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[Video] Super Godfest Rolling!

As soon as Super Godfest went live, i streamed all my rolls on my Twitch Twitch stream but also uploaded all of my rolls onto YT YouTube along with a rolling progression tracker.


Let me know who you managed to roll in the comments below and whether or not this was a Super Godfest for you too.

Happy Puzzling!

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Heart Cross Matching Guide


I have been playing Myr Miru since her release and is my go-to leader for end game content provided I do not need to hit outrageous damage on a regular basis. As such, I have a strong understanding of how to form heart crosses along with the strategies used to successfully clear various dungeons. Thus, I wish to take this opportunity to share my thought process when trying to form heart crosses while matching offensive orbs in conjunction. As with any combo/matching guide, everyone’s approach may vary and while my methods are successful for me, they may not be always work for you. In addition, all of my heart cross experience comes from Myr as the only other leader I own is Anaphon Cross Typhon who has no sub support.

I highly encourage you to check out my Cascading Combo Guide as I will be referencing strategies outlined there. I also regularly broadcast my Arena 3 clears on my Twitch Channel and it is a great way to see my gameplay and thought process live.

Video commentary

A written guide is great, but it may also help to see the video guide that goes alongside this article as you can see the heart crosses matched in real time.

What is a heart cross?

The heart cross mechanic is currently the strongest ability in Puzzle and Dragons as it combines a survivability and offensive component when matching exactly 5 heart orbs in a cross formation. This allows you to survive gravity/percent based attacks along with having the ability to deal spectacular damage. This has proven to be amazingly powerful as you combine the ability to stall along with burst potential provided you have at least 5 heart orbs present on the board.

Acceptable heart crosses

The following images will show you the acceptable patterns for forming a heart cross. You can only match exactly 5 heart orbs to trigger your leader skill and will have a shielding animation pop up on screen if done successfully.


shield-animation Continue reading Heart Cross Matching Guide

[Video] Special Descend Rush – Annihilation vs Sarasvati


Version 9.4.2 has been released and one of the wonderful additions was Descend Challenges/Quests. Completing these will allow you to access various rushes via multiplayer on a permanent basis. These can be cleared again for an additional stone along with having easy access to these lucrative dungeons. I decided to take my Sarasvati 3069 team for a spin in Special Descend Rush – Annihilation due to the easy access to delay cards, ability to override skyfalls, ability to avoid the final floor binds, and being able to deal spectacular damage with a single active.

Video clear

Team I used

I did not use any inherits and latents are largely irrelevant for Sarasvati in this setting. Everyone is max skill and +297.

3069 Bankai Andro BL Hermes Ryune Blue Sonia 3069
Blue Sonia Mori Motanari Awoken Oorochi A Sun Quan

One nice benefit of using Sarasvati is the lower team cost on herself and the non-GFE subs as they are able to level up significantly faster which can greatly aid in the later floors, especially Linthia. I also forgot how to dual-colour combo solve for some strange reason.

In all honesty, that run could have been significantly smoother and I am confident I could min-max it better to reduce the level of risk as there are no surprises as each floor is a fixed spawn (unlike Arena).


Special Descend Rush – Annihilation is an exciting, albeit challenging dungeon to clear. It is not feasible to run on a regular basis as the drop rate is depressingly low; however, some people may wish to repeatedly play for the massive rank experience it rewards upon completion.


I dearly hope I can hold all of these drops with the 80 additional box space 😉

Happy Puzzling!

How to Cascade Better: A Mantastic Guide


Many people have asked me to make a combo/orb matching guide and your voices have been heard! Perhaps this will be the first in a series of videos dedicated to orb matching techniques. I am well aware that other notable community members have created helpful videos and I wish to try and something different by incorporating both a written and video guide to help convey my thoughts.

Just keep in mind that every player has their own orb matching playstyle and my techniques are based from my own experience and opinions. There are many ways to tackle a board and I simply wish to share my own knowledge to hopefully improve your own puzzling skills.

Video guide

As this is a guide on how to improve your matching skills, a large component will be done via video format but I will do my best to incorporate screenshots below for the various techniques I wish to highlight.

What are Cascades?

Cascade is a term used to describe a type of orb match in which you remove a different set of orbs to cause others to fall into place to trigger an additional combo. This differs from Skyfalls as these are planned matches that you manufacture from careful planning. Skyfalls occur by luck (although you can “help” them along) as new orb(s) fall into place to trigger additional combo(s). I categorize Cascades into three categories:

  • Line
  • Staircase
  • Elevator

A skilled player will utilize these formations to varying degrees and although you may not be able to use all of them every turn, it is wise to at least be aware of how they work and incorporate them as needed.

These will take time to master and you may wish to spend time in Endless Corridors practicing until they become second nature.

Why are Cascades important?

Cascades are used to help form matches that Continue reading How to Cascade Better: A Mantastic Guide

[Videos] Clearing Challenge 8, 9, & 10 with a variety of teams


I managed to stream for a brief period today and was able to successfully clear Challenge 8, 9, and 10 with a variety of teams. I tend to blink a lot and may not be able to see the orbs with the same clarity as I usually do, but hopefully my Mantastic skills pull through in the end!

Challenge 10 vs Sarasvati

Definitely not overkill on Kali….

Challenge 9 vs Blue Sonia

Another Splashing success!


Challenge 8 vs Dark Metatron

Hit me harder


Playing with one eye is a lot harder than it looks. Eye hope eye am back to normal shortly.

Happy Puzzling!

[Videos] Myr VS Zaerog Infinity


A Mantastic and Fantastic clear of Zaerog Infinity using my brand new Myr Miru who I painfully skilled up over the weekend. If you wish to watch my various clears using Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ, Blue Sonia Blue Sonia, and Dark Metatron dtron, please check out my previous post HERE. For more about team building Myr, please read my full analysis HERE.


The most amazing part of the heart-cross leaders is the ability to have your damage multiplier carry over on a sweep if there is no preemptive. This allows you to have a fantastic multiplier and easily clear trash floors along with speeding up your clears.

I still need more practice forming heart crosses; however, I am liking her playstyle and look forward to clearing more content with Myr.

Happy Puzzling!

[Videos] Challenge 10 & 9: A Mantastic & Fantastic Coop Spectacular


This round of Challenge Dungeons came with a wide array of challenging spawns along with problematic mechanics that require careful planning to overcome. All the videos were lifted from my Twitch stream (which you can catch every Monday and Thursday at https://www.twitch.tv/mantasticpad) so excuse the lack of editing. Blue Sonia Blue Sonia is an Fantastic leader due to her high burst potential, wonderful damage control, and insane recovery. Due to the music being played on stream, some countries may not be able to view them on YouTube; however, you can simply re-watch the past broadcast on Twitch =)

Challenge 10

Challenge 10 had a wide array of troublesome spawns that required you to have damage control, bind clearing, and high burst damage to succeed. I made a nearly lethal error on the second floor as I misread that he will bind all monsters for 4 turns on his first attack. Lesson learned: carefully read all the dungeon mechanics!

Blue Sonia BL Hermes Bankai Andro Ryune I&I Blue Sonia
Blue Sonia BL Hermes Awoken Oorochi Blodin BL Hermes Blue Sonia

I used B/L Hermes BL Hermes as a base for inheriting Awoken Sakuya Sakuya to remove the preemptive dark binds from Nordis. Normally having a card that is not bind immune inherit a bind clear is risky; however, Nordis will only bind dark monsters so I was safe.

Hermes Inherit
I eventually broke the transfer

Aside from the miscalculation on the second floor, everything went according to plan and just goes to show the power of Blue Sonia when it comes to stalling.

CH10 kill shot
Nordis got wet

Challenge 9

Challenge 9 should have been renamed “How to Kill Ilsix” as the other floors were relatively straight forward by comparison. I chose to use Blue Sonia due to her amazing recovery and her ability to easily handle Ilsix at the end. Continue reading [Videos] Challenge 10 & 9: A Mantastic & Fantastic Coop Spectacular

[Video] Awoken DQXQ VS Mythic Plus Linthia Descended


Keeping with the trend of being able to record quality videos, I decided to showcase how I have been farming Mythic Plus Linthia Descended for the Dubmythlits (who never drop in Friday dungeon), 500 Monster Points via the PreDRAs Fire PreDRA, plus eggs (when 10x), rank experience, and the boss drop, and Linthia Linthia. Linthia Descended is normally a challenging encounter as she preemptively disables your awoken skills for 5 turns and hits incredibly hard. I used to farm her with my Blue Sonia Blue Sonia team; however, I transitioned over to Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ due to higher damage and no type restriction.


Please ignore the brief interruption at the end as my visiting Dad is overzealous and impatient to be let inside….


With any Mythic Plus Rogue Descend, you need to have a reliable way to deal with the PreDRAs Fire PreDRA and for Linthia, you should bring a delay to help handle the preemptive awakenings bind. For myself, I like to not use my delay on the first turn and instead use a shield/damage mitigation to stall out a few turns to give myself a large room for error in case I do not one shot the final boss.

When dealing with the PreDRAs, you should try to have the opposite player sweep the previous floor to ensure the correct player takes their turn to eliminate them without wasting a pass turn.

In an ideal world, I would like to use Awoken Apollo Awoken Apollo to override the wood skyfall, but sometimes it is not always possible.

smax Linthia
Collateral benefits of farming for Dubmythlits =)


Hopefully this video is informative and provides some inspiration on how to tackle Linthia Descended along with using an Awoken DQXQ team.

Happy Puzzling!

[Video] How I am using Skill Inheritance and Examples


Now that I am able to record pretty videos without horrible audio, I decided to share my thoughts and strategies of how I have been using Skill Inheritance on Mantastic. As I have repeatedly stated, you do not need to use Skill Inheritance on every single monster. You only need to use Skill Inheritance when you wish to upgrade an existing active skill, protect yourself against skill delays, or to use a certain sub who has favourable awakenings/stats and in need of a different active to counter a specific dungeon mechanic. I strongly encourage you to read my Skill Inheritance Basics and Advanced Strategies post.

Video with examples

Explanation of the video

Sometimes videos go too slow or fast, so here is a full recap of all the examples and rationale for my Skill Inheritance choices. Continue reading [Video] How I am using Skill Inheritance and Examples

[Video] Zaerog Infinity VS Mythical Plus Nordis Descended


I have been tirelessly tinkering away with perfecting my streaming capabilities and also have the capability to record my gameplay as a means to showcase various dungeon clears. Mythical Plus Nordis Descended is a reasonably challenging Rogue descend .I decided to use my Zaerog Infinity Z8 team as it is quite fun and exciting to play and hopefully showcases a different playstyle that is seldom seen. Playing the various Rogue Descends is also how I have been able to farm nearly 200k Monster Points per account due to the annoying PreDRAs Fire PreDRA that appear.


Hooray for good audio and a face that’s made for radio =D

It is somewhat challenging to narrate and play at the same time so I hope to improve in my future videos.

Team used

Nordis clear team

Z8 Yomi Dragon Bankai Pandora Oku Blodin Z8

Z8 Yomi Dragon Diza Awoken Pandora Awoken Persephone Z8

The team is primarily composed of orb changers with a modest emphasis on heart/dark generation. This is to help deal with the preemptive dark bind on the final floor due to the recover bind Bind Clear awakening awakening. Blue Odin Blodin is used on many of my other teams and has Awoken Ra Ra inherited to deal with the PreDRAs. Dark Izanami Diza is mostly for insurance against Nordis in his final form.

I have plenty of actives and the full +297 grants me a modest room for error and stalling.


I hope to continue producing videos like these and any feedback is greatly appreciated on how to improve is greatly appreciated.

Happy Puzzling!