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[Video] Challenge Dungeons 23, Level 10 Zero Stone and Commentary

Challenge Dungeons 23 features 7×6 boards and was one of the easier challenges to date. We now have access to amazingly powerful monsters, an unlimited stalling potential second floor (through Parvati), and a delay-able final boss for Challenge 10.

I cleared Ch10 with both my accounts and was able to record a Fantastic clear with truly exciting gameplay….because I omitted the 99 turns I waited out on the second floor. Both accounts used all their actives to burst the first floor as you can endlessly stall on the second floor.

 Fantastic’s team:
Yomi Dragon Haku Pandora Diza Oku Yomi Dragon
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Challenge 9-No Awoken Clear

This had to be one of the most frustrating challenge 9‘s of late due to the no awoken skills restriction. I guess as compensation, we get to play on a 7×6 board, but without the lovely time extends, it is difficult to take full advantage. Thus I was left with a bit of a conundrum as how to safely approach and clear this dungeon. My usual Sakuya Sakuya team may struggle to make sufficient combos along with not having access to my actives for many turns and the final 2 floors reducing light damage by 50%. As such, I decided to take a different approach and dusted off my Awoken Leilan Awoken Leilan .

Awoken Leilan can reach 12.25x damage when matching fire, wood, and light orbs. This may not seem like much; however, Continue reading Challenge 9-No Awoken Clear

[Video] Ultimate Dragon Rush vs Umisachi & Yamasachi

I tried to put the Rush in Ultimate Dragon Rush by using my Wonder Boys of Umisachi & Yamasachi U&Y team. This was one of the first times I took my newly hypermaxed Famiel Famiel who has an impressive 3 two prong attack TPA awakenings. I will just say the damage she was able to hit was mind blowing. My other subs were Oku Oku , Sun Quan Sun Quan , and Awoken Isis Isis .

U&Y team.jpg
Nearly hypermaxed!

P.S. I almost got recording for Mantastic to work so it may not be long until I can make videos of different clears =)

Happy Puzzling!

Volsung Descended Clear!

Volsung Descended went live this afternoon and I was eager to push my puzzling skills to their limit. The dungeon has a similar layout to Zaerog Infinity in that the first few floors are freebies that give you a chance to level up your monsters a bit. However, Volsung is significantly harder and I place it on par with Scarlet Descended as the final boss is much more difficult to deal with unless you bring a delay or poison as he lacks a status shield. Continue reading Volsung Descended Clear!

Challenge Dungeon 19 – Level 9 Cleared

Normally Level 9 is quite straight forward; however, the inclusion of Ilsix Ilsix as the boss floor with his 30% resolve provides an awkward challenge to overcome. In addition, the 6th floor has 50% wood and light resistance and would make my Awoken Sakuya Sakuya hard pressed to deal 10 million damage while attempting to survive 20k hits or a 27k execute. With all these factors in mind, I decided to use my new Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon team as dark damage is most favourable for the dungeon along with rapid access to haste and shields to allow for easy stalling and safe clears on every floor. Continue reading Challenge Dungeon 19 – Level 9 Cleared

Challenge Dungeon 19 – Level 10 Clear

With a week to go for this challenge dungeon set, I felt it would be helpful to post my level 10 clear to hopefully aide those who are still struggling. The dungeon is quite unforgiving in terms of the sheer HP of the bosses along with near lethal attacks and large pre-emptive strikes. In addition, the enhanced skyfall for jammer orbs play havoc with orb management and required 2 Light Kalis Kali for board refreshes. Continue reading Challenge Dungeon 19 – Level 10 Clear