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GungHo Collab Ranking Dungeon Guide & Strategies


The GungHo Collaboration Tournament is now live and gives players the opportunity to chase a crown along with Rainbow Event Medal by achieving a high score. Players are ranked based on Combo Count, Time Remaining, Max Damage, and Skill Only Defeat with the top 7% earning a Crown and top 27% earning the Rainbow Event Medal.

This article will explain my thought process for earning a crown along with strategies for maximizing your score by using two distinct strategies.

Dungeon information can be found HERE.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

118,550 – Combo approach

Plenty of room for improvement considering I chocked on two floors.

117,600 – Zeus Verse approach

Fast, quick combos are key to success

Score breakdown

In Ranking Dungeons, players are scored based on the following:

  • Each Combo is worth 5,000 points
  • Each second remaining is worth 500 points
  • Hitting 40 Million damage is 10,000 points
  • Each active used to kill a floor (no combo made) is -5,000 points

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Rikuu Ranking, JP Cutoff, and Higher NA Scores


The Rikuu Ranking Dungeon is in full swing and North America has already surpassed the JP cutoff. This is a surprising accomplishment as NA is usually behind JP unless the Ranking Dungeon was so delayed that we gained access to new cards/team compositions.

This article will examine the cutoff curve and what assumptions we can make along with what is the most popular/accessible team players are using.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

JP vs NA Curve

Images courtesy of the Puzzle & Dragons Community Discord Server.

Historically speaking, the crowning score curves for JP and NA look different, but JP usually edges out on top by the end. This is because North American players are able to immediately copy their strategies right from Day 1 and spend less time tinkering or experimenting with teams as they only need to make adjustments based on their Monster Box. Continue reading Rikuu Ranking, JP Cutoff, and Higher NA Scores

Rikuu Ranking Tournament – Crowning with Zeus Verse


The Rikuu Ranking Tournament is an exciting event as it gives players another chance to acquire Rikuu  as well as obtaining a Crown.

Scoring at or above the 26% threshold will yield a Rikuu while 6% will guarantee a Crown. Depending on your personal goals and puzzling skills, both rewards may be obtainable and I wish to share my Crowning strategy with you.

Video clear

Team used

Rikuu Ranking – Zeus Verse
Card 3260 3260
Latent Devil killerDevil killerDevil killer Water Redx6 RCV LatentRCV LatentRCV Latent Devil killerDevil killer

Zeus Verse requires players to have 3 heals/full damage voids to maintain their health at 100% in order to waltz through the dungeon. I do not own an Amaterasu so I utilize the Ganesha to void the 99% Gravity from Hino on Floor 5.

In addition, I use Water Resist Water Red to reduce the damage from the Cat on Floor 8 to ensure I can heal back to full. In hindsight, I could have just used the Light Metatron Weapon Inherit but this also works.

For the most part, you can simply 1 combo each floor and this ensures a faster clear time and a higher score. Of course, there is some luck involved, but this set up helped minimize the failures and my highest score was achieved with only a few runs.


The Rikuu Ranking Tournament is an exciting event as it offers generous rewards at what is arguably the most generous rates possible.

Let me know what you used for the Tournament and how well you have placed.

Happy Puzzling!

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