100% Farmable Push-Button Mechdragon Team


Many players dream of owning a push-button team as a means to quickly clear dungeons to acquire plus eggs. However, most of the staple subs are hard to acquire Rare Egg Machine monsters such as Red Odin rodin, Awoken Ra Ra, and more Red Odins. If you are as lucky as I am and own neither, you may feel distraught or left out. But have no fear, Mantastic is here! With a fully farmable push button team that can blaze through Wailing Wind in Mechdragon’s Massive Fortress via coop.

Team in action

The run takes around 70-75 seconds to complete and is essentially brainless. Just don’t mess up the button order and please enter the Wailing Wind level as your fire damage is twice as effective.

What you need to acquire

The key to creating this Fantastic team is a fully evolved Goemon Goemon, 3 fully awoken Flame Armour Ogres Flame Armour Ogre, a sub to generate sufficient skill boosts, and one player needs a sub that deals true damage that is above 3,000 damage.

Team 1
Goemon Flame Armour Ogre Flame Armour Ogre Flame Armour Ogre Bane Goemon

Team 2
Goemon Flame Armour Ogre Flame Armour Ogre Flame Armour Ogre (Skill Boost sub) Goemon

None of your team requires plus eggs and I only encourage you to have your leaders max awoken and level to ensure sufficient damage on the full-fire board swap.

Where to easily acquire Flame Armour Ogres?

Flame Armour Ogres can be easily acquired via the Legend difficulty of Monday Dungeon and have a 50% chance to drop. If you are farming for ranks, please save these ogres. You need to acquire 3 as your base and 6 additional to max awaken by feeding 2 to each base. Skill ups do not matter.

How many skill boost Skill Boost awakenings do I need?

The answer depends on how skilled up your Goemons are. Your 2 leaders plus 6 Ogres provide 14 skill boosts and a max skilled Goemon can achieve a 15-turn cooldown (unskilled is 20 turns). However, the second Goemon can have one less skill up as you need to match orbs on floor 5 and thus providing a single turn of active charging.

Sub flexibility

You do not have to use Bane Bane like I did and can easily opt for a Red Odin, Awoken Ra, or even a 4th Flame Armour Ogre Flame Armour Ogre to deal enough damage to kill floor 9. The key is the 3 Flame Armour Ogres, sufficient skill boosts, and an extra damage source for floor 9. I encourage you to bring someone like Yamato Bankai Yamato or any other fire orb maker if something goes wrong.

Potential speed bumps

If you are unfortunate to encounter the Chaser invade, you will not be able to button your way through it and you must match fire orbs and is the main reason why I encourage you to bring someone such as Yamato to generate fire orbs to handle this annoying threat. Furthermore, the green Mystic Knights have just enough HP to survive the Flame Armour Ogre’s attacks and you must match some fire orbs to kill it. Just make sure the correct person has the turn on floor 9.


Using a push button team is fun and exciting to play as you will be able to quickly farm plus eggs. Being able to clear dungeons quickly does not improve efficacy, you still need to spend the same amount of stamina.

Let me know how you plan to quickly farm plus eggs in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

27 thoughts on “100% Farmable Push-Button Mechdragon Team”

  1. Liu Bei plus multiple Zeus-Dios’ is apparently all the rage in Japan. I guess I should work on skilling mine up. I have multiple Liu Beis and a couple Zeuses but a lot more skilling to go. Apparently you can farm most mythical so with them.


    1. Well it takes hardly any effort (you are probably running Monday dungeon already) and its mostly just the Goemon that you need to get. I hope you are able to make one for both your accounts =)


  2. Zaerog infinity push button team co-op:
    Rodin, goemon, goemon, horus, red hera
    Team 2:
    Freyr, ronia, ronia, gadius, ra

    Pirate dragon: team 2 ronia
    Samurai dragon: combo easily defeat
    King metal dragons: team 2 ronia
    Predras: team 1 rodin
    1st zaerog: team 1 goemon and horus enchance the orbs to 1 shot
    2nd zaerog: team 2 ra
    3rd zaerog: both teams stall a turn, team 2 passes on his 2nd turn and team 1 freyr for damage enchance and skill haste, goemon and red hera to enchance and 1 shot.

    Luxurious team but super easy and almost impossible to lose. Only takes a few min and you can farm MP and get a MP dragon easily real quick!


      1. My spouse and made this team over the course of the past month or so, once I figure out a good way to record I can show a successful run. 🙂
        The only problem is that neither of us are that adept at combo’ing, however this doesn’t seem to be a problem to beat the dungeon. The only real problem I can foresee with this team is that if you’re orb trolled on F1, you would probably die.


  3. i run on my phone and ipad, similar situation. is mechdragon 20x the best multiplayer option for plus eggs and exp to stamina? that’s usually what i run, but i’ve never actually compared anything.


    1. It averages about 5 pluses per run and through coop its 50 stamina for just shy of 20k exp. It still loses out to some descends in coop, but it is very very fast


  4. Awesome team xD Will try out soon.(Gonna help a friend obtain his first 297)
    A quick question I wanted to ask with Awoken Cao Cao?
    Would this team wprk:
    A.Cao Cao, Surtr,Surtr,Surtr, and (a fire type with significant rows or shield breaker, delay, etc.) Btw just assume they are max skilled. (Essentially trying to make a fire version of Lui Bei team once it hits NA they’ll be 297 as soon as the button team is made)


    1. Well you somewhat have to wait for Monday any way =P

      The problem with Cao Cao vs Liu Bei is that Zeus Dios has the coop bonus AND 2 skill boosts. Surtr only has a single skill boost (along with Cao Cao) so you would be very hard pressed to make a team that has sufficient skill boosts. Thus you would have to be a hybrid button team


      1. Darn xD Welp one can hope for a future buff or an ulti (Thanks for the info didn’t know about the awakenings beforehand was mainly basing all of it on using Active skills)


  5. I just tried this and we almost beat it – unfortunately my Goemon was not skilled up. I think with some work tomorrow for another Ogre (I only had 1 B/R and 1 G/R, and used Ra Tama as my third), I can accomplish this team with just 1 red pii.
    Thanks for showing me this team!

    Also, I didn’t know that feeding a dupe was a guaranteed awakening, I’d always thought I was getting lucky when I fed them, haha.


    1. Thats great you are almost done the farmable push-button team =)

      And its an often overlooked method for gaining an awakening as it was more popular in the early days of PAD due to the scarcity of Tamadras and higher dependency on farmable monsters


  6. Just wanted to say this is awesome, thanks for this! Also, to note, the B/R ogre also works, so less farming is need since you will likely get a mix of both faster than either particular one.


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  8. I think this, or a slight variation, would work amazing for the Revenge Jewel Dragon invades. A low level player could put this together fairly easily, from the second forms that drop everywhere, and this would net them a lot of experience for their main team. Granted it would only work on the Red/Green/Blue ones but for every little investment, and no leveling, I can defiantly see the appeal. There wouldn’t even have to be orb matching as the highest defense monster is only 60,000 with 7777 HP.


  9. would a similar push button team of 4 ice armor ogres (#310) / 4 flame armor ogres (#314) be enough for the metal dragon farming in solo mode? I don’t have a Goemon either yet..I’m only about 57 days playing so far..I didn’t realize the usefulness of the ogres..so I kept selling them…didn’t know about their evolved forms only knew about their starting forms. Since I don’t have a Goemon yet..would a maxed skilled Juppongatana Myo-o, Yukyuzan Anji #3045 (50x dark nuke) work in the interim for a starting push button team, till I get a Goemon of course, guess a semi-push button team. I am still in the process of leveling up my cards..and trying to find a means to efficiently farm the metal dragon dungeons or when I am farming Pengdras from the technical dungeons (Fertile Land, Ice Maze, Blazing Highway) haven’t seen light or dark pengdras yet. It’s the divine masks that currently slow me down when farming for the Pengdras. I can’t tackle the Legend Monday Dungeon yet..only the Expert Monday. So I can get the Samurai Ogre #63, Ice Ogre #65 & Armor Ogre #67 and Evolve them..I know it means I have to grind a bit more..but I don’t have much option yet..except farming in the normal dungeons during 2x drop events for those ogres. Don’t have a lot of God cards yet..also need the mats to evolve the ones I have…only rank 95..so I’m not focusing on the +eggs just yet.



    1. The ogres only work against one specific colour as the Ice Ogre can only kill fire type enemies with a 70,000 damage nuke the is reduced by defense

      As for farming your ogres, you can easily do that in Monday dungeon on the higher difficulty level (try finding a coop partner); however, I would not invest that much effort into forming a button team at your rank/game progression. Button teams are a luxury that allows you to play faster, you do not actually clear more content or get more value for your stamina.

      Your focus should be grinding ranks in normals and technicals and doing the challenge modes for additional magic stones to roll in godfests =)


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