Awoken Loki, Ult Belial, Green Sonia, and Blue Sonia Impressions

Awoken Loki Awoken Loki , Bankai Belial , Green Sonia Green Sonia , and Blue Sonia Blue Sonia all recieved new evolutions, but does this increase their viability? All 4 of these monsters have been pushed out of the current meta for some time now, but these evolutions bring considerable power to their arsenal through bonus awakenings and revamped leader skills.

Awoken Loki Awoken Loki is the only monster to recieve an awoken evolution and follows the trend of I&I I&I in gaining 2 skill lock resist Skill Lock Resist and 2 two prong TPA awakenings. In addition, Awoken Loki has a revamped active skill that boosts dark and light attribute monsters by 2x attack for 2 turns along with providing 1 turn of haste. Looking at his role as a sub, Awoken Loki can fit on both dark row Dark row , TPA , or devil based teams; however, he can make a wonderful sub for Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon arena teams as a replacement for Zeus Stratios Zeus Stratios . Zeus Stratios was only used to bypass the final boss’s execution move when above 65% health with his gravity. Other than that, Zeus Stratios provided very little benefit to the team and was considered somewhat dead weight for the other floors. Now with Awoken Loki being able to increase your damage by 2x, you may be able to burst through the 50% damage reduction shield and push her into 65% and thus the “safe” zone. Furthermore, Awoken Loki offers significantly more awakenings and eases team building constraints with his 2 Skill Lock Resist . In addition, Awoken Loki has a lower base cooldown and can be used throughout the the dungeon to make other floors go smoother. As a lead, he can have potential, but as of now we have no dark equivalent of Saria Saria who boosts health and attack for their respective colour.

Belial Explosive Demon Lord, Belial has some amusing art as he has always been wheelchair bound and now by some miracle (thanks Satan or Hades?) does appears to be jumping out of his chair to bring you a total of 3 fire row Fire Row enhances, unbindability, his first Skill Lock Resist and time extend Time Extend awakenings. However, I am still disappointed as he still requires 10 successful skill ups and we still do not have any monster to do so. This means we would need to use 10 Flampy Flampy in order to make his active feel usable. Furthermore, his active is still quite pointless as it only changes wood to fire orbs with a small counterattack (maybe situationally useful if bosses have perserverance and no execution ability, but even so, it is not that helpful) on a terribly long cooldown. Belial needs an awoken evolution in order to have viability or at the very least an overhaul of his active as you cannot waste a sub slot on someone who takes next to forever to recharge.

Green Sonia Past Life Jade Dragon Caller, Sonia has been receiving minor buffs to her active skill’s cooldown, but that has largely gone unnoticed as she has fallen out of favour over time. However, with the resurgance of wood row Wood Row awakening based teams through Sylvie Sylvie and Awoken Freyja Awoken Freyja , Green Sonia can find a new home as a powerful full board change sub. Bringing a total of 2 Wood Row , 2 skill boost Skill Boost , Time Extend , Skill Lock Resist , and bind recovery Bind Clear awakening (although she is bindable) awakenings along with an incredible 899 weighted stats makes Green Sonia a fantastic card. When used as a leader, Green Sonia offers 3.75x ATk and 2.5x RCV for dragon and balance types. With the advent of more triple typing, her sub pool has more options along with being extended to dragon types; however, with many of the best wood monsters are either attackers or missing Wood Row , it may be challenging to make a suitable team. However, if you do create a viable team, your naturally high health combined with 6.25x recovery means you can easily stall provided you do not get executed. If you can think of a viable team, please let me know!

Blue Sonia Ancestral Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia will make a big splash with her impressive awakenings that help address her weaker points such as Skill Lock Resist , a second water row Water Row , and Time Extend . Like her green cousin, Blue Sonia can be max skilled to a 12 turn cooldown that should almost always guarantee 2 water rows. When used as a sub, Blue Sonia can fit comfortable on I&I I&I and Ryune Ryune teams as a secondary full board changer and a massive health sub with 5,780 along with having 899.8 weighted stats. Granted  Blue Sonia has 0 base recovery, this can be compensated through your other subs and 2.5x RCU multiplier through  I&I . As a lead, Blue Sonia may be less versatile due to being restricted to physical and dragon type water monsters, but will have naturally high health along with 6.25x recovery. Regardless, I like the power she brings to mono water teams and look forward to trying her on my  I&I / Ryune team.

If there is anything I overlooked, or you want to contribute your thoughts and insights, please leave a comment and I can add/edit things accordingly.

Happy Puzzling!

10 thoughts on “Awoken Loki, Ult Belial, Green Sonia, and Blue Sonia Impressions”

  1. Of interesting note is Blonia makes a very impressive leader on her own and Arena clears using her as a lead are running around everywhere. Even better–Andromeda’s new uult is part Physical. Blonia teams just gained an invaluable sub!!


    1. Yeah Andromeda gaining physical is a boon to Blonia, but her team building is somewhat difficult still. You have subs in I&I, Ryune, Blodin, more Blonia and that is mostly 6-star GFE. Not the most feasible team to create lol Blonia definitely has a better sub pool than Gronia as blue rows are much more in style. It is a shame Hermes lost his physical type when he went to B/D, could have been a less exotic sub choice.


      1. Amen on the Hermes. Blonia teambuilding is still exceedingly difficult, but it’s less difficult than it once was I guess? 😛 She is a stellar sub on any other water team though.


        1. Yeah Blonia is definitely easier to team build, but still very REM heavy =( I have one thats been sitting in my box for ages and I will evolve when the tri-fruits switch their rotation in hopes of a skill up XD


  2. So I have a Hathor team of:
    L/G Sakuya (I suck too much to get the awoken evo mats)
    Awoken Ra
    UUvo Baal

    Would replacing Baal with Awoken Loki be viable for the 2x Light Damage active?


    1. Big yes to replacing Baal with Loki as the 2x damage will enable you to burst through tougher bosses as your multiplier is relatively low now a days.

      Is there any reason why you are leading with Hathor over Ra or Sakuya?


      1. Awoken Ra is a work in progress, my current team is:
        Awoken Ra
        Sun Quan
        Fat Chocobo
        Awoken Ra

        The only reason that’s not my main team is because I’m not good enough at matching to consistently activate Ra’s leader skill, and that none of the actives are on a low enough cool down to get Ra’s full damage output.

        As to why not Sakuya, I just don’t have many of her optimal subs, although I just have to evolve Fagan and Zhou Yu to get Sakuya’s awoken evo.

        And why I chose Hathor to build on and practice with instead of trying to get the subs for Sakuya or the skills for Ra, I’m not too far into the game yet (rank 242), so 20.25x is still ok, I like how flexible Hathor is, and the HP/RCV boost is nice, I usually have just under 40k HP.

        I also recently got my hands on Awoken I&I, so I&I+Ryune is also a work in progress.


        1. Fair enough, hathor is great for learning rainbow teams as she is far more forgiving =) At least as you progress more into the game, Sakuya and Ra have situational uses as subs to counter specific encounters

          I&I/Ryune is a wonderful team to use and is capable of clearing virtually all the content available. Hopefully you manage to develop your team further and maybe check out my team building guide to help you get started:


          1. Your guide for I&I/Ryune is wonderful, I am currently following it and just need some skill ups to make it solid. The current lineup is:

            Blue Valkyrie
            Sun Quan

            Should I switch Sun Quan for Ars Paulina (the blue grimoire)?


            1. If you do not need the delay, you should drop Sun Quan as he will only be benefiting himself and Blue Valkyrie. Another orb changer such as Ars Paulina work well and the enhanced orbs do add significant damage


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