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[Video] Plus Egg Farming with 30 Stamina Tengu Descended on 1.5x Drops

With the advent of 1.5x drop rates influencing coin dungeons overlapping 10x plus egg drop rates in descends, we are given a new (and highly lucrative) opportunity to farm plus eggs. The 30 stamina Tengu Descended from the coin dungeon tab is now one of the more viable places to farm plus eggs. In fact, it is the most efficient place to farm in terms of stamina/plus egg (7.03 stamina/+ or 4.27 pluses per completed run) and only loses value due to granting very low rank experience.

Descend Floors Average +’s Stamina/+ Exp/Stamina
 Tengu Desc Tengu 30 Sta.  5 4.27 (3-5)  7.03  212

Full breakdown of all the descends can be found HERE. However, Tengu is incredibly easy to clear for players of all skill and progression levels along with having the opportunity to be push-button farmed. Clearing the dungeon faster does not yield more pluses, it simply lessens the mental capacity required and eases your sanity. Below is a video of my pseudo push-button team:

 Ra Lu Bu rodin Yamato Shiva

My team has just enough skill boosts to allow me to use Red Odin rodin on turn 2 as the auto kill from Awoken Ra Ra and Lu Bu Lu Bu do not reduce the cooldowns of my other team members. Yamato Yamato is purely used for the 3 skill boost Skill Boost awakenings. Your team can differ and you do not need to push button every floor, it just simply saves a couple of seconds here and there.

Full mathematical breakdown of Tengu’s efficacy was compiled by Michael Yano, Jeffrey Lee and An Do:

Tengu Data

Best of luck in your plus egg endeavours.

Happy Puzzling!

[Video] Mantastic vs Tengu Strategy

No one likes low cost restricted dungeons and this round of Challenge Descends features Tengu. Low cost mostly gate keeps newer players as they have not had to grind through dungeons with farmable monsters as everything is sped up. As such, most people may lack a feasible team to tackle a 12 cost dungeon. Hopefully my first video attempt with Mantastic does not have horrible audio and my (muffled) walk through commentary aids players in their quest for a Water Snowglobe. Maybe watching it in mute may be less unpleasant…

I am still quite proud of my max skilled King Bubblie King Bubblie from my Physical Sakuya days and not having to wait for his active is a significant boost in power.

Let me know what you used to tackle this annoying dungeon in the comments below.

Tengu Reward

Happy Puzzling!