3 Minute Stamina and the Implications for PAD

Japan has just announced they will be reducing the stamina recharge rate from 5 minutes to 3. This will allow for 20 stamina per hour and thus 480 stamina per day (instead of 288). This is a sizeable increase and first impressions are of course jumping for joy. I remember when stamina took 10 minutes to refill and was simply a nightmare as you could barely accomplish anything on a day to day basis. The change from 10 to 5 was badly needed and allowed players to enjoy all the content that was being released. However, when changing from 5 to 3, the implications go beyond simple quality of life improvements.

800 days

Puzzle and Dragons is a freemium game that allows players to experience the game completely for free, but can hasten their progress through purchasing magic stones to either refill stamina, increase friend/box limit, and roll the Rare Egg Machine. I go into more detail on my perspective of IAP (aka In App Purchases / purchasing magic stones) HERE. Naturally, GungHo wishes to turn a profit and needs to find new ways to generate revenue. At first glance, reducing stamina may induce less income generation, but their rationale is most likely to focus on having you play more in order to develop a dependency/loyalty. As such, their focus and attention may shift towards limited time REM machines (such as the back to back Christmas and New Years in Japan) or perhaps even new pantheons to roll for. Holiday themed REMs are great as they tend to not break the meta and allow players to collect novelties of their favourite characters.

Stone Prices
Will stones become more affordable too?

However, it is the pantheon part that scares me the most because it may accelerate powercreep too fast for the average player to handle. Powercreep is a term to convey the idea that older content (in this case REM gods) becomes less powerful overtime due to newer mechanics and more powerful options. Every game needs a certain element of powercreep to keep it alive and interesting, but the pace needs to be contained. When designing or releasing new cards, there has to be a certain element of excitement to encourage players to roll. This excitement may come from amazing art work, but will mostly stem from new and powerful awakenings/actives/leader skills/team synergy. As such, powercreep will raise its’ ugly head and may cause players to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of new monsters and the need to have more powerful teams to combat harder dungeons and challenges.

On the subject of powercreep, we are currently experiencing 10x drop rate for plus eggs in descends. This is leaps and bounds ahead of other plus egg farming options and has given numerous players new +297-ed cards. I will write another post covering my own experiences with 10x shortly, but keep in mind that powercreep is happening, you just may not see it because it looks like a major buff.

Lastly, with the change in stamina recharge rate, we will have to readjust our PAD playtime accordingly. The helpful tip of limit your play time to 1 hour per day is dated and is more humourous than anything else. With 480 stamina per day, it may feel overwhelming to not cap out on a regular basis and may psychologically cause an extra element of stress. I try to never cap out on stamina and I am partially helped by my high rank that allows me to pool up to 264 stamina on Mantastic. However, for lower rank players, you will most likely cap out on a consistent basis and possibly remove the notion of managing your stamina and planning your playtime around it. I like the fact PAD does not need hours invested everyday to maximize efficiency, and unless I am repeatedly dumping 50 stamina in descends, it will be challenging to optimize my 480.


Overall, I am looking forward to more playtime as I am at the point where I only run high end content and only having to wait 2.5 hours for 50 stamina seems amazing. I am just concerned PAD will require too much investment (time and money) to achieve end game goals as well as scare away newer players due to higher expectations and possibly being overwhelmed. Let me know what you think and if my ideas or points are crazy or valid =)

Happy Puzzling!


8 thoughts on “3 Minute Stamina and the Implications for PAD”

  1. But not all can do the 10x I’ve been stuck on one dungeon for a bit because I don’t have the stuff to get passed the enemy’s defense. So the power creep for some won’t be fast. It will be very slow.

    Unless they get very very lucky on rem or godfest. I have friends on my list far lower than me. But yet the leader they have is very good. One I’d be very happy to have.

    I hope this faster sta recharge helps me get stuff I need to be better. The answer I get on the FB page is just a friend with X and you can do it. That should not be a acceptable response in my option


    1. Yes I know that not everyone can benefit from 10x descends; however, my point is that powercreep may begin to accelerate very fast if GungHo begins to place more reliance on REM pulls and team building.

      In regards to yourself, what rank are you currently and how long have you played for? I recall it took months before I was able to clear my first descend of what is now a demoted Divine Queen’s Sleeping Castle with an Siren / Odin grind team (that took almost 2 hours to complete). Things are moving significantly faster with not only stronger leads, but access to more powerful friends. Before it was rare to come across a 297, now they are more common. Also, the responses on FB may be valid and perhaps more time efficient than you grinding out things that may be replaced very quickly.

      Have you looked into using poisons or farmable armour breaks to bypass the defence? Where exactly are you facing problems as that would allow me to better suggest team compositions or strategies =)


  2. Hey! I randomly stumbled upon this blog, the url looked very familiar.

    I agree with your points, especially power creeping. I actually stopped investing more than one hour per day into the game and went non-IAP since the introduction of Egyptian 2.0, when every monster up to that point was outclassed by Osiris/Hathor who didn’t even have an ultimate yet. And then months of stagnation with no real content or updates.

    This game is old, and I feel like currently direction Gungho is taking will only kill the game faster. I not sure what else they could’ve done to make it better other than improving the awful UI and do something friendship system though. Even with 300 friend space and regularly cleaning inactives/adding new, all of my friends always end up running the same bunch of FoTM leads or MP dragons, making it annoyingly difficult to try out random leads on a whim.

    Even if they keep releasing new series, only the few best unit in each of them will ever see any real use, especially in NA. After the first few times you no longer get hyped when hearing about new JP updates, knowing it will take months to arrive in NA or never will (PADW), and by then something new and exciting is already out in JP, repeating the circle.

    I don’t even know if I would still be playing 4 months from now when the stamina update finally arrive and if I do I probably wouldn’t let the game stress me into logging in to burn the extra stamina. Like any game when played too long it is not that fun or challenging anymore, the only thing keeping me is sunk cost and my waifu collection but they’re hardly growing with all these ugly dragons and edgy mechs Gungho have been pushing out.


    1. Going to presume you are Paz on my friends list XD

      I agree with all your points about the game getting old (I have been playing for over 800 days myself) and that new content is sometimes not as exciting because we get it months after JP and the hype has somewhat died down. Granted we get to see the viability of new cards, farm the materials for evos, and strategies for tough descends. I would prefer if the wait time was 2 weeks as it would be a nice balance between hype and being prepared.

      My friends list is somewhat similar to you in that I have 300/300 and tend to see mostly the same leads. Today I couldn’t find a Ryunne or Sumire friend as I wanted to experiment with different things in Endless. Granted I am rolling in the pal points, but everyone wants to display their best/most popular leads

      I hope you at least stick around, you are one of the few penta Sakuyas I have for BFF and also think of your waifus =D


  3. Hi everybody, Very nice blog!
    I really like this post, you made a point and make perfect sense to me.
    OK, this gonna be a long post, so please sorry for that.

    I want share a little about my crazy story here…
    I’m a Brazilian living in japan, started playing pad in 2012, but quickly stopped, because I couldn’t understand the Japanese interface. In last December (2015) I installed the NA version and returned to play.
    For the first time I was understanding what I was doing and I fell in love with the game. I sold my two older PS3 and bought several magic stones.
    Today i completed 76 days, 76 consecutive logins. I am a dedicated player and never lose Limited time dungeons and other stuffs.
    All my Japanese coworkers are perplexed, because I reached the rank 203 in 76 days, but the true is…I think I’m a little discouraged and disappointed, for failing to complete Descended dungeons!
    And all my cards are in max level and full awakened and evolved, I have 6 full operational teams but my favorites are the LZL(Healers) Sonia(Devils) and BValk(God & Healers)
    My Shining Isis team is entire unbindable but no matter what, I can’t make the 8 or 9 combos happens all the time.
    So I guess I not good enough, a monster box like mine is pointless if i can’t win Descended dungeons.

    But now that you shared your story, I thought hey! I’m not so bad, he also took a while to get this done!
    Maybe I’m playing too much and need to slow down and have more patience.

    Thank you so much for this post.
    I think I’m just having a powercreep time.

    pad id: 330499334


    1. Hello 20matar! I am glad you have found excitement in pad again. I had a Japanese account, but quickly lost interest due to the language barrier.

      Just keep in mind that PAD is a long term game, even with the advent of being able to quickly rank up and clear normal dungeons, it still takes patience and grinding to assemble a feasible descend team. You don’t need to hit 8+ combos consistently, but rather carefully research the dungeon and determine what aspects your team is lacking and work towards that.

      I know PAD can feel overwhelming for a new account as there are so many things to do, but sometimes you need to take a break from rank climbing and develop your monsters either through evolution, awakenings, or plus eggs.

      Hopefully you are able to conquer your first descend, but go at your own pace, enjoy the game and Happy Puzzling!


  4. Thank you so much for your advices!!

    I took a break, worked hard with evolutions and +eggs as you said and spent some time farming for some orb changers.

    The result came as expected, today i won my first Descended dungeon! Complete success without spending any stone.

    I know it’s an old dungeon, and new ones are very different and more difficult, but was a great start cause this monster will be an extreme addition to my Healers Team.

    And i made a video 🙂

    So happy! Thank you again.


    1. First off, congrats on clearing your first descend! I am glad you used the additional stamina efficiently and put off ranking grinding to better work on your monsters =)

      I remember when I first cleared Valkyrie’s dungeon and was probably just as excited as you were too. She is a fantastic sub on countless teams including Sakuya, Kali, healers, and god based teams.

      Congrats once again and best of luck in your future endeavours!


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