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Which Monster Point Card to Buy – November 2017


The Monster Point currency system was designed to help alleviate the frustration of rolling duplicate cards as they could then be sold off for a varying amount of Monster Points. As a result, players could save up over time along with farming Rogue dungeons to purchase a powerful monster.

However, each purchase requires a sizable amount of Monster Points and you do not wish to have your card become outdated via Powercreep.

This article will take a look at all the current Monster Point cards along with how they fit in the meta and their potency moving forward.

Video commentary

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JP server

The JP server in Puzzle and Dragons is approximately 2-3 months ahead of NA/EU in terms of released content. Thus, we are able to “see the future” by following the news stream from JP. As a result, we are able to better position ourselves in terms of future purchase decisions and evolution material farming.

With this in mind, I will be using any knowledge currently available in JP for the purpose of this article and my recommendations.

What is in the meta now

Presently speaking, the current PAD meta revolves around two distinct playstyles: combos/7×6 and bi-combo teams. Both these styles are able to achieve amazing levels of damage while being able to capitalize on the most powerful awakenings. Continue reading Which Monster Point Card to Buy – November 2017

How to Research and Plan for a Dungeon – Puzzledragonsx & PadGuide


Like you favourite monsters, dungeons are evolving in complexity and difficulty. Forgone are the days of simply having to survive a single 8,000 damage hit and instead it almost feels like you have to have an advanced degree in Puzzle and Dragons to decipher or interpret the dungeon at hand. Thankfully, we have access to two great resources and this post will focus not only on how to understand and comprehend the information presented, but how to also theory craft counters to each mechanic.


I plan to do a subsequent post that will teach you how to intelligently build a team that will use topics discussed in this article so stay tuned.

This article will focus on how to overcome various hurdles presented in a dungeon along with a specific example of the current One Shot Challenge and subsequent video clear with Yomi Dragon 3266.

Video commentary

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Yomi Dragon clear of One Shot Challenge 9

Puzzledragonsx & PadGuide

The two best database resources available to English PAD players are http://www.puzzledragonx.com/ (padx) and the mobile app PadGuide. Both these tools provide the same kind of information and which you choose to use will be mostly based on personal preference. For myself, I prefer using padx for dungeon research and PadGuide for monsters/evolutions etc. Continue reading How to Research and Plan for a Dungeon – Puzzledragonsx & PadGuide

My Monster Point Situation and what I am Doing


The “hot” topic of the month is Monster Point cards and which one to buy. I created a helpful reference guide and tier list (which can be found HERE and generally speaking, you can simply go down the tier list until you find a card that best fits your box); however, I felt that showcasing what I am doing along with my rationale behind my decision may be beneficial for people to see.

I want to stress that my decisions are the best for myself and my own situation and may not apply to everyone. What you should try and take away from here is the thought process behind the decisions and try to see if you undergo a similar method for coming to your own conclusions.

Video commentary

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My purchase history

When Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon was first released, she caused quite a stir as she was one of the most universally accessible and powerful leaders at the time along with providing wonderful utility as a sub. As such, I decided to make the investment as I had a modestly diverse dark box and the potential to clear more content with her. You could read more about my initial purchase from a year ago HERE. Continue reading My Monster Point Situation and what I am Doing

Monster Point Cards Tier List – A Revised Look and Overview

Just because you have 300,000 MP, it does not mean you MUST buy a card now. Plan it out and wait if lacking any ideal option


As part of the large event extravaganza in NA and EU, we will be receiving 390,000 Monster Points over the next few months. For many players, this will their first time passing the 300,000 mark which is required to purchase a card and many will be eager to take the plunge. Conversely, this additional 390,000 may put some players dangerously close to the cap of 999,999 (why is there a cap, I do not understand) and may preemptively force some player’s hands. However, just note that the MP is stored in your mailbox so you don’t actually need to open and cap.

As such, this article will review all the MP cards available (excluding seasonals) to help you better understand their value, if your box can support them, and how they rank against each other.

Video commentary

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Ranking the MP cards

It is important to understand how the MP cards stack up against each other as it is my belief that these cards should dramatically improve your monster box and help you progress into the next tier of content.

The following chart ranks the MP cards against each other and takes into consideration their highest evolution and new buffs announced with the JP 5 year stream. I am also working under the presumption you have access to the ideal or as close to the ideal team as possible. Just because the card has strong potential, you need the subs to back them up as they will flop otherwise. The MP cards should also help push you further into end game content and should differ from the type of team you currently have. I will go into more detail further down explaining their uses and value.

To reiterate, this list may be subjective and you should make sure you actually have the cards to support their purchase.

MP Cards Tier List – February 20/2017
download download download 3265 3193
download download 3266
download 3264 Ragnarok 3262
2558736037bba11c264e4086f62b8246_clipart-question-mark-question-mark-clipart-nature_2400-2400 3263 Xiu Min Xin Hua
x You Yu Xiang Mei

Explanation and justification for each card

While a tier list is helpful for a quick reference, it is best to understand why the cards are ranked as they are. Continue reading Monster Point Cards Tier List – A Revised Look and Overview

JP Stream Changes & New Evolutions Review


I normally do not provide much thoughts on future JP news as it does not apply to NA for usually 1-2 months. However, the most recent JP stream showcased numerous new evolutions, quality of life changes, and new game mechanics. I wish to take the time to review all of the new things coming to Puzzle and Dragons.

The Final Fantasy buffs will be covered in a separate post and the review will be updated accordingly. I will be reviewing Bleach whenever it is scheduled to come to NA.

Video commentary

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Skill Inheritance changes

Puzzle and Dragons is by nature a grind-oriented game. However, there is fun grinding and there is tedious grinding. GungHo is doing their best to cut down on the more boring aspects so you can focus your stamina playing fun content.

Skill Inheritance has been a well received mechanic and it has given viability for cards that had lackluster bodies and powerful actives. Unfortunately, the process is somewhat costly to perform as each transfer costs 2 million coins and requires 4 tans. The coins were usually not too much of an issue, but collecting the right colour tans is mostly a stamina sink/loss as the dungeon is not fun to play and is more of a chore than pleasure. Continue reading JP Stream Changes & New Evolutions Review

[Video] Wadatsumi Top 2% Score


I managed to record my top 2% ranking score by using Sumire Ult Sumire paired with You Yu You Yu. I am not sure if I will be able to achieve a top 1% score this time, but this was one of my first few attempts and do have room for improvement.


I could min-max better, but this is still a solid performance:

Mantastic Wada

Points to improve upon

When using You Yu as either your friend or your own leader, you need to keep in mind his Balance Killer Balance killer awakening and how he will deal 3x damage to the final boss. Furthermore, you are forced to combo on Wadatsumi any way. Thus, you should be trying to hit the damage cap there instead of on floors with the fire bosses. As such, you can then sweep the easier floors with fewer combos/actives and improve your speed. I decided to swap out my plus-less Skuld for my +297 I&I I&I to provide 2x damage and assist in hitting the 40 million required.

Fantastic Score

I decided to use Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon for Fantastic due to a less ideal Sumire / You Yu pairing. Furthermore, Fantastic has an Eschamali Eschamali and Goetia Goetia for the numerous dark orb enhances. 36x ATK is still respectable, but it requires more effort to hit the damage cap and I brought Oku Oku to ensure I could hit 40 million on the second floor as I lack a Haku Haku / Akechi Akechi combo.

Fantastic Wada

That was perhaps a bit too much damage and it did cost me additional time.


5 orb, 1 enhance reigns supreme in this ranking tournament due to the removal of Shiva Dragon Shiva D and the fire absorption. I am uncertain if I could achieve another crown this time around as the lack of consistency for both teams hinders my performance. Sometimes I wish I had bought You Yu just for easy ranking crowns.

Let me know what you are using and how well you are scoring.

Happy Puzzling!

Wadatsumi Ranking Tournament Strategies and Planning


Wadatsumi Tournament is the next installment in the ranking dungeon series and offers players a chance to acquire 10,000 Monster Points and various coloured Py. The goal of these tournaments is to “test” our skill by imposing a scoring system to determine your percentile ranking. We may not be chasing gold medals and the podium in Rio, but we are still champions and some of us will even walk away with a shiny new hat.

In these ranking dungeons, we are scored based on 3 criteria:

  1. Average combos made: 5,000 points per combo
  2. Time Remaining: 500 points per second remaining
  3. Maximum damage: up to 10,000 points if you hit 40 million.

Sidenote, I have the best Photoshop skills.

Dungeon overview

 Floor  Monster HP Comments
 1 828

2,319 preemptive

All orbs go dark preemptive
 2 1103 522,847 -1 second to move orbs for 5 turns
 3 897 647,400
 4 1090 2,570,174 **10 turn Fire absorb!**
 5 890 1,495,573 3,536 preemptive
Question Orb Arrow Jammer
 6 975 1,715,047 9,086 preemptive
Question Orb Arrow Heart
 7 1961 2,867,566 6,516  preemptive
8 1307 2,349,173 Must make 5 or more combos

Total preemptive damage: 21,457
Do not use a fire team

Dungeon summary

  • 8 floors favours speed over combos
  • All floors have a significant amount of health (cannot button) but can 1 combo kill with certain teams
  • No floor has over 3 million HP
  • Fire absorb means no fire teams.
  • Water teams have no typing disadvantage
  • No Predras Fire PreDRA
  • 5 turn actives can be used more than once
  • Total preemptive damage: 21,457. Please make sure you heal enough

Continue reading Wadatsumi Ranking Tournament Strategies and Planning