Ragnarok, The 6th MP Dragon

Ragnarok Ragnarok Mecha Dragon will be the 6th featured Monster Point Dragon and he comes as a bit of a surprise. For starters, he caps out at only 8 star rarity (compared to 9 stars for the rest) and as such, his value already feels decreased. However, what sets him apart will be the new God Killer God Killer awakening that boosts his own damage against god type enemies by 3x. In addition, Ragnarok will have lead or sub potential so he gains bonus points for flexibility.


As far as translations go:

Active Skill:  Dark Kali Dkali board refresh (red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and heal) along with 1 turn of haste on a 10-turn cooldown

Leader Skill: 4x damage when matching 4 attritbute, 4.5x with 5 attributes (not sure if heart orbs are included). In addition, 1.5x attack and recovery for machine types


  • Amazing base health
  • Unbindable, 2 Time Extend , TPA , Skill Lock Resist awakenings
  • God Killer God Killer awakening
  • Board refresh (that generates hearts) and 1 turn haste
  • 45.5x damage for machine types (6.75 * 6.75)
  • 2.25x recovery for machine types to balance out their low base recovery
  • Sub and leader potential
  • Is a cyborg and killer robot “dragon”


  • 0 base recovery
  • Machine types are still rare and hard to build a synergetic team
  • As a sub, feels inferior to other options (discussed below)
  • Versus non-god type bosses Ragnarok will feel weak
  • Not a pretty girl and barely looks like a dragon (Puzzle and Cyborgs?)

When team building Ragnarok as a lead, I would feel somewhat gimped in both the damage output and sub selection. Being restricted to only machine types will result in unideal team compositions and avoiding machines will cause lackluster output. Granted the newer GFE (eg. Australis Australius ) and Constellation series (eg. Castor Castor ) are machine type, they lack diversity and utility or are unsynergetic. In addition, without heavy plus egg investment, your recovery will be depressingly low as most machines have under 100 base recovery. To a certain extent, you can simply run your favourite rainbow subs and rely on Ragnarok ‘s God Killer awakening to mow down god bosses with 136.5x damage. Factoring in your TPA awakenings will make for very scary damage. In addition, it will be hard to become orb trolled due to the board refreshes and wider range of elements needed for activation.

On the flipside, Ragnarok can be used in lieu of other board changers as a sub. However, his unsynergetic colouring and typing for rainbow teams, and being outclassed by other mono green board refreshes may keep him somewhat sidelined. The current most popular rainbow leads are Ra Dragon Ra Dragon , Awoken Ra Ra , Awoken Sakuya Sakuya , and Light Kali Kali . Ragnarok will somewhat suffer on Ra Dragon and Ra teams because he lacks a god type and fails to receive the additional leader skill bonuses. On Sakuya , Ragnarok will feel like a poor man’s Dark Dkali or Light Kali Kali. The unsynergetic colours along with worse awakenings than Dkali means he would most likely be overlooked. Finally, Kali teams do not need another board refresh along with the wrong primary attribute. When used on a mono green team, the current top lead is Best Cat Bastet . However, Bastet teams will most likely choose either Verdandi Verd or Awoken Meimei MeiMei for board refreshes as they make statistically 2x more green along with having more synergetic awakenings overall. Granted Ragnarok can be abused for his God Killer awakening and thus pull ahead of either in damage on specific bosses.

I was hoping for a little more from the newest MP Dragon and Ragnarok feels a bit melodramatic and his one true power lies in his God Killer . Perhaps being a base 7 star (instead of 8) will lower his MP cost and make him more accessible for the average player. Don’t get me wrong, he is still powerful and will have uses, just not quite as ideal as other options you may have. Perhaps he will show his true power when more machine cards become available and dungeons are filled with god type bosses.

If you feel I am overlooking or missing any component, please feel free to comment and I will answer and modify my opinion as needed =)

Happy puzzling!


5 thoughts on “Ragnarok, The 6th MP Dragon”

  1. Hey, I’ve read a lot of your posts and I really enjoy your insight and content. I made my own argument for this guys and I was wondering what you would think of my analysis. I’m copy and pasting it so some parts may not apply when I address certain people lol

    I’m comparing this guy in terms of his awakening and active to a possible slot in the radragon team.

    Fat chocobo and this guy have nearly the same amount of hp, so we can disregard that. they both also have 0 rcv so that is disregarded as well.

    The main important of the godtyping is that we need to burst out as much dmg as humanly possible on the Lkali so that it hits below 65% of its life. On the other floors, the dmg output of 144x should be just about able to wipe everything.

    So lets take a look at the atk. Fat Chocobo has 700 atk….This has a woopin 1605 atk.

    So we take Radra’s full multiplier into account: the 144X

    With Fat chocobo= 700 X 144 = 100,800

    Mecha= 1605 X 64 X 3(for the god killer awakening)= 305,160
    1605 X 64 (vs. non gods)= 102,720

    Lets have a look at awakenings…..This mecha guy beat chobo hands down. We got 2 fingers, unbindable, tpa, SBR, and skill boosts.

    Chocobo’s light enhance is hardly gonna do anything since this team doesn’t rely on that type of dmg. The 2 poison resistance have some merit, but with 2 more board changers, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue deflecting poisons. The 2 dark resistance latent are great however. Light resists…Never had too much of a worry for light dmg.

    For those of you guys screaming at the top of your lungs that this guy sucks compared to dkali, well no duh….you are comparing an alternative with the best possible situation. But it is important to see how they compare as well

    In the hp department, you get a would 1700 more hp than dkali, that is quite a boost because that could means one less dark resist latent needed to tank hera preemptive.

    Dkali has 174 more atk than the mecha so that could prove to be important in our dmg calculations later.

    Obviously your rcv will be much higher than the mecha and with the boost, it will be around 700-800 more RCV.

    Dmg calculation:

    Dkali: 1774 X 144 X 2 (vs. light kali) = 510,912
    1774 X 144 (vs dark kali) = 255,456

    Mecha: 1774 X 64 X 3(godkiller vs Lkali) = 308,160
    1605 X 64 X3 (Godkiller vs dkali) = 308,160
    1605 x 64 (non gods)= 102,720

    Vs, the Lkali the mecha loses, and 200k is a good amount, it may be the difference between wining and losing too. However in terms of fighting the dark kali, the mecha wins, but not by too much. However the biggest concern is when fighting nongod opponents, as we can see, the mecha loses out by more than half the dmg dkali can offer.

    The awakenings are basically the same, except that the bind clear is traded in for the god killer on the mecha. However isis and some comboing can help you stall out, but there could be times where that blind clear on dkali is great appreciated.

    Another very,very important fact to bring up is also his colors. Green/dark. With his colors, its going to make him very hard to fit into the radragon team. However If one has at least one dkali already, it would be a good choice to bring this guy in over chocobo.


    1. First off, thank you =D

      And going through your analysis, Mecha > Chocobo for active as 1k heal is nothing vs 1 turn haste.

      Mecha > Chocobo awakenings (maybe dark resist is important, but you dont always fight DQ Hera)

      The enhanced light orb awakenings do add some damage, especially when you factor in TPA on your Ra Dragons. How much will it add is hard to predict as 2/5 orbs are enhanced.

      The drop in RCU vs Dkali is significant, but should be okay provided your team is +297 all across your other god types.

      The major concern with Mecha is the giant drop in damage when facing non gods. You should not ever be short tbh, but it is something to keep in the back of your mind.

      In terms of bind clearing, Dkali, Isis, Mecha, and Ra D are all bind immune so the bind clear awakening may not be needed on Dkali. All depends on if the bind is crucial to success

      Hopefully this covers your points and I like your analysis =)


  2. I think your assessment is spot on, mantastic. I have not purchased an MP dragon yet, though I could. This one will not be convincing me, either. I was hoping for something to rival RaDra and look better. This guy, is not it. In either department.


    1. MP dragons are completely dependant on owning their key subs. However, it will always be better to purchase them at an earlier date to take full advantage of their strengths prior to power creep. Ragnarok has the potential to be powerful with the right machine cards, but we are still quite a bit behind in terms of monster release.

      I wrote another article in which I debated on either buying Yomi or Ra Dragon and came to the conclusion that I could make better use from Yomi Dragon as he is far more flexible in team building and sub potential.



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