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Awoken Artemis vs G/D Artemis: A Comparison and Analysis

GungHo is slowly releasing monsters with multiple evolution paths that fulfil different roles and purposes. This is also making it harder to choose the best fit for your team and is somewhat encouraging you to keep duplicate monsters. With the release of Awoken Artemis Awoken Artemis , we are once again presented with two viable evolution paths and I wish to weigh the pros and cons of each to help you choose which Artemis is best for you.

Awoken Artemis
AWOKEN Artemis

G/D Artemis
 Type  Attacker / Devil  God / Attacker
 Stats  814.00 Total
 735.33 Total
 Active Fire Heart Arrow Green + wood skyfall for 2 turns
8 turn CD
Fire Heart Arrow Green
8 turn CD
Leader Skill 2x HP & ATK for Wood
Att. 2x ATK when matching WT & WD
2x HP & ATK for Wood monsters
 Yes No
Awakenings TPA Skill Boost Blind Resist Wood Row Enhanced Wood Orb
Skill Lock Resist TPA Enhanced Wood Orb
TPA Skill Boost Blind Resist Wood Row Skill Lock Resist
Wood Row Wood Row
Fits on
which teams?

Awoken Artemis
Awoken Artemis
 + Awoken Freyja Freyja
Astaroth Astaroth
Spica Spica
Bastet Awoken Bastet
Verd Verdandi
MeiMei Awoken MeiMei

Awoken Freyja + Sylvie Sylvie
Bankai Perseus Perseus

At a quick glance, it would seem that Awoken Artemis Awoken Artemis is superior in most aspects. This is true for the most part as she comes with a superior active, base stats, leader skill, and artwork (although I still struggle to tell what exactly is happening). However, the skyfall buff does compete with Australis’s Australis active (and Vishnu Vishnu ) as the two will override each other and thus diminishing their potency. You may also feel hesitant to use any of their actives as you would have not fully benefited from the entire skyfall duration. Continue reading Awoken Artemis vs G/D Artemis: A Comparison and Analysis

Mechanical Star Series 2 Pantheon and Fenrir Impressions

GungHo recently announced a brand new pantheon (Constellation 2) along with 1 more godfest exclusive. All of the Constellation 2 characters have the machine / god typing and the new GFE is devil / attacker. Denebola Denebola , Acubens Acubens , and Algedi Algedi all possess the coveted God Killer God Killer awakening (3x damage for that monster versus god type enemies) along with unique actives that randomly spawn 3 orbs of their primary colour along with 3 jammers on 3-turn cooldown. Furthermore, their leader skill is reliant on matching jammer orbs and can scale up to 36x damage for matching leads in addition to reducing damage taken from their 2 elemental colours. The damage reduction is nice, but without more access to jammer producing actives will remain unusable along with only having 36x damage will make them better subs than leads. Continue reading Mechanical Star Series 2 Pantheon and Fenrir Impressions

Awoken Archdemon Lucifer, UUevo Baal, and Amon Analysis

Cue the fan boy screams, Awoken Archdemon Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer  is here. UUevo of both Baal Baal and Amon Amon were also released, but the majority of the attention will be on Awoken Archdemon Lucifer due to his amazing increase in power and viability.

Awoken Archdemon Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer is the only awoken evolution to be released of the 3. Being an awoken evolution, Awoken Archdemon Lucifer received a revamped active and leader skill along with new and powerful awakenings. Continue reading Awoken Archdemon Lucifer, UUevo Baal, and Amon Analysis

Saria & Awoken Thor Team Building and Discussion


Saria Saria paired with Awoken Thor Thor forms the powerful 2x HP / 14.06x ATK / 2.5x RCV tank team that is capable of clearing end game content. Mono-colour tank teams have made a resurgence in popularity because they are capable of absorbing massive attacks and thus not need to bring any form of damage mitigation, able to recover large amount of health due to the 2.5x recovery multiplier, and able to deal lethal damage by stacking row enhance Light Row awakenings along with built in damage enhancement. You will not see the spectacularly high numbers every turn that rainbow teams can produce, but instead are able to consciously control your damage as you are active reliant for damage output. Do note that just because your starting multiplier is only 14.06x, you can still burst like other high end leads because you are able to stack a single colour for damage along with specific actives and awakenings.

In addition, I would like to thank everyone who contributed their insights as well as screenshots for this guide. Even if your image was not featured, I still took note of your team roster and dungeon clearing capacity. So once again thank you to all my fellow Puzzle and Dragoners.

Continue reading Saria & Awoken Thor Team Building and Discussion

New GFE Eschamali, Scheat, and Australis Impressions

Another patch of Godfest Exclusives (GFE) is being released and features the highly anticipated Eschamali Eschamali , Scheat Scheat , and Australis Australis . In all honesty, the GFE pantheon is becoming too crowded and making it much harder to acquire the ones you actually want. Godfests are now 2 day affairs and splits the GFE evenly between the 2 days. This can make it challenging to roll for your ideal godfest as the GFE cards you want may not be featured with the regular pantheons you are aiming for. Rambling aside,  Eschamali , Scheat , and Australis are 3 new and powerful additions who actually feel worthy of the GFE title due to their amazing awakenings and heavily powercreeped actives that combine an enhanced skyfall mechanic with a double orb changer (as well as jammer and poison orbs) to their primary colour. Their viability as leads will be slow to start as we do not have access to enough machine cards and this post will mostly be focusing on their sub potential.

Continue reading New GFE Eschamali, Scheat, and Australis Impressions

Awoken Loki, Ult Belial, Green Sonia, and Blue Sonia Impressions

Awoken Loki Awoken Loki , Bankai Belial , Green Sonia Green Sonia , and Blue Sonia Blue Sonia all recieved new evolutions, but does this increase their viability? All 4 of these monsters have been pushed out of the current meta for some time now, but these evolutions bring considerable power to their arsenal through bonus awakenings and revamped leader skills.

Awoken Loki Awoken Loki is the only monster to recieve an awoken evolution and follows the trend of I&I I&I in gaining 2 skill lock resist Skill Lock Resist and 2 two prong TPA awakenings. In addition, Awoken Loki has a revamped active skill that boosts dark and light attribute monsters by 2x attack for 2 turns along with providing 1 turn of haste. Looking at his role as a sub, Awoken Loki can fit on both dark row Dark row , TPA , or devil based teams; however, he can make a Continue reading Awoken Loki, Ult Belial, Green Sonia, and Blue Sonia Impressions

Volsung Analysis

Friday Afternoon will mark the debut of Sea Dragon King – Legend Plus that awards the coveted boss drop of Giant Arched Sea Dragon King, Volsung Volsung . The dungeon will be rogue style in nature in that all your monsters will start at level 1 and progressively level up as you clear each floor. The amount of experience and thus ending level of your monsters will be determined by their team cost; the lower the cost, the higher their ending level will be. This automatically awards teams that have heavy plus egg investment because the pluses will not be affected reduced monster levels and instead provide their full benefit. But dungeon aside (will cover in a subsequent post when I actually get to play it), I want to take this opportunity in exploring the power Volsung offers along with his viability and whether he is worth the investment. Continue reading Volsung Analysis

Dragon Caller Leader Skill Buffs and Impressions

The Dragon Caller series of Tsubaki Tsubaki , Sumire Sumire , and Kaede Kaede all received varying buffs to their leader skills along with a previous update with additional awakening skills. As neither of these buffs have come to North America, it is worth analysing the changes as a whole and how they will impact their usage.

Tsubaki Tsubaki: The red Dragon Caller is the most offensive of the three and is currently capped at 36x multiplier. However, with the buff, Tsubaki is increased to 39x. Is that significant? Not really as you are only going to be adding tiny amounts of damage. Perhaps the strongest points are the additional enhanced Continue reading Dragon Caller Leader Skill Buffs and Impressions

Ragnarok, The 6th MP Dragon

Ragnarok Ragnarok Mecha Dragon will be the 6th featured Monster Point Dragon and he comes as a bit of a surprise. For starters, he caps out at only 8 star rarity (compared to 9 stars for the rest) and as such, his value already feels decreased. However, what sets him apart will be the new God Killer God Killer awakening that boosts his own damage against god type enemies by 3x. In addition, Ragnarok will have lead or sub potential so he gains bonus points for flexibility. Continue reading Ragnarok, The 6th MP Dragon

Light Kali Team Building and Discussion Guide

Light Kali Kali is one of the most well rounded monsters in the game as she can fulfil both a top tier sub role and an amazing leader role. 36x damage is still significant and should be enough damage to clear nearly all the content available. In addition, she has one of the best active skills and excels when compared to other high end leads who usually have lackluster actives. Kali ‘s playstyle revolves around two prong attacks TPA along with matching red, blue, yellow, and purple orbs. Triggering 6+ matches grants the full 36x damage and should therefore plan your moves carefully. The full board change active lowers the chance of orb troll (although you can be given a board with only 3 light orbs) which is the leading cause of death for rainbow teams. All of her awakenings are relevant and synergetic to her playstyle and the only real fault to be found is that 36x is somewhat considered “low” with the advent of awoken cards and MP Dragons. Continue reading Light Kali Team Building and Discussion Guide