[Videos] Miru/Myr Descended Clears


Miru/Myr Descended is going live tonight at 7pm and is one of the most anticipated debuts in recent memory. I thoroughly analyze her team building and review her in a previous post HERE that I strongly encourage you to have a read over if you have not done so already. However, I never discussed how to actually farm her challenging descend and I plan to post my various clears as I upload them so this post will be a work in progress for the first few days.

Successful clears

I will post my Fantastic clears as they are uploaded so check back on a regular basis =)

I plan on using Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ, Blue Sonia Blue Sonia, and Dark Metatron dtron.

Mythic Plus with DQXQ

My fastest and most consistent team and comes with a Fantastic strategy for dealing with all the various mechanics. One big advantage is all the cards are max level by the end of the dungeon.

Awoken DQXQ vs Miru

Legend Plus with Dark Metatron

Dtron team

Mythic Plus with Blue Sonia:

Blonia vs Miru

Just for fun, Myr VS Mythic Plus Myr

Myr optimized board

Myr vs Myr burst

JP Clears

These videos should provide some inspiration on how tackle Myr Descended. You can do your own research by using the search term 時界龍 超絶地獄級

Farming Mythic Plus is incredibly challenging and if your main goal is skilling up Miru, it may be wise to simply farm Legend Plus.

Legend Plus Liu Bei A Liu Bei / Dios Squad:
Mythic Plus Xiu Min Xiu Min
 Mythic Plus Liu Bei A Liu Bei / Dios Squad:
Mythic Plus Machine Hera

9 thoughts on “[Videos] Miru/Myr Descended Clears”

    1. Myr is quite a challenging descend and may be quite difficult for your rank. You have the potential to make a I&I/Ryune team that would be reasonably safe, but still a huge challenge as you lack plus eggs. Have you tried any of the other Rogue descends? Myr is significantly harder than Zaerog Infinity.

      As for a DQXQ team, you can bring Awoken Susano/Bride Izanami for shield, Wukong, Raphael, Awoken Apollo

      Other option would be Awoken Lucifer, but you don’t have many subs outside of Awoken Haku.

      I would wait til you are stronger as it is a very challenging descend and all my teams are full +297 and max skill


        1. Your DQXQ team has the most promise (subs listed above) and will carry you the furthest imo

          I&I can clear lots of content, but is significantly slower to use. Lucifer team is missing too many subs to be effective enough


  1. Have you ever tried Myr solo? I’m not a fan of coop, so I looked at a few videos online with APandora and AALucifer, but not sure my box is strong enough to handle it.


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