Volsung Analysis

Friday Afternoon will mark the debut of Sea Dragon King – Legend Plus that awards the coveted boss drop of Giant Arched Sea Dragon King, Volsung Volsung . The dungeon will be rogue style in nature in that all your monsters will start at level 1 and progressively level up as you clear each floor. The amount of experience and thus ending level of your monsters will be determined by their team cost; the lower the cost, the higher their ending level will be. This automatically awards teams that have heavy plus egg investment because the pluses will not be affected reduced monster levels and instead provide their full benefit. But dungeon aside (will cover in a subsequent post when I actually get to play it), I want to take this opportunity in exploring the power Volsung offers along with his viability and whether he is worth the investment.

Captured by Puzzle Dragon X

First off, Volsung requires 6 million experience to reach level 99 (most monsters only require 4 million) and his active requires 10 successful skill ups to go from 16 to a 6-turn cooldown. Do note that his 8 awakenings can be done via feeding his base form to another one of his base forms (aka dungeon drop) to receive a free awakening. Even though you will only see 3 awakenings in his base form, doing 8 successful feeds will have the remaining 5 unlocked once you do ultimately evolve Volsung . His awakenings offer a nice mixture of utility with some offensive capacities sprinkled in. The single two prong attack TPA along with 2 enhanced water orb awakenings blue + orb provide nice passive damage for mono blue teams and his skill lock resist Skill Lock Resist and 2 enhanced heal orb +heart provide defensive utility.

When used as a sub, Volsung ‘s primary asset will be his 6 turn full board change to red, blue, green, light, and dark orbs for rainbow and possibly mono blue teams. This is faster than Light Kali Kali ‘s 7 turn active, but Volsung does reduce dragon and attacker type monster damage by 50% for 1 turn. This can be circumnavigated by restricting your dragon type monsters to only Volsung , but this could become problematic for Awoken Sakuya Sakuya teams as your 2 leaders are both dragon types. Granted if the board change will be saving you and your other subs are non-dragon based, you should still be able to deal enough damage to sweep the floor. However, please test this out repeatedly in endless corridors to be certain. Another team worth mentioning is Awoken Isis Isis because Volsung fulfils the near impossible blue / red slot along with providing a beneficial board. Overall, Volsung is a wonderfully farmable solution to high end rainbow teams if you can compensate for his low base recovery and minimizing dragon and attacker usage.

With all that being said, Volsung has powerful leadership potential as he reaches up to 36x damage at 7 combos when matching any 4 of red, blue, green, light, and dark orbs. This flexibility does reduce orb troll, but may make stalling harder as you may accidentally activate your multiplier. In addition, his naturally low base recovery will place constraints on healing along with his active nerfing both your leader’s damage output. Truth be told, Volsung is a powerful lead, but the sheer effort required to beat his dungeon means you probably have a much stronger team already. In addition, the rainbow lead playstyle is somewhat “old” and not exciting to invest in with only a 36x multiplier. My bias is comparing Volsung to Zaerog Infinity Z8 , Scarlet Scarlet Icon , or Hel Awoken Hel as other farmable leads who have much more interesting and unique playstyles.

Lastly, Volsung ‘s debuff can be overwritten with a buff from another monster. This includes cards such as I&I I&I or the nearly forgotten Weapon Series of Claymore Claymore who can be max skilled to 3-turn cooldown. Granted bringing these type of subs can waste a team slot, so you need to use your judgement on whether it is worth a sub slot to circumnavigate the damage debuff.

If you feel I have overlooked anything, or have your own opinions on Volsung , leave a comment below and let the discussion begin!

Happy Puzzling!


5 thoughts on “Volsung Analysis”

  1. You forget to mention the Weapon REM series. Everybody tends to forget about then (Kopis, Claymore, Zweilhander, Masamune……etc.) because they’re so niche but on a Volsungr team they actually can see a lot of use. See, the debuff Volsungr inflicts is overwritten by a buff, and the weapon series on max skill provides a x1.5 ATK boost to Attacker types…every three turns! Anybody using Volsungr should consider placing a weapons series monster onto the team as well (that’s exactly why I kept my Claymore…). It forces you to give up a team spot to overcome this debuff but for anyone seeking to use Volsungr it’s worth it.

    Volsungr had a brief period where he managed to get to the tier list on Game8’s tier listings, he vanished after a few weeks due to being more of a novelty than anything else, but he is a solid leader in his own right no doubt. It’s just that the team you will have to use to GET and FARM him is probably more powerful than the team he forms, which is his biggest problem, and the biggest problem of many other descended loot.


    1. You are right about me overlooking the weapon series! But building upon that train of thought, are you able to use any enhancer to override the debuff? Such as a god or water enhancer (izanagi and I&I for example) as I know we are able to overwrite buffs, but debuffs I am not sure.

      One downside to his leadership potential is that it is not a unique playstyle and he is hard to farm and skill up and I completely agree with your comments =)


      1. Izanagi and other buffs should be able to as well yes. Weapon series are simply preferred in JP land back when Volsungr was a popular novelty because their cooldowns are shorter than Volsungr’s cooldown. Otherwise you have to coordinate carefully.

        Honestly the biggest issue with Volsungr is what you said–by the time you can get…AND max skill…your very own Volsungr, you probably have a team that can do everything he can do, and more :V Such is the sad life of the farmable descend loot. Amazing for someone without better REM options, and impossible to get unless you have said REM options you don’t have!


  2. Yeah he is a lot of effort as his dungeon is still challenging and punishing throughout. If his leader skill was more unique than the simple rainbow style, it may be worthwhile. Im mostly comparing him to Z8 who is much more exciting and to a certain extend, unique active. But thank you for all your input and commentary Foxwaffles!


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