10x Plus Egg Descend Chart and Strategies

With another round of 10x descends coming up, it is worth planning ahead on which dungeons to repeatedly farm. You should have 100% success rate in clearing the descend as any failed run will set you back and make even the most efficient dungeon unideal. Everyone has different goals in terms of number of plus eggs they wish to farm along with the number of stones used to refill stamina and the chart prepared below should help you plan out your next event. Please read my Plus Egg Fusing Guide for more information on how to quickly form +297s with minimal gold usage and thinking.

The chart assumes the highest level of difficulty and on regular 1x drop rates. Number of pluses increase with enhanced drop rates. This also applies to coin dungeons and these become the best to play with 1.5x or 2x drop rate as you are more likely to hit the higher number of pluses per run.

**Do note that the 30 stamina of Tengu from coin dungeons on 1.5x drop rates is amazingly efficient and has a follow up post HERE to better discuss it.**

 Thieves Den icon Star Den  5  5  10  172
Descend Floors Average +’s Stamina/+ Exp/Stamina
 Tengu Desc Tengu 30 Sta**  5 4.27 (3-5)  7.03  212
Kanetsugu Desc Kanetsugu 7 6 (5-7) 8.33 571
Hera Sowilo Hera-Sowilo 10 5.5 (4-9) 9.09 591
Dues Ex Deus Ex 7 5 (2-7) 10 753
Aamir Descended Aamir  8  5 (5-8)  10  313
Tengu Desc Tengu  5 4.5 (4-5) 11.11 193
Guan Yin Ping GYP 6 4.5 (4-6) 11.11 332
Zhang Fei Zhang Fei 6 4.5 (4-5) 11.11 414
Awoken Hel Hel 6 4.5 (4-5) 11.11 480
Grimoire Grimoire 7 4 (4-5) 12.5 378
Zhao Yun Zhao Yun 6 4 12.5 266
Zeus Merc Zeus Mercury 10 4 (4-7) 12.5 685
Pad Z PAD Z 6 4 (3-6) 12.5 413
The Thief Desc Goemon* 5 4 12.5 193
Almight God Zeus* 5 4 12.5 202
Goddess Desc Valkyrie* 5 4 12.5 125

With 3 minute stamina, we gain 480 per day which translates into 9.8 descend runs. With the extra stamina, you may experience more rank ups and may decrease the value of refilling for stamina as you may be able to rank up every day if you play the higher Exp/Stamina dungeons. I try to play the more stamina efficient dungeons as I am always hesitant to refill for stamina and they also grant larger amounts of rank exp per completion. However, it does take me ~650k rank exp to rank up on Mantastic so I may need to stone to rank up often enough to take advantage of the abundant plus eggs.
One way to treat refilling for stamina is to determine how many plus eggs you can yield per stone. For example, if you have 150 max stamina, you can complete 3 descends. Let’s say you play Hera-Sowilo Hera Sowilo and nets you 16.5 plus eggs per stone. Thus, one attempt at the Rare Egg Machine “costs” you 82.5 plus eggs. This number only goes up as your stamina pool increases to the point where my 270 stamina pool yields me 148.5 plus eggs playing Hera Sowilo for a REM roll.

Goemon The Thief Desc , Zeus Almight God (Almighty God from Zeus Challenges), and Valkyrie Goddess Desc are all able to be completed at very fast pace because push button teams are able to clear at literally the push of a button. This makes them very appealing for players who wish to farm as many plus eggs per hour with minimal thinking. This is not efficient from a stone/stamina perspective, but the time saved may be worthwhile.

Let me know what you plan to do for our next 10x descends event in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!


26 thoughts on “10x Plus Egg Descend Chart and Strategies”

  1. I’m probably going to run deus ex machina since it gives me the best +/stam when factoring in rank ups and the dungeon is actually pretty easy to farm with yomi dragon(my yomidra has 2 skill delay resists so it’s very hard to die)


    1. That’s a solid idea! Dues Ex is usually out of reach for most players to clear consistently, but does offer the best experience per stamina spent along with a hefty amount of plus eggs. Best of luck in farming pluses!


  2. Hey Mantastic, as far as I’ve looked into the reasons why people use push button teams for Zues, Goemon, and Valkyrie is because these descends are available from the coin dungeons. Having a push button team means that you are able to cram more plus eggs within the hour that you bought the dungeon. I really don’t think that it is really because people want to complete the dungeon without thinking. Thus, if you heavily IAP (or just have a bunch of stones), it’s more worth it to buy the descends and make the most out of it. Hope this was a help!


    1. They are sometime available through the coin dungeon but also in rotation through challenges as well. Yes the speed aspect is appealing, but it also does cut down on thinking as it would become very boring if done for prolonged periods. But you are right about them being for the more IAP heavy players as their efficacy is much lower from a stamina perspective.

      Hope your own blog is coming along well too =)


  3. Just a note. The x10 also ongoing for the descended challenge. The descended challenge will end after weekend though. You can do Hero Sowilo or Zeus Vulcan.


  4. Hey Mantastic! I know this isn’t related to this post, but I just wanted to ask for some SHIVA teambuilding advice. I just rolled RED VALKYRIE in the Director’s Carnival. I’m super excited about it! I would have rather seen GValk, or Venus, but at the same time, I can’t complain as I want the entire series of REM Valkyries. They are so beautiful and so awesome!

    Should I replace Chiyome with her? I think I should but I feel like Chiyome does have some good things to her that RValk might not have? I’d appreciate your thoughts 🙂


    1. Red Valk has superior awakenings, stats (looking at that massive RCV), and art. Active is not as ideal because you do lose hearts, but if you have Yamato you can combo together etc. Chiyome combos with Leilan and at least leaves your hearts but I would make the switch tbh

      I’m glad you got such a pretty girl too =D


  5. I’ve run Hera swilo about 8 times today in the descend challenge, and a ton more chests are dropping than usual. I am getting only about 4 plus eggs per run, including only 2 once. Meh.


    1. There will always be bad luck =( I have yet to get a 7+ run after ~50 runs and I am perhaps around 5 average. Just keep at it!

      I have actually switched to using my middle finger due to fatigue as I am using Sakuya as I cant use my dark team lol


  6. Hey Mantastic. I have a few questions. I’m currently rank 250 ish, so im just under 150 Stamina. I was able to get 2 297s while no-stoning during the last 10x. I’ve saved stones since then, so I have 45 at the moment. should I burn all of them on Kanegutsu, or should I save them for the god fest that’s going to be coming up? Keep in mind, that I have a full Yomidragon, and Awoken shiva team, with my 297s being Shiva and Awoken Haku.


    1. Lets say at 6+ per run, you get 18 per stone and thus an REM chance is 90 plus eggs. Do you feel that is worthwhile? You will also get the collateral rank up and coins too. Perhaps using some for plus eggs would be wise as it would significantly increase your team’s potential, especially in the rogue descends that start at level 1. Plus eggs on Yomi D will increase pal point generation too. It may also be challenging to play that much in one day XD


  7. What about aamir? In light of getting an unknown boost, seems like there’s a bunch of eggs for the 8 floor dungeon…


  8. I’m assuming this chart shows the + egg/stamina rates for the descends on mythical difficulty. Would it still be efficient to burn stamina on the legend difficulty levels, or should one stick with 3x Normals?


  9. I spent last night splitting my time between Goddess Descended (I figured why not take the opportunity to skill up my valk and my chibi valk!) and 30 stam Tengu. Valk was great for getting me masks so I don’t have to farm the Weds dungeon, but Tengu was better from both a stam to +egg standpoint and a +egg to time standpoint. I was using a pretty standard pushbutton team for my farming (while watching House of Cards 🙂 ) and in three hours managed to get essentially 1.5 297s.

    As a data point, I’m an IAP player so I was stoning stam to make the most of my time. Rank 387 with 210 stam, so I got 7 runs per stone for Tengu.

    Since my two girls are now max skilled and I think I have all the dark and mystic masks I need, I think I’ll be spending the rest of the event on Tengu 30,


    1. Tengu is definitely more efficient if you do not have any collateral benefits in mind. It’s great you were able to skill your valkyries with ease while retaining a healthy supply of plus eggs too =D

      I wish you the luck in finding the strength to continue button mashing for pluses =P


  10. I realize this is an old post, so not sure if you’ll see this, but…

    Is there any data on multiplayer dungeons that always have a 10x or 20x plus egg event?

    I’ve been running Mechdragons depending on the color trash exp I need. It’s about 750-800 exp/sta and 3-4 plus eggs on 10x. Just want to know if there’s a higher plus egg drop dungeon with still relatively high exp/sta.


    1. Coop is half stamina everything so all values are doubled. So if you play descends with a friend, just double your values. In the mean time, mech dragon is a fantastic place to farm pluses


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