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Queen’s Temple of Dance Clear Videos


The Queen’s Temple of Dance is a new challenge campaign that was released today. It has a Hera-theme along with wonderfully challenging encounters. This post will compile all of my clears and any extra commentary alongside of it.

This will be a pseudo work in progress and will update this post as more clears come in across my two accounts.


Level 5

This floor took me the most number of tries thus far as I was being stubborn in using double Anubis instead of Anubis x Diablos. Regardless, I barely got through with a little bit of luck from well timed skillfalls.

Level 4

This was significantly harder than I expected and it took several attempts to get into the rhythm of when to use active skills and stall. Some board luck is required.

Level 3

6* cards and Killer awakenings are keys to the success for Level 3.

Level 2

Pretty sloppy combos on my part so the video should have been significantly shorter. On the bright side, I walk you through my thought process for tackling the dungeon but failed to change my own inherits.

Level 1

The first dungeon of the day and it quite straight forward for a mono-colour team. The darkened orbs are not a pleasant experience for combo-based teams unless you are a wizard.


I will update this as I play more.

Happy Puzzling!

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Cloud City’s Scarlet Blaze Clears


I did all of my Cloud City’s Scarlet Blaze clears earlier on in the week on my Twitch Twitch Stream and subsequently uploaded them to my YT YouTube channel. However, I realize this may not reach all of my readers so I will provide a compiled list of them here. Perhaps next time I will post these on my website in a more timely manner.

Challenge 10

Challenge 10 was surprisingly straight forward and was actually done first try on both accounts.

Challenge 9

I realized from extensive testing on Fantastic that the poison skyfalls could easily ruin a promising run.

Challenge 8

Avoiding light and dark teams made Machine Hera easy to deal with as you ignore her 2 turns of light and dark absorb. Continue reading Cloud City’s Scarlet Blaze Clears

Heavenly Palace of Heretics Clear Videos


I have been quite sick these past few days starting with a sore throat that has ultimately evolved into a spectacular fever so my ability to create meaningful content has been put on pause temporarily. However, the Heavenly Palace of Heretics dungeon is in full swing and I have made my best effort to try and post my clear videos as they come in. Thus, this post will mostly be for providing a dumping ground for my YouTube videos and will update as I make my way up.

I plan to try and do a write up on the upcoming Godfest but my fever needs to cooperate.

I technically have 3 accounts to play through these challenges if MOMtastic stays around long enough. This can allow me to use one account as a guinea pig for testing purposes.

Finally, if you are able to clear Level 10, I strongly advise you to save the special reward for future Red Athena.

Level 10

Level 10 is most easily handled by Anubis paired with Diablos but Fantastic is not lucky enough.

Fun fact, using different evolutions of the same card can overcome the No Dupes restriction.

Level 9

Meridionalis still got it.

It is worth watching to see how to easily cheese Sandalphon.

Level 8

Cleared on Fantastic and will do a video soon.

Don’t do what I did and fail to actually kill him several times and trigger the combo shield. I plan to swap in Sun Quan  for Orochi 3386 on Mantastic (I also do not own Orochi) as the 2x burst will help lower the thinking/orb requirement in bypassing the 8,888,888 defense.

I still do not know how I actually flubbed so many times in a row. Here is my clear video on Mantastic:

Level 7

I have begun to slowly regain my voice but I actually didn’t have my mic plugged in. Regardless, all cards but Sakuya have 1 Dragon Killer Dragon Killer latent which means I must hit below 20 million (bumps up to 30 million) per card to not overshoot and be voided.

Level 6

I had a less than smooth time with Fantastic in this dungeon and it was mostly a matter of utilizing 2 Durga  inherits for appropriate HP management and burst to take down the later floors.

I used Green Odin 3390 to clear away my binds on Myr.

I would also recommend you use a leader with an HP/RCV multiplier to combat the leveling up restriction as it greatly lowers your health and stalling capabilities.

Level 5

All 6* or below cards will receive 3x stats in this dungeon which is to compensate against the inflated numbers in this dungeon. I simply used my +297 6-stars as subs and was able to combo hard.

In hindsight, it would be wiser to use a Follow Up Attack  awakening as you are more than likely to actually encounter a Resolve Boss.


I plan to use varients of Anubis 3385 /Bastet 3384 with a mirror pairing or Diablos  for the final two floors.

Happy Puzzling!

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One Shot Challenge Rewards: Whaledor, Raguel, and Drahklist Analysis


This current set of One Shot Challenge (OSC) is one the easier side compared to previous incarnations. This is due to both Powercreep of available cards (think Monster Hunter and pairing everything with Diablos ) and easier spawns overall. As such, many players may be completing their first OSC and will now be the proud owner of one of three new cards.

Each of these cards has tremendous value and you will be able to acquire all 3 over time through future OSC. Furthermore, there will be limited time Guerrilla dungeons that will allow you to skill them up and farm as many as you are humanly able to.

This article will highlight how all three cards can be used and why they are worth pursuing.

Video commentary

—video coming soon—

Anubis x Diablos Whaledor clear

Whale-done me. Pretty much any combo leader with Diablos will waltz through this OSC

3 new cards

All three new cards feature majestic artwork along with niche applications that can dramatically enhance your gameplay. Continue reading One Shot Challenge Rewards: Whaledor, Raguel, and Drahklist Analysis

Combos and Spatial Planning Guide


The Puzzle and Dragons meta is shifting towards a more combo-oriented playstyle through new leader skill and the 7 combo 45 awakening. Furthermore, with Sunken Serpent Labyrinth arriving on Monday, players will need to push their puzzling skills to the limits.

This article will be focusing how I approach combo-ing a board when the raw number of combos is the main goal. My method works for me and is just one of many ways to tackle a given board and is not the only way possible.

Video commentary & sample boards

—video coming soon—

Understanding combos

A standard board in Puzzle and Dragons is 6×5 which yields 30 orbs and a maximum of 10 combos. However, it is very unlikely you will actually have perfect board distribution to hit those 10 and will more than often settle for 7-8 maximum combos. Continue reading Combos and Spatial Planning Guide

[Videos] Solo Challenge Dungeon 41: Level 8-10


I managed to plan out my stamina reasonably well to have excessive amounts to play through the new Challenge Dungeons that came out today in solo mode. For the most part, they are interesting in terms of some of the mechanics that are introduced, but we also have amazingly powerful teams to someone naturally counter them.

I am also in the process of redoing OBS (program used to stream/record) and I wanted feedback in terms of the current layout and the larger camera (and forehead).

Challenge 8 – Anubis

No RCV means you have a much easier time with combo-oriented leaders as I believe I always had at least an 8 combo board each turn.

Challenge 9 – Meridionalis

Meridionalis continues to prove her worth in these types of dungeons provided you can naturally survive any preemptive. Her new evolution provides even more damage so spawns with 10+ million health are simply washed away with a row of water. She is still my go-to girl for Colosseum farming.

No inherits does make managing skill delays more challenging if you do not have SDR Skill delay resist latents. Thus, I would recommend using a leader with a high RCV multiplier to stall out the delays.

Challenge 10 – Dark Metatron

Dark Metatron is probably my current favourite leader to use as she combines ease of access, orb/health management, no skyfalls, and high skill cap all into one leader. While maintaining <80% HP can be annoying, it is certainly manageable compared to her previous incarnations and having perfect damage control is amazing through no Skyfalls clause.

Furthermore, having a mixture of 7 combo 45, rows Dark row, and TPA TPA allows for interesting team compositions as well as playstyles.


New Challenge Dungeons are fun as it does introduce new encounters/spawn patterns, but I am dearly hoping 3 Player Coop comes out in the next patch.

Happy Puzzling!

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[Videos] Player’s Choice Godfest Rolling Results

I had to split up the video into two parts due to the sheer size of each one and the fear that OBS was about to crash. I also have a running tab alongside to showcase each roll as they come in so you have the option to skip ahead etc.

Full PCGF review can be found HERE

Part 1


Part 2

Hopefully your PCGF turned out well for you.

Happy Puzzling!

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