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Ganesha + Goemon Button Farming Kanetsugu Descended


Kanetsugu still remains one of the best dungeons to play for plus eggs outside of Star Den. While the All-Attribute restriction was frustrating in the past, it has become significantly more manageable due to Skill Inheritance and we can now button through quite efficiently. While buttoning is wonderful, buttoning with a Ganesha 3071 leader will dramatically improve your experience gains to help shorten the wait times between rank ups.

Video Clear

–video goes here—-

Team composition & Strategy

Many of the following cards can be easily interchanged with someone else and you can use Skill Inheritance to fill the gaps. The main requirements are naturally your leaders (Beach Goemon for water coverage), a bind immune defense break on team 1 and Dragon Killer Tsubaki 3260 on team 2. Other than that, you can use different subs that fulfill the same purpose.

This event has Kanetsugu with a No Dupes restriction instead and can make team building significantly easier; however, I will showcase an All-Attributes team for future reference.

Goemon/Ganesha Kanetsugu Descended – 18 Skill Boost
Inherit 3241

B Goemon rodin 3392 3273 Thuban
Red Sonia Set Goemon 3260 3071
Inherit Awoken Archdemon Lucifer
Goemon/Ganesha Kanetsugu Steps
Floor 1 Button rodin
Floor 2 Button 3392
Floor 3 Button 3273
Floor 4 Shiva 3241, Goemon B Goemon
Floor 5 Swipe
Floor 6 Blue Spawn: Laser Awoken Archdemon Lucifer

Wood Spawn: Sonia Red Sonia + Set Set
Floor 7 PASS if wood spawn

Goemon Goemon + Ganesha 3071 (Set Set)


Being able to acquire 5-7 plus eggs per run while collaterally benefiting from 42,785 rank experience is quite wonderful. While Rogue Descends still remain a more lucrative dungeon, Kanetsugu is closing the gap with Ganesha while being much easier to clear.

Happy Puzzling!


GungHo Collab Pal Egg Machine and +9 Eggs per Roll

Reposting this as the +9 PEM is returning. In addition to the other rolls, we will also have access to Colouring Book Sakuya


Beginning on Friday, February 10th, North American PAD players will be able to farm plus eggs from the Pal Egg Machine (PEM). Each roll will produce a +9 monster (+3 HP, +3 ATK, +3 RCV) and becomes the most efficient way to acquire plus eggs provided you have numerous Best Friends. In addition the wonderful plus eggs, we also have the opportunity to acquire the special Colouring Book Kali 3246, Colouring Book Sakuya 3247, and Arthur 2121.

From my own personal experience, Colouring Book Kali had about a 1% roll rate so be prepared to roll numerous times before acquiring her. I presume Sakuya will also be around the same.

If you wish to read more about Pal Points and Best Friends, please refer to my other article HERE.

Video commentary

I will be posting a rolling video of several hundred PEM rolls in the very near future to help give a better idea of the chances of acquiring the three coveted cards.

Plus egg farming

Star Den is the most efficient dungeon and place to farm plus eggs as it provides a guaranteed 10 per run at the cost of 25 stamina in coop. There are numerous button teams available that allows you to quickly breeze through the dungeon and many players are able to easily acquire 297 pluses within their hourly time frame.

However, with the introduction of the +9 PEM, we now have an even more efficient medium for farming plus eggs provided you have numerous Best Friends. Every time you use a Best Friend, you will receive 100 Pal Points and each spin costs 500. This means you can enter the 2 stamina dungeons (in the Normal dungeon section) and simply quit to save time. This results in a 10 stamina cost to acquire 9 plus eggs. Granted you lose out on the small rank experience from Star Den, but it was insignificant to begin with. The entering and quitting process does take up more time than a Star Den button team, but it is significantly more stamina efficient.

The following table compares the two mediums and assumes the most efficient stamina usage possible when completing 1 Star Den run or 1 pull of the +9 PEM. Continue reading GungHo Collab Pal Egg Machine and +9 Eggs per Roll

[Video] 457 Rolls of the GungHo +9 Pal Egg Machine


The GungHo Pal Egg Machine is now producing +9 rolls for only 500 Pal Points. This is the most stamina efficient place to acquire plus eggs as you can use 5 Best Friends in 5 normal 2-stamina dungeons for a single roll. This equates to a 1.11 stamina per plus egg and easily trumps Star Den (2.5 stamina/plus). You can read more about this from my previous post HERE.

In addition to Pal Points, you also have the very rare chance to pull the elusive Art Kali 3246.

457 rolls

Out of the 457 rolls, I only acquired 4 Art Kali making the appearance rate depressingly low.

Quickly fusing plus eggs

From this event, every egg that rolls out will be a +9 and you will want to quickly and mindlessly fuse them into a +297. For myself, I  did the following:

  • Make a +54 from six +9’s
  • From the +54, fuse five more +9’s
  • Creates a +99
  • Repeat two more times
  • Fuse three +99s into +297


The +9 Pal Egg Machine event is easily the best time to spend your Pal Points. I highly encourage you to redeem your Challenge rewards in your mailbox along with Quest rewards to Let the Good Times Roll.

Let me know how many rolls it took for you to acquire Art Kali.

Happy Puzzling!

[Video] +297 Hera Dungeon Strategies and Guide


To mark the celebration of the third year anniversary, GungHo will be granting players the opportunity to play the +297 Hera “Gift” Dungeon. The word Gift is misleading as it is a challenging dungeon to clear and Gift is only used to indicate that it is a one-time clear and has to be done in solo mode.

Mantastic & Fantastic’s video clears

Mantastic’s Sarasvati 3069

A much riskier team due to the orb hungry nature of Sarasvati. There is a certian amount of praying required to either skyfall a water combo or have enough present to conserve actives. However, it was a pleasure to play with and the damage on Minerva was Nuts Nut 😉


Fantastic’s Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ

DQXQ was a lot safer by comparison due to the less orb hungry nature of her leader skill. I could use the 16x ATK and TPA down the easy floors and only had to form rows starting at floor 5. It also helps that both leaders have a more impactful active skill.

Team used

Will update when I play this dungeon. Myr Miru is the default/easy choice but may try and use a different leader to showcase a more novel strategy.

JP clears

As this is a one-time clear dungeon, I decided to showcase various JP clears with leaders I do not own to provide another layer of inspiration for theory crafting viable teams. You can use the search term as well:  神王妃 絶地獄級

Light Myr Miru

Reco’s clear using Myr. I also speculate she will be the easiest to use for this dungeon.

Ace Best Cat Cross Bastet

Continue reading [Video] +297 Hera Dungeon Strategies and Guide

[Video] +297 Zeus Dungeon Clear and Strategies Guide


North America has finally received the +297 Zeus “Gift” Dungeon today and it presents a unique challenge for players to overcome. I am well aware that there are many different teams that can clear this, but I wish to showcase how I have successfully cleared with my Dark Metatron dtron team along with my strategies and checklist of utility. Do note that this dungeon must be completed in solo mode.

Video clear

Team used

I decided to go with my Dark Metatron team due to the colour advantage, ease in which to activate her multiplier, and ample Skill Boosts Skill Boost to allow for the much needed Skill Inheritance actives being ready in time. For reference, Dark Metatron forms a 2.25x HP / 36x ATK team when under 50% HP. I also used the +5% Attack Imp ATKAwoken Badge as it was the one that provided the most benefit. My subs were mostly chosen for their synergy with each other through Skill Inheritance as well as being my strongest options.

dtron Dark Valk Awoken Persephone Awoken Archdemon Lucifer Awoken Pandora dtron
1157 Awoken Karin Baby Satsuki Ra

Dungeon mechanics

+297 Zeus is a reasonably tricky dungeon as it has numerous mechanics that can trip up the average team and careful planning is critical to avoid failure. Universally, every team requires: Continue reading [Video] +297 Zeus Dungeon Clear and Strategies Guide

[Video] PAD Z Collab VS Push Button Glory


With the advent of coop, there has been a shift towards using Push-Button style teams to quickly farm plus eggs. However, due to the lack of REM subs I can draw upon, I have less options available than some of my higher ranking peers. As such, I decided to draw upon the wondrous powers of my friend, Anita Waffle, to put together a Fantastic team to clear PAD Z Collab.


The actual dungeon clear time was around 73 seconds and an average run yields 4-5 pluses per run equates to very fast plus egg farming


PAD Z Team

The few key points to the team are:

  • Sufficient skill boosts Skill Boost to have Raphael ready on turn 1 (16)
  • Two True Damage nukes for floor 1 and 2
  • Surtr or another Goemon for the final boss floor


Push button teams are quickly becoming the farming teams of the future. Even without perfect teams, even just having the ability to button down one or two floors can save countless amount of time in the long run.

Happy Puzzling!

100% Farmable Push-Button Mechdragon Team


Many players dream of owning a push-button team as a means to quickly clear dungeons to acquire plus eggs. However, most of the staple subs are hard to acquire Rare Egg Machine monsters such as Red Odin rodin, Awoken Ra Ra, and more Red Odins. If you are as lucky as I am and own neither, you may feel distraught or left out. But have no fear, Mantastic is here! With a fully farmable push button team that can blaze through Wailing Wind in Mechdragon’s Massive Fortress via coop.

Team in action

The run takes around 70-75 seconds to complete and is essentially brainless. Just don’t mess up the button order and please enter the Wailing Wind level as your fire damage is twice as effective.

What you need to acquire

The key to creating this Fantastic team is a fully evolved Goemon Goemon, 3 fully awoken Flame Armour Ogres Flame Armour Ogre, a sub to generate sufficient skill boosts, and one player needs a sub that deals true damage that is above 3,000 damage.

Team 1
Goemon Flame Armour Ogre Flame Armour Ogre Flame Armour Ogre Bane Goemon

Team 2
Goemon Flame Armour Ogre Flame Armour Ogre Flame Armour Ogre (Skill Boost sub) Goemon

None of your team requires plus eggs and I only encourage you to have your leaders max awoken and level to ensure sufficient damage on the full-fire board swap.

Where to easily acquire Flame Armour Ogres?

Flame Armour Ogres can be easily acquired via the Legend difficulty of Monday Dungeon and have a 50% chance to drop. If you are farming for ranks, please save these ogres. You need to acquire 3 as your base and 6 additional to max awaken by feeding 2 to each base. Skill ups do not matter.

How many skill boost Skill Boost awakenings do I need?

The answer depends on how skilled up your Goemons are. Your 2 leaders plus 6 Ogres provide 14 skill boosts and a max skilled Goemon can achieve a 15-turn cooldown (unskilled is 20 turns). However, the second Goemon can have one less skill up as you need to match orbs on floor 5 and thus providing a single turn of active charging.

Sub flexibility

You do not have to use Bane Bane like I did and can easily opt for a Red Odin, Awoken Ra, or even a 4th Flame Armour Ogre Flame Armour Ogre to deal enough damage to kill floor 9. The key is the 3 Flame Armour Ogres, sufficient skill boosts, and an extra damage source for floor 9. I encourage you to bring someone like Yamato Bankai Yamato or any other fire orb maker if something goes wrong.

Potential speed bumps

If you are unfortunate to encounter the Chaser invade, you will not be able to button your way through it and you must match fire orbs and is the main reason why I encourage you to bring someone such as Yamato to generate fire orbs to handle this annoying threat. Furthermore, the green Mystic Knights have just enough HP to survive the Flame Armour Ogre’s attacks and you must match some fire orbs to kill it. Just make sure the correct person has the turn on floor 9.


Using a push button team is fun and exciting to play as you will be able to quickly farm plus eggs. Being able to clear dungeons quickly does not improve efficacy, you still need to spend the same amount of stamina.

Let me know how you plan to quickly farm plus eggs in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!