was once crowned the title of highest ATK base stats in the game. However, time has seen his place shifted around to his current form of a fire row Fire Row powerhouse. Furthermore, with his god typing, he makes an incredible Shiva Dragon Shiva D sub. Unfortunately, Ares is unable to be as well utilized on other top fire teams such as Awoken Shiva Shiva or Gadius Gadius as he will either create too many fire orbs and prevent sufficient combos or remove heart orbs.

On the bright side for Awoken Shiva Shiva teams, Ares just had an Awoken Evolution announced (no icon yet). This will grant him Devil / Attacker typing and causing him to become TPA TPA oriented with massive base attack and an enhanced fire skyfall active in conjunction with double orb change. This is also great news for Raoh teams as the double orb change helps flood the board with fire orbs. Unfortunately, this will remove his presence on Shiva Dragon Shiva D teams so exercise caution before committing. I will also do his own special post comparing his evolutions at a later date.

God / Attacker
Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost
Skill Boost
Water Row TPA Water Row
Water Row
BL Hermes
God / Physical
Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost
Skill Boost
Water Row Devil killer Water Row

Green Heart Arrow Water
8 turn CD
Awoken Hermes
Awoken Hermes
Devil / Attacker
Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Skill Boost
Water Row Water Row TPA
blue + orb blue + orb
Green Heart Arrow Water + 2 turn water skyfall
8 turn CD
Hermes is one of the few monsters that has 3 unique and powerful options for evolution trees (which I will be covering in a more extensive post). The decision of which evolution boils down to the type of leader you are using.

  • B/D Hermes is best on Neptune Dragon Neptune Dragon teams
  • B/L  BL Hermes is a physical Blue Sonia Blue Sonia sub (or Neptune Dragon Neptune Dragon )
  • Awoken Awoken Hermes for every other water team except for Neptune Dragon Neptune Dragon and Blue Sonia Blue Sonia

Regardless of which evolution path you choose, all the Hermi (Hermeses?) are outstanding mono water team subs on row Water Row based teams as his active overflows the board with your desired water orbs and can be combo-ed with nearly every full board changer to generate a 2/3 water board.

Awoken Artemis
Awoken Artemis
Attacker/ Devil
TPA Skill Boost Blind Resist
Wood Row Enhanced Wood Orb Skill Lock Resist
Enhanced Wood Orb
Fire Heart Arrow Green + 2 turn wood skyfall
8 turn CD
God / Attacker
TPA Skill Boost Blind Resist
Wood Row Skill Lock Resist Wood Row
Wood Row
Fire Heart Arrow Green
8 turn CD
Artemis is still in an awkward position even with her branched evolution tree. Her double orb changer is similar to Australis Australis and Liu Bei Liu Bei , but she cannot as easily be placed on any team as both those counterparts do their job better.

Australis Australis has 5 Wood Row awakenings and a more powerful active as her skyfall buff lasts for 4 turns. Liu Bei Liu Bei has 3 TPA TPA awakenings and by default hits harder (maybe the skyfall mechanic negates this). Regardless, playing Artemis on a TPA oriented combo team such as Awoken Bastet Bastet is problematic due to overflowing the board with too many wood orbs and potentially causing you to be unable to form 7+ combos required for full leader skill activation. You can arguably use Awoken Artemis Awoken Artemis as a leader on her own to form a 4x HP / 16x ATK team but must work around awkwardly matching water and wood orbs.

However, one thing Awoken Artemis Awoken Artemis shines at is being an Awoken Astaroth Astaroth sub as her team is normally quite restrictive in their sub choices.

For further reading as to which Artemis evolution is best for you, please read my full analysis HERE.


Apollo (blue)
God / Attacker
+heart +heart TPA
Skill Boost TPA Light Row
Light Row
Heart Dark  Arrow Light
8 turn CD
Awoken Apollo
Awoken Apollo
Healer / Attacker
+heart +heart TPA
Skill Boost +light orb TPA
Skill Lock Resist +light orb
Heart Dark  Arrow Light + 2 turn light skyfall
8 turn CD
L/B Apollo Apollo (blue) is a fantastic light row Light Row sub for Saria Saria / Thor Thor teams as his active floods the board with numerous light orbs and almost always ensures you can manufacture 2 unique rows. Furthermore, his dual orb changing capabilities allow him to combo with most full board changers. Unfortunately, a lack of SBR Skill Lock Resist or time extend Time Extend diminish his utility value.

On the other hand, Awoken Apollo Awoken Apollo is quite the horny and majestic unicorn (seriously, his art is just mind-boggling) and appears to have less synergy with most teams as he lost his row enhances. The strange part of the entire Greco-Roman pantheon’s active favours row formation due to flooding the board with their respective colour. Regardless, Awoken Apollo gains the healer typing and opens options to be used on Awoken Ama Amate , Light Metatron Metatron , and Light Zhuge Liang Light Zhuge Liang teams. In addition, the new wood typing means Awoken Sakuya Sakuya teams do not need to bring a wood sub and may ease team building. Of course, the overflow of light orbs may make it problematic to adequately combo, but can be used after Light Kali Kali ‘s active to ensure a more combo friendly board. Furthermore, the enhanced skyfall mechanic may add lethal amounts of additional damage.

God / Healer
+heart +heart TPA
Skill Boost TPA Dark row
Dark row
D.R Persephone
God / Devil
+heart +heart TPA
Skill Boost God Killer Skill Lock Resist


Heart Light Arrow Dark
8 turn CD
Persephone was far prettier in her dark/fire D.R Persephone form and is only evolved to dark/wood because of the additional awakenings and most notably 2 Dark row . In addition, the 2 +heart awakenings add significant increase to healing that should not be overlooked. Furthermore, the enhanced heal orbs will be converted into enhanced dark orbs. Row based teams love actives that can flood the board with dark orbs and Persephone is an amazing candidate. Main drawback are a lack of Skill Lock Resist awakening and may place constraints on team building along with no devil typing. This changes with the D.R Persephone evolution at the cost of 2 Dark row and TPA .

However, Awoken Persephone (no icon at the moment) was just announced in JP and brings yet another tough decision to make in terms of viable evolution paths. I will be making a special follow up post at a future date with her pros and cons, but I will just leave you with her becoming Attacker / Devil typing and being orb enhance Dark Orb Enhance and TPA TPA reliant.

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March 31st & April 1st Godfest Breakdown and Analysis

If we continue to receive very early warnings about upcoming godfests from PuzzledragonX, it may be feasible to do my own breakdown of the featured pantheons. I guess that if I start doing these regularly, I would already have the templates already made. Regardless, I am going to try something new with these posts and let me know what you think in the comments below.

For a more detailed team building help, refer to my full list HERE.

Fire Gala of Flame Fire
Day 1
Chinese Celestial Sengoku
Awoken Leilan Awoken Karin MeiMei Sakuya Haku Sanada Mori Motanari Ishida Keiji Akechi
Day 2
Mechanical 1 Mechanical 2
 Antares Alrescha Spica Pollux Castor Denebola Acubens Algedi Alcyone Hamal

Day 1:

Day 1 features some of the most coveted monsters in Puzzle and Dragons. The Chinese Celestial have always been a powerhouse pantheon and has undergone numerous buffs and evolutions to stay relevant. Perhaps this is because all 5 are pretty girls or because they are one of the oldest sets of gods, but regardless, they are fantastic to own and make some of the best subs for their respective mono-colour teams. On the other hand, the Sengoku series are much newer and do not posses an ultimate evolution. This is beneficial as their significant power will dramatically increase with augmented stats and awakenings.

Chinese Celestial
jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
 Awoken Leilan
Awoken Leilan
Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Skill Lock Resist
Fire Row Skill Boost Fire Row
Skill Boost Time Extend
All  Arrow Fire Green Light + haste
9 turn CD
Leilan has legs to die for along with being a mono red powerhouse with a healthy mixture of offensive and utility based awakenings. She can also be effectively combo-ed with other orb changers to create fire heavy boards. Unfortunately, the 2 top fire teams, Awoken Shiva Shiva and Shiva Dragon Shiva D seldom use  Awoken Leilan due to no two prong attack TPA awakenings or god typing. Hopefully with a release of more Fire Row based teams she will see a resurgence in popularity. Lastly, Awoken Leilan can form a system on Ilm Ilm teams.

As a leader, Awoken Leilan forms a 12.25x ATK team with 51% damage reduction from Fire, Wood, and Light enemies. Has situational uses, but is usually used as a sub.

 Awoken Karin
Awoken Karin
blue + orb Poison resist Skill Lock Resist
Water Row Water Row Skill Boost
Skill Boost Time Extend
All  Arrow Water Green Dark + haste
9 turn CD
I have a borderline irrational love for Karin and probably stems from my favourite colour being blue, dragons, and a pretty girl all rolled into amazing one monster. Fanboying aside, Awoken Karin is most at home on the various mono-blue powerhouse leads such as Blue Sonia Blue Sonia and Awoken I&I I&I / Ryune Ryune . Karin’s active, while powerful, is somewhat overshadowed by other water full board changers as she does not generate hearts and most likely needs to be used in conjunction with another orb changer to ensure sufficient water rows.

As a leader, Awoken Karin forms a 12.25x ATK team with 51% damage reduction from Water, Wood, and Dark enemies. Has situational uses, but she is mostly used as a sub.

 Awoken Meimei
Enhanced Wood Orb Enhanced Wood Orb TPA
Skill Lock Resist TPA Skill Boost
Skill Boost Time Extend
All  Arrow Green Light Dark + haste
9 turn CD
Meimei was once the primary wood board changer and she still reigns strong today. Her awakenings are more powerful than Verdandi Verd and Sylvie Sylvie and only loses ground due to not manufacturing heart orbs. MeiMei can be used to great success on Sylvie Sylvie / Freyja Awoken Freyja , Awoken Bastet Bastet , and Spica Spica teams. Furthermore, multiple MeiMei ‘s can be used to form a “Meimei System” with Zuoh Ult Zuoh as a lead.

As a leader, MeiMei forms a 12.25x ATK team with 51% damage reduction from Wood, Light, and Dark enemies. Has situational uses, but she is mostly used as a sub.

 Awoken Sakuya
Bind Clear awakening Blind Resist Jammer Resist
Skill Lock Resist TPA Time Extend
Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost
20% Gravity + 3 turn bind clear
10 turn CD
Sakuya has gone through a roller coaster ride of ups and downs over the course of her PAD career. She is still currently one of the strongest leaders (and now subs) in her awoken form as she can scale up to 100x damage at 10 combos. The main pitfalls of using Sakuya are a high skill cap, damage inconsistency/orb troll (as it is a scaling and high skill multiplier), and dependency on Light Kalis Kali or other board refreshers. It is still possible to play Sakuya effectively without board changers, but it is becoming harder in today’s meta. Lastly, without any HP/RCV multiplier, it may be challenging to recover after attacks or when stalling. All that negativity aside, Sakuya is still an amazing leader and has been my go to team for over 2 years and have used her to clear numerous Challenge 10s.

Sakuya ‘s uses as a sub are now wide and varied as she combines both a gravity and 3-turn bind clear while being bind immune. Furthermore, Sakuya essentially outclasses Light Metatron Metatron in nearly every aspect as a sub.

   Awoken Haku
Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance blue + orb
TPA Skill Lock Resist TPA
Skill Boost Time Extend
All  Arrow Fire Water Dark + haste
9 turn CD
Awoken Haku was once a critical dark sub to own due to her utility and active. Thankfully, other options have opened up, but should not diminish her value. Furthermore, her exceptionally high base recovery dramatically increases your healing potential on many dark teams. Even without any Dark row awakenings, Haku can still warrant a slot on your Awoken Archdemon Lucifer team due to her utility and explosive combo potential with Akechi Akechi . Haku can also find a home on Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon , Awoken Yomi Awoken Yomi , and Awoken Anubis Awoken Anubis teams. Lastly, her D/D evolution DD Haku has the devil typing and can be successfully used on Awoken Pandora Awoken Pandora teams.

As a leader, Haku forms a 12.25x ATK team with 51% damage reduction from Fire, Water, and Dark enemies. Has situational uses, but is usually used as a sub.

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Player’s Choice Godfest Anticipation 11/29-12/01

Baby Shiva Baby Kagu.png Baby Caocao Baby Rodin

baby I&I Baby Isis  Baby Sun quan

Baby Meiemi Baby liu Bei baby verd baby Kaede Baby Vishnu Baby Susano Baby Bastet Baby Kush

Baby Indra.png Baby Kanna Baby Venus Baby Ama baby kali Baby Sakuya Baby Ra

Baby Haku.png Baby dtron Baby Oku baby dkali Baby Satsuki Baby Akechi Baby Yomi Baby Pandora


The voting for this year’s Player’s Choice Godfest (PCGF) is very well done compared to previous years where there was more hostility between the newer and veteran players wanting different gods. With the advent of more clearly defined powerhouse leaders and the MP Dragons, players are given more direction Continue reading Player’s Choice Godfest Anticipation 11/29-12/01