GungHo Collab Pal Egg Machine and +9 Eggs per Roll

Reposting this as the +9 PEM is returning. In addition to the other rolls, we will also have access to Colouring Book Sakuya


Beginning on Friday, February 10th, North American PAD players will be able to farm plus eggs from the Pal Egg Machine (PEM). Each roll will produce a +9 monster (+3 HP, +3 ATK, +3 RCV) and becomes the most efficient way to acquire plus eggs provided you have numerous Best Friends. In addition the wonderful plus eggs, we also have the opportunity to acquire the special Colouring Book Kali 3246, Colouring Book Sakuya 3247, and Arthur 2121.

From my own personal experience, Colouring Book Kali had about a 1% roll rate so be prepared to roll numerous times before acquiring her. I presume Sakuya will also be around the same.

If you wish to read more about Pal Points and Best Friends, please refer to my other article HERE.

Video commentary

I will be posting a rolling video of several hundred PEM rolls in the very near future to help give a better idea of the chances of acquiring the three coveted cards.

Plus egg farming

Star Den is the most efficient dungeon and place to farm plus eggs as it provides a guaranteed 10 per run at the cost of 25 stamina in coop. There are numerous button teams available that allows you to quickly breeze through the dungeon and many players are able to easily acquire 297 pluses within their hourly time frame.

However, with the introduction of the +9 PEM, we now have an even more efficient medium for farming plus eggs provided you have numerous Best Friends. Every time you use a Best Friend, you will receive 100 Pal Points and each spin costs 500. This means you can enter the 2 stamina dungeons (in the Normal dungeon section) and simply quit to save time. This results in a 10 stamina cost to acquire 9 plus eggs. Granted you lose out on the small rank experience from Star Den, but it was insignificant to begin with. The entering and quitting process does take up more time than a Star Den button team, but it is significantly more stamina efficient.

The following table compares the two mediums and assumes the most efficient stamina usage possible when completing 1 Star Den run or 1 pull of the +9 PEM.

Plus Egg Efficiency
Star Den +9 PEM
Stamina per plus 2.5 1.11
Rank experience 8,400-8,800 trivial amounts
Reliant on BFF? No Yes
Chance at Kali or Arthur? No Yes

From the above table, it becomes clear that that +9 PEM is the more stamina efficient method for acquiring plus eggs provided you have Best Friends to use. Furthermore, This event lasts for an entire week and can be done every single day as the Pal Points for using friends reset on a daily basis.

Collateral benefits from the +9 PEM

The +9 Pal Egg Machine also has the chance to drop the Art Kali 3246 and Arthur 2121. These are the two most powerful cards that can appear during this event as Kali provides a full board changer that produces fire, water, wood, light, and dark orbs. She is essentially a coloured re-skin of Light Kali Kali. This is Fantastic for rainbow teams that do not rely on heart orbs as you can acquire a free board changer. Just be aware you cannot use Art Kali as an assistant via Skill Inheritance.

In addition, players will now have the opportunity to roll Colouring Book Sakuya 3247. CB Sakuya is an exact replica of her Awoken cousin Sakuya with the swapped attributes. She is able to achieve 100x multiplier with 10 combos while matching fire, water, wood, and light orbs. However, her main usage (aside from a trophy) will be acting as a bind-immune bind-clearer for your mono fire teams. The ability to combine an offensive component to your bind clearing ability can be invaluable in certain dungeons along with being able to help mitigate the risk of resolve bosses.

Finally, Arthur is a wonderful addition on push button teams and amusingly, has the most value when farming Star Den as his active can kill any of the first four floors when Arthur is leveled up. This is important for killing the Ogres along with resetting your HP to 1 for Zeus Dios and Goemon teams. More explanation can be found HERE.


How to prepare for the +9 PEM

Depending on your Pal Point generatation, you may need to start saving right now. The limit is 50 rolls (25,000 Pal Points) and you should only spend some of them if you are nearing the limit.

In an ideal world, you pull immediately at midnight when at the cap in order to generate additional Pal Points when the day resets in the morning. Furthermore, you should not open any of the Pal Points in the mail until the event is live. You can find them by simply pressing Sort/Delete and then selecting Pal Points.


In addition to reward mail, you an also redeem Pal Points from completed quests.



The +9 Pal Egg Machine event is the most lucrative and beneficial machine to date. Every single roll will produce a guaranteed +9 and it is well worth the effort to actively farm Pal Points during this event. Every 33 rolls will produce a +297 and with proper planning, everyone should be able to acquire at least two before the event ends

A full 50 rolls will yield (50*9) 450 plus eggs which can be used to spring board your current team or help complete the Maniac plus egg quest.

Happy Puzzling!



36 thoughts on “GungHo Collab Pal Egg Machine and +9 Eggs per Roll”

    1. I can confirm that the new Sakuya is, in fact, in the new PEM. My alt got her. I was only able to 20 times on the rank 85 account. This account is ridiculously lucky since it also pulled Ilmina after 3 pulls. Wish I was so lucky on my main!


  1. You didn’t mention that both coloring book Kali and Sakuya are a bit lacking in stats and awakenings. Other than that, I got 2 Sakuyas in a batch of 10 (around 70 rolls). Good guide!


  2. ~ 70 pulls on main: 2 arthur, 2 cb sakuya and one bkali 🙂

    ~ 60 pulls on alt: 2 arthur

    About time main got some good stuff 🙂


  3. I got Sakuya on my 34th pull! I was watching one of your video so… I guess thank you for giving me luck ^^ (I also got Arthur before).


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