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[Videos] Clearing Challenge 8, 9, & 10 with a variety of teams


I managed to stream for a brief period today and was able to successfully clear Challenge 8, 9, and 10 with a variety of teams. I tend to blink a lot and may not be able to see the orbs with the same clarity as I usually do, but hopefully my Mantastic skills pull through in the end!

Challenge 10 vs Sarasvati

Definitely not overkill on Kali….

Challenge 9 vs Blue Sonia

Another Splashing success!


Challenge 8 vs Dark Metatron

Hit me harder


Playing with one eye is a lot harder than it looks. Eye hope eye am back to normal shortly.

Happy Puzzling!

Challenge Dungeon 19 – Level 10 Clear

With a week to go for this challenge dungeon set, I felt it would be helpful to post my level 10 clear to hopefully aide those who are still struggling. The dungeon is quite unforgiving in terms of the sheer HP of the bosses along with near lethal attacks and large pre-emptive strikes. In addition, the enhanced skyfall for jammer orbs play havoc with orb management and required 2 Light Kalis Kali for board refreshes. Continue reading Challenge Dungeon 19 РLevel 10 Clear