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Rikuu Ranking, JP Cutoff, and Higher NA Scores


The Rikuu Ranking Dungeon is in full swing and North America has already surpassed the JP cutoff. This is a surprising accomplishment as NA is usually behind JP unless the Ranking Dungeon was so delayed that we gained access to new cards/team compositions.

This article will examine the cutoff curve and what assumptions we can make along with what is the most popular/accessible team players are using.

Video commentary

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JP vs NA Curve

Images courtesy of the Puzzle & Dragons Community Discord Server.

Historically speaking, the crowning score curves for JP and NA look different, but JP usually edges out on top by the end. This is because North American players are able to immediately copy their strategies right from Day 1 and spend less time tinkering or experimenting with teams as they only need to make adjustments based on their Monster Box. Continue reading Rikuu Ranking, JP Cutoff, and Higher NA Scores

My Crowning Achievement!

Most people love Fridays and this Friday was extra special because I got my first Ranking Dungeon Crown! I have constantly floated around 2-4% in all the previous ranking dungeons as I lack the ideal teams required for 1%. It has generally been both Shiva Shiva D and Ra Ra Dragon Dragon dominating the charts; however, with the Athena Ranking dungeon, I only had to compete against Shiva Dragons Shiva D which removed some of my competition. The dungeon also favoured brute speed over combos and this plays into one of my strengths as I am able to manipulate orbs quickly and plan my path with minimal thinking.

Dtron 102k

What perhaps makes this victory sweeter is that I used a somewhat unconventional team and had to be quite creative in order to compete with an unconditional 25x multiplier. You can read more about the strategy I used HERE.

Crown rank

Hopefully everyone else is having a Fantastic Friday and I cannot stop saying “I have a hat / I have a crown” while mimicking a hat placing action to anyone I encounter in the real world (which is thankfully very few people). I am now regretting my initial starter dragon choice as blue is my favourite colour and wonder if I could change it somehow…

Happy Puzzling!

Cauchemar Tournament Pre-Release Strategies

The third ranking dungeon, Cauchemar Tournament, will debut after the Wednesday maintenance and will provide players another chance to test their puzzling skills for various rewards. However, what is perhaps the most appealing the top 1% of players will receive a crown beside their names. I have varied from top 1.2-2.3% for Zeus and Izanami  without investing many runs as I was satisfied with the top 10% rewards. However, I want to achieve top 1% and wish to share my tentative strategies and pre-release thoughts.

Ranking Crown
How to water your ego flower 101

In addition, this dungeon will impose the no awoken skills restriction which will hopefully level the playing field as push button teams cannot be used.  Continue reading Cauchemar Tournament Pre-Release Strategies