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This is an idea that has been floating around in my head for a long time: a post dedicated to answering the various PAD and Off-Topic questions my readers may have. My hope for this and subsequent posts in this format is to encourage my readers to ask questions they may have. My hope for this is to answer these questions in a subsequent post along with a complimenting video. However, there will be some restrictions and I may not be able to answer every question.

This is also a good way to help compensate for my Suggestion Box always emailing things to the wrong place.

Video commentary

–video commentary—

How this works

The idea with this and the subsequent answer post is to allow people to ask questions that are not covered by other articles. You In order to ask a question, you simply need to leave a comment and I will potentially answer it in the subsequent  posting. I have opened up my website to accept comments from anyone, including those without a WordPress account. However, I request you leave some sort of signature/name at the end of your question if you choose to do this or if you would rather have a different name than your WordPress account.

I do not intend to reply to comments on this post as that would be counter intuitive to the answers post and instead will either Like or say thank you to your question.

Questions not about Puzzle and Dragons should be marked with an [OT] (Off-Topic) as I may limit those to a certain degree.

I will most likely copy/paste your question in the next posting so please by concise/specific along with including your name/signature somewhere.

What to ask

What you ask should be interesting and try to appeal to as many players as possible. As I intend to answer these in a more public platform, it is best if your question has some potential overlap with other players who may be in the similar situation. If there are questions that have significant overlap, I may simply address all of them with a single answer.

Great suggestions are game meta questions such as what is the viability of XYZ card moving forward? How does a new evolution or future buff impact a card’s usefulness? Thoughts on particular cards/new monsters or what is the best way to approach a particular mechanic etc.

Part of the purpose of this post is to have questions asked that are not large enough to be covered by a particular posting.

You should also try to provide as much detail as possible along with being specific as broad/generalized questions may not be as helpful overall.

What not to ask

Questions that overlap with existing articles

Your questions should not already be covered by an already existing post. For example, you should not be asking about a Myr team building guide as I have already extensively covered that in a previous posting and may simply receive a response with the appropriate link. The idea is to ask questions that I have not already addressed or are too small to be covered by a full posting.

If you can branch/build off of an existing article, that is okay, the idea is the answer should not already exist.

Box reviews

Linking your monster box and simply asking me to make you a team is not an appropriate question here and is borderline insensitive for the most part. If you are unwilling to take the effort to try and make a team for yourself, why should I do it for you? This mostly applies to Facebook inbox requests and not so much website comments. I much prefer team building questions when you have taken the time to do some research on your own and provide your current team/ideas of what could work etc. Refining a good idea is much better than starting from scratch.

A more appropriate approach for this posting is to present your team and offer a few variations for inherits/sub choices and that will be addressed as that shows initiative on your end along with looking to min-max or polish your roster.

Release dates

I have no idea when a particular card will be released and will probably say Soon unless it is Ra Dragon 3265.

Off-topic Questions

I am open to the possibility of several interesting Off-Topic questions. These can range from tidbits of my personal life to what other hobbies I may or may not have. I only ask that these are not too personal nor rude. In addition, I would appreciate these questions being labeled with an [OT] at the start.


I encourage each and every one of you to ask a creative question and will try my best to answer them in about a week’s time through a new post/video. If this proves successful/well received, I will try to do this on a monthly basis as new queries should emerge by then.

Everyone is able to leave a comment without a WordPress account; however, I require those individuals to leave some sort of signature/name at the end as you will show up as Someone or Anonymous.

Happy Puzzling and be creative!

72 thoughts on “Question time with Mantastic”

  1. Here is a simple question for farming. If you do not own a button team, what other cards could you use to speed farm a dungeon? (R.E.M. Cards included)



    1. I figure that’s any card with easy activation and high damage (ATTK-multiplier 25+), of course working with the mechanics of the target dungeon.
      Most heart cross-leads are fast IF there are no or few pre-emptives, ideally you just cross once.
      RevoLakshmi is my fastest, max 100 ATTK with only water and hearts needed. On trash floors i don’t even need hearts.
      Meridionalis would be much faster as you only need water, hearts only if needed for RCV.
      So, the less orb-types needed for high damage, the easier you match, the faster you are.
      The crown imho take Aizen, Genryusai Yamamoto, Meridionalis (of which i have none) 🙂


  2. I have seen the Awoken Thor/Saria team dying out, and have made a Saria/Ilm (the 10x multiplier Ilm ) team :Saria/Apocalypse/Reincarnated Ra/ Ana /ult light kanna/Ilm. Can you give me advice? 2xHp/30xATK/2.5RCV when matching 2 of either fire light and one of the other and hitting four combos when using a skill


  3. Apart from the strength of any particular team what are some of the leaders/playstyles you enjoy playing with? (If team viability and strength were a non factor? Heart cross/row/combo/rainbow/etc or is just outputting tons of damage the enjoyable part to you?)


  4. Recently collabs and special REMs have released one of the best leaders and subs of the game. Have these REMs highered value of collabs and such things? Do you think some of the collabs are almost as important to roll as godfests that have become more and more harder to roll efficantly.


  5. Comparing Krishna/Minerva-Ilm/Duel Minerva (assuming you have “average” subs) for each, which would be the fastest/most consistent at clearing A1?



  6. Do you think I am overpowered? Do you think I am too powerful for a farmable lead? Do you think I have contributed to the overall decline in health of the game?

    People tell me I have been top of the meta too long and it makes me sad 😦


  7. I know u have a post of possible leaders but its a bit outdated and new cards have arrived, in any case what are right now possible leads people should be work on getting and again i know there is a guide for this as wll but outdated what monsters really mayyer to farm for? Regards man u do an excellent job!


  8. can we have a guide for team building for collab rem cards/less then popular cards as leaders? I find it really hard to find some resources for them to make teams to play through the midgame (for example I still don’t know what subs I should get for a single NYspica lead). It would also be nice for some farmable subs for them. thx.


    1. Spica and rinoa are my two best monsters ATM on my dup account. I would be interested in learning what I could do to help build up my spica’s team as well.


  9. I’m just going to throw a couple questions. Any suggestions on clearing 5×4 dungeons (mainly Ultimate Endless)? Is it possible to beat arena or the machine dungeons using challenge mode? What is the viability of each Mp Monster Card?


  10. Best base monsters that actives aren’t great but with an inherit can become one of the best monster cards. I’ve always been interested in creating superior cards. Ex awoken Horus but not sure what inherit or if there’s a better base monster combo for my Krishna team


  11. How do you manage which leads are shown to your friends?! I have it especially bad, since I have tons of top tier leads, but can only surface 3 max.

    This question is related to alex@pg’s… What’s your favorite lead to play just for “fun”, even though it’s not top tier?


  12. We’ve all heard about the farming craze with leads like Yamamoto, Meridionalis, and ALB (among others). What are the ideal teams for farming with each lead, differences between them, and are there alternative leaders you can pair with?


    1. If you havn’t already, can you suggest a Meriodonalis team? I got 2 of her in the heroine pull, and currently have Sun Quan, Sarasvati, A. Hermes and working on khepri. Is she valid at all?


  13. Is it worth buying radra if you don’t have the “best” subs? I have Gremory, Myr and Krishna as my best teams/leads. I’m wondering what MP purchase I should make to keep me in the meta going forward. Should I buy Radra (I have isis but zero kalis), Yomidra (for farming and as a Grem sub) or hold out for Dark Athena (can make a good team).


  14. I’ve been obsessed with Barbara from the Heroine REM since she was first announced (still haven’t rolled her yet lol). What do you think could be a good team composition for her?


  15. If you have a leader skill like Verdandis “Wood attribute cards ATK increases with HP. Fire attribute cards HP x1.5” Does this affect Wood / Fire types the same as Fire / Wood types. Additionaly, if you use an active like “1.5x Atk for fire Att for 2 turns” will this increase damage for Just the Element type (main or sub) if its fire, or will it increase wood type damage on a fire subtype creature as well.



  16. You are one of the go to sources for strategy information for this game and add a great amount of value to my playing of PAD. GH recognizes this when they post your articles on Facebook.

    You recently mentioned that you are unable to completely review as much content as you’d like because you simply don’t have access to all of the cards and have to rely on providing your followers 2nd hand information. I also believe you mentioned that it was disheartening to constantly not pull some of these rarer cards and still do your research on them.

    I’m wondering if there is something GH could do about this. Is there any possibility that they would sponsor you? If we started a ‘Please Sponsor Mantastic and Make Creating Content Easier for Him’ type of campaign, do you think that could work?

    I notice that GH NA has a physical address on their website. I figure if they were flooded with postcards and letters asking them to bless your account with good luck or rare cards then they would at least have to think about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am with this guy. Have you tried reaching out? I know that part of your bad luck helps us to relate to you – For instance, I am level 420 on my main account, played for over 500 days, don’t have Ra, don’t have L Kali, don’t have D Kali, and feel when you get bad rolls. However, you having access to more cards, or a small pile of *free* stuff from Pad would be cool . It would give us a boost to have you have more access to cards we use (the lesser ones since we, like you get bad pulls and don’t have access to the best of the best. You might send them a letter!


  17. Can you provide a list of all the ways that we can directly (Paypal, Patreon, etc.) and indirectly (click on ads, purchase things via an Amazon affiliate link, etc.) support you?

    I know there was talk about you looking into setting up a Patreon account a while ago, but I haven’t heard anything since then… It looks like you did set that up, but you haven’t told anyone about it as you don’t have any patrons. That means I get to finally be the first of something on the internet! I’m now your first Patreon!

    I see that you’ve got some different reward levels set up, but I don’t think those things are that important as people just want an easy way to support you.


  18. What is the average “stage”:one should attempt annihilation level content? I have managed to beat arena 1 with a less than ideal krishna team (nothing max skilled, some not even maxed evolved or awoken) at rank 230, When is the right time to try arena 2, or machines?, or even challenge 9/10? (or maybe thursday mythical as i have not beaten that yet?!?)

    Thanks, Ben / Garbage / Garbage v2


  19. Another question: Do you think NA server is going in right direction (towards JP)? Should NA keep differences from JP and do you think getting NA exclusive collabs (Voltron) is going to be good idea?


  20. Mantastic,
    I discovered PAD 6 months ago and I have been reading your articles ever since and this has been of great help to build better teams and get better at the game. I used your beginner guide as a reference and I hope you have time to update it soon.
    I have some questions though :
    – What do you do with your extra duplicate REM Monster? Do you sell them for MP do you keep them to use them as an assist? And how do you decide which action to take? I, for example, rolled 3 viper orochi and 3 gadius and I don’t know what to do with these?
    – I saw in one of your latest articles that you assisted a Saria with another Saria. What is the point of doing that? I don’t understand what is the benefit.


    1. I believe I can answer the second question…

      When a boss uses a pre-emptive skill delay, the inherited skill’s cooldown gets dropped first. If it drops to max cooldown but there are still delayed turns left to use, then the native active skill of the card will get dropped. The implications of this are as so: If you have a Saria who inherits Saria, and the inherited Saria active is up, but then you run into, say, Thoth in Sphinx Descended!, then the inherited Saria active will drop back down to needing 5 more turns to charge.

      BUT!!! Since the inherited skill got dropped, Saria’s own active is still up! So you can still use Saria’s active (a board changer) without having to stall 5 turns to wait for it to come back up.

      Of course if inherited Saria’s active only had a few turns charged on it then main Saria’s active would get dropped.

      The tl;dr of this is: Inheriting a dupe active skill onto a card acts as a pseudo-skill delay resist. It either is a poverty method of have skill delay shields on your team, it speeds up speed farming, or it frees up room for better/more applicable latent awakenings.


  21. I’m interested in your thoughts on best use of duplicates, especially REMs. Is feeding them for awakenings a waste? What about skill-ups? Do you ever max-level a dupe for the guaranteed skill-up? Do you hold them in reserve for possible future new UE? When to sell for the points?


  22. Maybe you should put thing like this. Whats a better lead Aizen or Dark Athena or maybe even super ra dragons and stuff like that



  23. Hey Mantastic, what team do you want to play the most? I.E for a Ra drag team you would have all the optimal subs.

    Also if you could design a card what would its active skill and leader skill and awakenings be?

    Thank you for being a leader in this community!


  24. If one has 600k monster points with no dkalis, is ragnorak dragon an ok replacement?

    Is Orochi an ok sub for radragon? if so whch form? the god form or awoken?


    1. Come on now. We all read the rules and I am simply shocked that you would even consider posting this without the requested [OT] label.

      On a serious note: would you really want to ruin the mystery?


  25. I wouldn’t mind seeing a MythBusters type article or one that answers misconceptions. Such as…

    Do multiple rows or TPA stack?
    How much do combos actually add to my total damage?
    What are the pros and cons of rows, TPA and Enchanter orbs, and what is the “break even” for each?

    I think it would help newer players and it can be used as reference as proven facts


  26. Hey I have two questions. Firstly, for a Ra Dragon team, for a fourth sub would D. Athena (once it releases) be viable (as it is unbindable and I do not have a REM delay for assist). My other 3 subs are D. Kali, Isis and NY Kanna

    Secondly,I never play multiplayer but have a Liu Bei..Is it worth putting in the time to get max skilled Dios’s? Or should I get the restrained ult form for other teams?


  27. You are lovely to offer to answer questions like this!

    1. Would you consider writing a guide to reading/using/understanding the data in the dungeon info on PADX and PADGuide?

    2. Also a guide to playing coin dungeons?

    3. What happened to the rewards under the ‘Other’ tab? I had a ton I hadn’t claimed to save box space and they’re all gone. >:-(

    Thanks so much!


    1. The rewards and quest tab have been moved to the top of the main menu, next to coins and stones i think, all your rewards should be there


  28. I dig the information you provide and positive attitude!

    SO 🙂

    1. Technical Dungeon, Iron Dragon of the Abandoned Mine:
    Wrathful Steel Dragon Emperor, Ninegaruda (3245)

    I’m stoked about the latest tech dungeon, but I don’t see much love. I understand that by the time you are there and beat it his LS is pretty whatever. My excitement runs from having lived the ronia life. Basically what other subs are you seeing that could run with this robot besides ronia and this tasty newcomer:

    Dark Mechdragon Technician, Barbara (3279)

    2. OT – The power creep is real… but… I still have my turtle team luci and I don’t always want to beat end game content in 5 min… kinda like the guy who beat Dark souls with a dance pad. Basically what are your thoughts/suggestions for current meta turtle/zombie teams!?



  29. I have been playing PAD for about six months. As someone who is relatively new to the game, I often hear comments about powercreep and metagames long past. Notably, I am a long-time Magic the Gathering player and I am pretty interested in the differences in how both of these games have handled powercreep. While would not expect you to cover the Magic angle, I would be interested in kind of a history of how the metagame and powercreep have developed over the years. It is kind of hard to find that sort of information, but I find that these sort of “oral histories” can be pretty interesting, to system-minded folk anyway. I realize this may be out of the scope of what you are thinking of doing/interested in, but I figured I’d throw it out there.

    Thanks either way! I really enjoy your articles.


  30. What goes through your mind when building various teams? Like do you look at which active compliments the lead or do you go for the awakenings each subs have. As for skill assists what goes into choosing one over the other ie. cooldowns, haste, etc.?



  31. With the MP dragons getting a new evolution that will be released soonishly, how do you think the other mp monsters will be going forward?

    Personally I am coming up on the mp cap, and with the 390k mp event coming up, I am going to need to purchase something so I don’t waste any. I will be getting DAthena, but I don’t know which one I should get. I am looking at Xiang mei (I have 2 Uriels, 2 gadius and a NY mitsuki), a second yomi dragon, a second ragnarok dragon or a xin hua (mostly as a gremory sub for now but i could make a team with multiple akechi subs). All of this won’t really matter if DAthena is released during the 390k mp event though.


  32. Which MP dragon/monster/god do you recommend? I am a non IAP player who is approaching 300,000 well earned MPs! But I’m completely lost as to which MP to buy. I have 2 DKalis, which makes me think RaDra is the way to go based on your other comments and articles. But, I don’t want to make that assumption and miss out on a better MP leader. Perhaps an article about the MP choices and which to go for? Thanks for all your great work.


  33. I’ve been using Kaede HC teams for a month. My success rate in making HCs is only about 60% so I’d like to switch out to a non-HC team to get a better win %, and I’ll keep working on my HC skill when I’m out of stamina. My skill level looks like this: 4 combos = no problem, 5 combos 40-50%, beyond that is sky fall luck. 2 TPAs (or 3 with the board 40/60, 50/50, 50/40/10 from Kaede experience) = 90%. 1 row = 99% (1% accidental diagonals). Arranging the combos toward maximizing the board is beyond me. I have not unlocked Arena mainly due to 6+ minimum combo shields. With this skill level, what leaders/teams would serve me best overall, against all Att. req dungeons, and no dupes allowed dungeons?

    Thanks very much,
    Grim Jack


      1. Ok, so Krishna & Meridionalis come to mind…do you know of others off the top of your head? Kaede TPA team viable (since she’s all ready maxed)? Thanks for the answers!


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