No You Yu? No Problem, Kind Of…


So I have been tirelessly trying to reach my second crown on Mantastic and first on Fantastic through the Satan Ranking Tournament. In my previous POST, I go over all the possible top tier team compositions as well as my tentative strategies for the dungeon as a whole. I was even able to post a 125k+ score with the water-based DQXQ Awoken DQXQ and a helpful video as reference. However, this proved to be insufficient due to the surge of You Yu You Yu who are better able to hit the damage cap and go faster.

Ups and downs with a touch of heartbreak

I continued to throw stamina and stones at Satan to improve upon my water DQXQ team’s score and I was successful on both my accounts:

Was 0.6 on Wednesday night

Fantastic High Score

And these are pretty Fantastic scores and I feel that I hit the relative cap for DQXQ with Mantastic as I it will be incredibly challenging to improve upon that score. Unfortunately, neither of these scores are sitting in the top 1% due to the You Yu nation pushing the cut off above 127,500.

A change of plan

As I am very IAP-light, I do not have the luxury of purchasing Monster Point cards for relatively cosmetic (albeit shiny) achievements (I still only own Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon) . Thus, I had to be creative in my approach of how to recapture the top 1% and a new hat. After exploring my box, I came to realization that Skuld Skuld ult evo paired with You Yu is my best bet. The main problem with using Skuld instead of You Yu is the challenging nature in hitting the damage cap along with needing to spend extra time making combos as your multiplier is significantly lower. You will more than often fail to sweep floors with a single water combo and require more matching on Zeus-Dios due to the wood typing. However, after modest perseverance with Mantastic, I finally got a dream run where I had a good floor 1 and 2 along with favourable skyfalls and water orbs remaining:

0.2 score

Unfortunately, my joy was somewhat marred by the horrible time (and stones) Fantastic used trying to replicate this score as I lacked Nut who is somewhat crucial to my success as it spawns a very easy to match 5o1e on the left-hand side.


Do not get me wrong, I am happy that Mantastic will be receiving a sparkly new hat, but I am saddened that Fantastic, despite going from 0.8 to 1.3%, will most likely remain bald for a long time to come. It is a shame You Yu can simply walk through this ranking dungeon with ease and push out essentially every non-Anubis magician from the top 1%. Regardless, I will have one shiny new hat and I hope this ranking dungeon was a success for you too.

Happy Puzzling!

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