Miru – The Most Anticipated Farmable Monster Review and Analysis


Dermatologists hate her! Farmable monster discovers the secret formula for the most Fantastic anti-aging cream that has even the most GungHo players all riled up with excitement. But seriously, Miru Miru is perhaps the first monster who actually gets younger with each evolution. How is this possible? Perhaps the secret is consuming the essence of Nordis Nordis and the angelic spirit of Elia Elia along with a whole host of other challenging to acquire evolution materials. Regardless, Miru is the most anticipated farmable monster since the inception of Zaerog Infinity Z8 as she is capable of forming a top tier team with amazing flexibility that can clear the highest tier of content PAD has to offer.

If you are looking for strategies for clearing her Descends, please refer to my other post HERE for my videos of my DQXQ Awoken DQXQ, Blue Sonia Blue Sonia, and Dark Metaron dtron clears.

Miru at a glance

Dragon / Machine / God
4,380 HP / 1,710 ATK / 660 RCV
1,000 Total
Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Lock Resist TPA Light Row +light orb +light orb +light orb Skill Boost

Active Skill:
Question Orb  Arrow Heart (except from Light)
Freely move orbs for 7 seconds
7 turn CD

Leader Skill:
7x ATK & 50% damage reduction when matching 5 hearts in a cross formation. Extends time to move orbs by 2 seconds.
49x ATK / 75% damage reduction

Sample gameplay

Miru has a unique playstyle and is one of the few leaders to utilize the heart-cross formation to deal damage. Furthermore, the extensive additional time to move orbs allows you to fully set up your board. Miru has been heavily utilized by the Japanese player base and Reco showcases his wizardly skills in this solo Arena 1 clear:

A relatively quick solo of Machine Hera:

Finally, as a final testament to Miru’s power, here is a solo Arena 3 clear:

You can also do your own searching by using the term:


  • 1,000 weighted stats with a healthy distribution between HP, ATK, and RCV
  • 49x ATK multiplier while being able stack light rows Light Row
  • 75% Damage reduction shield that carries over on a floor sweep (effectively 4x HP / 4x RCV but survives gravities). A team with 25,001 HP can survive a 100,000 attack.
  • 4 additional seconds to move orbs
  • Unbindable leaders
  • Farmable!
  • Active guarantees a heart cross and ample time to form. Can also be used in conjunction with other orb changers
  • Is a fun project to clear, farm, and evolve (better start now)
  • Massive sub flexibility
  • New playstyle (relatively speaking)
  • Is a pretty (young) girl with beautiful artwork that captures the time turning lore


  • Fragile if unable to form a heart cross as no HP / RCV multiplier
  • 49x ATK is reasonably low; however, you will be able to survive essentially any attack due to the 75% reduction shield
  • No haste on her active which prevents a system team from forming
  • Only players at end game will be able to successfully skill up and farm her evolution materials
  • Challenging to control your damage as it is 49x or 0x, at least you can make a 3-match to minimize the damage
  • No sub attribute means diminished damage and only 10 total damage from the team versus super high defense monsters
  • Minamul uses as a sub
  • Don’t
  • Look
  • At
  • Her
  • Feet

Evolution requirements

This has to be the most complex evolution to date and will take thousands of stamina to complete. Better start now!

Miru Evo

What awakenings do I prioritize?

Due the relatively low 49x ATK multiplier, the best way to increase your total damage is through light rows Light Row. Miru already provides 6 enhanced orb +light orb awakenings to ensure every single orb that appears comes enhanced.

Matching strategies

Your playstyle will feel quite unique as we have had very little exposure to heart-cross leaders. They are tricky to form and will take a lot of practice to perfect as it is not an instinctive match. Thankfully, Miru provides an additional 4 seconds to move orbs which will give us plenty time to perfect our combos.

When trying to form a row, just be aware that a heart-cross occupies 3 rows on the board so you will have to ensure they do not overlap. At this time, there is no alternative to Miru-Miru pairing.

Team Building Options

Miru has amazing team building potential as she can essentially use every single light sub, even those that break hearts due to the bountiful array of other cards who can reform them along with Miru spawning 7 new ones. Amusingly, the June Bride REM had some of the best subs for Miru and we may have to wait another year for their return. I am not recommending any pure heart makers due to your leaders already covering that role and you are better off bringing subs who have a different kind of utility or more light orb generation.

Higher tier subs:

  • W Gadius Wedding Gadius has incredible awakenings along with a favourable board changer that can be combo-ed with DQXQ Awoken DQXQ and Wedding Akechi W Akechi to form a dual heart/light board. A more budget solution would be to inheriting a Gadius Gadius onto one of your cards to combo with.
  • Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ is NA’s (and Mantastic/Fantastic’s) flavour of the month due to their ability to generate a relatively easy 100x damage while stacking light rows. However, she lacks the inherit tankiness that Miru possesses and will falter more in higher end content by comparison. Thankfully, Awoken DQXQ is a fantastic sub due to her light and heart orb generation along with poison/jammer removal. This reduces the dependency on a full board changer which helps open up sub possibilities (although you will be victim to the full damage without a heart-cross). Furthermore, she can be combo-ed with a (Wedding) Gadius Gadius or Ilm Ilm active for a dual colour heart and light board.
  • Wukong bankai Wukong is everyone’s favourite monkey and is a favoured sub on Miru teams. Wukong is able to generate both light and enhanced heart orbs which is critical for dealing damage and forming your heart cross. He also has favourable awakenings and is only inferior to DQXQ due to less combo potential with his active.
  • Venus Awoken Venus has a wonderful body due to her favourable awakenings and 4-turn base cooldown. This makes her a fantastic base for Skill Inheritance as a means to incorporate actives you would otherwise not bring to your team.
  • W Escha Wedding Eschamali is simply amazing even without the presence of any light rows and heart orb removal. The 7 light orb enhances +light orb add incredible damage when combined with her double-light orb changer and 4 turns of skyfalls. Just keep in mind she removes wood and heart orbs so you must bring some form of a heart maker (or Miru) to produce your 5 required orbs.

Viable subs:

  • Uevo Apoc Apocalypse becomes a powerful mono-light sub due to their dual rows and heart, Light, and Dark orb board active. The haste is simply icing on the cake. The only reason I value him lower than Wedding Gadius is the less combos he has (can only use cards that remove dark orbs and cannot benefit from Wedding Akechi W Akechi). The lower Husbando aspect had nothing to do with it.
  • W Akechi Wedding Akechi has one of the strongest actives in the game and great synergy with Gadius and Saria; however, his own stats are rather lackluster and although he has 4 powerful awakenings, you may be yearning for more. As such, many players may elect to use Wedding Akechi as an assistant for Skill Inheritance.
  • Baal Baal has steadily grown in popularity with the release of a more accessible skill up material and a powerful evolution. His 3 light rows are a fantastic source of damage and his unbindability makes him a great base for skill inheritance as a bind clearer (just note he lacks a recover bind Bind Clear awakening). However, you may be better off running a different sub if you have a more synergistic line up available. Furthermore, he has no ideal combo potential and with Miru already being bind immune, Baal may be less impactful.
  • LD Hanzo New Year Hanzo has a valuable Fire to Light orb changer on a 5-turn cooldown. This allows him to be combo-ed with Saria and Wedding Gadius (although not as effectively as Wedding Akechi).
  • Ilm Ilm is sometimes an overlooked sub, but is another strong board changers that must be used in conjunction with DQXQ to form a dual heart/Light board.
  • Saria Saria is yet another viable board changer and does in fact have a powerful active; however, it is her lack of useful awakenings outside of the two row Light Row enhances that keeps her from breaking into the higher tier sub category. Do note you can combo her with Wedding Akechi for a 2/3 light, 1/3 heart board.
  • Fuma Fuma has a quick charging 5-turn active along with Physical physical killer and Machine Machine Killer killer awakenings. Granted there are not too many bosses that have these typings, but it is something to consider. Just keep in mind that his base active has low synergy outside of an inheritted Sylvie Sylvie board.
  • W Iza Wedding Izanami’s shield is somewhat overkill; however, her 5 enhanced light orbs add significant damage and the 6-turn base cooldown allows her to be used as a base for Skill Inheritance.
Subs that break heart orbs

These subs remove your crucial heart orbs. You are still able to use them; however, you must be careful to have a secondary active ready to produce at least 5 heart orbs to form your cross. Wedding Eschamali is the strongest option available as she provides the most value from her active.

  • Awoken Apollo Apollo (blue) Apollo can be used in either form as both have a powerful active that has great synergy with their enhanced heart orb +heart awakenings that retain their plussed status when converted into light orbs. Which evolution you choose will depend on the number of light rows Light Row your team has along with how important the enhanced skyfalls are to you.
  • Pollux Pollux is starting to see more time in the spotlight due to their future ultimate evolution that will grant them God Killer God Killer and double skill boost. However, excluding that future buff, Pollux brings the beneficial enhanced light +light orb and heart orb +heart awakenings. This provides an extra source of damage along with the haste allowing you to cycle your actives faster and can also be used as a base for skill inheritance due to their 7-turn cooldown.
  • Alcyone Alcyone is essentially the inferior Apollo due to less beneficial awakenings. Granted their active is stronger than regular Apollo, but Awoken Apollo will be better in nearly every way. Alcyone needs an ultimate evolution to improve their power and viability.

Sample teams

One nice benefit of running Miru is the flexibility she has in choosing subs. This is partially due to the inherit tankiness you have through the 75% reduction shield. These are teams that Reco used to clear various hard dungeons:

Miru W Gadius Venus Awoken DQXQ Ilm Miru
Solo Arena 1 shown above

Miru W Gadius Venus Wukong bankai W Escha Miru
Ultimate Descend Rush Solo (Video)
Also used to solo Arena 3

What I may be using:

Awoken Apollo Venus Awoken DQXQ W Iza Miru
Inherits: Gadius Awoken Loki Awoken DQXQ (may use dupe DQXQ as sub)

Miru Awoken Apollo Wukong bankai Awoken DQXQ Pollux W Iza Miru
Inherits: W Akechi Awoken Oorochi Saria Ra
I have not finalized my decision for my final line up/inherits and these are my only my tentative thoughts

Skill Inheritance

Miru has an okay active; however, she can be significantly upgraded through Skill Inheritance to provide both heart and light orb generation. Even if you only get to use the new active once, it is worth the effort along with protecting yourself against skill delays. Skill Inheritance is not mandatory, it is simply a tool used to make your life easier and to expand your utility.

Miru Miru Question Orb  Arrow Heart (except from Light)
Freely move orbs for 7 seconds
7 turn CD
 Inheritance Options
Damage Enhance Kanna Thor Awoken Loki Venus Izanagi Silk Muse
True Damage /
Neptune Awoken Archdemon Lucifer rodin Ra Cerebrus Rider Chibi Lilith Famiel Lumiel Lightning
Board Changer Uevo Apoc Saria Sylvie Gadius 1973 Cecil
Genie Susano Indra Kush Valen Ganesha Raphael dtron Isis Cursed Dragon
Delay Awoken Oorochi Sun Quan Zeta Hydra Oku Cao Cao  ForestBahn Wee Jas
Green wee jas KenpachiSagirinokami
Orb Changers W Satsilo W Akechi Shedar Fuma Baal Awoken DQXQ Wukong bankai LD Hanzo
Bind Clear Ame Amate Awoken Ceres Sakuya Metatron Green Odin Isis Fire Dragon Knight Water Dragon Knight
Earth Dragon Knight Shining Dragon Knight Shadow Dragon Knight Guan Yu Red Guan Yu Red Riding Hood Snow White Thumbelina
Sleeping Beauty

What you choose to use will depend on the cards you have at your disposal along with the requirements of the dungeon. I highly recommend you read my Skill Inheritance: Advanced Strategies article as it will provide you with a wealth of information on how to make the most of your actives.

Latent Awakening set-up

Miru is will have small benefit from damage reduction outside of one card having a rainbow resist (as a means to survive 100% gravities by having 1% of each colour) should your shield not be up. Afterwards, you are free to do as you please.

The viability of skill delay resists Skill delay resist latents has diminished through skill inheritance as you are able to protect yourself by using the additional cooldown timer as a “shield” against delays. However, many players may still find the need to protect their inherited skill and could benefit from the now farmable skill delay latents.

If you are doing coop, your survivability dramatically increases as you benefit from the health of your partner’s subs. This also allows you to bring more actives and acts as a pseudo protection against skill delay as bosses can only delay one team at a time.



Miru is the next step in powerful farmable monsters. She combines both offensive and defensive capabilities and is capable of clearing end game content. Upon her release, she will be the strongest farmable monster we can obtain along with one of the best leaders available.

Miru has been one of my most anticipated releases for Puzzle and Dragons due to the somewhat stagnated place my box is in while I wait for the 10-stone GFE REM. I have 5-6 +297s ready on Mantastic along with various resources to develop any card I may need for her team. I will also due a follow up post/video with the teams and strategies I will be using to farm her dungeon.

How do you plan on using Miru and what will be your core subs along with your thoughts on her age-defying evolutions?

Happy Puzzling!

80 thoughts on “Miru – The Most Anticipated Farmable Monster Review and Analysis”

  1. Great article !

    I will try to farm Miru with a XM team because I don’t have the push buttons team 😦
    All the materials are ready and my team will be (the best possible?) :
    Miru (Inherit LAkechi) / WGadius (Inherit Apoc) / Wukong (Inherit? damage multiplier?) / A.DQXQ (Inherit?)/ LEschamali (Inherit?)
    I still don’t know about the skill inheritance, I have 3 LAkechi but I don’t know if it’s a good idea to inherit Miru AND another sub of its skill…
    Any more thoughts on inheritance ?


    1. If you inherit Apoc on Gadius, you become unable to combo with Wedding Akechi’s active. You can still use DQXQ, but you are reducing your options as gadius can be done with both

      Don’t need an inherit on DQXQ or Eschamali as they are already spectacular.If you really want, you can use another Akechi on DQXQ or Wukong as its a similar spell (but i suggest on wukong as DQXQ is stronger)


        1. Well Oda Nobunaga will be challenging to acquire at best as you ideally want to overlap him with a good godfest which may be challenging as he is a carnival exclusive


  2. You’ve mention before that you don’t have Liu Bei for the push button team. I don’t have Liu Bei either, so I’m wondering how are you planning to farm Miru for skill ups. Since 2nd form Miru has the damage absorption, I don’t know how well DQXQ would work.


    1. I could either bring a more tank team (Blue Sonia, Pandora, etc) or simply shield my way through her absorption. I haven’t planned out my strategy yet, but I will have a post covering it once she goes live along with a video play through =)


    1. That is quite a stunning piece of artwork! I presume GH wants to soften the art and make it more cutesy, but what you linked is pretty Fantastic

      Sidenote, congrats on your second crown!


  3. You’ve mentioned before that you don’t have Awoken Liu Bei for a farming team. I don’t have a Liu Bei either, so I’m wondering what is another option to farm Miru? Because of the Damage absorption on her second form, I don’t know how well DQXQ would work.


    1. I can either run a tank team (Blue Sonia / Pandora) or simply load up on damage mitigation on DQXQ. I haven’t decided on what I am going to run; however, once she does go live, I will do a corresponding post and video to help showcase my strategies =)


  4. Could use more time- and clock-based puns / 10. (That’s why she gets younger. :p)

    Unicorn Rider not good enough?


    1. I said I wasn’t going to list pure heart making cards due to the fact that your leaders already do that and you may be starved for light orbs

      Maybe it is Time I tried to be more punny 😉


  5. Mmmh, i think you missed something : adqxq isn’t a top tier sub. Her blue row awakenings are just wasted. She’s a tier below wukong for that sole reason.

    She’s also a prime candidate for skill inheritance. Bring venus in, with her much better awakenings and stats, and inherit adqxq on her.

    I know adqxq is your waifu, but don’t be blinded by her being cute 😉

    I also think you should bump apoc by one tier. He’s great in every aspect – he’s just slightly inferior to husbando gadius. Gadius has the edge on bind clear capabilities, even if i wish you good luck farming a heart cross and row at the same time ! Apoc’s active can be used more reliably without any combo – gadius won’t guarantee you a row by far. Apoc more than likely will (until murphy’s law kicks in, of course).

    Being able to combo is nice – not having to combo is nice too. Moreover, apoc comboes with adqxq… Your true waifu at the moment…

    Overall, i’d give gadius the edge, but apoc should be sitting next to wukong as a top tier sub.

    That’s just my two cents mantastic 🙂 keep up the great work on your blog !


  6. Hello, I recently asked Setsu this same question but he gave me a pretty unclear answer, so I was hoping you could help me. I’m a midgame player and I personally find Myr’s evolution materials ridiculous. I was fortunate enough to roll Sumire in the most recent godfest, and I was wondering if I should pursue a Myr team using Sumire to acquire her, or if I should perfect my Sumire team. I have a few of good Sumire subs like Skuld, Isis, Orochi, and Nut, but my light box is lacking.


  7. I recently asked Setsu this same question but he gave me a pretty unclear answer, so I was hoping you could help me. I was fortunate enough to roll Sumire in the most recent godfest, and I was wondering if I should pursue a Myr team using Sumire to acquire her, or if I should perfect my Sumire team. I’m a midgame player and I personally find Myr’s evolution materials ridiculous. I also have a few good Sumire subs like Skuld, Isis, Orochi, and Nut, but my light box is lacking, especially in the rows department. I was lucky enough to roll Wedding Eschamali and Wedding Satsuki, though.


    1. I would suggest going for Miru over time. Her descend and evolution materials are somewhat gated to endgame players and may be challenging to pursue for you at this time. However, you can still acquire the evolution materials on the side and just passively farm them. I will be posting a video playthrough of her dungeon so it may shed some light on how difficult it is to farm her. As you are also lacking light subs, there is no rush to acquire a Miru as you don’t have a team for her yet (which may change in the future).

      As for your Sumire question, I would say that your listed subs are strong and if you enjoy the playstyle, you should be able to clear a reasonable amount of content. My only fear is a lack of orb generation with both Isis and Orochi on the team.


  8. Out of all the teams I’ve tried, Awoken Persephone farms Legend+ difficulty the best. Surprising, isn’t it? It really does work! (co-op, of course). Somehow it’s much more consistent.

    Skilling up Myr is still an utter nightmare though. The fastest we can get our runs is like 10 – 15 min per run.


    1. I second this, I have a barely plussed leader only (100ish) and can solo this dungeon with my new Persephone team in ten minutes!


  9. Currently I am not sure on what optimal teams I have for miru as there are various combos such as i have multiple board change options in the form of apoc, saria, and gadius into wukong/adqxq as well as many sub options like venus , baal , and soon seraphis as I am farming its parts. Only Bride REM that would be useful would be satsuki but i don’t think miru tpa teams are that great.



    1. Miru is better off as a row team for harder content as the TPA won’t deal enough dmg (although its great for trash floors)

      Looking at your box, Apoc, DQXQ, WK, Venus (inherit an active of your choice). Saria is less ideal as you do not have Wedding Akechi (unless I missed it) to combo the red orbs whereas DQXQ can use dark from Apoc. Thor can be used if you require the burst damage.

      Baal has less value due to unbindable leaders and don’t forget about SI on your Myr!


  10. Hey, Mantastic! Huge fan of your work.

    How do you feel about “Vaan” from the Final Fantasy series or “Unicorn Rider, Liene” as a sub? I’d love to get your input!


    1. Thanks for the encouragement =D

      As for Vaan, you need to make sure you do not override your hearts (or combo with DQXQ for fire to hearts) but i’d say he is okay at best.

      Unicorn Rider is somewhat redundant as you already have leaders who generate hearts and you are better off with heart + light orb makers


  11. do you think its a good Idea to give A.Venus my Wu Kong skill she is sort of a Waifu for Everything i use her on my A.DqXQ,A.Ama,Saria,Myr and somehow when i feel like it on my A.Sakuya team xD


  12. hmm I like Myr i like A.Venus just thinking to give her Wukong skill so she have a utility buff and a nice offensive one for Myr,A.DqxQ,A.Ama and maybe for A.Sakuya (when i need a quick heal but well…)


  13. I don’t have enough subs to make it based around full rows (only have Baal and ilm )’: but I do have enough to light subs for a tpa team. What if I used kanna, izanagi (although his skill is similar to kanna which is bad), apollo, and either Athena or Pollux for the last spot as a tpa team? These are all I have ;___;


    1. You can still mix and match TPA with your row cards. Redundant actives are not ideal on a leader with a relatively poor active. If you run Baal + Ilm, you already have 6 rows total which is enough to make it worthwhile. Is your Myr max skilled to at least take advantage of Apollo/Ilm’s active?


      1. All right, that sounds reasonable, thanks!! Unfortunately my Myr isn’t maxed skilled, but I’m thinking of putting megumi (from rourouni kenshin collab) onto someone unbindable for more heal orbs. ideally myr but w/ her not skilled lvled, it’s not very usable…


  14. Still can’t do that dungeon yet 😦 want her so bad. Part that I can only solo play doesnt help me much. If you have some advice to hep me solo it, would appreciate it! got A.DQXQ, A.Pandora and A.Shiva team


    1. A Pandora is probably your best bet due to the tankiness and ability to stall. You can easily stall on the Wee Jas. However, with that being said, all 3 teams can clear it and you should run what you are best with/most invested into

      One thing about Miru is she requires a tonne of investment to be viable and will not be that great for someone who cannot fully skill her up/evo


      1. For the evo, I’ve got almost every base, just need to evolve them. I’ve tried with Pandora, cant get to Wee Jas :/

        I,ve got some problem with the Rem too, I only roll good Leader for type of team I don’t already have… I end up having a bunch of good leader, but no good sub to go with them 😦


  15. Hey Mantastic! I’ve recently got Myr and I’m wondering what my best options are. Currently, I’m thinking of something like Myr – Apoc – Wukong – ADQXQ – Ariel (inherit ADQXQ). I have one more DQXQ and a red Gadius for inherits/subs. So with that said, would this be my best option, or would L/L DQ be better than Ariel (or something else)? Thanks for any advice!

    P.S. I hope you’re feeling better 🙂


    1. I would run DQXQ over Ariel regardless of which evo you choose.

      L/L DQXQ has some value due to the bind clear awakening that gives you some flexibility when playing as you can semi rely on that to help.

      Your team could look like Myr, Apoc, WK, ADQXQ, DQXQ (evo of your choice).

      What do you have to inherit outside of Gadius for your Myr?

      And i am slowly recovering!


  16. If I were to build a Myr team, what would be the best team that I could build with my monsters? I have 2 sarias, 3 apollos (plz specify the best evolution if it is viable on the team), archangel raphael, 2 Venus (Venuses? Venusi?), llm, and wukong. I hope your eye is feeling better and that you have a successful surgery next time so you won’t have go through all the pain and suffering a third time. Thanks in advance!


    1. Thanks for the well wishes =)

      I would run Saria, Wukong, Venus (with an inherit), and I guess another Saria. APollo isnt ideal as he requires another orb changer to be successful


  17. Quick question how to fill the last slot on my eventual myr team
    I plan on running wukong/dqxq(Ty last fest)/apoc as my core but I don’t know what to use for last slot as I lack lakechi for last slot. Would A Apollo or Venus with a Saria/Apollo inherit work better?
    Thanks and sorry it’s a bit long.


    1. I like Venus with Saria inherited as she has superior stats and awakenings.

      Thus, your team would be Myr, WK, DQXQ, Apoc, Venus with Saria inherit

      That team has great burst potential along with beefy subs. What do you plan to inherit on Myr?

      PS I dislike Apollo for harder content as his active requires a second one to proc LS and is less efficient than a Apoc/DQXQ etc


      1. I don’t have many options tbh. Mostly shields like raph, bind clear, and second wukong who is probably going to be skill delay protection on the first.


  18. Myr Master, I beseech you. As you hold Myr nearer to your heart than is legally advisable, I thought I’d ask your opinion on team building (I’m sure you never get tired of these). I had been so focused on just finishing skilling, evolving, maxing, inheriting Myr herself that I kind of ignored what her final composition would look like. I am blessed with a developed light box, and have a good idea in mind of using Wedding Gadius, ADQXQ, Wukong, and probably Venus because pink is the new white. I’m not sure about the last slot. I have some decent row subs left (Apocalypse, dupe dqxq/wukong, saria, a max skilled baal, though he seems redundant) but I also have TPA subs – Ariel, wedding Satsuki, and bae Kanna. It should be noted I was blessed with several handsome wedding akechi, and have no problem using them as backpacks on any of the aforementioned waifu/demon lords/dragon things. Is it worth throwing a kanna on there to punch through high defense targets (note: it is a dragon/god team)? Or do you think that isn’t really necessary? I’m new to the world of Myr, and never thought her multiplier was that impressive, so maybe having a TPA sub would prevent having to blow an active?

    Thanks for taking the time to read, and thanks for providing feedback and excellent content 🙂

    P.S.: I’m 100% sure you will write a post on this when it hits NA, but do you have any idea on if you’ll be changing your inherits around when stat bonuses become a thing?


    1. The type of Myr team you build will be based on your goals for her. A row centric team provides more consistent / stable damage and is better suited for a3 as you have to deal with absorption bosses as tpa cards hit for dramatically different values.

      With that being said, tpa is easier to use as it requires less orbs and spacial management.

      Row Myr can use wk, dqxq, wedding gadius (apoc inherit) , and Venus with saria inherit

      Regardless of which path you choose, inherit wedding akechi onto Myr as it is quite rare and the most desirable active available


  19. Well, my quest for a max-skilled best girl Myr continues. 12 runs of the dungeon and only 1 skill-up during a 4x event so far. With the recent 5x GFE also having taken a rather steamy dump on me and baby Tamadras being finicky, I’m beginning to think RNGesus has abandoned me.

    At any rate, all I have left to do to fully evo her is find 5 tiny yellow masks to reincarnate Verche, so I’m starting to look into team building and well…I don’t have all the optimal pieces, but I have goodies. Wukong blessed me with his presence some time ago, so there’s that, but my other notable options are:

    Literally any Amaterasu (I have all 3 versions of her)
    Valkyrie Rose
    Ana Valk
    Moogle (kupo!)
    Rei Sirius
    Wee Jas
    Chibi DQXQ
    Beach Fuu
    Cyberbeast Leonis
    Non-evo’d Seraphis
    Dragon Rider Arthur



    1. Well I hope your luck does turn around! It is never fun battling poor skill up luck =(

      As for your team composition, you should run Wukong, Saria x2, and Apocalypse. Those would be your best cards available, but you do not have an inherit for your Myr along with no 2/3 board changer combo.

      To gain an inherit, you could swap out 1 Saria for either Moogle or Wee Jas and inherit her onto Myr. Conversely, you can farm up an Elia and use her to combo with Apocalypse.

      You should try and pair with a Myr friend who has either DQXQ or Wedding Akechi for the 2/3 combo


      1. Thanks! I recently discovered that I actually can farm Ultimate God Rush pretty reliably even with my sub-par Kaede team so I will probably try and some point to get some skill-ups for my Elia, once I finish with Myr that is. Hopefully next big Godfest I can pull some better subs/inherits for Myr and get them all skilled up. You know, before the eventual heat death of the universe.


  20. My luck came back around, and my Myr already has 9 skill-ups and several pluses thanks to the coin dungeon and the 4x chance bonus. Also, when I went to run Sonia Gran this morning (in hopes of grabbing a light jewel for big Sandalphon) Sakuya was the very first spawn. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!


  21. Hi! I currently only have Adqxq in your list of top subs, and plan to run 2 sarias as well as asakuya just for the bind clear, is it worth it to work on this myr team? or should I wait until I have better subs to inherit saria’s active onto?


    1. Presently speaking, what other high end teams do you own? If Myr (with less than perfect subs) has the potential to clear more content, it is worth working on.

      Just try and pair with a Wedding Akechi inherit friend =)


      1. I run Dsakuya (waiting for that 400x though), with hypermaxed: Sakuya-Dkali/Ayomi/Ayomi/Dzanami. I run Ranubis with the same subs as my sakuya team,.
        For farming i have vishnu-meimei/zgl/verdandi/liubei. Also planning to build a R.lucifer team with anubis/loki/akechi/perseph
        For heartcross I have Anaphon-dkali/yomidra/Dakechi/Oku.


        1. OF all the listed teams, I would say Myr is still your best option in terms of consistency in clearing end game content.The only weak sub is Sakuya, but still has modest value for her gravity/bind clear

          Sakuya tends to lack consistency as it is hard for her to hit both combos and rainbows all the time (at this point, you are better with Anubis)


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