Satan Ranking Tournament Strategies and Planning


Satan Tournament is the next installment in the ranking dungeon series and offers players a chance to acqurie 10,000 Monster Points and various coloured Py. The goal of these tournaments is to “test” our skill by imposing a scoring system to determine your percentile ranking.

In these ranking dungeons, we are scored based on 3 criteria:

  1. Average combos made: 5,000 points per combo
  2. Time Remaining: 500 points per second remaining
  3. Maximum damage: up to 10,000 points if you hit 40 million.

Dungeon overview

 Floor  Monster HP Comments
 1  823 1,877,083 -1s move time for 3 turns
 2 1227 4,250,417 +25% water skyfall for 5 turns
 3 772 972,645 3,140 preemptive
 4 1958 3,005,336 8,032 preemptive
 5 650 2,138,454 7,549 preemptive
 6 977 2,478,751 6,572 preemptive
 7 646 6,666,667 6,005  preemptive

Total preemptive damage: 31,298
Water skyfall (de)buff ends on floor 7

Dungeon summary

  • 7 floors that favour a combination of speed and average combos made
  • All floors have a significant amount of health (cannot button)
  • The water skyfall allows for combo-based leaders to shine
  • Water skyfall also favours water-based teams
  • Skyfall buff ends on Satan (floor 7)
  • Wood teams have it “easiest” while fire will struggle in terms of type advantages
  • No Predras Fire PreDRA
  • 5 turn actives can be used more than once
  • Total preemptive damage: 31,298. Please make sure you heal
  • Auto heal awakenings Auto heal can help alleviate the stress of healing as the damage comes over the course of several floors.

JP Top 10 Scores

The +25% skyfall (de)buff from the second floor allows combo-based teams to shine. Furthermore, water teams will have an additional advantage due to the ample presence of water orbs. Link to the top 10 JP scores can be found HERE.

Satan top 10 JP

Who can I use in lieu of Anubis?

This is probably the least helpful top 10 showcasing to help the vast majority of the PAD population as hitting 8+ combos (even with skyfall buff) on a regular basis is incredibly challenging. Thus, I want to try and find a way for the average player to succeed. One thing to keep in mind is that many of those showcased players utilize high attack water subs.

First off, we need to find leaders who can deal a reliable amount of damage on a regular basis. Thus, we need to find leader skills that are able to achieve a high multiplier without actives as each active will waste additional time. We also want teams that can get close or hit the 40 million damage cap for 10,000 additional points.

This will most likely not be an exhaustive list and I encourage you to pitch in your own ideas.

Other leads:

You Yu You Yu

Armpit Man may be a splashing success for this ranking tournament. He has perhaps the greatest damage output in the game while having amazing synergy with the water skyfall buff due to his enhanced water orb blue + orb awakenings. Simply load up on orb changers and burst away. Just be conscious of the total preemptive damage and find some floors to heal or bring someone like Andromeda Bankai Andro or Gabriel Gabriel. Players who do not own You Yu can use Sumire Ult Sumire, Sarasvati Sarasvati or Skuld Skuld ult evo as a viable pairing. I also believe he was not released in JP at the time of Satan Tournament. Dual You Yu leaders will be able to sweep every floor with only 8 water orbs and are able to go very very fast.

Neptune Dragon Neptune Dragon

The horniest of all the Dragons will do very well in the Satan Ranking Tournament; however, his main drawback will not be damage, but rather combo count as you are forced to match so many connected water orbs. This will put you at a slight disadvantage when compared to other leads of similar output who are able to better use the board. Thus, Neptune Dragon’s main goal will be speed. You are also able to pair your Andromeda Bankai Andro with a friend and benefit from the damage and extra orb changer. The following video is a top 0.1% run with Neptune Dragon.

Reine Blue Valk

The Blue Valkyrie provides a 20.25x ATK for God and Healer type cards when matching 6+ connected water orbs. This allows you to take advantage of water row Water Row awakenings. 20.25x ATK should be sufficient when combined with rows and the skyfall buff but you may struggle on occasion. Her main drawback is the difficulty in hitting the damage cap compared to other leads.

Blue Sonia Blue Sonia

Rounding out the water theme is Blue Sonia. One unique advantage she may have over the above listed water teams is her insane health pool. This means you may not need to ever heal as your max heal could exceed the total preemptive damage. Main drawback is her lower multiplier and reliance on rows to burst but is able to make more combos than Neptune Dragon. Also, her active can be problematic due to the RNG element and the inability to pre-plan your move. 122k+ score with the wrong Hermes:

Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ

Maybe there is some personal bias as Awoken DQXQ is my current favorite team, but she is a 100x lead that can proc off connected water orbs while benefiting from row Water Row awakenings. In addition, you could also build a water based team and simply roll without orb changers and just stack high attack subs. Just make sure to cover all your colours to ensure easy activation. She is probably the leader I plan on using if my water options do not pan out well. I plan to mix and match with these subs but may be leaning more heavily on the second team due to the enhanced water orbs blue + orb and maybe Famiel Famiel‘s board reset; however, I can use Hermes BL Hermes and still proc my leader skill. Maybe I will try to invest more in an Awoken Hermes A Hermes or at least just +99 Attack him to cover fire as I have dupes.

Water DQ team

Water DQ team 2

Here is my current score for DQXQ along with a subsequent post HERE

Ra Dragon Ra Dragon

Super Chicken Dragon will always be a powerful contender in ranking tournaments due to his amazing multiplier, high combo count, and fast clears. However, he is a 300,000 MP monster and the speed in which you need to match is quite high for the average player. The following is a 0.1% clear:

Shiva Dragon Shiva D

Shiva Dragon is the king of speed as he offers an unconditional 25x multiplier to fire Gods. However, he will have more difficulty than usual due to the two powerful water bosses. Thus, you may need to bring Wood/Fire subs such as Verdandi Verd who is also able to make wood orbs. Top 10% run:

 Elize GValk or Awoken Astaroth Astaroth

Elize is the green counterpart to Reine and is a relatively easy wood leader to use that combines rows Wood Row and a 20.25x ATK multiplier. On the other hand, Awoken Astaroth will play the same way as Elize, but with a more restrictive sub pool, but does not have to worry about healing due to the augmented HP pool. Top 3.5% run:

 Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon

Yomi Dragon has the best chance of any 5o1e (5 orbs, 1 enhanced) teams that is not water based. She is able to generate hearts and dark orbs with her active while having a diverse sub pool to draw upon. Yomi Dragon will be slower than TPA reliant teams due to the extra time spent matching 5 orbs along with being more orb hungry and requiring more active usage (which slows down your time). Regardless, she is worth mentioning as Yomi Dragon is one of the most widely owned MP Dragon. You should probably bring an Eschamali Eschamali to override the water skyfall and numerous dark orb enhance Dark Orb Enhance awakening subs to hasten your speed.

Dark Metatron dtron

Dark Metatron was my top 1% team for team for Athena Tournament as she provides 29.16x ATK for dark monsters when under 50% HP. You must bring an HP resetting sub such as Durga Durga or Lu Bu Lu Bu to use on the first turn. Thankfully, dual dtron leads provide 6 Skill Boost awakenings to ensure both your HP reset and other actives are ready by turn 1. Unfortunately, the numerous preemptives may make her un-viable and the headache associated with managing your health may be too much to handle. However, we do have access to skill inheritance so we may be able to use Dark Metatron for active usage.

Points to consider:

Water is good

Water teams seem to reign supreme based on my research as they are able to greatly benefit from the enhanced skyfall buff on floor 2. You must keep in mind that Satan on the final floor will not have the skyfall buff augmenting your damage so you should plan accordingly.

Combo teams are good

WIth a 5-turn skyfall buff, teams that rely on making large number of combos tend to shine as they will naturally have their numbers boosted.

Padding your damage

You should always try to achieve the 40 million damage cap for an additional 10,000 points. You can do so by either bringing a damage enhancement or trying your best to burst down the floor that you deal double damage to. This is the determining factor in our completion as you can only match orbs so fast or achieve a reasonable amount of combos.

Beneficial Awakenings

With the water skyfall (de)buff, monsters who bring numerous enhanced water orb blue + orb awakenings will help pad your damage end ensure you are able to burst down every floor or hit the 40 million damage cap. However, you may be safer with row Water Row awakenings to ensure you can burst down each floor as orb changers will most likely not spawn enhanced orbs.

Special things to bring:

There are no hard-fast requirements for this Ranking Dungeon as there are no PreDras Fire PreDRA nor blind/jammer preemptives. You simply need to bring a team that is capable of dealing sufficient damage every turn.

Mantastic & Fantastic’s runs

I plan to record and showcase my successful runs as I am now able to record my screen and I hope to provide both commentary and insight for my own high scores.


For players who are not chasing the top 1% , there are plenty of options you can use to speed through the dungeon. Remember to only use actives when absolutely necessary as it does cost a small amount of precious time to do so, but do not be so stingy as to it costing you an extra turn.

Also, remember to turn off the skill confirmation animations through Others -> Options -> Dungeon -> Skills Off to save a couple extra seconds!

Skill Disable.jpg

Let me know what you plan to use for this ranking dungeon and I will do a follow up post with my results some time after it goes live on Monday.

Happy Puzzling!

40 thoughts on “Satan Ranking Tournament Strategies and Planning”

              1. Mantastic is currently at 0.2% and Fantastic just dropped to 1.1%

                With YY you should prioritize speed as you can sweep many floor with just a single 5o1e. Each second is 500 points so you can do the math to determine how close you are to 1% in terms of time



              2. Woohoo, I was at .9%, 1%, then 1.1%… but I just had a run that got me .2%, that should do it!

                I was inspired by apdrop’s video, and max skilled a second nut and dropped a couple snow globes on it, so focused on the quick orb changers to make it happen. Super cool 🙂


                1. Wahoo! congrats =D I’m happy for you as this is your first crown?

                  Fantastic continues to drop and doubtful he will get a crown now with the flood of YY users


  1. How can we farm up 10,000 Monster Points and Pys? Are you just stating the rewards or am I just missing something?


  2. My first try not to bad I havever 128 remaining but my max damage was only 5 million so my score ended with 87k average combo was 4.3 was using panda

    33.5% AC 4.4 22,000 TR 128.4 64.200 MD 5.577.875 1.390 Score 87.598


    1. They would probs have some success, however, it may be harder due to managing 2 resources and both having to be clumped which may require more actives (aka heart making) . Dqxq can at least have her other 3 elements scattered around


  3. I haven´t tryed this ranking yet…but if Nepdra and BlueValk are in the recomend leads..then Andromeda can be use in this dungeons? I have one Hypermaxed >_<


    1. neileJanuary 29, 2013Hi, I am wondering why no lunges and why we have to lower weight. Is it not OK to just go with the “feel sy;22m&#8et1s? If it feels ok, go for it or am I missing something? Thanks so much for your post.


  4. I took gzl in and it got me an easy 10%. Though it was worth mentioning since the many preemptives make it easy to proc his leader skill.


      1. Nope cause apparently gzl got sneak buffed and gets 3x attack when above 80% now in addition to 4.5x below 80%


  5. Thanks for your detailed analysis! I used the Nepdra build in the video and got into top 20% first run, hoping to improve on that over the next few days.


  6. Hi mantastic,

    Do you think it’s possible to crack the top 1% with You Yu? I can’t seem to get past 2%


    1. YY is the easiest lead to achieve top 1% due to the ease in hitting the damage cap, speed in which you can sweep the floors, and abundance of water orbs


  7. Oh man, these examples are so helpful! Thanks!

    Btw, so you think it’d be possible for an A.panda team to get into the 1%? (It’s my best team by far)

    So far I’ve only managed to get into top 2.5-3% with it.


    1. Glad to be of help =)

      I honestly do not believe Pandora can get top 1% as you are just too slow.

      The top 1% is populated with Anubis, but mostly You Yu as he is by far the easiest to use and score with


  8. FrinFdeeed has less users today than it did last October, according to Comscore. Co-founder Paul Buchheit says that isn’t accurate (and I believe him), but it’s clear that the service hasn’t grown much in the last few months.


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