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This is an idea that has been floating around in my head for a long time: a post dedicated to answering the various PAD and Off-Topic questions my readers may have. My hope for this and subsequent posts in this format is to encourage my readers to ask questions they may have. My hope for this is to answer these questions in a subsequent post along with a complimenting video. However, there will be some restrictions and I may not be able to answer every question.

This is also a good way to help compensate for my Suggestion Box always emailing things to the wrong place.

Video commentary

–video commentary—

How this works

The idea with this and the subsequent answer post is to allow people to ask questions that are not covered by other articles. You In order to ask a question, you simply need to leave a comment and I will potentially answer it in the subsequent  posting. I have opened up my website to accept comments from anyone, including those without a WordPress account. However, I request you leave some sort of signature/name at the end of your question if you choose to do this or if you would rather have a different name than your WordPress account.

I do not intend to reply to comments on this post as that would be counter intuitive to the answers post and instead will either Like or say thank you to your question.

Questions not about Puzzle and Dragons should be marked with an [OT] (Off-Topic) as I may limit those to a certain degree.

I will most likely copy/paste your question in the next posting so please by concise/specific along with including your name/signature somewhere.

What to ask

What you ask should be interesting and try to appeal to as many players as possible. As I intend to answer these in a more public platform, it is best if your question has some potential overlap with other players who may be in the similar situation. If there are questions that have significant overlap, I may simply address all of them with a single answer.

Great suggestions are game meta questions such as what is the viability of XYZ card moving forward? How does a new evolution or future buff impact a card’s usefulness? Thoughts on particular cards/new monsters or what is the best way to approach a particular mechanic etc.

Part of the purpose of this post is to have questions asked that are not large enough to be covered by a particular posting.

You should also try to provide as much detail as possible along with being specific as broad/generalized questions may not be as helpful overall.

What not to ask

Questions that overlap with existing articles

Your questions should not already be covered by an already existing post. For example, you should not be asking about a Myr team building guide as I have already extensively covered that in a previous posting and may simply receive a response with the appropriate link. The idea is to ask questions that I have not already addressed or are too small to be covered by a full posting.

If you can branch/build off of an existing article, that is okay, the idea is the answer should not already exist.

Box reviews

Linking your monster box and simply asking me to make you a team is not an appropriate question here and is borderline insensitive for the most part. If you are unwilling to take the effort to try and make a team for yourself, why should I do it for you? This mostly applies to Facebook inbox requests and not so much website comments. I much prefer team building questions when you have taken the time to do some research on your own and provide your current team/ideas of what could work etc. Refining a good idea is much better than starting from scratch.

A more appropriate approach for this posting is to present your team and offer a few variations for inherits/sub choices and that will be addressed as that shows initiative on your end along with looking to min-max or polish your roster.

Release dates

I have no idea when a particular card will be released and will probably say Soon unless it is Ra Dragon 3265.

Off-topic Questions

I am open to the possibility of several interesting Off-Topic questions. These can range from tidbits of my personal life to what other hobbies I may or may not have. I only ask that these are not too personal nor rude. In addition, I would appreciate these questions being labeled with an [OT] at the start.


I encourage each and every one of you to ask a creative question and will try my best to answer them in about a week’s time through a new post/video. If this proves successful/well received, I will try to do this on a monthly basis as new queries should emerge by then.

Everyone is able to leave a comment without a WordPress account; however, I require those individuals to leave some sort of signature/name at the end as you will show up as Someone or Anonymous.

Happy Puzzling and be creative!

72 thoughts on “Question time with Mantastic”

  1. You’ve said that you look at a new dungeon (PADX or PAD Guide) to see what monsters you’ll be facing and what skills they have, before tackling it. With all the info listed there, what do you key in on?

    Thanks again,
    Grim Jack


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