Yamatsumi – Farmable Monster Analysis

We have not had a powerful or useful farmable monster since Zaerog Infinity Z8 . Some may argue that Volsung Volsung or Hel Awoken Hel are powerful, but are not special enough to warrant heavy investment. Volsung suffers from being inaccessible due to the challenging descend and an active is not novel nor unique (regardless of how strong it may be). Awoken Hel is capable of clearing high level content due to a unique 49x multiplier, but the playstyle may be too foreign for most players and has a more restrictive sub pool. Furthermore, her viability as a sub is almost non-existent except for over riding poison skyfalls (or funky heart orb generator).

However, the latest descend boss, Yamatsumi Yamatsumi , has power and uses beyond simply selling for 10 Monster Points. The key aspect in making a useful farmable monster is a novel active that has a synergetic role in popular teams. For further reading, I wrote an extensive list on the best farmable monsters to acquire HERE.

Yamatsumi Yamatsumi differs from the rogue descend bosses such as Z8 in that his evolution materials, experience curve, and descend difficulty are all easier to achieve. However, Yamatsumi only has 697 weighted stats that are heavily skewed towards health along with 3 awakenings. Granted the 3 awakenings are all valuable as it includes a wood row Wood Row , skill boost Skill Boost , and skill lock resist Skill Lock Resist . Skill Lock Resist is of particular value as most farmable monsters lack this awakening and will also ease team building when using Yamatsumi as a sub or lead.

Yamatsumi has some leadership potential as he forms a 1.21x HP / 10.89x ATK / 1.21 RCV and has the capacity to loop their actives if both are max skilled. However, he will probably see more value when used as a sub on mono wood teams.

Yamatsumi ‘s active recovers 25% of maximum HP along with increasing wood and heal orb skyfalls by 10% for 4 turns. This can be max skilled to an 8-turn cooldown and allows for chaining of actives if 2 Yamatsumi are present.  The 25% max HP heal becomes significant on Sylvie / Awoken Freyja teams as their leader skill significantly augments your health pool. Enhanced skyfall actives play a number of roles, most notably it increasing the occurrence of favourable orbs appearing on your board. It is most synergetic with orb enhance Enhanced Wood Orb awakenings (which is partially why Z8 is so strong) as the newly fallen orbs come enhanced. By also increasing the chance of heal orbs spawning, you are able to stall longer on specific floors.

Mono wood teams that focus on Wood Row are becoming more popular with Sylvie Sylvie / Freyja Awoken Freyja teams leading the way with 2x HP / 10.5x ATK / 2.5x RCV (Awoken Astaroth Astaroth also relies on Wood Row , but is restricted to healer and devil types). By contributing 1 Wood Row , Yamatsumi does bring some damage along with a unique active. In addition, he can play a role on Awoken Bastet Bastet as his active greatly increases your combo level potential, especially if you do not own Vishnu Vishnu . Lastly, the enhanced skyfall active can benefit Parvati Awoken Parv (who is now a 39x lead) users as both the heal and green orbs are vital to her success.

Another important role enhanced skyfall actives play is overriding other skyfall actives. Many bosses are now causing a preemptive skyfall of various colours and this can lead to orb troll/fatigue if it is the wrong colour. As such, Yamatsumi can override the bosses skyfall mechanic and replace with their own. You can only overwrite jammer and poison skyfall with actives that cause those specifically, so you will still be vulnerable to those. However, even being able to replace fire, water, light, or dark skyfalls with wood and heal is invaluable to mono wood teams.

Overall, Yamatsumi is one of the better farmable monsters to be released. He may not fulfil every need nor be desired by every player, but he does have his uses on mono green teams or as a means to override unideal skyfall mechanics.

Let me know if you agree and your own thoughts on Yamatsumi.

Happy Puzzling!

2 thoughts on “Yamatsumi – Farmable Monster Analysis”

  1. Asking for some advice about my Awoken Parvati team. It is currently Parvati / Perseus / Osiris / New Years Medjedra / ADK.
    Without a Verdandi or Vishnu, I was wondering if replacing one of my subs with Yamatsumi is worthwhile. Replacing NY Medjedra gives up 5 OE, a TPA, and burst/shield active, while replacing ADK takes away a quick orb changer and a TPA, and Yamatsumi doesn’t benefit from a burst with Medjedra. Any thoughts or opinions?


    1. For mindless farming, the quick orb changer with ADK is probably best. However, for harder content, the enhanced skyfalls from Yamatsumi may prove stronger. In your case, I would say dropping ADK (going to presume minimal plus egg investment) is better than NY Medj as the 5 OE synergize perfectly with enhanced skyfalls. You probably do not need the added burst from the balanced single TPA ADK as the damage contribution will be small overall and a single skyfall will cause far more damage for the team as a whole as well as conserving actives in the long run. Because Parvati loves both heart and green orbs, Yamatasumi can be a great fit.

      Somewhat a tangent, but I have ran on countless occasions subs who do not benefit from type enhances as their utility outweighs their damage contribution. Biggest example was Physical Sakuya (L/G) and only the 2 leads benefited from King Bubblie back in the day.


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