[Video] Plus Egg Farming with 30 Stamina Tengu Descended on 1.5x Drops

With the advent of 1.5x drop rates influencing coin dungeons overlapping 10x plus egg drop rates in descends, we are given a new (and highly lucrative) opportunity to farm plus eggs. The 30 stamina Tengu Descended from the coin dungeon tab is now one of the more viable places to farm plus eggs. In fact, it is the most efficient place to farm in terms of stamina/plus egg (7.03 stamina/+ or 4.27 pluses per completed run) and only loses value due to granting very low rank experience.

Descend Floors Average +’s Stamina/+ Exp/Stamina
 Tengu Desc Tengu 30 Sta.  5 4.27 (3-5)  7.03  212

Full breakdown of all the descends can be found HERE. However, Tengu is incredibly easy to clear for players of all skill and progression levels along with having the opportunity to be push-button farmed. Clearing the dungeon faster does not yield more pluses, it simply lessens the mental capacity required and eases your sanity. Below is a video of my pseudo push-button team:

 Ra Lu Bu rodin Yamato Shiva

My team has just enough skill boosts to allow me to use Red Odin rodin on turn 2 as the auto kill from Awoken Ra Ra and Lu Bu Lu Bu do not reduce the cooldowns of my other team members. Yamato Yamato is purely used for the 3 skill boost Skill Boost awakenings. Your team can differ and you do not need to push button every floor, it just simply saves a couple of seconds here and there.

Full mathematical breakdown of Tengu’s efficacy was compiled by Michael Yano, Jeffrey Lee and An Do:

Tengu Data

Best of luck in your plus egg endeavours.

Happy Puzzling!

14 thoughts on “[Video] Plus Egg Farming with 30 Stamina Tengu Descended on 1.5x Drops”

  1. I’m getting 6 – 8 drops on Hera-Sowilo right now and while numerically Tengu is better on a +eggs / stam level, on a exp / stam level I think Sowilo and Tengu compete rather evenly since Sowilo gives so much experience.

    I prefer Sowilo over Tengu because of that. I suppose I’d have to do a LOT more number crunching to figure out which is truly better on drop x1.5 but I am not good at math so whoops.


    1. Well Hera-Sowilo is at worst 6 pluses per run under the 1.5x buff. The majority of runs will still be 6 pluses per run with only the occasional 7 or 8. Thus you will be on average just behind Tengu from a Stamina/plus perspective. You are correct in that Hera-Sowilo outclasses Tengu in terms of rank exp.

      The main appeal of Tengu is the speed and ease in which it can be farmed so it appeals to people short on time (or even higher rank as it requires 650k+ exp for me to rank up). Either way, run what you feel best for yourself as your goals differ from mine. Main goal of this post was to inform people who haven’t taken a look at the coin dungeon


  2. Nice breakdown! I like the ease of this approach. Especially when specifically targeting plus eggs. Great video too! As usual, thank you for you commitment to the PAD community.


    1. You are very welcome! I wanted to present other options for players who may be in a time crunch as Tengu is very fast. Granted you may find the lack of rank exp disappointing, but sometimes you may be in a hurry to


    1. #310 (Ice Samurai Ogre) can be used to sweep the fourth floor. Thus Ra on floor 2, Lu Bu 3, Ogre 4.

      Of course you will need awakenings on the ogre and with Yomi D haste x2, your team could have a potential of 10 SB along with 1 other card and 2 haste from leader. That should be in theory as close to a button team as you can make as you only need to match floor 1 and 5


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