Efficient Plus Egg Feeding Strategies

10x plus eggs in Descends is in full swing and with the advent of 1.5x drop rate Tengu-30 stamina from the coin dungeon, players of all skill levels should be rolling in the pluses. However, you may find yourself running short on in game gold as plus egg feeding can become a costly affair. As such, I wish to show you my method for minimizing the coin cost as you are already overburdened by the cost of entering coin dungeons.

Sort your plus eggs

Firstly, you need to organize your plus eggs and thankfully, GungHo has implemented a means to sort your pluses by HP, ATK, and RCV. You have to go into Chng Ordr-> Special -> choose:

Sorting + eggs

Form +6’s of the same type

From here, you can see all of your pluses sorted by HP, ATK, and RCV and is important because if you feed more than 99 in any category, the surplus is lost. From here, you wish to make +6’s of the same type.

Making a +6
Making a +6 from the same type

Combine your +6’s

From here, you wish to make a +31, 31 (or 32), and 36. You make two +31’s if your intended monster already comes with a plus in that category. To do this, you take a base +1 or +6 and feed five other +6’s to them:

Making a +36
Replace the base +6 with a +1 if intending to make a +31

Form +98/99

Once completed, you simply need to combine the +31’s and 36 to form a +98 (or +99) of only HP, ATK, or RCV. Simply repeat for the other 2 categories and then feed the 3 +98’s (or +99’s) to your intended target.

Sorting + eggs
Ready for +297ing!

If you follow this, you can reduce excessive coin expenditures as well as systematically +297-ing your monsters. I have been using this method for some time now and it takes some of the mental math out of the equation and simplifies my process.

Let me know what you use or if you found this helpful in the comments below.

On a side, but related note, if you wish to display your monsters plus egg status without the annoying +99 blinking in every category, simply go to Chng Ordr -> Sort -> as pictured below. This works only if you favourite your monsters.

Sort +297s

SHowing all 297s
4 rows!!!

Happy Puzzling and best of luck in your plus egg adventures!



22 thoughts on “Efficient Plus Egg Feeding Strategies”

    1. Much stronger as you can hit much higher damage numbers, have augmented RCV and the HP difference will be small due to the small sub pool of Fire/Water monsters. When Skill Inheritance comes around, Shiva will at least have access to a powerful active


  1. Not only did you point me to the Tengu for plus eggs for easy stamina, as I was blowing thru my cash, but you then fixed the cash problem by your follow up on how to handle the cash problem by merging correctly! YOU ARE THE PAD MAN!!! TY, TY, TY!!!!


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  2. You should consider the method I use: Get a bunch of +6 like you said, then feed 5 +6 to a +1 (+31) repeat, repeat. Then just combine a +6 with 3 +31s (99). Done.


    1. That looks like a great method as well =) The main reason I use mine is to save a bit of time (and plus) if I already have a +1 in a single category. Regardless, both methods yield the same end result and do what you find most natural


  3. I didn’t know about the cost until I got broken and started asking in the FB group…
    I wish I had read this article before haha 😀

    But I completed my goal, and already have a baby tamadra (+160) waiting for Apollo.
    [OT] I spent 100 stamina today (re entering the dungeon) to get the right pii to him.

    Btw: Talking about pii’s, do you have any Alt dungeon guide in your blog? I couldn’t find.


    1. Yeah it was a common struggle and I was peppered with requests on how to efficiently fuse plus eggs prior to this post (I do get some post inspiration from reader’s feedback/questions)

      And well done on achieving your plus egg goal =D Reaching your goal always feels good and glad your Apollo will be stronger soon!

      I have not wrote anything on Alt dungeon farming as it is relatively straight forward as the no dupes restriction was lifted. Coop is ofc the ideal place to farm them, but may be challenging to find a reliable partner


  4. I am doing this now which lead me to search and find this blog. I have two questions. And OCD. (Please bear that second fact in mind lol.)

    One, do you think GungHo will ever let us *move* plus eggs? 10x descends drive me crazy to have those mobs I want to hang onto “just in case” but they have plusses on them that, at least for the moment, don’t need to be there. And I also have older mobs that either dropped/rolled with plusses or I put them there not knowing any better. I can’t bring myself to get rid of them (OCD, collector) but those flashing pluses that don’t need to be there just taunt me. Anyway, sorry I know this is already tldr

    Second question is my main one. I’ll probably keep doing this just as I’ll keep smoking cigarettes because I’m compelled to, but just wanted a + or – opinion on it. I like to go into the low levels dungeons and farm a few 1-star slimes and goblins to hold my pluses. With their max lvl 10, I know as long as I’m fusing them, the base cost is 5k or less before the cost of pluses. One drawback is that they usually drop without a plus, so most of mine begin with +5 (then +30, etc). When I have accumulated enough, then I can decide if I need to “up” a +30 to something else BUT the one mistake I’ll never make again is getting something to +290 and tacking the remainders on last. That is EXTREMELY costly, as I’m sure you know lol.

    A plus one, aside from farming, isn’t as common as it used to be. GungHo is messing up our system by dropping things with +20, +50, +9, etc, so I don’t see a huge flaw in my plan. Maybe even gives a little more flexibility. The ability to transfer somehow though would be a godsend.



    1. P.S. I did experiment with feeding a +1 to a +0 1-star and it may sometimes be a bit more efficient. Definitely if everything fits into the neat little basket as you describe in your post. I just never seem to be that fortunate and either have done something screwy or had something screwy done to me first.

      Regardless, that eliminates the drawback I mentioned at minimal cost.


      1. In regards to your first question, I highly doubt GH will ever let us transfer/move pluses around. This is somewhat mitigated by the relative abundance of plus eggs available nowadays

        As for gold fusing efficacy, your method is probably more efficient, but more taxing from a mental POV. When you play excessively, you tend to want to find the fastest method and while you do lose out a bit on gold, you can easily reacquire it back through playing (as you spent less time thinking etc). This method completely takes the thinking out of the equation for myself

        As for the random drops of +10, +50, or whatever, it does throw things off and then you need to think when trying to hit 297 =P


        1. All good points. Thank you.
          But you obviously don’t have OCD lmao
          I wonder if that’s a hinderance to my game play. I’d bet most seasoned players would cringe at my excessive monster box lol. To each his own, i suppose. Lol

          Thanks again!


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