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[Video] Machine Athena Descended VS Myr


Machine Athena Descended was released alongside of the Skill Up rotation in the previous maintenance. As with any new content that is released, I am always eager to play as it provides new challenges and mechanics to overcome. These can require either careful planning or pretty puzzling to overcome. Most of the Annihilation tier content is catered around coop and it is possible to clear solo. However, I have neither the proper cards nor latents to do so and multiplayer also helps bridge the shortfall of my non-optimal teams. In addition, I do enjoy playing with myself through my Mantastic and Fantastic accounts.

Video clear

I was successful in clearing Machine Athena on my third attempt with the final two being done on stream. Due to the nature of streaming and my attempts to interact with my viewers along with my over zealousness to stall, it is quite long, but worth watching to learn about the new darkness mechanic along with how to deal with the later floors.

Team line up

Myr is capable of clearing Machine Athena solo; however, it requires cards that I do not own (such as a delay on Mantastic) along with numerous skill delay resists to minimize the risk from all the preemptives in the dungeon. You also require a shielding sub to survive Athena’s <50% attack.

Mantastic’s Team
Card Inherit Latents Comments
Miru Sylvie Imp HP Imp HP RCV Latent
RCV Latent Skill delay resist
Sylvie may not combo with anyone, but her active is very powerful
Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ RCV Latent RCV Latent RCV Latent
RCV Latent RCV Latent
Protects against skill delays
DQXQ LL Fire resist Water Red Wood resist
Light reduction Dark Reduction
Recover bind Bind Clear awakening helps remove binds from the team
Venus Saria RCV Latent RCV Latent Auto heal
Auto heal Auto heal
Board changer and combos with Wedding Akechi W Akechi.

Using Venus for superior stats

Awoken Apollo Gadius Dark Reduction Dark Reduction Dark ReductionDark Reduction Dark Reduction Best remaining light card. Can overwrite skyfall debuffs.

Gadius helps offer new utility and skill delay protection.

Can combo with other heart makers to produce damage

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Star Justice Cheese Team


Justice, Demands Retribution! Well maybe Uther said it better, regardless, Star Justice Descended goes live tonight in Tandem with the official GungHo stream. To make this stream extra exciting, they have organized a special coop challenge that pits players against each other for Fantastic rewards.

A tale of Antonio and Mantastic

Tonight, I had the pleasure of being paired with the infamous Antonio and together, we managed to devise a strategy to tackle this challenging dungeon with minimal stress and skill. We do need to take a little gamble of only 80% skill bind resistance as neither of our teams are very invested or well developed. Antonio is severely lacking in skill ups and we had to use careful planning to ensure all of our actives would be ready in time. I still wish he dressed up as Lifeguard Odin.

Team roster

A Liu Bei Cerebrus Rider Light Zhuge Liang Raphael Ult Zeus Dios

A Liu Bei Hera-Is Bankai Yamato Ult Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios

Many of the subs were chosen for their skill boosts to help Antonio have his actives ready in time and would otherwise not be included. Key components to successfully run Star Justice include:

  • 25%+ Gravity
  • Cerebrus Rider to kill Zeal on floor 3
  • Raphael (or Thanatos Thanatos) to survive the 1% execution on the final floor

Below is a floor-by-floor breakdown of our active and turn usage to successfully clear Star Justice. We had to pray for the 80% SBR to work. Also, Antonio creates the room to allow us an extra turn.

Star Justice Cheese
Floor Boss Stats Notes
1 2739 2,018,084 HP A: No light, heal, or wood
M: Hera + Australis Australis
2 2740 3,656,302 HP A: No dark, heal, or wood
M: LB A Liu Bei
3 2741  70 HP
3,000,000 DEF
Absorbs over 100
A: Cerebrus Cerebrus Rider
4 2742 8,184,758 HP A: LZL Light Zhuge Liang and match something
M: Dios Ult Zeus Dios
5 2743 2,218,370 HP A:  LB A Liu Bei
 6 2986 8,435,863 HP M: Dios Ult Zeus Dios
7 2987
 12,780,618 HP
13,933,417 HP
 A: Raph Raphael THEN Dios Ult Zeus Dios
*Pass turn*
A: Match non-heart


Justice is served! And hopefully we are served some Fantastic rewards for our heroic efforts.

Happy Puzzling!


[Video] Mythic Plus Linthia VS Liu Bei/Australis


Push-Button teams have become all the rage lately due to their speed and efficiency when clearing content. They have mostly been regulated to farming Tamadra or PreDRA Infestation as a means to squeeze in as many runs as possible within a small time frame; however, with the introduction of Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei, Push-Button teams are now able to tackle some Mythic Plus content with the right set up and planning. If you have not already, I encourage you to read my Awoken Liu Bei Analysis article for more information.


Clear times are significantly faster when I am not explaining myself etc. If you are using a less than ideal team like mine, be sure to experiment and test to ensure you deal enough damage.

The fact I have to combo on the first few floors is simply outrageous.

My team

Mantastic has had quite lackluster luck with the REM (even after spending 210 stones on the most recend 5x GFE event) and is lacking a Liu Bei to form the ideal 64x team. As such, I decided to pair my Australis Australis with Fantastic’s Liu Bei to form a 32x ATK (40x ATK on Australis) team.

Lintha team

As you can see, my team is quite underdeveloped outside of the max-skilled Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios as the monster levels do not matter in Rouge Descends due to everyone starting at level 1.

Australis Balboa Ult Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios Griffin A Liu Bei
Astaroth Ult Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios Awoken Freyja


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[Videos] Myr VS Zaerog Infinity


A Mantastic and Fantastic clear of Zaerog Infinity using my brand new Myr Miru who I painfully skilled up over the weekend. If you wish to watch my various clears using Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ, Blue Sonia Blue Sonia, and Dark Metatron dtron, please check out my previous post HERE. For more about team building Myr, please read my full analysis HERE.


The most amazing part of the heart-cross leaders is the ability to have your damage multiplier carry over on a sweep if there is no preemptive. This allows you to have a fantastic multiplier and easily clear trash floors along with speeding up your clears.

I still need more practice forming heart crosses; however, I am liking her playstyle and look forward to clearing more content with Myr.

Happy Puzzling!

[Videos] Miru/Myr Descended Clears


Miru/Myr Descended is going live tonight at 7pm and is one of the most anticipated debuts in recent memory. I thoroughly analyze her team building and review her in a previous post HERE that I strongly encourage you to have a read over if you have not done so already. However, I never discussed how to actually farm her challenging descend and I plan to post my various clears as I upload them so this post will be a work in progress for the first few days.

Successful clears

I will post my Fantastic clears as they are uploaded so check back on a regular basis =)

I plan on using Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ, Blue Sonia Blue Sonia, and Dark Metatron dtron.

Mythic Plus with DQXQ

My fastest and most consistent team and comes with a Fantastic strategy for dealing with all the various mechanics. One big advantage is all the cards are max level by the end of the dungeon.

Awoken DQXQ vs Miru

Legend Plus with Dark Metatron

Dtron team

Mythic Plus with Blue Sonia:

Blonia vs Miru

Just for fun, Myr VS Mythic Plus Myr

Myr optimized board

Myr vs Myr burst

JP Clears

These videos should provide some inspiration on how tackle Myr Descended. You can do your own research by using the search term 時界龍 超絶地獄級

Farming Mythic Plus is incredibly challenging and if your main goal is skilling up Miru, it may be wise to simply farm Legend Plus. Continue reading [Videos] Miru/Myr Descended Clears

[Video] Awoken DQXQ VS Mythic Plus Linthia Descended


Keeping with the trend of being able to record quality videos, I decided to showcase how I have been farming Mythic Plus Linthia Descended for the Dubmythlits (who never drop in Friday dungeon), 500 Monster Points via the PreDRAs Fire PreDRA, plus eggs (when 10x), rank experience, and the boss drop, and Linthia Linthia. Linthia Descended is normally a challenging encounter as she preemptively disables your awoken skills for 5 turns and hits incredibly hard. I used to farm her with my Blue Sonia Blue Sonia team; however, I transitioned over to Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ due to higher damage and no type restriction.


Please ignore the brief interruption at the end as my visiting Dad is overzealous and impatient to be let inside….


With any Mythic Plus Rogue Descend, you need to have a reliable way to deal with the PreDRAs Fire PreDRA and for Linthia, you should bring a delay to help handle the preemptive awakenings bind. For myself, I like to not use my delay on the first turn and instead use a shield/damage mitigation to stall out a few turns to give myself a large room for error in case I do not one shot the final boss.

When dealing with the PreDRAs, you should try to have the opposite player sweep the previous floor to ensure the correct player takes their turn to eliminate them without wasting a pass turn.

In an ideal world, I would like to use Awoken Apollo Awoken Apollo to override the wood skyfall, but sometimes it is not always possible.

smax Linthia
Collateral benefits of farming for Dubmythlits =)


Hopefully this video is informative and provides some inspiration on how to tackle Linthia Descended along with using an Awoken DQXQ team.

Happy Puzzling!

[Video] Zaerog Infinity VS Mythical Plus Nordis Descended


I have been tirelessly tinkering away with perfecting my streaming capabilities and also have the capability to record my gameplay as a means to showcase various dungeon clears. Mythical Plus Nordis Descended is a reasonably challenging Rogue descend .I decided to use my Zaerog Infinity Z8 team as it is quite fun and exciting to play and hopefully showcases a different playstyle that is seldom seen. Playing the various Rogue Descends is also how I have been able to farm nearly 200k Monster Points per account due to the annoying PreDRAs Fire PreDRA that appear.


Hooray for good audio and a face that’s made for radio =D

It is somewhat challenging to narrate and play at the same time so I hope to improve in my future videos.

Team used

Nordis clear team

Z8 Yomi Dragon Bankai Pandora Oku Blodin Z8

Z8 Yomi Dragon Diza Awoken Pandora Awoken Persephone Z8

The team is primarily composed of orb changers with a modest emphasis on heart/dark generation. This is to help deal with the preemptive dark bind on the final floor due to the recover bind Bind Clear awakening awakening. Blue Odin Blodin is used on many of my other teams and has Awoken Ra Ra inherited to deal with the PreDRAs. Dark Izanami Diza is mostly for insurance against Nordis in his final form.

I have plenty of actives and the full +297 grants me a modest room for error and stalling.


I hope to continue producing videos like these and any feedback is greatly appreciated on how to improve is greatly appreciated.

Happy Puzzling!

[Video] U&Y vs Scarlet Descended Multiplayer with Mantastic and Fantastic

I decided to take my video making skills through another descend and ended up with what I hope is an entertaining and informative video of how I am farming for my Scarlet Scarlet Icon System. Audio is okay to listen to and the narration should be helpful. I also want to say that I am my own worst enemy and blame Mantastic for a near death experience at the end. Dungeon for reference.

Mantastic: U&Y I&I Susano Kali Metatron U&Y

Fantastic: U&Y Famiel Oku Sun Quan Metatron U&Y

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[Video] Yomi Dragon vs 5×4 Izanami Descended

Dark resist Latent Tamadras Dark Resist are horribly rare and hard to come by, but at least the video is of reasonable quality this time.

Morale of the story is to never trust Haku Haku , but to believe in the heart of the skyfalls

Refer to my 5×4 leads guide HERE for other options to tackle these tiny boards.

Happy Puzzling!

[Video] Mantastic vs Tengu Strategy

No one likes low cost restricted dungeons and this round of Challenge Descends features Tengu. Low cost mostly gate keeps newer players as they have not had to grind through dungeons with farmable monsters as everything is sped up. As such, most people may lack a feasible team to tackle a 12 cost dungeon. Hopefully my first video attempt with Mantastic does not have horrible audio and my (muffled) walk through commentary aids players in their quest for a Water Snowglobe. Maybe watching it in mute may be less unpleasant…

I am still quite proud of my max skilled King Bubblie King Bubblie from my Physical Sakuya days and not having to wait for his active is a significant boost in power.

Let me know what you used to tackle this annoying dungeon in the comments below.

Tengu Reward

Happy Puzzling!