Player’s Choice Godfest Results 11/29-12/01

*This was my post from the previous Player’s Choice Godfest and is mostly for your entertainment to see what was voted for and their roll rates based on 1,000+ pulls.*

PCGF record 2

Do note that I include the 5-star evolved forms of 4-star monsters in the 4-star / MP trash section. Everything else that has 5-stars as it’s lowest evolution form is placed into non-featured gods. This did lighten the work load on my end and I was more so curious as to the rates of the silver eggs that come out during a PCGF. I was unable to create a table via WordPress, so I had to take a screenshot of a table I made separately, so apologies for no clickable links to the characters above. *My subsequent post will be much more user friendly so stay tuned*

Baby Shiva Baby Kagu.png Baby Caocao Baby Rodin baby I&I Baby Isis Baby Sun quan Baby Meiemi Baby liu Bei baby verd baby Kaede Baby Vishnu Baby Susano Baby Bastet Baby Kush

Baby Indra.png Baby Kanna Baby Venus Baby Ama baby kali Baby Sakuya Baby Ra Baby Haku.png Baby dtron Baby Oku baby dkali Baby Satsuki Baby Akechi Baby Yomi Baby Pandora

*Not PCGF, but new featured GFE alongside: Baby Ryune & Baby Saria

The roll distribution for the voted 5-star gods was relatively even with only Mitsuhide Baby Akechi lacking behind. The five star godfest exclusives featured also had similar rates to the other voted gods which is great overall. However, the 6-star GFE are all significantly lower and I am almost thinking it is not worth voting for them as they lower the overall percentage of PCGF rolls. Don’t get me wrong, they are powerful cards to own, but their roll rates are depressingly low. As such, their votes could have gone to a more easily obtainable popular god, but with only 1048 as a sample size, could just simply be bad luck.

Mantastic Rolls

Major disappointment: 14 rolls and 7 of them being silver. The only shining star is Susano Baby Susano ,but conflicts with my hypermaxed Kush Baby Kush for a shielding sub slot. Baby Susano is almost better in nearly every regards and will most likely +297 him very quickly. Oku Baby Oku was a great start as my first roll this PCGF, but that smile was quickly erased by the end as having a duplicate is near pointless. A second Haku Baby Haku.png may have uses, but without a Satsuki Baby Satsuki to convert the excess water to dark orb, I may not be able to effectively use. Overall, I am only happy about the Baby Susano and the first Baby Oku , but considering this was 14 pulls I am somewhat sad. I hope all of you had better luck in finding the one or two critical pieces for your teams!

Mantastic rolls
By Accident, I rolled 10 pal eggs so there is Oku + sadness at the top =(
PCGF intro
She did not bring me good luck =(

Fantastic Rolls

I did 12 rolls on my alt account, Fantastic, and was a bit more happy with my results. Only 2 silver rolls, but many duplicates that I would have loved on my Mantastic Account, most notably pulling my 3rd Shiva Baby Shiva . The one shining roll was the new GFE, Saria Baby Saria and I may be able to start forming a team around her as a long term project. I am still uncertain as to what teams I want to develop for this account as my Awoken Shiva team is missing nearly every top tier sub and is only clearing content due to the power of the leader skill.

Fantastic rolls
No quite as Fantastic as I had hoped =(
Saria pull
The highlight of my PCGF


In total, I did 26 rolls across my two accounts and only walked away with a few rolls I am happy with.

  • 9/26 silver (34.6%)
  • 9/26 PCGF (34.6%) with only Baby Saria as a GFE

I am sadly on the lower end in terms of luck this time around if only looking at those statistics, and even more disappointed considering I only rolled a Baby Susano that can greatly benefit me. However, my REM pool is modest and I am still capable of clearing content with what toys I do have. I was sad for probably 5 minutes, but I know that a lot of my desire to roll is a greed factor in wanting new toys because I only need a handful of things for my primary teams. Yes it would be nice to branch out and explore other options/teams, but for now I am still content with what I have. Godfests can be emotional times and you need to keep everything in perspective and be happy with what you have to work with. There will always be another godfest to roll in and PAD is a game you commit to for a long time. It is not for quick gratification, but will reflect the time and love you put into your monsters and teams.

Lastly, I am grateful for the support of the PAD community in helping me tabulate 1048 collective rolls and this hopefully gives some insight into the mysterious rare egg machine.

PAD phone rolling
Friends, Dim Sum, and PAD. Hard to beat a Sunday morning like this =)

12 thoughts on “Player’s Choice Godfest Results 11/29-12/01”

  1. I voted my godfest stuff above. Here’s the rest: Kurone, snow white, sleeping beauty, lemon dragon, viper orochi, chiyome, amon, blue knight muse, sea serpent, hatsume no tsubone, sarasvati, berserker z, Hermes, salamander, sylph, and sylph. Hope this helps


    1. My Fantastic account has a hyper maxed Okuni as he was by far (and still to a certain extent) the best dark sub candidate for my U&Y team. I think I managed to get 2 skill ups via pirates and then just used pii for the last one. For the one I just rolled, I don’t think I am going to invest as heavily as I do not have a clear role for him at this point in time. Maybe I will pursue him if an easier skill up dungeons comes along or if my some miracle I acquire 150k more MP and buy Yomi Dragons…..


  2. Looks like the lineup’s going to be pretty good. But I am really frustrated about Red Odin getting in. Rolling dupes of him doesn’t benefit me at all, I have zero interest in building a push button team since I’m nonIAP. I mean seriously what’s the point.

    In other news I hope Awoken Sun Quan is good I just got a dupe of him so I don’t have to revert my BG one.


    1. This was the last year’s line up! The votes should include different things this time around. Just reposted this for extra information and to show how low 6 stars are


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