Player’s Choice Godfest and You


Player’s Choice Godfest (PCGF) has been announced for North America and the polls are open from 5/18 – 5/22. Each player can vote only once and there is no way to cancel or change your choice once submitted, so please choose carefully. There is lots of different advice or strategies floating around as to how you should spend your vote and I want to provide some clarification:

  • Vote for what can benefit you the most. Just because Dark Kali Dark Kali is a dream sub for some people, does not mean you should be voting for her if it cannot benefit you.
  • Think about what is being released in the next month and how that may influence your team line up. For instance, Xiang Mei Xiang Mei should go live soon and if you plan on using her, voting for Gadius Gadius and Uriel Uriel would be wise.
  • Sometimes, the bottom voted gods are only separated by a thin margin of votes and holding off on voting until the final day can help swing the tide in your favour.
  • You ideally want to have as many favourable gods featured and if your first choice is already winning by a landslide, vote for something else as this will help ensure your second choice gets in
  • 6 star Godfest Exclusives have very low rates and if your primary goal is acquiring these, it would be best to wait until a 4x GFE event
  • Please vote HERE before Sunday, May 22

PCGF vs 4x GFE

This will be a common question on many player’s minds as these two event are arguably the best time to roll the REM. Before I go into more detail, take a look at the voting results of a 1,000+ pulls from the previous PCGF:

PCGF record 2

Granted this is a small sample size, but the rates of the coveted 6 star GFE are distressingly low. You can read more about the previous PCGF in my other post HERE.

Which Godfest to roll?
Frequency 2 times per year  Random
  • New accounts/less developed boxes
  • Great way to fill in the numerous gaps in your monster box
  • Those who are not chasing MP or 6* GFE
  • Veteran players
  • Focus is MP and 6* GFE
  • Those with very developed monster boxes


Keeping those points in mind, it is up to you to determine where to spend your hard earned stones. If you are missing numerous featured gods in the PCGF, this may be your time to shine and acquire numerous gods to round out your roster. Player’s Choice Godfests are ideal for the vast majority of the PAD population and is an exciting time of the year and hopefully the 25 voted gods are powerful and relevant so please be careful when voting.

I will also have an in-depth post covering the 25 featured gods once the results have been released. That post will have the same insight and information contained in my regular godfest analysis and will help you determine how to better use your new pulls.

Happy Puzzling!

15 thoughts on “Player’s Choice Godfest and You”

  1. Also, correct me if I’m wrong but UNLIKE godfests GFEs don’t get 3x or 4x rates. Hence ironically the greater probability of rolling a 6 star during a regular gf…?


    1. Well with the disclaimers being recently stated by GH, we don’t know the true rates, but depending on how much the PCGF multiplies the rates, it could very well be lower than regular GF for the GFE =(


    2. Not sure where this misinformation is coming from, but the GFEs that are voted in get the same rate as the other voted gods (3x or 4x). GFEs that are not voted in cannot be rolled in pcgf.


  2. I an at a loss for which to go for. I am rank 417 an have a box developed enough to where I am started to chase after the 6 stars and also have the IAP to do so but I am also missing 2-4 key subs from each color from the REM(Not enough IAP to go for both). I have about 80% of all the gods/GFE and I know this will be hard to answer until the PC list is finalized but would it be worth rolling and risking many dupes or rather wait. I already have dupes of most cards so inheritance plays no factor one this decision? I don’t have a PadHerder but I main YomiDra and NeptuneDra and I’m trying to find a way into the next meta mainly Sherias Roots is what I would want from the next 4x GFE.


    1. Hard to say until the list is finalized. Are you mostly missing cards from regular pantheons and how many 6* gfe are you still chasing? If everything is featured you want (6* and pantheons) some rolls may be fine in pcgf as there Is a lot of overlap. Are you missing any staple subs from yomi and Neptune dragon?


      1. I am missing both Akechi and Okinushi for YomiDra and just Blonia for NepDra but I have Mori so I don’t think that Blonia is really a vital as what I am missing YomiDra. The 6*s I would go for would be Escmali(not as much Becasue YomiDra is falling out of the meta but to make arena 1 easier), Dkali for either RaDragon or Sherias Roots which is also gonna be a 6*. Clear I have checked to votes and it is safe to say everything I mentioned will be in the voted in. I am missing about 0-2 from each pantheon and also 0-3 from each GFE series so it is spread out evenly.


        1. Hmm that’s a tough call then. Pcgf will most likely be 3x rates. Some rolls in pcgf may be beneficial considering you have a need for many cards (akechi and oku are big needs for yomi dragon). The argument of gaining benefit now compared to later (whenever a 4x gfe returns) can be applied. If you wait for a few months, you may miss out on content/rewards now.

          I would say roll a few times in pcgf and reevaluate your situation every 5 pulls to see if you need to continue


          1. Dang, I have never not rolled all my stones. I am a all or nothing kind of person, but that seems like a good way to approach this. Thanks for the time!!!


  3. Mantastic, is there a chance that you could look at my box and offer a suggestion on where I should be putting my time and effort? Other than my Shiva team I am having a problem getting an idea of where to aim.

    I’m typically a non-IAP, but I’m gonna drop some cash on one of these and would love some input. However I will understand if you would prefer not to open the can of worms that is offering box advice in your comments section.,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0


    1. I took a look at your box and I’m sad to say that you don’t have too much to work with that can compete with your awoken shiva. The best attempt at a team would be spica, but she won’t clear more than shiva. You have some monsters here and there, but no leads to use them with. Arguably lu bu/ronia can work, but there are far better devil leads. I would roll hard this pcgf as you have a shot and countless cards that will fill in your team holes. Then we can take another look at where to invest your pluses etc =)


      1. thanks for the advice, precisely the type of advice I was looking for. Shiva has pulled me through man dungeons, so I will remain faithful… for now.

        thanks again!


    1. You have a lot of very nice cards and team potential! You will have to build up to awoken evolutions for most of them, but the effort will be worthwhile

      Awoken shiva is a strong fire lead and you have some tpa subs and numerous orb changers such as set, chiyome, Yamato.

      Awoken I&i also has great potential as you have numerous strong water cards such as andro, skuld, hatsume, Gabriel, and orochi

      You have numerous subs for awoken Thor / saria Team such as dqxq x2, fuma, valk, and awoken venus

      Lastly you have awoken pandora with Zuoh, haku, Hanzo, persephone, and lubu. Pandora probably your strongest team in terms of potential

      I strongly suggest you look at my popular leaders and sub list post and from there it will redirect you to all my full team building guides for those teams =)


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