Volsung Descended Clear!

Volsung Descended went live this afternoon and I was eager to push my puzzling skills to their limit. The dungeon has a similar layout to Zaerog Infinity in that the first few floors are freebies that give you a chance to level up your monsters a bit. However, Volsung is significantly harder and I place it on par with Scarlet Descended as the final boss is much more difficult to deal with unless you bring a delay or poison as he lacks a status shield.

I decided to take my fully hypermaxed Awoken Sakuya Sakuya team over my Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon because the dungeon has your monsters starting at level 1 and their team cost affects their ending level. As such, Yomi Dragon with his 99 cost would end up horribly underleveled and the amount of plus eggs would not be able to compensate either. Plus eggs play a critical role in these rogue dungeons because they provide their full value regardless of your monster’s level. This makes the beginning floors easier to manage as your health and recovery can be used to help stall through bad boards.

Sakuya Dream Team
The winning team

Floor 5 is the first speed bump I encountered as the pre-emptive 99% health cut needs to be quickly healed up because  the following floor has a 10,230 pre-emptive. You also must kill floor 5 in 2 turns or push under 50% to trigger the 1 turn bind. This is where careful orb management comes into play and you must find a way to heal and deal damage at the same time.

Floor 6 is quite nasty as this wet cat has 3.8 million health and your monsters are have still not leveled up very much. My strategy was to kill him in 2 turns with the first pushing him past 80% health to trigger the status void shield. In an emergency, if I was both my Kali actives were down, I would use 1 Sakuya gravity to gain that precious second turn.

Floor 7 is simply a matter of killing before either can hit you, just make sure you overcome the 180k defence.

Floor 8 is very scary as Permafrost Queen Hera-Is Permafrost Hera is does not go easy on you. Even if all your monsters were max level, she is still dangerous to play around with as she hits every turn for 19,969 along with changing 1 random orb into blue. I would use 1 Sakuya gravity to guarantee I pushed her into her 75% thresh hold so she would bind my monsters and leave my board unchanged. In case of repeated flubbed combos, I reserved my second Sakuya to clear binds should they occur again. It proved to be better to use my gravities on Permafrost Hera is as I did not want to risk pushing the boss Volsung too hard and triggering his 1% health execution ability (which I did die from before). I also chose to use Elia Elia ‘s active to ensure a safe kill on this floor as I am paranoid of overkilling Volsung on floor 10.

Volsung Hera Is
Shivers with excitement!

Floor 9 is the first form of Volsung Volsung form 1 who has a “mere” 4.5 million health. I tried not to play much with him at this point because I wanted to conserve as many actives as possible for his final form. My team is capable of surviving any hit on this stage, but I was able to 1-shot him on my various attempts.


Volsung boss1
Volsung transform
I love the transformation aspect!

Floor 10 is the most exciting and nerve racking part of the dungeon as he causes 20% more water and fire skyfalls along with locking them in place. This added skyfall mechanic actually got me killed in a previous run due dealing too much damage and triggering his 1% execution ability. On my successful kill, I activated Susano and made beautiful combos to push him below 50% health (as long as I got him close I could have used my final Sakuya gravity). Due note that if you push him below 50% on your first turn, he will do his 99% health cut and attempt to bind your skills for 10 turns. As such you gain an extra turn. Main reason I used Susano right away was in case Volsung Volsung delayed my skills.

Volsung boss 2
Controlled my damage

After removing his resolve buff, It was simply a matter of matching my board to finish Volsung off.

Volsung Kill

Hopefully this proved helpful and saves you some stamina as you know what to look out for and where to conserve actives. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this dungeon as it offered lots of puzzling situations and challenging mechanics to overcome.

Looking back, I could have used a delay, but I did not want to sacrifice any sub to do so as my Echidna has no pluses and she would essentially be dead weight until the final boss. Fantastic has more options for delays and plan to use them when I give it a try there.

Happy Puzzling!

Volsung clear

3 thoughts on “Volsung Descended Clear!”

  1. I do not agree that this dungeon is harder than Zaerog Infinity. Hera Is never hits over 19k, outside of her 100% gravity which can be solved with any shield or water resist awakenings, mini Volsung never hits over 18k, and heals himself up to half repeatedly, allowing easy stalling, and evolved Volsung has no status shield, so any delay/poison + burst deals with him easily. Prior to the dungeon’s release, everyone was saying how difficult it was going to be and after breezing through it in one attempt, I do not feel that to be the case


    1. Unless PuzzledragonX is mistaken, Hera will hit for 19,969 when not in her specific binding move thresholds. Mini Volsung (like the name btw) can deal 18,275 with Water Flash as one of his 2 abilities outside of threshold specific moves.

      Zaerog Infinity required either a bind removal or player buff to bypass his 1 turn of 75% damage reduction. Volsung requires a poison or delay. Thus one sub slot is dedicated to the specific boss mechanic in both dungeons. I place Volsung as harder due to the Hino+Cat combo and the stronger floor 8.

      Of course, everyone has different opinions and team compositions. Bastet teams will excel in this dungeon due to most of the bosses being blue and your only hurdle is finding a delay/poison sub. We also have the full MP dragon roster compared to when Z8 debut so we have stronger toys.


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