Rikuu Ranking Tournament – Crowning with Zeus Verse


The Rikuu Ranking Tournament is an exciting event as it gives players another chance to acquire Rikuu  as well as obtaining a Crown.

Scoring at or above the 26% threshold will yield a Rikuu while 6% will guarantee a Crown. Depending on your personal goals and puzzling skills, both rewards may be obtainable and I wish to share my Crowning strategy with you.

Video clear

Team used

Rikuu Ranking – Zeus Verse
Card 3260 3260
Latent Devil killerDevil killerDevil killer Water Redx6 RCV LatentRCV LatentRCV Latent Devil killerDevil killer

Zeus Verse requires players to have 3 heals/full damage voids to maintain their health at 100% in order to waltz through the dungeon. I do not own an Amaterasu so I utilize the Ganesha to void the 99% Gravity from Hino on Floor 5.

In addition, I use Water Resist Water Red to reduce the damage from the Cat on Floor 8 to ensure I can heal back to full. In hindsight, I could have just used the Light Metatron Weapon Inherit but this also works.

For the most part, you can simply 1 combo each floor and this ensures a faster clear time and a higher score. Of course, there is some luck involved, but this set up helped minimize the failures and my highest score was achieved with only a few runs.


The Rikuu Ranking Tournament is an exciting event as it offers generous rewards at what is arguably the most generous rates possible.

Let me know what you used for the Tournament and how well you have placed.

Happy Puzzling!

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33 thoughts on “Rikuu Ranking Tournament – Crowning with Zeus Verse”

    1. Verse teams are somewhat capped on their scores but are pretty good for getting a crown. Using 7×6 and combos with buttons to kill 3-4 floors results in a higher score potential.


    1. At 25 stamina per attempt, its not too bad to retry! Both accounts will crown with not too many attempts for me. Only troubles are Vulcan boards and Rikuu skyfalls


  1. Thanks for the guide! I’ve been able to get 116,500 so far using this team. Hoping that will hang on and be enough for the crown; it will be my first.

    Also, if anyone is having trouble finding friends with this Zeus setup (most of the Zeuses on my friends list have balanced killers and I struggled to find many with at least two devil killers), feel free to add me- 399,305,306
    I’ll have a Zeus Verse with three devil killers and a Weld inherit up for the remainder of the tournament. I normally have Edward and Yusuke up, with Yog on BF slot.


  2. Hey Mantastic!!
    Do you think it’s possible to crown in this dungeon with a variation of Nudist beach in this dungeon?


  3. I found Nene is a good alternative to the dark/light board active (which I don’t have) – the light/blue orbs is enough dmg and gives the extra consistency of +2 combos


  4. Was able to squeeze in my first crown range with 115900 for 5.8%. Might keep trying to punch that up by a couple seconds.

    Had to make a few minor tweaks but this was a super helpful outline. Thanks a lot.


  5. Mantastic I used a very similar team and got 117008 and my % is falling fast, I was at 3.1 and now at 4.3%. Do you think these will hold up?


    1. NA has already broke past the JP cutoff by a sizable margin so I do not know where the cutoff will land…with that being said, your score may be in danger. Check on the last day


  6. Thank you for the guide, it was hands down awesome. I was push buttoning vulcan with a brachydios but i went and 297+’d it. Now he hits too hard. Currently at 114900 at 8%. So close but i keep getting combos and missinh the time.


  7. I’m a little confused at how you can stay at full health at the blue cat. I can get back to full health after getting hit but it seems to not activate the leader skill until the next turn, but he hits every turn.


    1. I have either water resists on a card or the Light Metatron weapon assist evo to grant more RCV. These give you the ability to heal to full hp. Otherwise you are short by a tiny amount


  8. I tried using Raphael for his damage void but it’s not showing up, only the 3 turn heal. Am I missing something?


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