[Video] Ultimate Dragon Rush vs Umisachi & Yamasachi

I tried to put the Rush in Ultimate Dragon Rush by using my Wonder Boys of Umisachi & Yamasachi U&Y team. This was one of the first times I took my newly hypermaxed Famiel Famiel who has an impressive 3 two prong attack TPA awakenings. I will just say the damage she was able to hit was mind blowing. My other subs were Oku Oku , Sun Quan Sun Quan , and Awoken Isis Isis .

U&Y team.jpg
Nearly hypermaxed!

P.S. I almost got recording for Mantastic to work so it may not be long until I can make videos of different clears =)

Happy Puzzling!

5 thoughts on “[Video] Ultimate Dragon Rush vs Umisachi & Yamasachi”

  1. I have never seen a player use as many diagonals as you! It’s a very interesting, and efficient, playstyle!

    May I ask how you got so good at it as so to regularly incorporate it into your puzzling? And also, if I may continue to peck you with questions, do you use your fingers or a stylus? I can do diagonals but I have about a 75% success rate and so as a result I save them for emergencies.


    1. Thank you and using diagonals does save time and opens up more matching combinations and it simply takes a lot of practice. I use my index finger to match and I initially started playing Puzzle and Dragons on an iPad mini (Mantastic account) and use my Nexus 5 phone for Fantastic. It is much easier to match on a bigger screen so I do sometimes flub combos with Fantastic.

      Going into endless corridors is a great way to practice as well as visualizing your combo paths =)


      1. Wow that’s really really impressive 😀 Most diagonal players I’ve seen use Styli. I’ve been trying to work on my diagonals, but I find I tend to favor cascading more than diagonals. To each their own! Loving this blog, why didn’t I find it before? Am no a loyal follower ^_^


    1. Yeah I learned with my finger and I find it much more challenging to use a stylus. And yes, everyone has their own style of board manipulation and if cascades prove more effective, then thats what you should use!

      And my blog is relatively young still, only 3.5 months old!


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