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Rikuu Ranking Tournament – Crowning with Zeus Verse


The Rikuu Ranking Tournament is an exciting event as it gives players another chance to acquire Rikuu  as well as obtaining a Crown.

Scoring at or above the 26% threshold will yield a Rikuu while 6% will guarantee a Crown. Depending on your personal goals and puzzling skills, both rewards may be obtainable and I wish to share my Crowning strategy with you.

Video clear

Team used

Rikuu Ranking – Zeus Verse
Card 3260 3260
Latent Devil killerDevil killerDevil killer Water Redx6 RCV LatentRCV LatentRCV Latent Devil killerDevil killer

Zeus Verse requires players to have 3 heals/full damage voids to maintain their health at 100% in order to waltz through the dungeon. I do not own an Amaterasu so I utilize the Ganesha to void the 99% Gravity from Hino on Floor 5.

In addition, I use Water Resist Water Red to reduce the damage from the Cat on Floor 8 to ensure I can heal back to full. In hindsight, I could have just used the Light Metatron Weapon Inherit but this also works.

For the most part, you can simply 1 combo each floor and this ensures a faster clear time and a higher score. Of course, there is some luck involved, but this set up helped minimize the failures and my highest score was achieved with only a few runs.


The Rikuu Ranking Tournament is an exciting event as it offers generous rewards at what is arguably the most generous rates possible.

Let me know what you used for the Tournament and how well you have placed.

Happy Puzzling!

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Dragonbound & Dragon Caller REM Review and Analysis – April 2018


Monday, April 23rd marks the exciting return of the highly coveted Dragonbound & Dragon Caller (DBDC) REM. DBDC is arguably the strongest event in Puzzle and Dragons due to it’s stellar line up and amazing value at the bottom rarity.

Most Seasonal events/Collabs have a few chase cards but tend to have middling value at the bottom. As such, there is often little collateral benefit in rolling those events. However, with DBDC, you actually want many of the Gold eggs which in turn makes it the ideal  place to spend your Magic Stones. If you have absolutely no cards from the REM you should be heavily rolling here as it will grant you cards that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

In addition to three new cards being added to the rolling roster, most of the older cards now gain the ability to Limit Break and gain Super Awakenings or stat improvements for the Weapon Assists.

These changes help ensure the machine stays exciting with the Super Awakenings giving the older cards significantly more value and versatility.

Despite having a wonderful roster, each roll will cost 10 Magic Stones but everything will sell for at least 15,000 Monster Points.

This article will summarize each card’s strengths and weaknesses in the current meta to help you determine if it is worth rolling in.

Video commentary

—video coming soon—


Dragonbound & Dragon Caller REM
 7 Star base  
 6 Star base      
 5 Star base      
Dragonbound & Dragon Caller  REM Rankings – April 20, 2018

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking

Evolved forms of both Cotton  and Ney  will be also available but this article will not be focusing on them.

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them

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