Wadatsumi Ranking Tournament Strategies and Planning


Wadatsumi Tournament is the next installment in the ranking dungeon series and offers players a chance to acquire 10,000 Monster Points and various coloured Py. The goal of these tournaments is to “test” our skill by imposing a scoring system to determine your percentile ranking. We may not be chasing gold medals and the podium in Rio, but we are still champions and some of us will even walk away with a shiny new hat.

In these ranking dungeons, we are scored based on 3 criteria:

  1. Average combos made: 5,000 points per combo
  2. Time Remaining: 500 points per second remaining
  3. Maximum damage: up to 10,000 points if you hit 40 million.

Sidenote, I have the best Photoshop skills.

Dungeon overview

 Floor  Monster HP Comments
 1 828

2,319 preemptive

All orbs go dark preemptive
 2 1103 522,847 -1 second to move orbs for 5 turns
 3 897 647,400
 4 1090 2,570,174 **10 turn Fire absorb!**
 5 890 1,495,573 3,536 preemptive
Question Orb Arrow Jammer
 6 975 1,715,047 9,086 preemptive
Question Orb Arrow Heart
 7 1961 2,867,566 6,516  preemptive
8 1307 2,349,173 Must make 5 or more combos

Total preemptive damage: 21,457
Do not use a fire team

Dungeon summary

  • 8 floors favours speed over combos
  • All floors have a significant amount of health (cannot button) but can 1 combo kill with certain teams
  • No floor has over 3 million HP
  • Fire absorb means no fire teams.
  • Water teams have no typing disadvantage
  • No Predras Fire PreDRA
  • 5 turn actives can be used more than once
  • Total preemptive damage: 21,457. Please make sure you heal enough

JP Top 10 Scores

The sea of Yomi Dragons Yomi Dragon will most likely be drowned out by the wave of You Yu You Yu users who are, once again, well positioned to excel in this ranking tournament. JP did not have access to You Yu so this information may be misleading along with the various scores form the JP YouTube clears. Link to the website and official rankings can be found HERE.

Wada top 10

Example Yomi Dragon clear

Christmas Haku is strongly favoured due to the numerous dark enhanced orbs and no haste animation (which does slow you down). You try to hit damage cap on the second floor due to the light typing and heavily invested teams can one combo-sweep floors. 116,404 points:

Alternative leader pairings include Castor Castor and Hamal Hamal, just be aware of your lower damage output.

Who can I use in lieu of Yomi Dragon?

Yomi Dragon is an exceptional leader when you have sufficient dark orb enhance Dark Orb Enhance awakenings as you can simply do a 5o1e match and sweep a floor with your 36x ATK. However, with the earlier release of You Yu You Yu (compared to JP and this ranking tournament), players will have an even stronger leader to use who will be able to hit the damage cap with ease by comparison. This will also reflect  differently for the various percentile scoring as players will have a significantly higher score due to You Yu.

First off, we need to find leaders who can deal a reliable amount of damage on a regular basis. Thus, we need to find leader skills that are able to achieve a high multiplier without actives as each active will waste additional time. We also want teams that can get close or hit the 40 million damage cap for 10,000 additional points. Many leaders will probably need to bring a damage enhance for this tournament.

This will most likely not be an exhaustive list and I encourage you to pitch in your own ideas.

Other leads:

You Yu You Yu

Armpit Man will be another splashing success for this ranking tournament. He has perhaps the greatest damage output in the game and can achieve 25x ATK with a single 5o1e combo. This damage only climbs exponentially with additional water combos so you will have no problem hitting the damage cap. Simply load up on orb changers and burst away. Players who do not own You Yu can use Sumire Ult Sumire, Sarasvati Sarasvati or Skuld Skuld ult evo as a viable pairing and I actually achieved my second crown by using Skuld with You Yu in the Satan Ranking Tournement. You wish to prioritize enhanced water orb blue + orb awakenings to better emulate the the Yomi Dragon strategy of using a single 5o1e match and no other combos to sweep various floors.

Ra Dragon Ra Dragon

Super Chicken Dragon will always be a powerful contender in ranking tournaments due to his amazing multiplier, high combo count, and fast clears. However, he is a 300,000 MP monster and the speed in which you need to match is quite high for the average player. However, you will have to match like a God to score high in an eight floor dungeon.

Shiva Dragon Shiva D

Shiva Dragon is the king of speed as he offers an unconditional 25x multiplier to fire Gods. However, he will most likely flounder due to the fire absorb. Although, you could technically use subs like Scheat Scheat to Scheat your way through the fire absorb floor. Not very reliable imo.

Dark Metatron dtron

Dark Metatron was my top 1% team for team for Athena Tournament as she provides 29.16x ATK for dark monsters when under 50% HP. You must bring an HP resetting sub such as Durga Durga or Lu Bu Lu Bu to use on the first turn. Thankfully, dual dtron leads provide 6 Skill Boost awakenings to ensure both your HP reset and other actives are ready by turn 1. You will have to be careful managing your health, but you do have several floors to adjust before the preemptives on floor 5. However, we do have access to skill inheritance so we may be able to use Dark Metatron for active usage and free up space for other orb changers.

Lack of examples

I am having a tough time coming up with powerful leaders that should help secure a top 10% ranking as the vast majority of the YouTube searches turn up either a low score, or is just Yomi Dragons (I even went to page 2). It may simply be best to try and piggy back off a friend’s Yomi Dragon or You Yu or use your own unconditional multiplier leader and bring a damage enhance to hit the damage cap (or get as close as you can).

I have been using the search term ワダツミ杯 同キャラ禁止 in case you wish to find more videos for inspiration.

I will be doing recordings of my own runs and posting them onto my YouTube channel as well as my site after the release on Monday.

Points to consider:

Water is good

Water teams have the unique advantage of not having any wood bosses appear in the dungeon. This allows you to deal your full damage along with two floors to pad your damage for the additional 10,000 points.

Do not use a fire team

Due to the 10 turn fire absorb, you should think twice before bringing a fire team unless you are simply going for participation points. A fire lead with different colour subs could work, but that is a lot of effort.

Padding your damage

You should always try to achieve the 40 million damage cap for an additional 10,000 points. You can do so by either bringing a damage enhancement or trying your best to burst down the floor that you deal double damage to. This is the determining factor in our completion as you can only match orbs so fast or achieve a reasonable amount of combos.

Special things to bring:

There are no hard-fast requirements for this Ranking Dungeon as there are no PreDras Fire PreDRA. The preemptive blind on the first floor can be managed through quick memory and you just need to bring orb changers to manage the jammers and heart orb spawn preemptive. Your goal is still to sweep every floor in one turn.

Mantastic & Fantastic’s runs

I plan to record and showcase my successful runs as I am now able to record my screen and I hope to provide both commentary and insight for my own high scores.


For players who are not chasing the top 1% , there are some options you can use to speed through the dungeon. Remember to only use actives when absolutely necessary as it does cost a small amount of precious time to do so, but do not be so stingy as to it costing you an extra turn.

Also, remember to turn off the skill confirmation animations through Others -> Options -> Dungeon -> Skills Off to save a couple extra seconds!

Skill Disable.jpg

Let me know what you plan to use for this ranking dungeon and I will do a follow up post with my results some time after it goes live on Monday.

Happy Puzzling!

15 thoughts on “Wadatsumi Ranking Tournament Strategies and Planning”

  1. Normally, I’d just take my first run when it comes to ranking dungeons. After all, top 20% is basically free. This time, however, I guess I should aim for top 10%. Want to get my worthless SBR badge on day 1.


      1. Fortunately, I’ve got You Yu. As for subs, probably Nut/Skuld/Hermes/Andromeda. Got a good run this morning and I’m currently hovering around the 2% range. Hope it stays below 10% but, I doubt it.


  2. You yu will definitely have no problem getting to the 40 mil max damage, though do you think it would be better to achieve the cap on the chaser/Volcano dragon, or would your Balance killers help out in getting that with Wadatsumi?
    Also want your comment on the teams I plan to use. Thanks! (Subs are definitive, doubt anything else in my box would work/be optimum or optimum subs not present)
    You yu/Skuld/Rukia(no nut)/Scheat/U&Y
    Bench: BSonia, Sumire, Beach Urd, Hatsume (has killers)
    concern: OE requirement (Beach Eschamali lol)
    YomiD/Beach Pandora/A Haku/A Luci/Akechi
    Bench: Anubis, A panda (doesn’t benefit from full multiplier),Oku, Lubu


      1. Killers allow YY to deal 3 his normal damage which is nearly the same amount of damaage when the entire team gains 2x as his base attack is probably the highest of your team. In addition, you have to be making combos on Wadatsumi anyway so your time would be best spent there hitting the damage cap. On the fire floors, you can simply 1 combo sweep to save time.

        Scheat may work against you in this case and Sumire may be more beneficial for their enhanced water orb awakenings (could mean the difference between a 1 combo sweep or 2) along with the skyfall buff working against you as it adds more time.

        Yomi D will probably do worse as YY is faster and you have more orb enhances (as you lack Eschamali) so I would go with YY =)


        1. Thanks but looking at the top 10 for JP, they used Eschamali, which concerns me with using Scheat. I understand the skyfall buff may hinder in terms of time, but it still looks like it’s more beneficial than not


          1. Eschamali is mostly for the 7 orb enhances that allow you to sweep floors with as few combos as required. Scheat only brings TPA (largely unused). If Scheat had orb enhances, she would be on the team


  3. I am so glad I bought my YY hahaha 🙂 On one hand I always feel bad reading the FB comments because everyone’s hating on YY (similar to how everyone hated on ShivaDra with the first few ranking dungeons) but this is my hard-earned nonIAP MP so I can’t feel that bad can I now?

    Most nervous about the first floor blind. Wish I could bring blind dispel awakenings but alas.


    1. You should feel glorious and only let their tears fuel your combos =P

      YY makes your runs both more consistent and score higher. He is the new Shiva Dragon of ranking tournaments


  4. Can you explain why speed is more important than comboing for this ranking dungeon? I thought the top players were the ones who comboed very quickly?


    1. It is very important to go as quickly as possible as there are 8 floors which slows you down. Making combos is helpful, but you have to match them very fast with little thinking and ideally do not take up the full turn timer


    2. The more combos you do, the longer it takes for the combo animation and attack to finish. Since Wadatsumi is already on the longer side (8 floors), the more time you can shave off the better.

      Liked by 1 person

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