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10x Plus Egg Descend Chart and Strategies

With another round of 10x descends coming up, it is worth planning ahead on which dungeons to repeatedly farm. You should have 100% success rate in clearing the descend as any failed run will set you back and make even the most efficient dungeon unideal. Everyone has different goals in terms of number of plus eggs they wish to farm along with the number of stones used to refill stamina and the chart prepared below should help you plan out your next event. Please read my Plus Egg Fusing Guide for more information on how to quickly form +297s with minimal gold usage and thinking.

The chart assumes the highest level of difficulty and on regular 1x drop rates. Number of pluses increase with enhanced drop rates. This also applies to coin dungeons and these become the best to play with 1.5x or 2x drop rate as you are more likely to hit the higher number of pluses per run.

**Do note that the 30 stamina of Tengu from coin dungeons on 1.5x drop rates is amazingly efficient and has a follow up post HERE to better discuss it.**

 Thieves Den icon Star Den  5  5  10  172
Descend Floors Average +’s Stamina/+ Exp/Stamina
 Tengu Desc Tengu 30 Sta**  5 4.27 (3-5)  7.03  212
Kanetsugu Desc Kanetsugu 7 6 (5-7) 8.33 571
Hera Sowilo Hera-Sowilo 10 5.5 (4-9) 9.09 591
Dues Ex Deus Ex 7 5 (2-7) 10 753
Aamir Descended Aamir  8  5 (5-8)  10  313
Tengu Desc Tengu  5 4.5 (4-5) 11.11 193
Guan Yin Ping GYP 6 4.5 (4-6) 11.11 332
Zhang Fei Zhang Fei 6 4.5 (4-5) 11.11 414
Awoken Hel Hel 6 4.5 (4-5) 11.11 480
Grimoire Grimoire 7 4 (4-5) 12.5 378
Zhao Yun Zhao Yun 6 4 12.5 266
Zeus Merc Zeus Mercury 10 4 (4-7) 12.5 685
Pad Z PAD Z 6 4 (3-6) 12.5 413
The Thief Desc Goemon* 5 4 12.5 193
Almight God Zeus* 5 4 12.5 202
Goddess Desc Valkyrie* 5 4 12.5 125

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PAD is love, Plus Eggs are Life

PAD playtime

10x descends is quite hectic and I may be going a little overboard at the moment. I am actually closing my eyes and seeing the plus egg drop and that wonderful *ding* noise along with using different fingers to prevent fatigue. Perhaps it is the sign of madness, but I have also farmed ~1,000 plus eggs across both accounts over the course of these 2 days. After the weekend, things will begin to slow down again as my 2 favourite dungeons, Kanetsugu Desc Kanetsugu and Hera Sowilo Hera-Sowilo, end their rotation (however, Hera Sowilo does return next Sunday).

All att team

All att team 2
Teams used for all attribute

I chose to play Kanetsugu Desc and Hera Sowilo because they offer a wonderful amount of rank exp along with 5-6 plus eggs on average per run. I prefer this over Almight God Zeus or the other push button farm dungeons because I lack a push button team and it feels more wasteful due to less plus eggs and no collateral benefits. For more information, feel free to check out my chart detailing plus egg rates and exp/stamina in the more popular descends HERE.

PAD playtime 2

Hopefully everyone still has their sanity and is reaching their plus egg goals/target.

Rest your eyes
Words to live by!

Happy Puzzling!

10x Plus Egg Descends Afterthoughts

With 10x Descends drawing to a close, players are still combing through their box to sort out whether they got their last few RCV pluses and admiring all the shiny new +297s, I want to take this opportunity to reflect on what this means for the state of PAD.

First off, the end result is amazing. 7 plus eggs from 50 stamina on an easy to clear dungeon? How would you resist? I farmed so many plus eggs with minimal refilling and am now the proud owner of 15 +297s. Continue reading 10x Plus Egg Descends Afterthoughts

What am I doing for 10x Descends and Why

Now that 10x descends has been live for over a day, the question of what is best to play is on the forefront of everyone’s mind. Before I elaborate on what I recommend and do, I want to emphasize that everyone has different goals in PAD and varying levels of commitment, orb matching skills, current teams, and frequency of refilling stamina. My way may not be the best way for you and I want you to take my playstyle with a grain of salt.

I currently play on my Mantastic and Fantastic account and I commit differently to each one. Mantastic is my main and original account and it is the one that I put the most effort and investment into. On the other hand, Fantastic is an account Continue reading What am I doing for 10x Descends and Why

Why People are Excited for 10x Descends and Plus Eggs

North America is finally getting 10x plus egg drop rate in descend dungeons, but why is this such a big deal and why are people so Gung-Ho about it? Before I go into more detail, I should explain what plus eggs are and why they have become so valuable. Plus Eggs contribute bonus stats to your monster’s health, attack, and recovery values and is a way to further augment the strength of your cards beyond level 99. Every non-evolution and enhance material drop has a small chance of dropping with a +1 and you need a total of 297 to max out a monster. This is a lot of plus eggs and is part of the reason why PAD is such a grindy game.

  • HP plus eggs contribute +10 health (max +990)
  • ATK plus eggs contribute +5 attack (max +495)
  • RCU plus eggs contribute +3 recovery (max +297)

+ egg stats

Plus eggs not only increase the power of your monsters, but also increase Continue reading Why People are Excited for 10x Descends and Plus Eggs