[Videos] Myr VS Zaerog Infinity


A Mantastic and Fantastic clear of Zaerog Infinity using my brand new Myr Miru who I painfully skilled up over the weekend. If you wish to watch my various clears using Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ, Blue Sonia Blue Sonia, and Dark Metatron dtron, please check out my previous post HERE. For more about team building Myr, please read my full analysis HERE.


The most amazing part of the heart-cross leaders is the ability to have your damage multiplier carry over on a sweep if there is no preemptive. This allows you to have a fantastic multiplier and easily clear trash floors along with speeding up your clears.

I still need more practice forming heart crosses; however, I am liking her playstyle and look forward to clearing more content with Myr.

Happy Puzzling!


4 thoughts on “[Videos] Myr VS Zaerog Infinity”

  1. If you pick up an orb and don’t move it during the Myr active you will be able to let go once it is done and take a normal turn.


      1. Not my comment but, you can negate “change the world” actives by simply tap and holding an orb withiut moving it and timing out the duration of the effect. It’s so you can use Myr’s active only for the heart orbs


        1. Okay thank you for telling me that! I had several other people tell me, but it was always vague and I never actually held the orb for the whole duration.

          Thanks again for the Myraculous tip =D


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