18 thoughts on “Rank 600, 1000 Days Played, and Second Crowning Achievement”

  1. It was great reading about your journey getting to rank 600. Just last night, I set a goal to just farm Zaerog for both rank and MP farming so I kinda feel like I’m following your path although my puzzling ability still has a long way to go. As soon as I’m done writing this, I’m gonna go watch your Dqxq run of Zaerog :p. Congrats on your achievement and looking forward to seeing your awesome posts for years to come!!


      1. I don’t have a video of Z8 yet, but I do have others covering other M+ descends with DQXQ =) For Z8 you can cheese the first form by using a delay and completely avoiding the combo shield mechanic.

        What do you have to work with?


        1. Ooh nice. Thanks. I think I would be able to meet the combo req but I do fumble a lot so I’ll bring like a one turn delay. I saw you playing Hera beorc earlier. What’s good about running that dungeon? Should I be running it?


          1. Bringing a longer delay is ideal as you will be able to fully bypass the combo shield, otherwise you may still fail if it is only 1 turn

            I was mostly playing Hera Beorc as an alternative for Zeus Dios skill ups. There will definately be a clear of z8 at some point on my stream if I do not upload a video soon =)


  2. What do you use to farm Myth+ rogues? I’m currently gated to Legend+, I’ve tried doing Myth+ with co-op before, it never works… Currently setting my eyes on farming Z8 Myth+. Any recommendations?


    1. Z8 can be done with any light team (could solo with Sakuya)

      Nordis any dark team, but I use Z8 for a challenge

      Scarlet is Blue Sonia

      Gainut is either Blue Sonia or DQXQ

      Linthia is DQXQ

      Z8 is the easiest imo as you only need damage on a few floors and can cheese the first form with a delay. Maybe I’ll make a video one day =)


  3. Congrats my friend!
    When I entered your site for the first time, (just a few months ago) your rank was 425 :O

    I have also jumped to 453 (means we’re not respecting the “rest your eyes” pad rule 😀 )

    Btw: this Mech button team is interesting.


  4. Congratulations on achieving those three milestones. It takes a lot of dedication to play every day for almost three straight years. It also has to be a lot of fun or what’s the point. I enjoy your analysis, videos & twitch stream. Hope it stays fun & interesting for another three years


    1. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement =D

      PAD has definately become a large part of my life and there is still no comparison or alternative to fill it’s place. I plan to continue playing, writing, and recording as long as it stays fun and entertaining =D


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