[Videos] Player’s Choice Godfest Rolling Results

I had to split up the video into two parts due to the sheer size of each one and the fear that OBS was about to crash. I also have a running tab alongside to showcase each roll as they come in so you have the option to skip ahead etc.

Full PCGF review can be found HERE

Part 1


Part 2

Hopefully your PCGF turned out well for you.

Happy Puzzling!

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55 thoughts on “[Videos] Player’s Choice Godfest Rolling Results”

  1. I rolled Ra, Acala, Sheen, Loki, Raijin, Isis, Acala, Gryps Rider, and Dark Angel Lumiel. In case you keep track!


  2. Pretty bad rolls imo. 1 silver egg, 1 Ra, 1 duplicate Acala, 1 Viper orochi (probably my best roll), 1 Nepthys and 1 duplicate Pandora…


  3. Mine were actually pretty good, 7 rolls so far including the free one, and still 9 more to go. My first 7 were

    Indra – Dill Sirius – Kanna – Loki – Hanzo – Castor – Fujin.

    Only 2 of the 5 stars were good, but the 2 6* GFE made up for it. Do you think Kanna is a good sub for DAthena if I don’t have a single Haku?


  4. Dude say your videos..Im sorry…I Rolled 26 times and got 17 good rolls so not so bad,
    3 Diaochans(dont wanna see her again lol),
    2 dkalis(I already had 2 and dont use any rainbow teams…),
    1 haku,
    1 kush,
    1 loki,
    1 cursed dragon(okay he is crap but I like the art),
    2 orochis,
    1 Isis,
    1 sima yi,
    1 fujin(almost died when I saw her),
    1 acala(dont need her but meh could in the future as well),
    1 sheen,
    1 Panda(already had 2 pandas but kept it)

    The remaining rolls were either more pandas or troll golds, funny thing is first 13 rolls were good and I thought of stopping next 4 were in between a lot of troll golds, cause I got no silver for this time around XD

    Think I can make a team with kush, 2 hakus and diochans? thanks man.


    1. You have amazing luck! I wish I could pull this well ><

      As for your Kush team, it works quite well, just make sure you inherit utility onto Diao Chans as you dont need the base active


  5. Burnt 80 stones for : Gabriel, Susano (2nd), Isis (3rd), Kushinada, Thor (2nd), Indra, Raijin (2nd), DKali (3rd), Ra (4th), Liu Bei (3rd).
    Other were silvers or troll golds : Genie, Kurone, etc …

    Was aiming for Kanna, Haku (3rd), Fujin, Anubis, Loki, Eschamali 😦


  6. My rolls so far:

    Dupe Gryps Rider (more assist fodder)
    Ra (p cool just don’t really have any of the monsters for support)
    Kushinada (I am so fucking happy about this one. My main love is my A Astaroth team, so getting her is great)
    Mistrain (tf is this?)
    Dupe Sima Yi (assist fodder or…?)


      1. Thank you for that insight. Rolling this event has been one of the best things I could have done for my box. It totally beefed up my dark options and given that I’d just bought yomi dragon, it’s a great windfall


  7. 12 rolls… 3 trash but the rest were better than expected. Wanted Ra, dkali, Kanna, isis (got her)… Towards Ra Dra team.

    Got Loki, 2x lumiel, Anubis, Indra, vritra, orochi, isis, diaochan


  8. Here’s more data if you want:
    Total: over 100 rolls, but my friends and I had a hard time keeping track due to the sheer size of all of us pulling. So here is what we know we got:
    1 Acala
    1 Akechi Mitshuhide
    2 andromeda
    5 anubis
    1 archangel lucifer
    1 archangel raphael
    1 blade brave zweihander
    3 blue muse
    1 chika makimura
    3 cursed dragon
    3 cyber dragon (2 red, 1 purple)
    3 diochan
    6 DQXQ
    1 dragon caller Kana
    1 Durga
    2 Exchmali
    1 Famiel
    1 Gamble mage
    1 Ganesha
    1 green knight delgado
    1 green valkryie
    1 hades
    3 hanzo
    4 indra
    3 isis
    1 jester chester
    3 kushi
    4 Lei Bei
    4 Leilan
    1 Lu Bu
    3 Lumiel
    1 mitsuki fox
    1 Murakumo Takeda
    1 Okununishu
    1 pandora
    1 persephone
    2 Ra
    1 shadow dragon knight
    2 other dragon knights
    4 Sheen
    4 Sima Yi
    2 Sleeping Beauty
    1 Vajharabanksi
    4 viper
    1 vritra
    1 water wizard sharon
    1 yo minazuki
    1 yomi

    There were more, but as we all went home, it was hard to tally the extras. Have fun!


  9. Rolled 13 times:
    Thanatos x 2
    Andromeda x 2
    Lemon dragon and another dud. I was hoping for Loki, whom I voted for, but I’m glad I got Indra and some orb changers for my DA team. Can’t complain about another Haku to add to my box either.


  10. On 3 accounts, (only good stuff) Ganesha 4 lumiel 2 Persephone nobanga or whatever the dark gala thing is called, viper orochi, Indra, haku, Anubis, and andromeda. To bad Ganesha and viper appeared on my Alts 😦 Overall a strong rolls tho :). I had about 15 rolls total, so I was pretty lucky


  11. I enjoy these posts the most! Favorite moments from rolls:
    -Momtastic calling out Haku roll
    -Uber Optimistic comment, “it can only get better right??” right?? lol!!
    -Pancake not amused with your Lielan thighs comment

    I had as many stones as Momtastic and did not pull as many good cards. Dark gala was in effect in a major way! This was a hard GF to live with because I pulled 25x! At least my alt got an Indra. Here’s to a couple more pulls tomorrow. Good luck everyone!!


  12. I rolled:

    2x Hakus
    Sima Yi

    I went from having a shitty ass dark box, to an amazing Dark Athena team lmao…


  13. Over 150 stones spent, no Indra. Over 70% of my cards were not-featured. The high points were there and were not uncommon (rolled Haku #2 which is key, Sima Yi #1, LIU BAE #1, Anubis for my Diaochan), but not having Indra still kills my LMeta and my potential Anubis teams, and leaves a lot of my other teams unable to do A3 unless I find a partner packing Fujin AND Indra, which is a lot to ask when I myself can’t provide much in return beyond myself.

    Meanwhile my fiance rolled 2 Indras back to back. Seriously, way to rub in the salt. And he had far less trash rolls than me too.

    On top of that, I got TWO diamond eggs…and they were both Nobunaga. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions…


    1. Oh no, not No Banana!

      Well with Haku x2 and Sima Yi, you do have the core non-double SBR cards for Dark Athena!

      My mom rolled pretty much the key Anubis team which made me sad =(


  14. Saved 200+ stones for this. Starting from the free roll:

    dupe Durga
    D. Kali
    dupe Haku
    Cerberus Rider
    dupe Durga
    Sima Yi
    Water Dragon Swordsman

    Stopped when the silvers started appearing. While I didn’t get everything I wanted, I’m still very pleased by my pull.


  15. So I rolled a little too much, but now that I got what I “needed” I don’t know what to evolve them into, my main leads are YomiDragon, Ronove, Ruel, Meri and Krishna, I play around with other leads but those are my go to’s.
    I rolled
    Orochi (2)
    Castor (2)
    Leilan (2)
    Indra (3)
    Loki (2)
    Persephone (2)
    Pandora (2)
    Ra (2)
    Liu Bei

    So now that most of this card have multiple evolutions I don’t know what to do ! 😮


    1. Lumiel -> newer evo for better SI stats
      Kanna -> depends on if you need dark or light tpa
      Orochi -> reincarn for sub usage, other for longer delay
      Indra -> reincarn for sub, other for better SI
      Baal -> depends if you want tpa or rows

      Hope this helps =)


  16. 22 rolls
    7 silver (inc pad BC trash and a dupe z hydra)
    Rest were:
    Leilan x2 (#6&7)
    Pandora x2
    Chester (#2)
    Liu Bei !
    Alfecca #2
    C dragon
    ! = new, after 1200 days I’m just looking for new pulls. I was chasing sima and dao, I have almost everything on the pcgf at this point.


    1. With an older account, you tend to acquire more of the older pantheons and this PCGF did feature cards from several years ago, thus it makes sense you already owned many of them.

      I sometimes feel is may be worthwhile to simply hoard stones n wait for the next major wave of new cards


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