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Powercreep & Cards Becoming “Weaker”


Puzzle and Dragons is a tremendously old game and in order to keep it fresh and exciting, new cards, dungeons, and mechanics are periodically introduced. As a general rule, newer monsters/dungeons tend to be stronger/more challenging compared to previously released content in order to provide motivation for players to continue playing.

As a result, the concept of Powercreep will regularly occur but one thing I want to stress is that because PAD is a Gatcha-style game that is also Player versus Environment (PvE), cards do not actually become weaker once released. They only become “weaker” relatively speaking compared to newer options.

This is an important distinction to make as a leader from one year ago can still clear all of the content they could originally but also has the strong likelihood of being able to clear more due to stronger subs, inherits, and asymmetrical pairings.

This article will explore these concepts in greater detail as it has been a topic I have addressed more often lately and I want to share my own opinions for how the meta of PAD functions.

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Powercreep is the concept of newer cards being more powerful compared to previous options. This can take shape in many different forms and includes but not limited to: more Weighted Stats, stronger Leader Skill multipliers, better awakenings, and high value actives. Essentially, a card (or evolution for said card) released in 2020 will tend to be stronger compared to those from 2018 of a comparable rarity. Continue reading Powercreep & Cards Becoming “Weaker”

How to Keep up with Powercreep


Puzzle and Dragons is a massive game that has unrivaled depth in the mobile game industry. In fact, it really does not feel like you are playing a mobile game and are instead playing a complex RPG that would not be playable without third party websites/databases as there are thousands of monsters and hundreds of different dungeons with diverse spawns and mechanics. This is partially why this website can exist as there is simply so much content to potentially write about.

As such, it can sometimes be overwhelming to stay “meta” or keep up with the rate of new content being released, especially if you are newer to the game and/or non-IAP.

However, these past few months have really felt like a period of catch-up due to the lack of new content actually being released from a gameplay perspective (outside of 3-Player Coop). We have been given an excessive number of stones, 5-coin cost coin dungeons, unlimited rank ups through Legendary Earth, and climaxing with one of the best Player’s Choice Godfests to date (full review can be found HERE).

This article will examine what exactly is Powercreep/meta, how to try and stay abreast or current with the changing landscape, as well as suggestions for fighting off boredom.

Do note that this was in my drafts for a month or two so forgive any dated content as 3P was not released then. I somehow forgot about this and ideally should have been published a few weeks ago.

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What is Powercreep

Powercreep can be best defined as progressively advancing rate of mechanics from both a monster collection and dungeon difficulty perspective. This is important for any longstanding game as it would quickly grow stale if content did not evolve over time as you would run out of things to actually play. Continue reading How to Keep up with Powercreep

10x Plus Egg Descends Afterthoughts

With 10x Descends drawing to a close, players are still combing through their box to sort out whether they got their last few RCV pluses and admiring all the shiny new +297s, I want to take this opportunity to reflect on what this means for the state of PAD.

First off, the end result is amazing. 7 plus eggs from 50 stamina on an easy to clear dungeon? How would you resist? I farmed so many plus eggs with minimal refilling and am now the proud owner of 15 +297s. Continue reading 10x Plus Egg Descends Afterthoughts

3 Minute Stamina and the Implications for PAD

Japan has just announced they will be reducing the stamina recharge rate from 5 minutes to 3. This will allow for 20 stamina per hour and thus 480 stamina per day (instead of 288). This is a sizeable increase and first impressions are of course jumping for joy. I remember when stamina took 10 minutes to refill and was simply a nightmare as you could barely accomplish anything on a day to day basis. The change from 10 to 5 was badly needed and allowed players to enjoy all the content that was being released. However, when changing from 5 to 3, the implications go beyond simple quality of life improvements. Continue reading 3 Minute Stamina and the Implications for PAD