Question Time – Answers, February 2017


As a follow up to my debut Question Time Post, here are the promised answers. I feel that this style of posting is beneficial and will try to do this on a monthly basis moving forward. Some questions may have been lumped together if there was a certain degree of overlap.

I enjoy the diverse questions and also helps provide me with inspiration for future posts as some topics are more popular/requiring more research to better answer.

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Questions and answers

Here is a simple question for farming. If you do not own a button team, what other cards could you use to speed farm a dungeon? (R.E.M. Cards included)


For the most part, almost every player can utilize an Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei alternative (Green Odin Green Odin, Perseus Bankai Perseus, and Australis Australis) with numerous Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios as subs to button through most content in the game. However, barring those REM leads, you can still use Dios as a leader as he does offer 49x ATK when below full HP. One of my mods created this Dios Guide and I strongly encourage you to check it out. You can also go onto my discord Discord server and PM Rawrzcookie for more clarification.

This type of farming is the universally fastest and easiest to assemble for mid level content when played in coop.

Can I still try to clear descends if I have the monsters to make a lead work even though they aren’t max level/non-awakened?

-Samlet Samvallos

You can most certainly still try to clear descends without a fully maxed out team. For the most part, the earlier/easier descends were cleared with older leads without heavy plus egg investment and is doable now. More investment simply raises the chances of success.

I have seen the Awoken Thor/Saria team dying out, and have made a Saria/Ilm (the 10x multiplier Ilm ) team :Saria/Apocalypse/Reincarnated Ra/ Ana /ult light kanna/Ilm. Can you give me advice? 2xHp/30xATK/2.5RCV when matching 2 of either fire light and one of the other and hitting four combos when using a skill


Ilm is certainly an upgrade to Thor in most regards as you gain a significantly higher multiplier while retaining the RCV component (provided you make 4 combos). This is a much more favourable pairing and your team could probably benefit from more orb changers instead of Ra.

Apart from the strength of any particular team what are some of the leaders/playstyles you enjoy playing with? (If team viability and strength were a non factor? Heart cross/row/combo/rainbow/etc or is just outputting tons of damage the enjoyable part to you?)


If I discredit the Meridionalis 3276 I just pulled (current favourite team/leader for Arena 3), I would have to say a playstyle like Awoken Yomi Awoken Yomi. Vanilla comboing is nice, but having an extra element to hit is enjoyable while still being forced to try and optimize the board. My hope is that their reincarnated form is viable enough to run beyond easier content. Perhaps something along the lines of the NY Yomi.

Recently collabs and special REMs have released one of the best leaders and subs of the game. Have these REMs highered value of collabs and such things? Do you think some of the collabs are almost as important to roll as godfests that have become more and more harder to roll efficiently.


Bleach set the bar for high value collabs by offering an end game leader, button farming option, and utility in between. In addition, the Heroine REM also offered a wide array powerful cards to acquire as they offered unique kits. All of that taken into consideration makes rolling in Collabs more appealing and should be done to supplement a powerful box.

Rolling only Collabs will leave holes in your monster box and should only be done to help fill in niche roles that cannot be covered by the REM. The key to a strong collab is having value at the silver level as those will be the most common cards.

Comparing Krishna/Minerva-Ilm/Duel Minerva (assuming you have “average” subs) for each, which would be the fastest/most consistent at clearing A1?


Krishna 3068 is never considered a fast leader due to the orb hungry nature of their leader skill (but they are very safe/stable). Requiring 6 fire orbs for 20.25x means a certain amount of stalling along with possibly not being enough for most floors in A1. As such, you will probably require 9 and that requires excessive stalling/active usage.

By comparison, Using Ilm 3235 or Minerva 3238 as leaders is less orb hungry because they require two different colours (thus easier to have on the board) along with a higher base multiplier.

As such, I would say Minerva/Ilm would be the fastest team for Arena 1 as you can match fire and light to deal a respectable amount of damage and an additional combo for 60x.

Do you think I am overpowered? Do you think I am too powerful for a farmable lead? Do you think I have contributed to the overall decline in health of the game?

People tell me I have been top of the meta too long and it makes me sad 😦

-Myr aka Miru

I feel that this is a two part question as we need to look at both the effects of the heart cross meta and a powerful farmable leader.

I feel that the heart cross meta was overpowered from the start. Being able to deal lethal damage AND having what amounts to 4x HP / 4x RCV is still amazing today, let alone during release. It was too big a jump in powercreep that essentially left most other teams struggling to keep up as future dungeons were built around the heart cross. This probably caused a lot of grief and frustration from many players who had invested teams who were suddenly significantly weaker.

This has left GungHo struggling to find something better as they really have not released anything stronger since. Yes Ra Dragon 3265 is incredible, but he requires luxurious subs/inherits to function at maximum capacity. One could argue that cards like Aizen 3359 and Dark Athena 3193 are wonderful, but they have less consistency overall than a perfect Myr Miru team. Their main advantage is speed when clearing Arena 3. But to be honest, Arena 3 is no longer as monstrous or intimidating as before.

Thus when looking at Myr as a powerful leader, many people are upset, but this is mostly due  to the oversight by GungHo when designing the heart cross meta. Giving all players access to an end game leader is a wise decision as it gives everyone the opportunity to at least test end game content while having something to strive towards. Even though Myr is amazing, she will not always be used due to the slower playstyle and orb hungry nature by comparison to other top tier leaders.

As a way to help keep farmables in check, GungHo can either design them to require more orb matching skills or a slower playstyle in order to make them less appealing compared to REM or Collab cards while retaining viability.

I know u have a post of possible leaders but its a bit outdated and new cards have arrived, in any case what are right now possible leads people should be work on getting and again i know there is a guide for this as well but outdated what monsters really matter to farm for? Regards man u do an excellent job!

That popular leaders post was great at the time of release before Skill Inheritance. With SI, team compositions are so flexible/fluid and it becomes more of an issue to bring the best stat/awakening bases possible and fill in the holes via inherits. This greatly reduces the requirements to have a bind clear, board changer, delay, etc. as everything can be customized.

To this extent, players need to be more self sufficient when building a team as they need to understand how a higher end team functions and ways to better min-max themselves.

I am not sure how I could redo the Popular leaders post as it is a headache to update and may need to figure out a new post for team building and examples of current top teams.

can we have a guide for team building for collab rem cards/less then popular cards as leaders? I find it really hard to find some resources for them to make teams to play through the midgame (for example I still don’t know what subs I should get for a single NYspica lead). It would also be nice for some farmable subs for them. thx.


Similar train of thought to the above question as I feel I need to make a large sweeping post teaching players how to team build. This would include what to look out for, how to use Skill Inheritance, and mechanics to address/how to counter them etc.

As for your Spica question, you simply need to use light Gods and Machines who ideally have enhanced orb awakenings or TPA.

I put this into my drafts folder so I will work on this soon.

I’m just going to throw a couple questions. Any suggestions on clearing 5×4 dungeons (mainly Ultimate Endless)? Is it possible to beat arena or the machine dungeons using challenge mode? What is the viability of each Mp Monster Card?

-Harrison Kwon

5×4 dungeons are most easily cleared by pairing with a 7×6 leader as the board expands.

Most of the challenge mode clears for Arena/Machine content is done via cheese teams with massive damage reduction to a specific colour along with using a puppeteer.

I plan to make a future MP Card post, but for the most part assuming you have every card: Ra Dragon > Yomi = Ragnarok > Odin > Neptune

Best base monsters that actives aren’t great but with an inherit can become one of the best monster cards. I’ve always been interested in creating superior cards. Ex awoken Horus but not sure what inherit or if there’s a better base monster combo for my Krishna team


Using a base monster and upgrading an active is a very powerful tool to use when pushing harder content as you can utilize stronger awakenings and stats. As for your Horus question for Krishna, he lacks rows and the TPA do go to waste. I would only use him if you needed to use an inherit that you wouldn’t normally use on the team (such as Verdandi Verd).

How do you manage which leads are shown to your friends?! I have it especially bad, since I have tons of top tier leads, but can only surface 3 max.

This question is related to alex@pg’s… What’s your favorite lead to play just for “fun”, even though it’s not top tier?


My leader pool is not quite as large as yours, but I try my best to show the most popular leaders in slot 1 and active with who I feel is beneficial to my BFF in slot 2. Choosing the most popular leader (or one with a unique/valuable inherit such as Wedding Akechi on Myr) will make you more desirable overall even if you do not use that card yourself. I try to avoid showing niche leaders or those used solely for coop farming as those will never be taken in solo.

As for fun, Meridionalis is my current favourite, but I do enjoy the 5o1e playstyle of Awoken Yomi as it requires combos.

How do you keep yourself from getting burned out playing so much pad?


Trying new leaders along with gaining access to Meridionalis has kept me interested as of late. However, a large part of my motivation is this website as it helps provide me with a sense of community/purpose.

I sometimes feel if I did not start Mantastic PAD I may have quit if I could get over the guilt of sinking so much time in to this game. However, I am still interested but there are occasional days when life gets in the way and all I do is button something to dump stamina.

We’ve all heard about the farming craze with leads like Yamamoto, Meridionalis, and ALB (among others). What are the ideal teams for farming with each lead, differences between them, and are there alternative leaders you can pair with?


There is no “ideal” universal team for any of those leaders as you modify based on the dungeon at hand (eg. Zaerog Infinity has different requirements than Special Descend Rush).

However, I can generalize what they do well:

Awoken Liu Bei
  • Most popular/common
  • Nearly all farmable team
  • Many alternative pairings
  • Slowest due to highest chance of skyfalls
  • Highest damage with a single row
  • Flexible team building
  • Very fast due to low chance at skyfall
  • 49x with a single row, 100x with 8 connected
  • No skyfalls, thus very fast/fastest
  • Flexible team building unless using Toshiros Toshiro
  • Strongest traditional leader

If you havn’t already, can you suggest a Meriodonalis team? I got 2 of her in the heroine pull, and currently have Sun Quan, Sarasvati, A. Hermes and working on khepri. Is she valid at all?


I plan to work on and release a traditional team building guide for Meri after her buff/evo is announced in JP. I would not use Khepri as a sub for her team as she does not provide much value.

Is it worth buying radra if you don’t have the “best” subs? I have Gremory, Myr and Krishna as my best teams/leads. I’m wondering what MP purchase I should make to keep me in the meta going forward. Should I buy Radra (I have isis but zero kalis), Yomidra (for farming and as a Grem sub) or hold out for Dark Athena (can make a good team).


Which cards are you missing for Ra Dragon and do you have Indra, extra Dkali/Ichigo, Gemstones, and Orochi for inherits? If no to most of this, it will probably be better to invest in Dark Athena  as Ra Dragon, while powerful, requires quite a rigid set up to optimally function.

Have you beaten arena one with a saria team?


I have never used a Saria Saria  / Thor Thor team and mostly used Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer to farm Arena 1 when it was current content. However, I know many players found great success with Thoria teams.

I’ve been obsessed with Barbara from the Heroine REM since she was first announced (still haven’t rolled her yet lol). What do you think could be a good team composition for her?

-Chris Mark

Her team building is horribly restrictive as she can only use Machines (mostly Eschamali Eschamali and Castor 3062, Diadem Diadem, and Hamal Hamal . Hopefully with her new evo we will gain access to Dragon types and that will dramatically propel her uses.

Would anaphon be a good cheap sub for myr bc baired with grem i find it nice


If you find success when pairing with Gremory Gremory and using Anaphon Cross Typhon as a sub, you may want to go for a more dark-oriented Myr team by using all dark subs.

I am curious on your thoughts of the Legendary Heroes series and what may be some of the best uses/teams to use them in.


For the most part, the Legendary Heroes 2916 2918 2920 2922 Nobunaga are in an awkward place as they don’t really fit in anywhere exceptionally well. I cannot think of a situation where they would be your first choice as a sub/inherit outside of maybe Barbarossa for their 1 turn delay and orb generation on mono-water teams or Napoleon for niche fire teams.

I do not feel the Legendary part of their name at the moment.

If you have a leader skill like Verdandis “Wood attribute cards ATK increases with HP. Fire attribute cards HP x1.5” Does this affect Wood / Fire types the same as Fire / Wood types. Additionaly, if you use an active like “1.5x Atk for fire Att for 2 turns” will this increase damage for Just the Element type (main or sub) if its fire, or will it increase wood type damage on a fire subtype creature as well.



Leader skills like that will boost all monsters who have that particular typing. Thus, the card could be fire/wood or wood/fire and gain the same benefit, it is mostly more advantageous to have all the cards with the same primary attribute for damage purposes.

As for the 1.5x ATK for XYZ attribute, it will only bolster that attribute’s damage value. Eg. if XYZ = fire, it would boost the fire damage whether it is their main or sub attribute.

You are one of the go to sources for strategy information for this game and add a great amount of value to my playing of PAD. GH recognizes this when they post your articles on Facebook.

You recently mentioned that you are unable to completely review as much content as you’d like because you simply don’t have access to all of the cards and have to rely on providing your followers 2nd hand information. I also believe you mentioned that it was disheartening to constantly not pull some of these rarer cards and still do your research on them.

I’m wondering if there is something GH could do about this. Is there any possibility that they would sponsor you? If we started a ‘Please Sponsor Mantastic and Make Creating Content Easier for Him’ type of campaign, do you think that could work?

I notice that GH NA has a physical address on their website. I figure if they were flooded with postcards and letters asking them to bless your account with good luck or rare cards then they would at least have to think about it.

-M2 Maker

As wonderful as that idea is, it sadly can not come true. GungHo NA has asked me if there was anything they could do for me as a way to help thank me for my content creation and I asked something along those lines. Unfortunately, they informed me that this cannot be arranged as no one (even their own employees) can receive special treatment or rare cards.

Sadly, the only way to actually acquire new cards is to roll more or get lucky.

I also asked if there was any way to have information about releases a bit earlier to ensure a timely post but they cannot do that either or never responded. This is frustrating as I am essentially providing a free service to them and it is nicer to write something when given more time.

Can you provide a list of all the ways that we can directly (Paypal, Patreon, etc.) and indirectly (click on ads, purchase things via an Amazon affiliate link, etc.) support you?

I know there was talk about you looking into setting up a Patreon account a while ago, but I haven’t heard anything since then… It looks like you did set that up, but you haven’t told anyone about it as you don’t have any patrons. That means I get to finally be the first of something on the internet! I’m now your first Patreon!

I see that you’ve got some different reward levels set up, but I don’t think those things are that important as people just want an easy way to support you.

Thank you for becoming my first Paetron M2 Maker! I did set one up, but was still tinkering around trying to make it look polished before announcing it. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can finalize it and ask for feedback/input from other readers as what they would like to see.

As for links, my download Paetron can be found there along with PayPal going through my Twitch account so I can receive an attached message if you choose to leave one. Going through Twitch is purely for the optional message and I receive the same amount of money either way.

What is the average “stage”:one should attempt annihilation level content? I have managed to beat arena 1 with a less than ideal krishna team (nothing max skilled, some not even maxed evolved or awoken) at rank 230, When is the right time to try arena 2, or machines?, or even challenge 9/10? (or maybe thursday mythical as i have not beaten that yet?!?)

Thanks, Ben / Garbage / Garbage v2

There is no average stage for when someone can tackle content as it is box depending. I know many players who have cleared Arena 3 within 100 days and those at over 1,000 and only just finished Arena 1. If your Krishna team was fully invested, I believe you would be bale to clear most content in the game (albeit not super consistent). Make sure everything is max skilled/plussed and intelligently inherited to improve your chances.

Mantastic, are you going to obtain D.Athena. There’s a 390k MP gift next month.


Yes I intend to =)

Another question: Do you think NA server is going in right direction (towards JP)? Should NA keep differences from JP and do you think getting NA exclusive collabs (Voltron) is going to be good idea?


In an ideal world, we close the delay gap between NA and JP. There is often far less hype/excitement when we have to wait for months for various cards and dungeons. It also means NA content creators can never be novel as it is already fully farmed in JP by the time it goes live.

As for Voltron, my belief it will be either horribly underwhelming or a mirror of a strong JP collab with our monsters instead.

I discovered PAD 6 months ago and I have been reading your articles ever since and this has been of great help to build better teams and get better at the game. I used your beginner guide as a reference and I hope you have time to update it soon.
I have some questions though :
– What do you do with your extra duplicate REM Monster? Do you sell them for MP do you keep them to use them as an assist? And how do you decide which action to take? I, for example, rolled 3 viper orochi and 3 gadius and I don’t know what to do with these?
– I saw in one of your latest articles that you assisted a Saria with another Saria. What is the point of doing that? I don’t understand what is the benefit.


When sorting through dupes, you have to ask yourself: “Will this be used as a sub?” along with “how desirable is this active skill?” Orochi has numerous benefits through their delay and future evolution that grants them a massive amount of HP so I would keep all 3. As for Gadius, his active skill is lackluster and would probably only keep 2. However, never sell cards unless you are about to buy an MP card

Using the same card as an assist provides a buffer against skill delays as it extends the cooldown. You should leave the inherited card unskilled in this case. Can read more HERE.

I’m interested in your thoughts on best use of duplicates, especially REMs. Is feeding them for awakenings a waste? What about skill-ups? Do you ever max-level a dupe for the guaranteed skill-up? Do you hold them in reserve for possible future new UE? When to sell for the points?


You should never fuse a REM card to another REM card for an awakening or skill up. This is a horrible waste. I generally keep all rolls and only sell them for Monster Points if I am nearing a purchase. I find it better to hold and wait to see if they gain a viable evolution/split evolution.

Maybe you should put thing like this. Whats a better lead Aizen or Dark Athena or maybe even super ra dragons and stuff like that


That’s what tier lists are for but those are misleading as it presumes the perfect team which few can replicate. It is better to use them as a reference and determine which team is best suited to your box.

Hey Mantastic, what team do you want to play the most? I.E for a Ra drag team you would have all the optimal subs.

Also if you could design a card what would its active skill and leader skill and awakenings be?

Thank you for being a leader in this community!


Presently, I would want to play an ideal Ra Dragon team as I am lacking every single card except Isis for subs and inherits. It offers a different play style and combo-ing aspect that is appealing.

As for a designed card, I want more things with conditional defensive multiplier when achieving X combos. Adds an element of skill and I do find the 5o1e mechanic enjoyable too. Thus, something similar to NY Yomi 3418 but with a more meaningful active skill (perhaps a single orb change + combo count) while having bind immunity.

Should the jammer and poison meta come back?

What is your favorite dank meme?

Isn’t Justin Trudeau sort of hot?

-Matt Tran

Doubt the jammer/poison meta will return. It’s too clumsy and challenging to build subs for as they would not be used anywhere else.

Not sure for dank memes, not that hip to the hop

Trudeau is more attractive than the average politician

Here’s a question. Do you believe Kenshin Rurouni is too overpowered or not?


Inconsistent glass cannon at best. Does benefit from Ilmina to help with activation but is fragile and dies to most mechanics. Maybe his new evolution will provide some stability.

If one has 600k monster points with no dkalis, is ragnorak dragon an ok replacement?

Is Orochi an ok sub for radragon? if so whch form? the god form or awoken?

If you do not own and Dark Kalis, you should not be purchasing Ra Dragon. Spend that MP toward Dark Athena provided you can support her.

For Orochi, it has to be a form with God typing to capitalize on the HP/RCV component.

What are good subz with aizen right now? my team is Aizen as lead and lumiel, sharias roots, light wee jas, and vajrabhairava.


Aizen should be using Dark subs and some with water sub typings and beneficial actives. Another option is to use Water/Dark cards with powerful abilities such as Blue Sonia or Ryune.

For your team, only Lumiel I would say is viable.

Hey mantastic how do you feel about the future evangelion collab and the evangelion myr that come with it


Powerful on paper, impractical in reality. She has no board changer that enables her to achieve her multiplier and this is a problem as she will be inconsistent overall. Her light cousin is far easier to play and more consistent to activate.

You are lovely to offer to answer questions like this!

1. Would you consider writing a guide to reading/using/understanding the data in the dungeon info on PADX and PADGuide?

2. Also a guide to playing coin dungeons?

3. What happened to the rewards under the ‘Other’ tab? I had a ton I hadn’t claimed to save box space and they’re all gone. >:-(

Thanks so much!

  1. That is a good idea, would probably help many players!
  2. Just play all the coin dungeons for a stone and repeat them if they have value. Can use Tamadra Village as a stamina dump

Could those be located in your Quest tab at the top right hand corner?

I dig the information you provide and positive attitude!

SO 🙂

1. Technical Dungeon, Iron Dragon of the Abandoned Mine:
Wrathful Steel Dragon Emperor, Ninegaruda (3245)

I’m stoked about the latest tech dungeon, but I don’t see much love. I understand that by the time you are there and beat it his LS is pretty whatever. My excitement runs from having lived the ronia life. Basically what other subs are you seeing that could run with this robot besides ronia and this tasty newcomer:

Dark Mechdragon Technician, Barbara (3279)

2. OT – The power creep is real… but… I still have my turtle team luci and I don’t always want to beat end game content in 5 min… kinda like the guy who beat Dark souls with a dance pad. Basically what are your thoughts/suggestions for current meta turtle/zombie teams!?


Krishna’s release somewhat invalidated all previous tank teams as he boasted 2-3x more damage and higher defensive stats. There seems to be a decent trend towards massive ATK multipliers and RCV for the new era of tank teams. Provided you can survive an incoming attack, you can always heal up to full HP and simply match your patter (5o1e or row) to sweep a floor. This is both fast and safe and is more appealing to the average player. PAD is sadly a very grind-heavy game and being able to clear a dungeon quickly and repeatedly is important.

As for Barbara, she lacks quality subs to be viable as it is mostly Eschamali, Castor, and Diadem.

I have been playing PAD for about six months. As someone who is relatively new to the game, I often hear comments about powercreep and metagames long past. Notably, I am a long-time Magic the Gathering player and I am pretty interested in the differences in how both of these games have handled powercreep. While would not expect you to cover the Magic angle, I would be interested in kind of a history of how the metagame and powercreep have developed over the years. It is kind of hard to find that sort of information, but I find that these sort of “oral histories” can be pretty interesting, to system-minded folk anyway. I realize this may be out of the scope of what you are thinking of doing/interested in, but I figured I’d throw it out there.

Thanks either way! I really enjoy your articles.

This could end up being very long, but here is the best I can recall for the various metas which is hopefully in chronological order:

  • No awakenings. Was mostly dominated by Archangel Lucifer and Sakuya/Horus
  • Awakenings and the rise of Row teams with Red Sonia leading the charge
  • Rainbow teams attempt to make a come back through the Kali board changer which grants consistency
  • Egyptian 1 awoken forms blow everyone else out of the water (mostly Ra and Bastet)
  • MP Dragons released and Ra & Yomi Dragon dominate
  • Lucifer and Pandora gain awoken evos
  • Xiang Mei and other Four Gentlemen
  • More cards gain Awoken evos
  • Heart Cross
  • Present with colour crosses, modified tank teams, and now Ra Dragon again

What goes through your mind when building various teams? Like do you look at which active compliments the lead or do you go for the awakenings each subs have. As for skill assists what goes into choosing one over the other ie. cooldowns, haste, etc.?


I plan on writing a post about this soon, but for the most part, I go through a certain process:

  • Find a leader that has enough functionality to clear the dungeon (aka multiplier-wise)
  • Check the respective dungeon for mechanics I need to counter (eg binds, preemptives, absorbs)
  • Bring a mixture of required utility, offensive orb changers, a board changer, and ideally a heart+primary orb changer

For the most part, the subs chosen have the strongest base stats and either short base cooldowns along with beneficial awakenings. I will then use Skill Inheritance as needed.

With the MP dragons getting a new evolution that will be released soonishly, how do you think the other mp monsters will be going forward?

Personally I am coming up on the mp cap, and with the 390k mp event coming up, I am going to need to purchase something so I don’t waste any. I will be getting DAthena, but I don’t know which one I should get. I am looking at Xiang mei (I have 2 Uriels, 2 gadius and a NY mitsuki), a second yomi dragon, a second ragnarok dragon or a xin hua (mostly as a gremory sub for now but i could make a team with multiple akechi subs). All of this won’t really matter if DAthena is released during the 390k mp event though.

I just created a helpful MP Card Tier List so that may provide some answers. Can you make any use of Odin or Shiva Dragon as they are much better options than duplicates or the Four Gentlemen.

Second question: Do you have any particular method in applying latent awakenings? For example, I try and load rainbow leaders, like Kali, with time enhance LAs.


For end game content, it is mostly SDR latents that are used as they are by far the most powerful. Killer latents are valuable for niche situations with Machine Killer being very powerful in the upcoming Colessium.

Rainbow latents are helpful as well, but it does place risks for that card as it can be delayed and at this point, most dungeons are kill or be killed.

Which MP dragon/monster/god do you recommend? I am a non IAP player who is approaching 300,000 well earned MPs! But I’m completely lost as to which MP to buy. I have 2 DKalis, which makes me think RaDra is the way to go based on your other comments and articles. But, I don’t want to make that assumption and miss out on a better MP leader. Perhaps an article about the MP choices and which to go for? Thanks for all your great work.


I have actually just wrote a perfect article for you! It was released after Question Time as there was quite a high demand and you can find it HERE.

Hey Mantastic my question is “ Whats something you should keep in mind when you roll a dupe.. sell or keep?”


You should always keep cards if it is your first one and for the most part at least 2 for inherits. You need to determine how valuable the active skill is and whether or not it can be utilized in a variety of situations.

Unless you are about to make a purchase on an MP card, you should hold onto everything as it may receive a future buff etc.

Hey Mantastic, Once you've gotten to the "end game" what keeps you interested in the game? After everything is hypermaxed and you aren't in need of many more monsters, do you just rely on new content to refresh the game? 

Thanks, Grant

I am always in need of REM cards as my luck and rolling capacity is limited at best. However, what mostly keeps me motivated is the this website and the enjoyment of the game. It did make a huge difference when I pulled Meridionalis as she has allowed me to clear content faster which is key overall.

The hope of rolling new teams and new content such as Colosseum keeps me interested for the most part.

What are the top 10 aizen subs with inherits and latents?

-Dan Yamada

I don’t play nor own Aizen so hard to give a good list; however, I am going to presume that HP and SDR latents are the most popular overall as they have the most value in end game for Aizen. You can check out the first Reddit Guide google pulled up.

Hey Mantastic- Do you think that Gung-ho will make a future evolution for monsters past that of their recarnated evolution later on down the line?

-Collin Sanford

I would be surprised if they did not release something above Reincarnated evolutions due to the way Powercreep works. It is also the best way to cycle power/value back into older cards as it is the easiest/most logical way to improve their efficacy.

As for the name, I hope they do not include the word Super anywhere in it…

Hey mantastic, I've been wondering this ever since I saw her in your heroine collab rolling video. How much does Momtastic play PaD? She seemed to know quite a bit about the game every time she's in a video, and I think it's super awesome that you can share PaD with your mom! Thanks :)


My mom has been playing PAD for over 1,000 days and does so mostly on her own outside of me occasionally helping her clear a particularly challenging dungeon.

@mantastic PAD sorry this question is very specific to me. I was wondering how you screen record. I think you are using an apple product so quicktime player? anyways, is revo lakshmi still relevant or is it meh now? Is nep dra better lead than lakshmi?

-Paul Liu

Hey Mantastic (and fantastic)! How are you able to record both gameplay and your face camera? Thanks! Love your blog. It's my anti drug.

-Gandalf PAD

I use an old iPad Mini and an Elgato to capture my game screen and then use OBS to stream/record everything. The QuickTime method does work for double Apple products.

Lakshmi is still relevant and can clear A3 (but tends to struggle vs pretty much every Radar Dragon). I would say Lakshmi is better than Neptune due to the fact Neptune is just so orb hungry and has an even worse active.

Hello Mantastic, My question is about your chair. I know what your chair is though naming it would be useful for others, I basically want to know how you like it as you spend many hours in it. Just some positives and negatives/a decent review would be nice as I am looking to buy the same one.

Hello Mantastic, My question is about your chair. I know what your chair is though naming it would be useful for others, I basically want to know how you like it as you spend many hours in it. Just some positives and negatives/a decent review would be nice as I am looking to buy the same one.


I tested almost every chair in Ikea and found this one to be the best mix of comfort and support. For myself, I require neck support and to modify the width, I place two pillows  on either side of my legs to “fit” better (was a recommendation from a PT or OT). I also use a foot rest that is adjustable (also from Ikea) to shift my leg position around.

With leaders that now require crosses and 4 matches, do you think they'll continue to add such shapes? And if so, what shapes? Say... a 3x3 box.

-Joshua Shafer

I feel GH is currently pushing more traditional leaders for matching (TPA usually) and throwing in defensive components. I feel that this is the most universally accepted playstyle and makes players the happiest. The heart cross meta was not well liked outside of the power and they appear to be providing naturally tanky teams. My hope is that they release more cards along the line of NY Yomi who have a damage mitigation component that is triggered by combos.

What are the teams currently that can beat arena 3 regardless of consistency?

would summer navi be a powerful sub for meri 'cause i never really see her in action. Also, is there a post about how to be your friend 'cause I was able to find u on the leader selection but your friends list was full D:


Almost any leader can clear Arena 3 with a healthy dose of luck and a Gemstone Princess. The insane burst potential is amazing and transforms virtually any team into one that can deal lethal damage. Consistency is another issue as you may see 1 heroic clear against Zeus or Noah Dragon  (with 99 turn stall) but you have to remember that they probably had numerous fails beforehand.

Summer Navi makes a reasonable base for SI on Meri teams in coop. In solo, I would not recommend but Sumire and Sarasvati bring more to the table outside of base stats.

My question for you is "should you keep in mind when buying an MP dragon its evolutions that are only available in Japan currently? I've been thinking about buying one but I don't know if I should wait for the Japanese exclusive evos to come out."

-Joseph Yanez

The MP Dragon evolutions are coming to North America so just be patient! The only one in question/up in the air is Dark Athena, but it should come. You should use this time to prep/acquire the evolution materials so you can evolve on Day 1 to take advantage of them right away.

On topic: (probably too specific), but what is your opinion on the value of coloring book sakuya on tsubaki teams? Does the availability of on color bind immune bind clearing make this team for viable in more end game content, or is it just better to stick with a tsubaki system with a single full board changer like ilm/Redilm/gadius/leilan. OT yours and pancakes favorite colors?

-will grant

CB Sakuya has merits/value on Tsubaki teams and is one of the stronger options fire has for hard bind clearing. I would say Gadius may be the stronger option universally speaking (inherit Saria), but not everyone has him. The gravity has many roles including the ability to push bosses below resolve thresholds.

My favourite colour is Blue and Pancaaake’s is purple.

what r the fastest teams to clear arena 1 with, as it is time consuming and it requires some mental battling with my krishna team, which does fall short when dealing with bind (my main problem). i have less than 50% on clearing arena one with and i do intend to have skill bind removals acitve placed upon my reincarnated minerva. im currently investing my plus eggs, tamadras, and my stamina on skill maxing my cards which will also take a while since i have no friends to cop al with since PAD is not too widely known.

-David Xing

In terms of solo teams and assuming pretty optimal teams, Dark Athena, Yomi Dragon, and Shiva Dragon all come to mind as fast and consistent clearers.

Do you feel that pad is on the decline and how does it affect your content creation?

-Jonathan Yip

I feel that PAD is growing if anything. Some of the decisions made are questionable, but for the most part, content is being released quite quickly and that naturally impacts my own content creation in a posit

Off-Topic questions

If you could ask a single person one question, and they had to answer truthfully, who and what would you ask?


I am not sure at this point in time (I have had this question open for a few days) as I do not have any burning questions nor anyone I can think of asking.

[OT] Waffles, pancakes, or toast? 😀 this is very important!


For super special occasions I will go with waffles as they are more rare/hard to make as I do lack a waffle iron and do not believe in the frozen varieties. I enjoy the crispy outside and fluffy inside as the two different textures enhance the overall experience. For everyday eating, I would go with pancakes. Toast is not the most exciting and would be last place (bagels are better).

However, I rarely consume carbs due to health problems.


Hopefully these Question Time posts help satisfy your curiosity and I do plan to continue these on a monthly basis. I will probably post it towards the middle/end of the month and publish the responses at the month’s end.

Let me know what you think overall.

Happy Puzzling!


13 thoughts on “Question Time – Answers, February 2017”

  1. I would like to add that before we had archangels, Egyptians, and Chinese gods, there were Norse and Indian tank teams and odin/amatarasu teams, and before that was Zombie, dragon, and healer teams (which btw, Valk was considered OP for being a farmable that gives a flat 2.5x atk to healers)


    1. Oh, and even after Archangels, and Egyptians, Valk got her 3x ATK evo, which really put her over the top as a farmable top tier lead. The other damage options were all REM or Satan (who had no RCV) or Athena (which required a whale god team or a bunch of dupe athenas and Valks). Valk also had access to Echidna as a sub (if you think delays are powerful now, you should have seen how useful Echidna was back then). Even REM guys were either hard to activate 36x+ (4 sec no time extends nor board changers so good luck with that Ra or Anubis), conditional 9x – 16x guys like the HP relient Metatrons or rainbow Isis/Horus, or tanky 2/4/2 teams, so Valkyrie’s 1/9/1 healer (whose high RCV gave them decent sustain) might be comparable to today’s Myr (although not that meta relavent, as Myr is prob Tier 1 in today’s meta, Valk would prob be Tier 2 in the old meta, which is still pretty good as a farmable lead with a mostly farmable team that surpasses most REM gods, especially since getting a god back then was almost as hard as getting a 6* GFE now.)


  2. Because Revo Hermes has almost the same hp as the W/L version while having more attack and rcv ( not to mention he got his god typing back), would you say he’s better than his other forms? (when he gets to NA of course)


  3. Re: The question involving Krishna – doesn’t he require 9 orbs for 20.25x? Six orbs (two combos) gets you 9x, He’s definitely orb hungry which has been my main sticking point with him – if I inherit utility skills on my orb changers I invariably don’t have enough orbs. This is probably likely due to the fact that my Krishna’s (I have him on my main account and my alt) are not max skilled.


    1. Krishna also gives a passive 1.5x to all stats, so at 2 fire combo, you get 1.5*1.5*9 = 20.25x. At 3 fire combo, its 1.5 * 1.5 * 20.25 = 45.56x. What helps mitigate the massive orb consumption is the fact that if both krishnas are maxed skill, most of the time you will get 100% red skyfall skyfall buff.


  4. With all of the Mp dragons newly evolved forms coming into North American what are your thoughts on Neptune Dragon, Without even realizing it, I happened to have 4/5 of the mats needed and the only thing that I need to acquire is awoken Noah which should not be a problem at all. Is the card useful for end game? farming? or even for fun? My teams are Ultimate Ra dragon, Myr, Aizen so it would be more of a luxury monster then a need


    1. He won’t accomplish much those 3 leads and whether or not he is fun is debatable as he requires 18 connected orbs for 100x damage… I’d look into yomi or dark Athena, or even Odin dragon. Check out my tier list


  5. It’s really cool of you to answer a bunch of questions for us and all the insight you provide in the first place. I gotta say GungHo NA is absolutely foolish not to help you out. You do so much for the community and it’s all free publicity for them.

    I spend money on this game every now and again, but I’m just going to donate to you instead and I hope others who have found this site useful do the same. Also, it’s adorable your mom plays and that you help her out. ^^


    1. I feel that GH NA operates under numerous constraints in what they can do but hopefully as PAD continues to grow, so will my support from them and my viewers

      For myself, I am now around 12k views per day in Feb for my website which 6x higher than a year ago XD

      But regardless, thank you for your own support as it does mean a lot to me and glad to know you enjoy my family PAD videos!


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