Thoughts on Player’s Choice Godfest Results – May 2017


Player’s Choice Godfest (PCGF) voting has come to a close with the results revealed in the latest GungHo NA stream. While PCGF can be an exciting time, it also has the opportunity for dissapointment due to poor voting choices of excessive 6-star GFE and even missing some key pantheon cards due to the votes not being made public. This was most notable last PCGF when we had eleven 6-star GFE (full post can be found HERE) and the surprising absence of Ganesha 3071.

Voting in too many 6-star GFE is problematic as it dilutes the pool of desired monsters as they have depressingly low roll rates but it was honestly bad timing in terms of what was current in the meta. Thankfully, the meta is shifting away from 6-star supremecy and Pantheon cards are now the key cards for many top tier teams.

This post will go over my thoughts and commentary for each voted card along with notable cards along with those who I felt should have made it in.

To sweeten the deal, all players above rank 50 will receive 1 free pull. Official announcement can be found HERE.

Video commentary

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If you wish to watch the rolling videos, please check out my subsequent post HERE.

The results

Keeping the trend of hiding the votes (and not even disclosing the actual numbers) removes the chance for strategic voting as you run the risk of a popular card not making it in if you simply assume everyone will vote for them. This probably made many votes go to waste on already shoe-in winners.

Winners are in order from left to right:

Player’s Choice Godfest May 2017
1-5  3414   
6-10 Indra Dark Kali 3385  3071
11-15 A Liu Bei 3386 3416 Bankai Andro Isis
16-20 Lumiel Eschamali 3233  
21-25 3236 3273 3202  

By comparison to the last PCGF, we only have six 6-star GFE as opposed to eleven. along with no 5-star GFE. However, there are two 6-star Pantheon cards (Sima Yi  and Diao Chan ) who will have worse rates than the other Pantheon cards, but better than 6-star GFE.

Thus, the rates for actually rolling something featured should be significantly higher compared to the last cycle which is pretty amazing. I feel this is partially due to players learning from the last event along with only two new GFE coming out in this time period and a shifting meta towards more pantheon cards.

Player’s Choice Godfest December 2016
1-5 Ult Kaede Gremory Dark Kali 3202 A Liu Bei
6-10 Eschamali 3236 Awoken DQXQ Kanna 3068
11-15 Wukong bankai Sherias Roots Awoken Pandora Isis Ronove
16-20 3101 d-d-akechi 2997 rodin Bankai Andro
21-25 Rozuel Ra Awoken Oorochi Scheat 2991

How the meta has shifted

6 months ago, it was all about using 6-star GFE on all the meta teams along with using duplicates or other 6-star GFE as inherits. This somewhat bottle-necked the voting results as it was challenging to actually vote for other cards when they simply could not compete otherwise.

Presently speaking Dark Athena 3193 and Kushinadahime  are the two strongest and most accessible leaders available in NA. Furthermore, neither are heavily reliant on using 6-star GFE as subs or inherits and this is reflected in the voting selection as essentially all their utility inherits and core subs including, Haku and Loki  were voted in. In addition, their less ideal, but still potent subs will also make an appearance in this PCGF.

Cards who did not make it in

These are my personal opinions and should be taken with a grain of salt as I strongly believe PCGF should be used to vote in Pantheon cards who have poor cards alongside them. This way, you can avoid the lower value rolls and only focus on the desirable ones. These also reflect cards who I thought would make it in, but failed to receive enough votes and does include GFE.

This does not take into account the new Evos announced in JP last night


Ruel is essentially the poor man’s Dark Athena which by virtue makes her an amazing leader. She has a wonderful sub pool to draw upon that is loaded with TPA TPA and 7 combo 45 awakenings that is capable of clearing end game content. Furthermore, she was released in the past month so she should be reasonably popular, but perhaps players are still enjoying the hype train of Dark Athena and Kushinadahime who are simply stronger leaders.


Perhaps mono-wood is simply a snuffed element, but Perseus is an amazing card who will have a future split evolution that provides double SBR Skill Lock Resist, double TPA TPA, and 7 Combo 45 awakenings along with a powerful active skill. He also possesses Attacker typing for Ruel and I am truly surprised he did not make it in.


Meimei is another powerful wood card that was overlooked as she mirrors Haku’s awakenings, but has a few key differences. Firstly, Meimei lacks the Healer typing, cannot produce Dark Athena boards, and has poor base RCV. However, she still retains the dual TPA and 7 combo awakening and has a spot on essentially every mono-wood team.

3068 Krishna & 3241 Shiva

While neither are particularly flashy leaders, they are still quite potent and apparently are very popular in NA based on the previous GH stream. Krishna and Shiva ranked number 1 & 3 for the most used leaders but maybe this also indicates that most players actually own them so voting them in would be a waste. It also does not help that they do not have much merit as a sub.

3387 Susano

Susano is still a viable shielding option, but is simply outclassed by Indra Indra in nearly every aspect. I guess being number 2 isn’t good enough, but he does have the potential for 5 turns of 50% damage reduction in his non-awoken forms.

Ryune Ryune

I am well aware that Ryune is a 6-star GFE which completely goes against the advice of not voting in these type of cards, but all PCGF will have some featured as they are powerful. I am mentioning Ryune as she possesses one of the strongest board changers available for the top tier teams along with recently receiving a buff to reduce her cooldown by 1 turn as well stat/awakening boost.

From a general point of view, I feel that Ryune has more merit than Ilm 3236.

  The Metatrons

Another pair of GFE who I am surprised that not make it in, especially considering the timing of their newly released evolutions. Dark Metatron in particular is an amazingly powerful leader that has 81x ATK when below 80% HP along with 2.25x HP/RCV and no skyfalls. This enables easy stalling/control and is a surprisingly fast and potent leader.

I own both of the Metatrons so it does not really bother me that they are not included, just mostly surprised that they were not voted in. Perhaps everyone and their mother (including MOMtastic) already owns a few Light Metatrons.

Ult Kaede Kaede

I am not really surprised Kaede was not voted in, but considering she was #1 last time, it is interesting to see how the mighty have fallen. While Kaede’s prowess as a leader has been diminished due to the lower viability of system teams, she is still a stellar mono-wood sub. However, the voting heavily reflects a non-interest in mono-wood teams due to the exclusion of Ruel, Perseus, and Meimei.

Thoughts on the voted monsters

I will be covering a quick summary of all the voted cards in regards to where they fit in the meta, the justification (or lack of) for their votes, and perhaps their viability moving forward.

 Haku – #1

Haku is the most logical card to take the number 1 spot as she is simply amazing and is found on nearly all meta teams due to her typing, active, and awakenings. In fact, most teams ideally want to run 2-3 of her as subs which further increases the desire to roll duplicates of her.

We have shifted away from the heart cross meta and are now enjoying a more combo/high multiplier meta in which leaders are now able to achieve spectacular damage levels with minimal primary orbs as they can rely on TPA TPA and 7 Combo 45 awakenings.

Haku was one of the first cards to be released in NA with this pair of awakenings and the fact that dark teams (Dark Athena 3193, Aizen 3359, Yomi Dragon 3266, Dark Metatron , etc.) are both popular and powerful helps solidify herself as a staple card to own. Furthermore, Kushinadahime  heavily relies on Haku for her healer typing and ideally wants to run three.

You can never own too many Hakus.

3414 Fujin – #2 (6-star GFE)

Fujin makes your life easier while simultaneously opening the door for more leaders to tackle Arena 3. In theory, you don’t NEED Fujin for success on certain teams, but once you taste the ease of Fujin, you will never really want to go back to puzzling your way through absorption bosses.

I have always had mixed feelings about a card that is this powerful as it is simply too much advancement of Powercreep when you can press a single button to bypass what were some of the hardest spawns in the game.

On the bright side, if you are fortunate enough to roll Fujin, you will immediately become popular among your friends list and possibly receive numerous BFF tokens.

 Sima Yi – #3 (6-star Pantheon)

I am not surprised Sima Yi made it into PCGF as he is essentially the second best option after Haku for dark teams, but what is surprising is that he took third place and beat out Kushinadahime. However, you have to remember that Kushinadahime is an old card who is possibly lying around most player’s boxes and dupes are not as desired whereas Sima Yi is relatively new.

Sima Yi’s orb unlock is a fantastic mechanic to own and helps ensure he is future-proofed against Powercreep for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, Sima Yi is lacking a long evolution tree so he has plenty of room to grow moving forward.

In terms of his viability, he essentially acts as a slightly worse Haku, but has merits on essentially all dark teams. His active skill generates water and dark orbs without removing hearts which is key to healing and dealing damage.

 Kushinadahime – #4

Kushinadahime is perhaps the queen of PAD at the moment as her leadership ability is essentially rivaled by none at this point in time. While she may have a steeper skill cap when compared to Dark Athena, she is far more rewarding due to a fast scaling multiplier, perfect damage control, and the ability to use Dragon Killer Dragon Killer, 7 combo 45, and Guard Break  awakenings.

Presently speaking, Arena 3 tends to be the benchmark to evaluate leadership potential and Kushinadahime is well suited to overcome all hurdles presented with little difficulty. She is able to achieve just enough HP to tank Gaia Dragon in solo mode without the HP badge while having sufficient damage output to sweep most floors with a simple 7 (sometimes 6) combos. However, this means she may be in somewhat danger when faced with new/future content as she is somewhat edging on her limits for current content and may struggle if HP requirements are raised or Dragons are no longer the harder bosses.

Despite sounding critical, Kushinadahime is still my strongest leader and is able to somewhat trivialize all current content. The main hurdle will be pulling numerous Hakus and learning how to combo after playing button teams for so long.

 Diao Chan – #5 (6-star Pantheon)

Diao Chan is in the same Pantheon as Sima Yi and her relative youth in PAD helps rank her as the 5th most desired card in this PCGF. While she may look unusual on paper, she is actually quite key for several end game teams due to her 2-turn active skill, awakenings, and Healer/God typing.

Having passive 10% damage reduction from Light and Dark bosses is invaluable for solo teams that are struggling to achieve various HP thresholds as you can tank large hits without active skill mitigation. In addition, the 7 combo awakening helps ensure she deals spectacular damage as she will be mainly used on combo-oriented teams.

Presently, Anubis 3385 teams are her best fit as dual Diao Chans will provide an active skill system that will provide 100% up-time on your full multiplier and +2 seconds to orb movement time. In addition, the 20% light and dark damage reduction ensures you can survive DQ Hera without using a shield. Furthermore, Diao Chan can be used on Kushindahime teams who can act as a base for Skill Inheritance as she does not have an active skill clause while also covering the somewhat challenging to fit in light if you plan on using a Valkyrie for Guard Break.

Indra Indra – #6

Indra is simply the best shielding inherit in the game as he provides 75% damage reduction for 3 turns in his non-awoken form. As such, most players elect to never awaken their Indra as his uses as a sub are fewer by comparison. However, this also increases the desire to own duplicates.

One amusing fact was his absence from the previous PCGF due to the prowess of the heart cross meta.

Dark Kali Dark Kali – #7 (6-star GFE)

Dark Kali will always remain popular due to the power of Ra Dragon 3265 and possessing the strongest rainbow board changer. In addition, owning numerous duplicates is always ideal as you can inherit Dark Kali on Dark Kali for stat transfer and skill delay protection.

3385 Anubis – #8

The One True God is finally basking in the glory of leading a meta team through his buffed Reincarnated evolution. He is able to start ramping up damage at only 8 combos (was 9) and this is huge because most board will be either 7 or 8 combo-able and dramatically raises his consistency.

Granted this is still a very high skill cap and out of reach for the average player, but that does not damper his potential for skilled puzzlers. His main downside is his active skill clause which is overcome via 2 Diao Chans (ideal) or a single Super Gunma 440.

 Loki – #9

Loki has regained viability through his Reincarnated form that grants him dual TPA, 7 combo, and two SBR Skill Lock Resist awakenings that makes him the best in slot Dark Athena sub for solo mode. Even if playing in coop (which removes the need to run a double SBR sub), Loki will still be a favourable choice due to his wonderful damage output while always acting as a base for your burst damage inherit. His main downside is having both rows and TPA which essentially removes two of his awakenings.

3071 Ganesha – #10

I am relieved Ganesha was voted in this PCGF as he was absent from the previous one. This may have occurred due to everyone just assuming he would make it in and no one actually voting for him. This was a real shame as he is still the only card that can boost rank experience which is vital to managing your stamina.

Being able to manage your stamina through controlled rank ups is critical to continuing to advance quickly through the higher ranks and chaining rank ups. The full damage void + damage enhance active is a wonderful bonus as you can use Ganesha as a bind-immune, double TPA sub.

A Liu Bei Liu Bei – #11

Liu Bei is the most accessible coop farming leader due to the farmable nature of Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios and Tengu Tengu while also having viable alternative leader pairings. You want one for glorious button farming.

3386 Orochi – #12

Orochi is the best delay option available as he can provide 4 or 5 turns based on which evolution path you choose to pursue. In addition, he is also a massive HP stick on teams along with providing 4 TPA. All of this comes together as an incredible card to own and having duplicates is never a bad idea.

3416 Raijin – #13

Raijin has a Dark Kali-style board changer that also unlocks all orbs. As mentioned above, this is the best type of board changer for rainbow teams and having a light-based cards is valuable as she can transfer stats to Ra Dragon himself. In addition, Raijin is able to form a modest team.

While the orb unlock does not have too many applications at this point in time, it is well positioned to be beneficial moving forward.

Bankai Andro Andromeda – #14

Andromeda is a staple card on every water team as she has a powerful active skill, beneficial awakenings, and has even more flexibility with her future awoken form. All of this leads to her widespread usage and tends to be miles ahead of Gabriel Gabriel in most aspects.

Isis Isis – #15

Isis still remains a key Ra Dragon sub and it is no surprise she is once again featured in PCGF. While she does have a Reincarnated evolution announced in JP, it is hard to say if players will make the switch as it is challenging to cover wood at the moment (maybe this is not the case, haven’t done much research).

Regardless, Isis can function as a wonderful utility sub on a variety of teams as she is bind immune while possessing a short 3-turn cooldown to easily inherit over.

Lumiel Lumiel – #16

It would never have crossed my mind that Lumiel could be a popular card upon her initial release, but the buff to include true damage and the shifting meta has given Lumiel viability. In the past, 4-element board changers were weak as they did not produce enough primary colour orbs for mono-colour teams; however, present meta teams have significantly higher multipliers that can deal lethal damage with only a TPA worth of primary orb as they have fast ramping multipliers. This leads to Lumiel often being the best solution to countering high defense spawns as you no longer have to worry about the active skill changing to something lackluster towards the end of the dungeon as you can still utilize the board changer.

In addition, Lumiel produces a better board than Famiel Famiel due to the inclusion of fire orbs for Haku while also being able to transfer stats to dark cards.

Eschamali Eschamali – #17 (6-star GFE)

Eschamali has always remained popular and her viability is improving with the downfall of the heart cross meta and resurgence of powerful dark teams. Being able to convert wood, hearts, jammers, and poison orbs to dark along with 4 turns of enhanced dark skyfalls is incredible for only a 10-turn cooldown.

You may or may not need to run Eschamali on your teams based on the number of enhanced orbs present, but you will often use her active as an inherit since it is an upgrade over essentially everything else.

3233 Kanna – #18 (6-star GFE)

Kanna is the final staple sub on Ra Dragon teams and she is one of the hardest hitting TPA cards if you exclude those with 7 combo awakenings.

While the base active skill is somewhat lackluster, Kanna usually acts as the base for your damage enhancing inherit so not too much is lost in this manner.

 Pandora – #19

Pandora received a new but underwhelming evolution that really did not propel her into viability as a leader due to the orb hungry nature of her leader skill and low max multiplier. However, she did gain an additional Time Extend Time Extend while possessing a powerful active skill for Dark Athena teams. As such, she can be used as a budget sub or powerful inherit as she is able to produce dark and heal orbs while not touching your water.

However, Pandora tends to be outclassed by Akechi 3110 for a double orb changer on most of other mono-colour teams.

 Persephone – #20

Following the trend of dark prowess, Persephone makes an appearance in this PCGF. While she lacks a 7 combo awakening, her 1,000 weighted stats, powerful active, triple typing, and double TPA enable her to make an appearance on virtually every mono-dark team. This is great for players who are missing Haku, but having a Persephone on your team can be advantageous for the base active that provides dark skyfalls.

3236 Ilm – #21 (6-star GFE)

I am a little surprised Ilm made it in this PCGF, but maybe people are wanting to capitalize on the Ilminas 3274 others rolled during the Heroine REM. It could also be for Kenshin Kenshin boards, but I feel that the fire/light teams are not as solidified by comparison to other options currently available. However, there does appear to be a demand as Leilan  managed to sneak into the 25th spot.

With that being said, Ilm-systems for ranking dungeons are becoming more popular as you can form 42 orbs on a 7×6 board and swipe plus pray for many combos. Seems luxurious, but works quite efficiently.

3273 Ra – #22

Ra was once the staple button inherit/sub, but we now have countless other options including farmable poisons for dealing with high defense encounters. Granted Ra is the best button sub for Guerilla Infestations due to the 7 turn cooldown and dual Skill Boosts, but this is edging on luxury as your partner tends to bring more than enough Skill Boosts for farmable Ra Tamadras 1466 to be ready.

Furthermore, with Lumiel and Famiel becoming more relevant, the need for Ra is diminishing. However, Ra is still able to form a potent 225x team that has been one of the favoured Machine Zeus farming set ups.

Overall, I feel Ra is starting to slip past his prime and I would be surprised if he makes it into the next PCGF barring any major upgrade.

3202 Acala – #23

Acala was one of the most desired cards last PCGF, but her star is also on the decline due to the presecne of stronger and easier to use leaders. Acala’s main problem is a vulnerability to binds, a lackluster base active, poor sub value, and difficulty overcoming combo shields. However, she is able to pump out explosive damage with numerous fire and wood crosses and has a lower dependency on using 6-star GFE as subs.

On the bright side, she is missing an ultimate/awoken evolution so she has plenty of room for growth.

 DQXQ – #24

DQXQ is still a relevant card despite Myr Miru falling out of the meta. She possesses a powerful active skill that generates light, hearts, and removes hazards along with modest leadership potential. While DQXQ is still a vulnerable glass cannon, she is perhaps one of the best starting leaders for a new player who transitions into a strong mono-light sub end game.

 Leilan – #25

I am quite amazed Leilan made the final cut instead of Meimei as I felt wood TPA teams were gaining momentum with the inclusion of 7 combo awakenings. What makes Leilain interesting is the fact that she possess both rows and 7 combo awakening. While this is challenging to achieve on most boards, intelligent use of board changers can help ensure you can row and 7 combo to guarentee neither awakening goes to waste. With that being said, you can easily pursue one of the two for most floors and should still have sufficient damage overall.


This PCGF is looking far more promising compared to the previous one as fewer 6-star GFE were voted in which should hopefully improve rolling rates. In addition, the votes quite accurately reflect desirable cards who have a place in the current meta.

I feel that we were fortunate with the timing of this PCGF as we have just begun to edge away from 6-star GFE supremacy along with only Fujin and Raijin being introduced in the past 6 months.

All in all, I feel that this is going to be one of the best places to spend your Magic Stones to help you acquire essentially the best cards in the game.

Who are you most excited to roll and how many Magic Stones have you saved up?

Happy Puzzling!

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125 thoughts on “Thoughts on Player’s Choice Godfest Results – May 2017”

  1. Hello Mantastic, I hope you’re doing well. I have a quick question for you: I have 4/25 cards featured in this PCGF, with those cards being D.Kali, Isis, Persephone, and Kushi. I have around 230 stones and I was wondering if you think that doing 5 rolls per day (75 stones) would be okay or if I should do more/less. Thank you for posting your analysis and have a great PCGF.


    1. Since you are missing so many of the cards, it would be a Fantastic time for you to roll.

      However, when rolling, I would roll say 5 at a time and then evaluate your current situation. You want to roll for as much value as possible. If you somehow acquire most of the cards you want early on, feel free to stop


  2. Hey, I’m trying to pursue a ideal ronove team, and since none of the ronove subs are in the pcgf, should I spend all my stones here and hope for something good in the future, or wait until Kaede and rozuel are features?


    1. Hello, friend. I would recommend waiting until Kaede and/or Rozuel are featured in some kind of event, ideally a Gala paired with a Godfest that features at least one of them. From what I know about your monster box, if you roll during the PCGF, the only monster that could be a viable sub for your ideal Ronove team would be Fujin, as an inherit. However, since she will be extremely difficult to roll, and because you already have that damage absorption skill from Uruka (even though Uruka would be off-color), you wouldn’t really roll desirable monsters from this PCGF. As Ronove is already one of the best leads in the game, at least in your opinion, you should just wait. Hope you find this advice helpful! (And as for everyone else, feel free to criticize/add on to my comment, because my friend would greatly appreciate advice from more professional players than myself.)


      1. Decided to split my rolls across pcgf.

        Day 1: 6 rolls on each account.

        Main: leilan, indra #2, lumiel #2…3 crap rolls. Stll happy though. Particularly lumiel. She is a staple on my metal/tama button team. Now I can inherit the other one on a dath sub.

        Alt: anubis, lumiel #2, panda #2, ganesha #2, haku…1 crap roll! As usual, my alt account rules.

        Combined, the ratio of pcgf mons vs other stuff is impressive. Can’t wait for tomorrow 🙂


        1. Day 2: 7 rolls on each acct.

          main: leilan #2, orochi #2, anubis, persephone! one meh and two crap.

          Alt: diochan #2, acala, from dark gala: oda nobunaga, 4 crap rolls.

          Small sample but 14 out of 25 rolls are pcgf featured. 8 rolls on each acct tomorrow.


          1. Day 3:

            main: isis #3; 7 non featured rolls.

            alt: loki, ra x 2, panda #3, andromeda; 3 others

            20 out of 41 rolls were featured. Of the non-featured cards, 4 were from the dark gala.

            Heh, got some troll golds too: two fruit dragons and 3 crono turtles. GH telling me I am slow 🙂


            1. Nearly 50% featured rate is pretty Fantastic, of course it helps if they are the ones you want, but the rates do appear much higher compared to the previous PCGF


  3. Can’t wait to roll 3 hakus, 1 liu bei, 1 kush, 1 loki, 1 fujin and a ganesha or at least that would be ideal


  4. Very important: They also announced this PCGF to have 5x Rates while the last PCGF had 4x Rates. I don’t know what the rates were when the statistics in that nice overview of yours were compiled, but most likely less than 5x and that yielded 43% PCGF already.
    Strong pool, high chance, lots of free stones beforehand (daily + challenge mode renewal) and a free pull. What’s not to like.


  5. Hey Mantastic, good review as always! For Revo Isis in RaDra team I use OdinDragon instead of Kanna for dmg control reason and kinda dont need another wood subs on the team. I kinda see something nice to R.Isis too, she now cover water and fire, is unbindable, something R.SQ and R.Hermes were lacking I think. And some people replaced Isis with Kushi that cover both water and wood!


    1. Yeah there are certainly options for Ra Dragon with new ults and new colour coverage. Isis was primarily for the 3 turn cd to bring Fujin or Orochi along with relative ease

      However, the B/R is a good point for Hermes/Sun Quan


  6. Always enjoy your articles man, great job, however I do have a question I am non IAP and have been hoarding like 120 stones (which for me is quite a lot) Im missing basically 15 of the cards in the pcgf and would like a couple of hakus…think I should roll them all or save some for I dont know kenshin collab or something thanks


  7. Hey Mantastic,
    I need 5 of the 25
    Loki, Genasha, Diaochan, Simi Yi and Fujin.
    I think my odds are pretty good at getting one of my desired, I have at least 12 rolls, I really want Loki for my DA team though.
    Good luck to all!!!


    1. Even though you are primarily chasing 5, there are lots of featured cards that are wonderful as dupes (haku, indra, orochi, etc) so hopefully you roll away with something good =)


      1. Shoot. I don’t know which cards to keep dupes of. I got an Indra and fed him to my other Indra for skill up(which I didn’t get) and the pluses. I got my first Ilm, first Andromeda and a second we jas. I think I have fed other Indras away, too. How many should I keep of him and why?


  8. Not to sound too harsh, but calling a card that only is useful against a handful of encounters power creep is the wrong term. Fujin, if anything, is niche.


  9. Small Note: Revo Kushinadhime covers Ra Dragon final sub. This means if you have both her and Isis it’s probably worth it to Revo both as they are both massively powerful at that point


  10. Lots of useful stuff! As a non-IAP I’ve got 90 stones for this PCGF

    Hope for a fourth Haku (need to keep one awoken for my Aizen) and a Loki. Fujin, 2nd Lumiel, Eschamali, Persephone and Leilan would be nice, but not necessary


      1. No Haku and no Loki ^^’
        Well, I’ve got a Persephone I’d like to try with two RHakus in my DAthena team.

        Other notable rolls: Ra, Isis, 2nd Ganesha, 2nd Kush, Castor, 3rd and 4th Hanzo, 2nd and 3rd Creuse, 2nd Amon.


        1. persephone on your DA team is still quite potent and tbh, the Haku is mostly desired for the 7c awakening which doesnt really help for the first 20+ floors


  11. 6 star GFEs making it has never bothered me
    never disappointed when the odds of getting one have been improved
    silver eggs are just the cost of doing business


      1. that’s just a different mindset
        i voted to boost the chance of getting something specific
        not to get a consolation sub for a leader i don’t have
        the philosophy of never vote for GFEs is rooted in being afraid of getting a silver egg


        1. Well for example, say you had 7 cards you wanted across 5 pantheons and had 100 stones to roll

          By having all 7 in PCGF, you may not need all the stones and lower the chances of rolling unfavourable featured cards (instead of 20 stones across 5 godfests barring no overlapping pantheons). Rolling silvers will always happen, but the idea is to spend less stones overall to achieve your overall goal


          1. Yes, and having improved odds of a rare card is a good thing

            I’m not saying that voting for useful cards from specific pantheons is bad, I’m saying that deliberately avoiding quality GFEs means that potentially more stones are used to get them in other god fests.

            You want the best collection of items, it doesn’t matter if they’re from a pantheon or the GFE pool.


  12. Of the 25, there are about 9 that I flat out do not want. Either i already have multiple dupes of them or I don’t really see much use in having a 2nd as an assist.

    Unfortunately, the ones that I do most care about are the ones that everyone cares about as they are the 6*s. I am going to guess i will have about 15 pulls worth.

    If I could choose what i got:
    Dark Kali x2
    Sima Yi
    Diaochan x2

    That would be my best case scenario wish list. Alas, if i were to honestly ask myself what 3 cards i would most want it would be Fujin and the D Kalis. Not a good sign!

    We all know that I will be lucky if i even get a single 6*. But I should probably embrace the idea of just having a good chance at Lumiel and Alcala.


    1. The nice thing about PCGF is that it has boosted rates for pantheon cards that normally have poor cousins, eg. you have Acala featured at higher rates and none of the other ones

      As you are searching for some pantheon cards, this is statistically the best time to acquire them so perhaps give it 5 pulls then evaluate whether or not you should continue


      1. I have got to stop getting my hopes up. I even bought some stones.

        I didn’t get any of my desired pulls. Not one of those 8. I got 1 diamond and it was Ilm(No offense Ilm, but if i get 1 x 6* GFE pull, I don’t want it to be you).

        I was starting to get pissed off at the waste of stones, but then i had to admit to myself that were I new to PAD or I had these pulls a year ago, i would probably be quite happy. The rate of PCGF pulls was very high.

        So I am just at a point where my wants are hard to satisfy and what I most want is restricted to those with far more luck then me or with mucho cash to buy what they want. The hunt continues.

        3x Pandora
        2x Kush
        2x Andromeda
        Ilm *
        Liu Bei
        Lu Bu

        Note the star beside Ilm. That could designate it as a 6*…but i put that there because it is the only pull i didn’t already have 😦

        At least I got some good assist monsters and Andromeda means I dont have to devolve my current ult version that is a staple of my Meri team.


        1. You do raise a good point about becoming more picky with rolls, even if they are great for the average player

          In theory, most of the featured PCGF cards are older cards and it makes sense you may own some of them.

          At least you did manage to roll some oft he better inherits so that is a reasonable consolation prize =)


          1. Yeah, thats what I tried to tell myself. But then i saw what some others
            who rolled similar amounts got. 3, 4, or even 5 6* monsters. Multiples of Sima Yi and Diaochan and plenty got Fujin.

            I am not seeing a silver lining anymore. For 25 rolls i got screwed.


  13. Logged into FB today just to see what you said about PCGF, and you did not disappoint! 👍🏼 I’ve been hoarding stones for a loooog time & plan to roll many & often. 😁 Q: The GungHo post mentions Midnight Gala, but my in-game shows the gala expiring before GF begins. Any insight?? Cheers!


  14. I’ll have a total of 20 rolls between my two accounts. I’m hoping for a kushi on each account and a Liu bei on at least one account. The rest is just icing on the cake.

    This will bring me up to 3 teams for possible a1+ clearing.


  15. Great recap, but I have to disagree with your description of votes going to waste on shoo-ins. Strategic voting, as you put it, is exactly what GH wants to avoid – if the collusion was enough to push too many great cards to the machine, there’d be a very real risk of the game’s entire balance getting blown to hell for quite awhile.


    1. Well we don’t know how many votes the top cards got as those numbers are not revealed. For all we know, Haku could have been only a few hundred ahead of #25 etc.

      Strategic voting can gives players the chance to vote for a card that may not make it in. For example, if you wanted Haku, Diaochan, and Ruel to make it in (in that order), you will naturally vote for Haku. If we knew Haku was miles ahead, you could vote for Ruel.

      This may make a better PCGF line up or it may make no difference but at least you got to vote for something that wasn’t guarenteed


  16. Great analysis as usual, good job.

    Well, The only thing I want from this gf is the right card in the right account.
    Let’s break the karma.


  17. Well, rolled a total of 22 times with the free spin.

    Sima Yi
    Ra x2 (both dupes)
    dill sirius
    mistrain – dupe
    leona okita
    green wee jas – dupe
    kakkab – dupe

    alt: super lucky SOB…
    byako haku x2
    Sima Yi
    orochi – dupe
    kushinadahime x2

    Alt rolled 11 for 11 PCGF.


  18. Kushi, Ganesha, muse (which is worse, the card or the band?), Sheen (#winning), whatever the little fire girl is.


  19. I guess I did well with only one fire att card making it in and I managed to save up about 55 stones for this one. I pulled Leilan from my free pull. I had 2 already as well as the new years and Misato Leilan. What would be the viability of a full Leilan team? Lol. Also got Sima Yi, a second Indra, Diao Chan, and Loki. Trash pulled a Yomi and Durga. Only 2 silvers, a woodbahn and Cinderella, and two gold pulls, a cursed Dragon and exa-hydra. Not bad considering how few dark cards I had before, still short a Haku of any kind to even attempt a DAthena team though, or a Yomidra team even.


    1. A full Leilan team is probably more fun than practical =P

      Well you did manage to pull pretty strong cards overall and remember, you are still collecting pieces to a puzzle that has no end.


  20. I was hoping for my husbando Sima Yi, but I’m still really happy with my PCGF results. Free roll was Haku (So Excited!) I also rolled Indra, Pandora, Anubis, Lumiel, Ra, and my first Gemstone Princess Sheen. Throw in some dupes and crappy silvers, and you have an overall awesome godfest! Now to hoard my leftover 143 stones till the GFE REM.


    1. Decided to roll again for Sima Yi, instead got Ganesha and Lelian. Now to hoard my 108 stones till the GFE REM 🙂


  21. 10 rolls:
    4th Pandora
    2nd Chester
    2nd Patricia Ezel
    Unicorn Rider
    2nd Archangel Lucifer
    2nd Goetia
    2nd Tiamat


      1. Alt account pulled Haku, Lumiel, Orochi, Snow White, Gryps Rider, Indra, Andromeda, Nobunaga, and Fujin. Wish I could trade rolls. 😉


  22. I will do a full roll post when I have wifi, but in the 14 pulls my alt had it got 3 Hakus, Persephone and Eschamami. Amazing pulls, but not what my alt needed. Now I need to farm MP so I can buy Dark Athena.

    On my main I pulled two dupe Ganesha, the card that I desperately wanted for my alt. Gah! #altshavealltheluck.


  23. I have just over 150 stones saved up right now. I am extremely low IAP (I have basically bought the $5 special starter pack thing twice and that’s it). I just… never really use them for anything other than increasing my box space or rolling for collabs/events I feel are worth it for me (I’m looking at you, FF collab and Heroine Exclusive event).

    I think I’ll probably roll at least 5 and hopefully get some interesting cards–preferably Haku, or Kushinadahime but I’m not holding my breath. I thankfully already own quite a few of the cards voted in, but I’d hardly complain about some dupes. My rank 50 freebie roll was Kano, so hopefully my luck will improve.


    1. I ended up rolling 7 times because I was actually getting pretty decent pulls for the most part.
      -Pandora (my third one)
      -Patricia Ezel
      -Isis (FINALLY)
      -Ra (my second one)
      -Patricia again 🙃
      -Liu Bei
      All in all 2 troll pulls (3 if you count my freebie pull I suppose) isn’t that bad, and I finally got a card I’ve been hoping to pull for the better part of a year, so I’m happy.


      1. Congrats on finally getting Isis! I like your mentality of rolling in short bursts and then evaluating as to whether or not you need to continue. If that is your first Liu Bei, you are set for glorious button farming!


  24. Do you want a list of my Roles? My main and ALT saved a ton of stones for the last month or so and I have 31 roles if you want some stats?


  25. Hey, I am having a bit of an existential crisis here thanks to this pcgf. It has undoubtedly been my best day of rolls in pad with a whopping five 6* stars, two of which were the Diaochan I have been hoping for for Anubis. The real kicker is that the other 6*s were Dkali, Raijin, and Kanna. I already had a Kushinidahime, so I have basically rolled a nigh ideal RaDra team in a single go. Should I jump on the bandwagon and get RaDra? It’d be my first foray into rainbow leads, but I also have been blessed with a plethora other fun leads (Kushi/Dath/Asta/Anubis/Krishna/Meri) that I’m working on. Is it worth it to add another thing on my plate of evoing?


    1. Considering you have the essentially the ideal Ra Dragon team, it is worth pursuing. Just because you have other top tier leaders, it does not hurt to have another. All have their own strengths and weaknesses and certain dungeons may be more favourable for one over the other.

      Also, GH tends to love Ra Dragon and will probably buff him in the future


  26. Nice Rolls! I thought it was a good outcome too.

    My main wasn’t as lucky as my ALT and my ALT account actually rolled Isis and a DKali, I was happy but was hoping for a DKali for my main. I would have grabbed RaDrag right away!

    I also got Kushinidahime, Ganesha, Diaochan, and Anubis, 2x Esch. I also got a bit of garbage too 😦 Anyone looking for a pet Salamander?


  27. Any thoughts on my pulls? Pulled 3 leilan( have 1), 2 Ganesha( have 1), 2 Anubis ( have 1), 2 orochi ( have many) 1 goetia( have 1) 1 dqxq ( have 2, 1 Loki( have 1), 2 alcala ( have 1). Just looking for some advice.


  28. Here are mine, I bought only 2 Rolls from this. Been saving those stones for a long time!


  29. I pulled a Kanna (3rd one in my box now) and 2 Loki (so 3x total of that as well). I’m assuming there’s no point in keeping the 3rd Kanna and not even sure it’s worth keeping Kanna #2.

    Recommendations for how many I should keep of each?


    1. Kanna has both light n dark forms so always keep 2. Harder to say if you need the third but i would honestly hold on unless you are desperate for MP

      Loki I would keep 2


  30. I rolled 26 times, my luck was off the charts!
    The good stuff I rolled was (in order)
    Sima Yi
    Sima Yi
    Liu Bei
    Dupe Liu Bei
    Dupe Loki
    and my second Haku
    Everything else was silvers


      1. Thanks, I’ve been having pretty bad luck apart from it, so it was a nice break. My friend has has only ever rolled troll golds and silvers and he just started out. He was able to do one pull of this and got diadem. RIP


  31. Not a great start

    Ifrit on the freebie, followed by 17 rolls consisting of:
    Kakkab *2 (how many?)
    FA Luci (dupe)
    Mitsuki (ditto Kakkab)
    Durga *2 (dupes 2 & 3)
    Gryps Rider (at least fills in the monster book)
    Zweihander (ditto Gryps)
    Andromeda (dupe 3), before very quickly picking up and serving me all cards I’ve not owned before:
    Sima Yi

    Of the Godfest line-up, now only missing Fujn, Raijin & Diaochan so overall very happy, just need lots of Badpys now!


  32. I started playing pad maybe 3 months ago, this is my first PCGF, so I was happy the voted-in cards were good this time around (I voted for DQXQ for recently-aquired Myr). Rolled a little more than 30 times (caved and bought 60 stones cuz my first 20 rolls weren’t so good), here’s what I got in order: (btw main team is s. roots)

    first 23 rolls:
    Liu Bei (dupe)
    Fujin (super yay)
    Liu Bei (dupe)
    Orochi (yay)
    Ra (dupe now)
    Isis (yay)

    No Haku, Indra, Kush or DKali (what i wanted)! so bought some stones and rolled for much better results I think:

    second 12 rolls:
    Haku (yay!)
    Sima Yi (yay)
    Liu Bei (#4)
    Diao Chan
    Persephone (yay)
    Haku (yay!)

    I had literally 0 dark REM cards before this (except a random Zuoh), but now I think D. Athena is worth getting! Hopefully will get Indra to replace my Dizanami in the future, but all in all $40 well spent?


    1. It looks like you made out pretty good overall! As for the $40, if you are happy, then it was well worth it =D

      You certainly do have the potential for for a decently strong Dark Athena with Sima Yi, Haku, and Haku. Do you have any double SBR cards?


  33. Some decent rolls so far that steadily improved. Had about 65 stones saved up.

    Sima yi… roll 5
    Ganesha (dupe) …roll 4
    Leilan (dupe) …roll 3

    Snow white… roll 2
    Cerebus rider…roll 1


  34. rolled 10 times still no haku but got a oda nobunga which is sad and got nothing i REALLY wanted. know how you could use 3 isis’s


  35. Well, rolled less than a pack and managed to get 2 new nobunagas (dark gala stronk), new Sima Yi, and 2 new Diaochans… didn’t get many silvers, but most everything else was dupes. Only thing other thing I was hoping for was Lumiel, but Sima Yi and 2 Diaochans is perfect, I’ll take it 🙂


  36. Hi I’m admittedly newer to the game and a lot of changes have been happening, so I may just be confused… you said some of the merits of Kushinada were that she has dragon killer, guard break, and 7 combo multiplier. I fully awakened and evolved mine (reincarnated), and she has none of those awakenings. Is there some trick I don’t know other than using latent slots? I’m just wondering why you mentioned these as useful aspects of her when she doesn’t seem to have them?

    …apologies if it’s a dumb questiob


    1. Nothing wrong about asking =)

      Kush teams are able to utilize these awakenings/latents. She can use the Valkyries for Guard break, Hakus have 7c and all healers can equipt Dragon Killer =)

      Thus, she is able to create a powerful team based on the subs she can bring


      1. Ah ok thank you! After reading it through a few times while I awaited your response I figured it was due to her leader skill that you’d be able to use cards with those abilities. Unfortunately I don’t have a single guard break yet (and STILL no one to deal true damage) but 7c I have aplenty. I like the idea of using Kush as I don’t need to rely on specific colors as much (I’ve been using Tsubaki, but now Ilm, Kush, DA, Haku, Ganesha), but I’m struggling a bit with easily getting 7 combos on a regular board (I usually always hit 6). I just reached my 200th day login so I feel I’m still new and at least have puzzling room to grow so if I practice perhaps I can master her and not rely so much on DA, Haku and Ilm. I do think using kush is more fun as it involves more thought of the board.

        Also… I’m about at 300k MP in my box. With the leaders I use, is there a card you’d suggest I buy? Husband and I are going back and forth over Rah, Tsukuyomi and Shiva dragon. I have a lot of cards that work well with Tsubaki (red/light) but my box is starting to fill out nicely overall due to some choice pulls in the past month. Thanks for any and all advice!


        1. Generally speaking, a given board will have 7-8 potential combos and it mostly becomes a matter of hitting each one on a regular basis. Just keep at it =D

          If none of the MP cards truly stand out, it is best to wait. At this point, only Ra Dragon and DA are really worthwhile and this does require you to have an idea set up.

          I would simply be patient and see what the next wave of MP cards is


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