Rank 500 and beyond

Rank 500
The prestigious 11th team slot

Right before the release of coop dungeons, I hit the coveted rank 500 milestone. I meant to do this post then, but was swept up in the frenzy of coop and the Cauchemar ranking dungeon, I had to put it on hold.

Lifetime exp at 501
Takes just under 88 million exp for rank 500

PAD as a whole has been advancing quickly with the advent of 3 minute stamina, numerous best friend resets, experience of a lifetime, and now coop dungeons. All of these give players the opportunity to rank up at an increased rate. Regardless, it still takes a very long time to reach rank 500. This journey took me over 850 days to reach. For fun, 88 million experience translates into:

A few personal achievements I want to highlight is having my dream Awoken Sakuya Sakuya team achieve hypermax status through the final skill up on Elia Elia . Invade farming is a depressing experience and I ended up using a lot of Shynpy Shynpy as I remember going one day 0/43 on invades. Granted we can now farm Elia as a guarenteed spawn (not drop) in Mythic God Rush coop mode, but I managed to max skill her beforehand. To a certain extent, the earlier you hop on a powerful monster’s bandwagon, the more benefit you will reap as many monsters do succumb to powercreep over time.

Elia Skill up
It’s finally over…
Sakuya Dream Team
My staple Sakuya team

In addition, I had always dreamed of owning an Apollo Apollo (blue) when I pulled my Sakuya about 2 years ago, and the most recent godfest granted me my old wish. I am probably not going to use him for his original intention as a Sakuya sub, but he is at least there should I desire his presence.

Apollo Roll
Why couldn’t you come 2 years ago….
Ready for his skill ups
Courtesy of all my best friends =)
Apollo Max Skill
Skilled up just as he hit max level =D

In addition, I also completed my 16th +297 monster as I want to branch out into other types of teams aside from Sakuya .

+ egg box

The 3 teams I wish to work on/towards are my Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon along with I&I I&I and the future Awoken Archdemon Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer upon release.

Yomi D team

I&I team

FA luci team

I have no issues with leveling and evolving monsters due to the abundance of pal points and have not farmed those types of dungeons in a very long time. As such, I am mostly waiting the return of 10x descends to plus out my teams in order to capitalize on their current power.

In addition, I plan to start diving deeper into the mythic difficulties of coop with only Zaerog Infinity cleared solo (I coop-ed with myself and cleared Nordis which you can find HERE). Both these I can reliably clear and will make a post at a later date discussing the viability of farming 500 monster points via the PreDRAs Fire PreDRA .

Z8 Solo Mythical
Solo mythical Z8

Overall, I am quite satisfied and happy with the direction Puzzle and Dragons is heading and look forward to many more ranks and fun to come.

Happy Puzzling!


7 thoughts on “Rank 500 and beyond”

  1. So you get extra team every 100 and a pull of the century machine starting at 150 and every 100 after that? What’s the best pull you got off the century machine?


    1. Correct about the extra team every 100 ranks. As of now, North America has only had the rank 150 Memorial Egg Machine and from that I got my third Amon -_- Fantastic got a dupe Indra so not much better luck in that regards. Hopefully the subsequent rank specific egg machines will come to NA faster!


    1. Well congrats on Freyr as he is a fantastic card in their own right as a lead or sub. Awakening them will take time, but you will get there. Especially with the 3 minute stamina, you can try up to 9x a day on natural stamina.


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