[Video] Satan Ranking Tournament 125,302 Score


So I stayed up late last night playing the Satan Ranking Tournament using the strategies theory crafted in my Previous Post. If you have not read that already, I strongly encourage you to go through it as it will contain more details and other viable team options.

This is my current high score and I will be updating with a new video if I should surpass it.

125,302 score video

I am in love with the new overlay and let me know what you think of it!

125k high score

Ways to improve your score


It may seem like commonsense, but your time remaining is incredibly important as each second counts for 500 points. If I was able to remove those few brief pauses of hesitation, I could be 2 seconds faster and have 1,000 more points. The main drawback of using DQXQ Awoken DQXQ is the acrobatics and extra time required to form a row with 3 other elemental matches. On the bright side, the preemptives give us additional time to plan our movements due to the extra animations.

Hit damage cap

The damage cap for an additional 10,000 points is a total of 40 million. You must try your best to hit that because there will be players who make the same number of average combos and time remaining. Thus, to guarantee your position, you must hit over 40 million. Thankfully, with the skyfall buff and single fire floor, you should be able to easily achieve that.

131M dmg
A bit excessive damage…
Bring orb changers, not board changer/random orb generators

This is perhaps a little nitty-gritty, but when trying to min max your score, you need to save as much time as possible. You ideally want to use as few actives as possible as it only adds extra time. However, if you must use an orb changer, it is better to bring an orb changer instead of a board changer or someone who randomly creates X number of orbs. This is because there will be an element of planning between each floor and you can plan your move when you know exactly where the orbs will be post-active. As such, board changers and random orb generators will ruin your planning as the end result cannot be predicted.


Hopefully this video and subsequent post provides some fresh inspiration for your ranking dungeon endeavors. I strongly encourage each and everyone of you to clear the dungeon for the magic stone and participation rewards. I only ask you do not exceed my score as I am so close to hitting the top 1% and my second crown.

Satan 1.1

Happy Puzzling!

9 thoughts on “[Video] Satan Ranking Tournament 125,302 Score”

  1. Wow nice job with that huge score, and good luck trying to get even higher! Also, I totally agree with you about the overlay, it’s awesome!


  2. I think the real conclusion would be “please bump me up by getting a lower score than me” Kappa
    Also should have a disclaimer somewhere that this results in like 99999 stones just for a good rank.


    1. Hey I want my crown! Sitting at 1% atm lol Fantastic is 2.3% zzz

      Yeah I hate ranking dungeon format. It’s just a matter of trying countless times and getting a dream run (at least when chasing a crown). Also doesn’t help me im never using the top team


        1. At least a crown is eternal =P

          They really need to design a new system to showcase our skill/achievements etc. Maybe the badge system will help but idk


  3. Ran it with basically the same team. (Blonia, Sumire, Alrescha, A Hermes). Got top 5% so I’m pretty happy since I don’t care about the crown. Thanks for the team building advice.


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