[Video] 457 Rolls of the GungHo +9 Pal Egg Machine


The GungHo Pal Egg Machine is now producing +9 rolls for only 500 Pal Points. This is the most stamina efficient place to acquire plus eggs as you can use 5 Best Friends in 5 normal 2-stamina dungeons for a single roll. This equates to a 1.11 stamina per plus egg and easily trumps Star Den (2.5 stamina/plus). You can read more about this from my previous post HERE.

In addition to Pal Points, you also have the very rare chance to pull the elusive Art Kali 3246.

457 rolls

Out of the 457 rolls, I only acquired 4 Art Kali making the appearance rate depressingly low.

Quickly fusing plus eggs

From this event, every egg that rolls out will be a +9 and you will want to quickly and mindlessly fuse them into a +297. For myself, I  did the following:

  • Make a +54 from six +9’s
  • From the +54, fuse five more +9’s
  • Creates a +99
  • Repeat two more times
  • Fuse three +99s into +297


The +9 Pal Egg Machine event is easily the best time to spend your Pal Points. I highly encourage you to redeem your Challenge rewards in your mailbox along with Quest rewards to Let the Good Times Roll.

Let me know how many rolls it took for you to acquire Art Kali.

Happy Puzzling!

36 thoughts on “[Video] 457 Rolls of the GungHo +9 Pal Egg Machine”

  1. I think you might have been roll troll. 😅
    For 24 pull, I got 2 kali’s, 1 pianis.
    On the bright side you got lots of +297 which I don’t


  2. Congrats on the dual BKali’s! I rolled 50 times this morning, got nothing special until roll 48 when BKali showed. I feel like I beat the odds based upon what your rolls. Of coarse Pancaake has the midis touch, congrats to both of you, I was pulling for you (no pun intended)


  3. I had ~ 100 rolls and no BKali for me.

    Since nobody asked this yet, I am just gonna ask a silly question: Are the 6 stars rolls worth keeping besides BKali? I am at lv. 485 and have decent Krishna, Shiva and Pandora teams.


      1. Thx! Rolled the rest of PAL points and got 2 more Arthurs. Won’t mean much as I’m so woefully behind I probably won’t get to leveling them for a couple months. On to PCGF rolls…


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