Dragon Caller Leader Skill Buffs and Impressions

The Dragon Caller series of Tsubaki Tsubaki , Sumire Sumire , and Kaede Kaede all received varying buffs to their leader skills along with a previous update with additional awakening skills. As neither of these buffs have come to North America, it is worth analysing the changes as a whole and how they will impact their usage.

Tsubaki Tsubaki: The red Dragon Caller is the most offensive of the three and is currently capped at 36x multiplier. However, with the buff, Tsubaki is increased to 39x. Is that significant? Not really as you are only going to be adding tiny amounts of damage. Perhaps the strongest points are the additional enhanced red orb Enhnaced Fire Orb and enhanced heal orb +heart awakenings. The main pitfalls of the red and blue Dragon Callers is a lack of two prong attacks TPA or row enhance awakenings. Furthermore, they are reliant on enhanced orb awakenings and to a certain extent, the best way to augment that damage is through enhanced skyfall awakenings. For Tsubaki that would mean using Krishna Krishna , but only having 4 awakenings makes this unideal. I am mostly comparing Krishna to Zaerog Infinity Z8 who has 8 amazing awakenings. Overall, Tsubaki will still be fun to play and brings new play style to fire teams, but will still remain okay overall.

Red Dragon Caller


Sumire Sumire: is reliant on matching 5 connected blue orbs with at least one being enhanced. Furthermore, they now grant a 75% (up from 57%) damage reduction when matching a cross formation of heart orbs. Sadly, Sumire still caps out at 20.25x damage and has no other ways to augment his damage. Like Tsubaki , Sumire cannot abuse their water equivalent skyfall monster Sarasvati Sarasvati due to only 4 awakenings. In addition, it is very difficult to arrange your board to make a chain of 5 water orbs AND cross shape heart orbs at the same time. The damage reduction is nice, but the buff does not really do much as you are very unlikely to need the increased damage reduction as you will most likely be at full health already. The additional enhanced water orb blue + orb and enhanced heal orb +heart awakenings are nice, but still needs more help. Overall Sumire is fun to play, but needs more buffs to be a viable leader (or even sub).

Blue Dragon Caller

Kaede Kaede: is the rarest and the most useful of the 3 Dragon Callers. She also receives the shielding buff in making a cross formation of heart orbs reduces all damage taken by 75%. When played as a lead, Kaede caps out at only 16x damage for matching 3 unique wood combos which is distressingly low for the amount of effort required. However, her true viability comes out when used as a sub on Awoken Bastet Bastet teams. By spawning 3 wood and heart orbs, you can safely make 7 combos along many wood TPA matches. Lastly, Kaede ‘s 2 TPA awakenings allow her to deal massive damage and allows her to be an amazing sub for Bastet .

Green Dragon Caller

Happy Puzzling!

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